Rule number 1 of watching football? Don’t watch the ball | #shorts

By | October 17, 2022

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In an average football game an average Football player will get 4.6 of the Total touches of the ball that equates To about 60 touches per game in a recent Premier League season it follows that For close to 86 minutes of the game most Players are without the ball Now as football fans we're taught to Follow the action to watch the ball and The player who possesses it it's the Obvious and most entertaining choice but The ball and the possessor adjust the Tip of the iceberg this is because for The 86 minutes that your average player Is not in possession of the ball they Aren't just standing still they're Moving pressing marking and Repositioning themselves in other words Affecting the game it's in these moments That football mostly happens and yet as Viewers we miss almost all of it how to Watch football is released in bookshops And online on the 17th of November but Is available for pre-order now