Reiss Nelson returns to his old neighbourhood and school! | “My professionalism WASN’T the best”

By | November 24, 2022

Arsenal's Reiss Nelson returns to his home in South London where he's invested in a football pitch within the community. Nelson opens up about his upbringing and why he wants to give back to the community as well as discussing boss Mikel Arteta and Arsenal's title chances…

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Rhys Nelson certainly left his mark on His childhood home we got this spray Paint I'm like we spray painted this This little goals my brothers the Judgment's a bit off you know it's a Small goal this is the penis but I would Be kicking it from here oh my God in Turn the community he grew up in has had A lasting effect on Nelson how you been How's everything yeah I saw your ghost You've got a Christmas coming from like In a state like this is what made me Because I feel like a lot of people Don't see the good in this area but me Like all the good stuff from me has come From here sometimes when I do come back It's like the younger kids they're like You didn't used to live here why are you Lying they're like what did you actually Live number 20 just there that this is My house I used to liver and then my Nan's house was literally number 23 Giving back and I feel like Kimi is all About giving back and I feel like people From this era just only want to help When you haven't got so much people kind Of just put their little things into me To make like a bigger pot you know so I Feel like that's what's kind of shaped Me my school's just there you know so it Was it was pretty quick before they had A fence where it wasn't so hard to get In normally I'll literally lift up the Furnace in this cruel under and I'd be

In school and you're still late and I Was still late it's crazy isn't it it's Crazy that's terrific you're not as Small as I remember no I know it was Here Just remember him always wanting to kick A ball around even at the age of four Actually I remember one time when we Would all come into the classroom and I Said wait a minute where's Rhys and of Course he was outside still kicking a Ball fast forward 15 years or so Nelson Might not have imagined being here Alongside one of his childhood Heroes Ian Wright Opening a football pitch he funded so Every child has a safe space to play Yeah foreign This is my way of like giving back to The community and to the school I want Them to feel like this is done by Someone just like them you know so of Course once once they see that it can Only give them encouragement to go on to Do everything they want in their life From the state like this sometimes People can kind of get swallowed up by Their environment footballs kind of Allowed me just to just to feel free of Myself to just to go on and do anything I want to do you know but of course I Mean just have the respect of other People and that's um also just like Really be like down to earth and being a

Good person as well [Applause] South London's such a hot bed of town I Mean there must have been a few good Teams knocking around when you were a Kid yeah no of course um there was a lot Of teams you know but um I thought that Sounds loud and good for producing a lot Of different players you know and I feel Like There's a lot of eyes on South London so That's why even the kids are kids Tomorrow encouragement a lot of Confidence to know that if they're doing Really well and doing really good that Teams will always come in to to tap them Up you know so it's nice one of those You kind of Knocked around with when you Were a kid was Jaden Sancho I've seen Some lovely pictures of you like playing Together when you were sort of I don't Know six seven years old I think I've Known for a long long time finally I Actually met him um my Grandma had like A Jamaican shop just off the road and he Always just said there's this kid called Jade that always comes and eats in here But he's always on his own with his Sister and he claims he's plays football Like you need to come in and kind of Kind of like show him the area and stuff You know and um at the time Jada was Kind of like a quieter kid you know and I was more outgoing I would always be on

The area and stuff you know and then um It was just this one summer I kind of Told him to come with me to um the youth Games from that day we've just been very Close friends ever since you know and it Come from playing football which is a Such a happy story and a good story to Tell yeah you still speak to him a lot Now yeah talking about the time I spoke To him like last night as well so we Still have a good relationship and of Course he's just doing so well and it's Uh good to see that he's come from the Area like South London but it's good at The age of eight Nelson was signed by Arsenal do you remember who your Heroes Were when you first signed my main hero Was Jack wilshere Fabregas and Van Persia and Tyrion like There was like my May 4 Jack was like One of the first youngsters to actually Break through and in my head I always Said my brother I want to be the next One to kind of do it you know Awesome Wenger handed Nelson his debut At 17 lone Spells at hoffenheim and fine Order followed before I returned to Arsenal this season as well everyone's Past different you know I thought Especially for mine I feel like I kind Of got into the Limelight kind of too Quick I'll say you know I made my debut When I was 17. I was training with the 30 when I was 15 you know so sometimes

In my head I kind of thought Like I kind of already made it at that Young age you know so sometimes I would Just my professionalism wasn't the best You know I could say really yeah well in Terms of just in terms of maybe Um my time keeping if there was a Meeting or something like there's the Extra gym I would maybe say no or stuff Like this you know but this is something When you're that young age you don't Really realize doing the ice bath after The game is only going to help you Recover quicker and stuff like eating The right Foods at this time is only Going to help you know sometimes you Might fall like no let me just go home And play Playstation or let me just go Home and talk to my friends you know Where now it's the thing where every Little every detail I can do to improve Myself I'm going to do it and only Because it's only going to help me it's Interesting to speak to otatu on Friday And it was but we'll look back over Again since we took over First game he ever managed there's only Three people that are still at the club And you're one of them I know it's crazy To see but um I feel like he has a plan in his head What he wants to do with the team you Know and I feel like you see it now I Feel like he's building a team that

Really understand the philosophy and the Way he wants to play and I'm just happy To be a part of it really appearances in The Premier League have been limited for Nelson this season but when called upon He's delivered talk to us about that Forest gang you've gone a long while Yeah and then there you were with an Opportunity because soccer had gone down And yeah of course it's not the best way To um to make an appearance but of Course you have to be ready you know of Course I was on the bench and I was just Thinking maybe I don't come on today you Know so I was just warming up as normal then Sucker went down and um soccer gets Fired quite a lot you know so if he does Go down it's like okay stackers down but He's going to get back up you know with This one I think he did he really he Really got hurt you know so the thing Where I was thinking about to put Someone else on so I was really really Relaxed you know and then I said no Risha coming on get ready you know so I'll just like all right like this is Like kind of my time to kind of prove Myself and and do what I can do you know And I'm just happy that the day planned Out to be an amazing day getting two Goals one assist and like just going on From that and I felt like I gained Confidence from playing that game and

This happiness going on now I know you Are Top of the Lake I mean how does that feel you're going To look at that table every day for the Next few weeks have you felt like I said I feel like there's a thing where where Of course we're loving it so much but We're not really trying to look towards That right now we just want to go off Game by game and of course if that comes Us winning the Premier League I think That'll be the happiest times of most Careers but for now we're just going to Keep going day by day and just like keep Trading really hard what are the Ambitions what do you want to do In terms of my life outside of football I want to kind of be like a game changer In terms of like being a role model for The community Building more pictures of something of Joseph's thought you know I have a I Have a project that I've been working on For the last two years that I'm going to Be doing and hopefully it can change the Dynamic of the normal everyday pitch That he will go to Faster was like last was my team right Through and through I'm a support all my Friends and families are so it's just Hopefully I'll be playing for them many More years As a child he always dreamed big Nelson Has achieved many of those Ambitions but

He hopes the biggest and most rewarding Are still to come Theo Davis Sky Sports [Music] [Music] [Applause] Thank you