By | July 9, 2022


We teamed up with Epic Games to challenge the public in a RACE vs RONALDO! Will anyone beat CRISTIANO RONALDO in a 25 METRE race???
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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

[Music] What's up guys today we're in central London to see if anyone from the general Public can beat cristiano ronaldo in a Race over 25 meters but first fortnite Zero build is here to stay check this Out the battle has changed fortnite zero Build is here to stay with the arrival Of chapter three season three vibing Zero build is a pure test of weapon item And traversal ability zero build can be Found in the discover page as solos duos Trios and squads playlist access the Discover page by clicking on the change Button above play in the lobby without Building all players have the recharging Overshield as your first line of defense In zero bills zip up ascenders to access Blimps or use mantling to get the high Ground over your opponent check out Chapter 3 season 3 vibing including its New additions to the island and battle Pass featuring darth vader and indiana Jones we've got the setup here you can See that it's 25 meters we've got the Light gate set up here which has a laser Which once it's broken the timer starts This has been measured out precisely to 25 meters and then we've got a cardboard Cutout of the main man himself in full Flight for visual effects but the Question is how will the public do in a Race against cristiano ronaldo we're About to find out in this video do you

Want to have a go he saw the man he was Like yeah yeah sign me up this is the 100 quid this is yours if you can beat All we got to do is beat cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano ronaldo or messi who's better Yeah Um Ronaldo Cristiano ronaldo pushing the cristiano [Music] Good Start go It's good Go go go go go On your mark i like that i like it on Your mark get set go That wasn't bad 4.06 it's a good time that's mate that's Something to be proud of oh 3.76.15 Behind cristiano Very close this has got your name Written all over it you look fast Brother i used to be all you got to do Is beat cristiano ronaldo i'm optimistic About this guy he looks he looks like He's got a chance all right on your mark Get set go Yes come on Wow Okay on your marks get set go Go go go go go What's the time

So close you guys are you you guys are You're so close go [Music] Oh what's the time what's the time three Nine nine that's not bad on your marks Get set go [Music] Yes Amazing performance to test go go go go Go go go go go Four go that's not bad four point seven Two Four point three nine that's a great Time Great time it's a great if it's Cristiano ronaldo like there's no shame In losing to cristiano ronaldo mate you Can you can walk with a spring in your Step you're only half a second slower Than ronaldo See you later good luck whenever you're Ready Go go go go [Music] 4.15 good effort bro good effort but the Money Stays with me Whenever you're ready this laser will Pick it up and just stash it just go He's fast he's fast Oh 3.95 whenever you're ready Oh bro 3.77 guys i'm lucky unfortunately

On this occasion the money stays with me It is my money so i am slightly happy About it but Guys honestly That you should be That was a respectable effort [Music] 440 very respectable time [Music] Oh 3.62 two it was one 100 bucks so close Congratulations great effort thanks Great effort He's fast though he's fast Good 3.9 bro that's good you broke the Four second barrier [Music] That's fast that's fast the thing is i Have got i have got a slam in me I have got a little I have got a little I don't like to use it very often Hey the sun's there they're slow you Don't lose this home come on in Okay we've got a group of lads here They've got big personalities can any of You beat cristiano ronaldo that's the Question Yeah I can sense confidence coming off you Boys i'm i'm i'm ready to do it in it I'm ready I want to go on okay we're ready all Right before you guys just gotta ask you

One question messi or ronaldo who's your Guy Ronaldo Ronaldo four for ronaldo when you're Ready in your own time Go That was fast it's fast That was fast that was fast 401 Bro that was like four attempts behind Cristiano [Music] The name bad 3.64 no Cheese i'm not gonna laugh or you look Faster than him Bro that was so close All right Okay that's it [Music] He's fast 3.6 He's done it He's got it He's ready [Music] [Music] Bro congratulations you beat ronaldo Hey you're fast do you your fault yeah You saw on track ah there you go you Used to run track that's what it takes If you've got no running experience You're probably not gonna beat ronaldo But this guy used to run track he's Beaten by a 1 100th of a second

He's fast So that's it really hope you guys have Enjoyed this video we've put the public Under the test today to race against Ronaldo most people came up just short But one man has turned up and he has run 25 meters quicker than cristiano ronaldo And it's this man standing to my left Right here oscar he's got his money in His hand Oscar final word from you before we end The video Um thank you so much for this um and Yeah of course the renault Guys let us know in the comment section Below what other public challenges you Want to see in the meantime all that Remains to be said is love peace and Tekkers boom