‘Salah Is Still My Favourite!’ | Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | Fan Cam

By | November 1, 2022

'Salah Is Still My Favourite!' | Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | Fan Cam

Chloe chats to some Reds outside the ground after goals from Mo Salah and Darwin Nunez gave Liverpool the win under the lights at Anfield!



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Thank you Hiya and welcome to the Redmond TV the Reds have surprised us all I mean not Really surprised us but they've gave us A lovely night uh what Liverpool and Winning football games can do to my mood Is absolutely unbelievable you know uh I Feel like I'm on top of the world and Like all's not brilliant but we've just Beaten a very very good Napoli side to Nila anfield so how when Nunes gets on The score sheet it makes Salah puts it In and it wasn't a great game of Football let's be perfectly honest the First half felt like two teams who knew That they were both secure and knew that They both were going in first and second In that order Um but second off we had a bit of Altos And we got the one goal we went after The second goal Um and to be perfectly honest with you I'm quite happy with that we're through You don't need to come top of the group To win the Champions League believe it Or not I'm sure I'm absolutely buzzing At the Reds it's what I needed it's what I needed before a massive game away at Tottenham Hotspur Um and it's just the atmosphere just Feels a little bit better when the Reds Win I've got a group behind you don't Know whether they want to be in or not ER I'll make us I'll make your minds off

Um I'll start I'll start while one of Yous would like to be I'll go see you First oh here we go you know what I'm Here for my brother and my cousin landed This morning from Ireland you know I Mean I had to bring him to a Liverpool Game lifelong fans my little brother my Cousin you know I mean look as you can See there And then it's a first time they're here Wow so really five hours drive from London fair enough I mean you got to see The Reds win and so our Nuno scored a Goal who's your favorite player at the Moment I'll ask you that in terms of Because tonight you saw some really good Performances but I can't tell you the Excitement I see when's our Nunez comes On a football pitch favorite in Masala Mo Salah still no fair enough can't go Wrong with me some of you yeah Funny enough to actually call him Van Dyke on the pitch oh you've got a do you Play centered off by any chance Virtual Virgil Know what I mean Liverpool Liverpool Yeah tonight we played the fourth easy We went back to our usual what did you Think of the formation did you think we Looked more stable if we were lacking Anyone in a box we needed someone in the Box symbicast kept Crossing in north in There once the newness came on we always Had at least for me it was a bit of a

Precious causing a nuisance as soon as He came on with 10 game changed what'd You think the 433 you know neutral I'm a Neutral I'm gonna put it out there as a Neutral Who do I support yeah oh it's not Everton you don't have to worry about it No is it man united Chelsea nah Arsenal yeah oh I can deal With Arsenal thing I mean there you go And I'm coming to support him giving Them the confidence to come and have Their say so I'm doing a good thing are You still in the people's way kissing And others so yeah Um okay then as a neutral as I was Saying like you know what the first half I don't even know there was enough Creativity yeah but when Harvey Elliott Came on the pitch and Nunez it kind of Changed and sweared into Liverpool's Favor And then yeah so the creativity is Missing and then you know I mean so when Harvey came on do you think you're gonna Win the league you know what yeah I'm a Real person in it like from finishing Fifth I don't expect to win it it's fine To believe no no I'll be honest you can Ask anyone that is from the Wembley area I don't know I believe we could win the Champions League I may look like an Absolute idiot it's all about belief we Can't we can't do the most emotional

Damage thing where we I think we're Gonna do something and then not do it so Don't worry Liverpool we have done that No Three Seasons Four Seasons I'll go to the actual Liverpool fans Then there you go thank you so much for Bringing them The only thing him or Arsenal will Probably do for Liverpool this season Um the fourth CT then did you do you Think we looked more stable we've really Struggled with individual ladders this Season what did you think of the game Tonight because that Napoli side is a Brilliant sad uh to be honest in the First half like we're a bit unlucky and Like we're not creating a lot of chances But in the second half like when Javion That won't come in like the game has Changed it and like unfortunately like It's I can say like the best best Information you like four two three yeah One or four three three not like four Three three is the best formation that We can't play so you you think we should Just revert back to that then no four Two four no four two three one four Three I like the four two three one we Had a two holding but then we had the Opportunity that one game against C we Had jota Salah Nunez and Diaz playing I Think it was it was for them you need to Again just get out of them until we've Been our best player this is after

Allison in my opinion you'd say Alison First yeah what do you think what do you Think of you your brother Virgil this Season my brother he's not having the Best season but like today he still does His job like he still does even on his Bad day he still does his job it's just Because he's not spectacular he'll make One mistake they'll be on a minute That's my guy always my guy in it I Think it would be rude actually if I Also didn't mention Napoli's left Winger Who and I I've got to say the best Moment 77 the best moment of the night Was here in George over the tanoi try And say his name and the entirety of the Car just absolutely Kai would laugh that Adam Um I wouldn't mind him I I had this Little vision at half time where I had Diaz Chalet Nunes and number 77 of Napoli playing for Liverpool he was Really good it's nice as well Club has This thing where anyone who destroys Liverpool he goes All around very very good for Liverpool And we've got a bounce back with us and A seat back with us that could end up This weekend but I'm taking every Positive from it we played really good Tonight we've got the three points and We've got a little bit of confidence and A bounce to go to space so let's go There let's give it on all and let's see

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