Reece James OUT of World Cup with injury 😩 | What will this mean for England?

By | November 9, 2022

Devastating news for Reece James as he becomes the latest player to be ruled out of the World Cup with injury. What will this mean for England?



Terrible news for East he's he's battled To try and get fit but it seems it just Was too much of a of a mountain to climb For him bench Hill well as well from Chelsea out okay with Rhys James if you Can't guarantee you're going to be fit Even for The Knockout stages is is that The right decision really from Gareth in The end uh I think so because Um as much as obviously Reese is going To be absolutely devastated to not make It for the such a prestigious tournament And such a huge event in in anybody's Career and I actually think this It's the right thing from Gareth but Also the right thing for Reese I'm I Messaged Reese instantly when it first Happened and said listen make sure you Don't come back too early just to make Yourself fit for the World Cup you've Got another 15 16 years ahead here Um it will have opportunities to play in Um other tournaments but you do have to Make sure that when someone's so young And they've got the rest of their career Ahead of them they don't cause Themselves further damage by trying to Be ready in time for a tournament that Maybe comes too quick in any then has a Kind of the ripple effect that will Maybe affect him later on in his in his Career so devastating news for a reason I'm absolutely gutted for him because I

Think he starts every game for England If he was fit um but it looks like it's The right thing for him from a fitness Aspect and a physical aspect and also For for Chelsea and England long term Yeah You know him Um how do you think he will be Responding he's he's got a good family Around him he's dead Nigel obviously Well versed with footballing things he's Got his sister and other family members As well we can't forget those but how How will he Feel about me well he's obviously going To be devastated but um you're right That's when you need a good support Network and obviously you mentioned in Nigeria obviously his mom and his Sisters and brothers they'll be all Wrapped around him to to make sure that He's he's feeling better but this at This present time there's not really too Much that you can say sometimes you just Have to take on a chin that is not your Time the timings the timing's off Um and then he'll get the right support From Chelsea as well I'm sure Graham Potter and all the staff at Chelsea are Lending their support and Um let's not forget that he's on a Process of trying to make sure that he's Fit for the for the rest of his career As well so as much as it will hurt him

And he'll be devastated and sometimes You have to take these on the chin and Someone with his mentality will do Because it will hurt him more because of How much he wants to succeed and perform At the the top tournament and I mean he Wants to become the best right back in The world so Um you may not get an opportunity to do That if you don't play it well cups and Show that you can do it on the main Stage but I have no doubt that you'll Have plenty of opportunities to to prove For for England and Chelsea in the Future that he is going to be one of the Best right backs in the world if not if He already is