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By | November 6, 2022

To celebrate HITC Sevens reaching 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, Alfie takes your questions from Twitter and Instagram, ranging from football and the FIFA World Cup to the philosophical and the barely intelligible.

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Hello hello hello fine people of YouTube Ladies gentlemen friends comrades uh Disciples and welcome to this 500 000 Subscriber hitz 7's special q a what an Occasion uh this is much belated this q A both in the sense that uh I hit 500 000 a while ago I think it was maybe a Couple of months ago now and also Belated in the sense that I should have hit 500 000 subscribers Much sooner than I did and by now I Think we can all agree I would hope that The channel should be at at least a Million there are certainly far far Worse channels that are at that that Tally uh including within the football Space Um totally undeserved but you know Leaving that aside uh let's keep it Positive Thank you all to everyone who does Subscribe it is much appreciated and Obviously if you don't yet subscribed Feel free to do so now and also turn on Notifications Um but yeah since we've had this Milestone it is customary on YouTube Um it's actually obligatory to do a q a When you reach a round number of Subscribers if you don't do it they'll Just remove your channel Um and murder you so regrettably with a Metaphorical and literal gun to my head That is what I've done I asked you all

To send in your questions on Twitter and On Instagram and many of you very kindly Did and they've also very kindly now Been collated for me I do it this way Around because It's nice for there to be an element of Spontaneity if I'm reading the questions For the first time uh it does mean that Some questions slip through the net that Perhaps I wouldn't have included but Those are the risks that you take so Yeah in the past I have been known some Of you may know this to go off on wild Tangents when I'm answering questions And delve into the totally irrelevant so I will try to have a laser-like focus in This q a and be as to us as is humanly Possible with all of the answers We'll see all on that lasts right cue The unusual music before we get straight Into the questions Cheers [Music] Yep all right that's quite enough of That I think all right here we go and The first question is next holiday Destination that would be uh Dublin in Just two or three weeks time my Girlfriend is half Irish and her family Live in Ireland so yeah I've been to Dublin a few times I will be there for England versus USA so if I die over There it's because someone's killed me In a pub for sporting England but uh

Hopefully that doesn't happen is there Any German club you support or follow Uh no there isn't easy answer that one Uh I mean I'm pleased to see Union Berlin getting on so well this season Long may that continue would be amazing If they were to win the league but no There isn't a specific team that I Follow I interact Frankfurt sometimes Keep an eye out for Dennis why I I went There to their Stadium for the 2006 World Cup so maybe that's the reason but I wouldn't say follow or support that Would be The wrong term for that is it true You've seen lethal Bizzle live in Malia So that is one of about five people who Could have asked that question but no me Yes I did see lethal bezel live in Malia It was uh Well sorry if you're watching lethal but Uh greatly underwhelming rubbish to be Honest it was some of you may know this I was unfamiliar with Mr Bizzle before I went to that gig it Was just like He wasn't doing anything the music was Playing there he was just sort of Shouting the odd word over the top of it Think about your frimpong was there as Well Um yeah 25 Euros wasted but you live and You learn which is your most criminally Underrated video

Um depends what you I mean all of them I Would say are obviously underrated uh In terms of ones that didn't get that Many views There was the documentary it's normally Documentaries about obscure things where Maybe I haven't nailed the title or the Thumbnail there was the one about Rudy Gutendorf the German manager manage more Teams than anyone else uh including National teams ridiculous number Um went to Rwanda shortly after the Genocide and helped heal the the sort of Wounds of those communities so that was Interesting there was also the one about The German referee during the Holocaust Don't want to give too much away Um the recent Qatar documentary which Did actually do all right but I think is Really good Um so yeah Those are a few oh and there was also Another recent one about uh Cryptocurrencies and nfts in football And the sort of potential looming crisis That could pose so yeah go and watch all Of them immediately after this Um and that's an instruction Who's in your best 11 right now that's Hard to do quickly I assume that means a World 11. Um I would have Tebow courts wiring goal Um I would have 12 canceller left back

They're easy ones Uh right back before he got injured Probably Reese James will say it doesn't Say you know based on Fitness so we'll Put Rhys James right back We'll have David Alaba at the left side Of Center back and then maybe Van Dyke I Know he's not Right on song at the moment I probably Gave them like all rudiger but we'll go Van Dyke we don't be too Real Madrid Heavy especially since my midfielders Oh I would be tempted to have comic sitting But then I'd also want Valverde in there At the moment and probably Luca Modric So seen as though it's fantasy will go Fun and we'll leave Kim like out even Though functionally you'd probably have Him in we'll say Valverde with Modric Then I'm having de bruyne and Messi it's Like a four two two two and Harland and Lavendovskill top I'm probably missing Someone I haven't prepared for these and I wasn't expecting quite such a Challenging question but it'll be fun to Watch wouldn't it Top five Bob Dylan albums right a fellow Dylan fan who's maybe watched a previous Q a where I've been asked about my music Tastes Um my top five top five uh freewheeling Would be up there Um Blood on the tracks you see it's

Boring ones because they're they're Common answers among villain fans Um I would say I like some of the 70s uh Albums that sometimes get overlooked Like uh Desire and I like even like infidels and New morning Um I don't know how many that is and I Really like guns I I literally saw Bob Dylan last week in Hull which who'd have Thought Dylan would come to Hull but he Did and it was fantastic and that was Mostly his most recent album called Rough and rowdy ways which I think is His best album since probably time out Of mind which was what 97 so any the Man's 81 years old and he's still Long Live Dylan uh next question do you Have an interest in the two rugby league Clubs from Hull I don't I'm afraid to Say well I'm not that afraid to say but You might have been open for a different Answer I am I actually developed quite an intense Hatred of rugby when I was at school and Was forced to play it and uh Was not allowed to play football can you Believe it so yeah didn't enjoy that now I no longer hate rugby I'll still watch It when there's like a big rugby game on Um But no I don't support either of them so No one can come after me who was the Goat before Pele good question

Um Personally I would say Jose Andrade who Uh Long-term views of the channel will be Familiar with played Um played as a holding midfielder for Uruguay both when they won Olympic gold In the 24 and 28 Olympics and then he Was their Captain when actually he Wasn't their Captain but he was their Star man when they won the world first World Cup in 1930 Um yeah I would say he was just it's Rare that a hold midfielder is Considered the best player in the world But he was for the best part of a decade Lots of others Stanley Matthews Obviously from uh this part of the world As in England Um Giuseppe mats uh Also World Cup winner two-time World Cup Winner Um matai Schindler There's a nice selection for you uh but Yeah I would say and broadly who would Win in a fight a trillion lions or the Sun Uh these are the sort of questions that Maybe wouldn't have got through uh if I If I was Discerning them um it's not Clarified there whether that means the Sun The disgraceful Rupert Murdoch owned Hate Machine the newspaper or the giant

Ball of gas I'm assuming it means the giant ball of Gas In which case I think that the sun would Win Can you call it a fight the sun wouldn't Have known that it was in a fight would It but I still think that it would Emerge Victorious uh do you look at your DMs I don't I'm really sorry I wish that I used to reply to everything Um But now that I'm so sensationally famous And enormous on YouTube uh I'm joking but I do get lots of messages And I'm so busy that I always think I'll Get around to reading emails DMS uh Tweets and I don't very occasionally I Will and I wish I could more because They're usually either very nice things People have said or like really good Ideas so no I'm sorry and if you have Dm'd me and haven't responded you have My Uh Immense apology I'm very sorry I wish That I could read them all how was your Experience in uni did you enjoy your Studies social life Etc didn't go to UNI So uh no to all of the above sorry Um Yeah I I mean I had a slight experience Of the social life because my girlfriend Went to Union I was there sometimes and

Hung out with some people went to whole Uni but um not sure it's quite the same Yeah no I I just left school did nothing For six months well I went to the south Of France spent all my money Um and then decided I best do something And that's when I started writing about Not just football at first at first do Anything that I would be paid for I Would write about Including some things that I wouldn't be Proud of Uh now I did one about why golf isn't a Sport I think golf is a sport but I was Offered 50 dollars by a Canadian website To say that it wasn't so there you go uh Thoughts on Mexican food I like Mexican Food I was in Mexico in February and uh It's always had lots of Mexican food There and went down a tree I don't this Is probably Blasphemous in Mexico I'm Risking cancellation Uh I don't really like corn tortillas The flavor I prefer flour tortillas Which is what we normally have here Which is again probably sacrilege and I'm sorry but yeah generally I do like Mexican food what's one video you wanted To make but ended up not going through With There was a video right when I started That my boss wouldn't let me upload it Was scheduled and everything because Someone who was in it is apparently

Quite litigious and he was worried about Getting sued Uh so that didn't never got uploaded but Since then now he doesn't he doesn't Look so I mean he's probably a greater Chance of getting sued by some of the Things that I've done since then he Certainly is but he doesn't watch so he Doesn't know uh what was the higher There are videos I should say that I Want to make and haven't been able to Just because of time restraints they're Quite research intensive or I need to Speak to someone that hasn't got back to Me but I do plan on making them I just Haven't got around to it there's Hundreds of them what was the highest Level you played at doesn't specify what But I'm going to assume it's football in Which case not very hard negligible is The answer in terms of in men's football Anyway I played I haven't played 11 Aside since 2013 14 when I was Like 17 18 years old and I played it in The whole men's Sunday League Uh seventh division which is the the Bottom division of the Holman's or it Was at the time I don't know the Situation now uh we had our own team I Was Owner manager Chairman Player Captain all of the above uh it

Was an absolute nightmare because play It like 11 on a Sunday morning and Everyone will go on a Saturday night and Message it like an hour before kickoff Cindy couldn't play so that was the Highest level not really now I just play Six aside and again not at a high level Which Asian team would progress furthest In this year's World Cup would bring it Will progress furthest I'm going to take That as or could brother I think and I Have it I'm gonna do a World Cup Predictions video which I haven't done Yet I'm waiting for the squads to some People do these before the squad how can You predict anything when you don't know Who the players are going to be Ridiculous uh but yeah I haven't so I Haven't looked into this properly but as I recall it every Asian team is in a I Think any of them will do well to get Out of their group uh and I include Australia in that which I'm assuming you Were too as soon as they're part of the Asian Confederation uh so yeah I would Say well if if it's as rigged as the Voting Um for house selection and Katara when It went they had a cancer they'll beat Brazil 7-0 in the final and uh But if it isn't then yeah I think They'll all struggle if I'm pushed let's Say a ram because they've got a good Chance of getting another group haven't

They there's not much in it you would Assume England would be the best team in The group don't clip that I'm not saying That England will win the group I'm just Saying on paper and then between Wales USA and Iran You know Around the room with a Chance uh top Three players of the 21st century bar Messi and Ronaldo Assuming they would have Messi and Ronaldo in there which I mean I would but to be controversial I Might have not Um of the 21st century it depends Whether you mean Peak or across the uh Millennium as a whole I would say Peak I would go with number one would be Ronaldo Nazario Even though He was past his own Peak for the Entirety of the 2000s but I would still Say him number two I would say Ronaldinho again this is just on Peak And probably third zidane probably uh In terms of overall not just their Peak Because obviously those players all Played In the 90s and Only Was the dance debatable but certainly Ronaldo was better in the 90s and Ronaldinho lesser anyway across the the 21st century as a whole I would say my

Top pick would be Javi Yeah I'm not expecting that or maybe you Were then I would go with you see now I'm leaning towards Iniesta I would I'll Go with a five and I'll say jave Iniesta Buffon Thierry Henry And Luca Modric Again I'm not prepared for these I'm Probably missing someone obvious Um I didn't mention Maldini but again it Was Across the we'll move on I said a bit Worse who do you think is the most Underrated footballer of all time Supposed to be quick but I my only Caveat is when people say underrated do You include people who are just unknown You see because players who played a Long time ago most people just don't Know about them are they underrated not Really that it's not rated so in the Modern era I'll restrict myself to in Terms of plays that people actually Heard of and I would say Romario Certainly here in Europe is always my Answer to that question because I think He is He is arguably the third greatest player Of my lifetime and he isn't recognized As such in Europe just because He didn't play here for that long but When he did he was uh Basically without pair and then he was

Sensational when he returned to Brazil Name a player you don't expect to be in In the England squad but would like to See included The stock answer to this question is James Madison but I I would not be averse to seeing Madison Included but I don't think it's that bad If he isn't just because obviously I've Got a lot of players who can play in That area whether it's foden grealish uh In Saka Mount so Um My choice would be I don't think there Is anyone who'll be left out that I'll Be aggrieved by maybe Callum Wilson I Think there's a good chance Wilson gets Left out and I would take him as I said In my recent video Um James Justin I quite like I don't Expect him to go Um Or aberration again I mentioned in that Video that I made about England recently Uh is is a curveball that won't be in The England squad let's be honest but Could add something sorry A lot of these Are upside down uh what was the greatest Moments of football you have ever Witnessed live at a stadium Interesting Um so the greatest moments of football So I've been fortunate to be at lots of Big football matches

Um In terms of the greatest moments i s Well I suppose I saw Italy uh win the Euros which was uh Not the outcome that I was hoping for But was nonetheless great for Italians And it was a great occasion for England Being in our first final for Uh since 66 so that was a big occasion All of the games at that Euros apart From the Scotland one which was Dreadful were Um exciting I was lucky to go to a fair Few all but two Um So I was there when Rooney became England's all-time record goal scorer Overtaking Bobby Charlton with a penalty Against was it Slovenia or Slovakia I Think Google it I can't remember I think it Was it could have been that great at the Moment if I don't remember it uh I've Been I've been to like a lot of FA Cup Finals including the most recent one Which was a awful game so I'm not Picking that but some of them are all Right uh another awful one Portsmouth Cardiff was it when The cow new school wow in fact most of Them were terrible i've not answer this Question at all I'll pick a whole city Game the 2008 playoff line the whole was Uh prior to that the largest city in

England that never had a Top Flight Football team we were over 100 years old And then obviously Dean window scores That famous volley so yeah that's quite A a great moment At least for a whole city fan will Leicester go down I don't think that They will no I said that in the video That I made I made a documentary sort of Thing about Leicester just before the Season start about why they haven't Signed any players and how they were Regressing clearly they have regressed And they had a horrible start to the Season but I still don't think they'll Go down although when I asked people to Ask the questions for the Q a they'd Probably like lost every game so it's an Easier answer for me now they've Actually picked up a few results Took Man City like you know took one of The best free kicks by the way can we Just say that I've seen in a very long Time I came to Rhonda to to settle that One but yeah I don't think that they Will is is the real answer if you were To compare your own footballing style of Play to a professional who would it be Between this and the what level have you Played at people maybe uh overestimate How good I am at football Uh It's hard to pick a player without Sounding really delusional I

Insects aside I have an R8 shot and I'm Okay at keeping the ball I would I would say it might seem Aerobic answer James is it James Garner That is there Everton now was it man United I've only seen him play a handful Of times but he's the closest that I can Approximate in a professional capacity Too The far worse version that is me of him In an amateur capacity if you could Change slash add any one rule to Football Open brackets the game itself And not off the pitch stuff close Brackets what would it be My answer to this is the stop clock Suggestion where you make games 90. they Aren't 90 minutes you make them 60 Minutes instead of 90 minutes long but Like in rugby and some other sports when The ball isn't in play the clock stops So I think it would eliminate not Entirely because people would still time Waste to sort of break up a game and Inter someone's momentum but it would Certainly help on that front and if you Look last season there's some crazy stat About how long the ball is in play on Average in each team's game you look at Like Man City and the difference between Them and say a team struggling at the Bottom is more likely to try and Slow the game down Um is like 10 12 minutes

Seems crazy so that would be my Suggestion Uh when are you starting a podcast when Are you starting a podcast not are you Starting up for this I have no option It's not if just when Um the world is certainly crying out for Another white man with a podcast uh Maybe that's why there's an assumption I Will be at some stage because I'm the Only one left that hasn't started one I Do like podcasts I think they're a good Format but I have no uh imminent plans Uh you'll be the first to know about it If that changes Who do you think are the most overrated Managers in football history Harry redknapp Yeah I um I'm not saying he's a bad manager But I don't the nickname like Harry Houdini I'm not sure he ever you know kept a Couple of teams up after being allowed To Spend a bit of coin and bring in some Decent players got Spurs in the top four But look at that Spurs team and it was a Decent team so and he left a handful of Clubs in uh Financial disarray uh Borderline going out of existence I'm Not saying that's his fault if an owner Or chairman says you can spend this Money then a manager is unlikely to say

Are you sure uh but again he did spend Some of it really badly and is also Just quite a testable human being but we Won't get into that if you had to fight One Premier League manager who would it Be and why It would be Patrick Vieira because I Just love a challenge and you know We're both two big Lads clearly spend a Lot of time in the gym look after Ourselves I think it'd be an evenly Matched contest and uh to pick anyone Else trying to think of else there is we Just seem unfair be a mismatch Um Maybe Frank Lampard it'd be nice to slap Him after Uh he endorsed David Cameron in 2010. Look at where we are now Thanks Frank not saying it's entirely His fault but he has to take some Culpability are we going to get some Live Vlogs with your old man again I'd Love to see you at some Hull City Games Well that is very kind of you though Uh recently it would just just be quite Quite a bleak watch since we seem to Lose every single game at home uh Normally without posing any threat and Conceding two to three goals so no there Are no plans I'm sorry to say if that's Happened the Vlogs were very much Euro's Occurrence uh I quite enjoyed doing them They were all right

[Music] Um But no as of yet again if that changes You'll be the first to know upside down Again which team do you think could Surprise everyone at the 2022 World Cup As I say I will be doing a predictions Video where I put a bit more research Into this and come up with a proper Answer My answer at this stage would be Uruguay But I will warn you that that is my Answer at every World Cup I always think That you're away in the dark courses and In fairness 2010 came up trumps they did Pretty well there I think they're Surprised some people 2014 they beat England in I can't remember how that tournamented Action 2014. sorry about that someone Saw him in the comments 2018 they're not Portugal out didn't they and if it Wasn't for an injury to Cavani I think That they would have been A menace at that tournament because Kevani and Suarez at the time were Linking up really well yeah so I still Think Uruguay a fairly solid-ish a bit Less so since the velocity I got him but Still they're a good unit they've got Ben Tankard Ben tanker and Valverde in Midfield good luck finding a better Midfield duo in virtually any team Um maybe Germany Spain but

Not many rice and Bellingham were good Too aren't they but I digress Uruguay And also obviously they've got still got Cavani and Suarez kicking on a bit but So was Diego Forlan in 2010 and we saw What he did and then Nunes who you just Never know he could win the Golden Boot Or he could head but someone in school No goals you never know but For now them at our course should Footballers be sent to space as an Experiment I'll repeat that should footballers be Sent to space as an experiment is the Question that someone has Put to me there An experiment into what is what I would Question Um physiologically they're very similar To other human beings so they wouldn't Sort of like spontaneously combust just As soon as they entered That was so Um my answer would be no footballers Shouldn't be sent to space as an Experiment until I find out what the Scientific method or rationale would be For for doing that let me know do let me Know because I am intrigued uh but no For now and I imagine the clubs it would Have to be in the off season otherwise The clubs would be quite annoyed seeing As also your your muscle just completely Goes doesn't it when you're in space so

They would need like three preseasons Just to get back up to full fitness Seeing as you're interested in Researching history what's your own Family history slash ethnicity and Anything interesting there In terms of ethnicity I'm sorry to Report no or apparently no assuming that Those ancestry DNA and get somewhere Around a kits are accurate although I Don't know if they are because I did one I got gifted as a present and it said That I was 20 Norwegian which I thought That's quite interesting and then about Six months later they said we've Improved our Data methodology I don't know what it is And it turns out you're not remotely Norwegian you are entirely British uh England Scotland not even any Irish Apparently in me so ethnically I Couldn't be any less diverse uh which is Underwhelming in terms of family history Well as a result of doing that ancestry In DNA even though I found out that I have a very tedious ethnic background I did get in touch with my cousin or my Granddad's cousin I don't know what you Call that relation who is in her 90s and Lives in California she moved to America From Hull during uh the war and we now FaceTime and what's up every now and Then so that's quite interesting

Um my grandad's Granddad On my mum's side was a psychopath by the Sounds of things he was some like Wealthy business owner who had a willow Merchants and um There's a Wikipedia page for the house That he built which was apparently like Lined with skulls he had all the workers On site created his own currency that he Paid them in that they could only use in The like shops that An awful human being and if you're Wondering that wealth didn't filter down Really a lose-lose If you had to cover another sport what Would it be it wouldn't I don't I'm not Neither interested nor knowledgeable Enough about any other sport Some would say you're not about football And that's never been a hurdle for you But Um yeah I would just change to another So I'd probably make like historical or Uh just Current issues videos If I make videos At all um so yeah sorry rubbish answer If I have to pick a sport I'll say Badminton for absolutely no reason at All other than I recently played it at Center parks and quite enjoyed it if you Were subbed on for England during the World Cup where on the pitch could you Last the longest before the crowd

Realized that you were an amateur Again Not very good at football if there's Some confusion there uh No so nowhere really I would say Depending on the game maybe if it was I've already sung a Ram's Praises so Don't take this the wrong way Iranian Viewers of which I have many Um Iran are quite defensive so maybe if I came on against Iran in goal and they Didn't get any shots off Maybe no one would realize for a bit but If they did get any shots on target they Would be going in since I am even worse In goal than Outfield Um assuming it was against someone Decent who are going to be shooting Maybe holding Midfield Sorry about that the uh the camera just Died there which would seem to me to be Quite definitive evidence that I have Been neither laser-like in my focus or Cursing my answers so apologies once Again for that but we'll crack on There's very few left so uh favorite Video of the last 100 000 Subs Uh I would say Uh Uh quick again I would say maybe the the Video about the Queen's death which Sounds morbid for that to be my favorite Not not the fact that she died the the Video was about football's response to

The Queen's death and uh it got a really Good response from people saying uh that They agreed um and also some people Saying I hope you die of cancer You know hope you Someone sets you on fire tonight that Type of thing but that's to be Anticipated Um so yeah I thought I enjoyed making That and the response to that the as I Say said earlier the documentary about Qatar and the World Cup I think very Humbly that that is the best uh video on That subject so I would say that's a Central viewing for everyone and I will Be leaving a link to it at the end of Every one of my videos about the World Cup And uh the recent one about rich Allison Was Not not specifically about rich Allison Again but the response to him doing Those keep yuppies against Forest which Has been made all the more relevant Because a fellow Brazilian Anthony Obviously did those I don't know what you call them spins uh For Manchester United and faced a Similar response so that was a good Video about why why is England like this In terms of its response to sort of any Uh Uh Superfluous act any sort of Extravagance or exuberance

Um and also the documentary about Iceland uh yeah Give them all a watch they're all They're all excellent It's about Iceland's golden teen obviously beat England had all these terrific Achievements and that's now all been Sullied Um I won't tell you why give it a watch Uh maybe a bit of a warning that it's Quite dark uh will you ever put any Videos on your own channel On my own channel I assume that is just Referring to the YouTube channel that is In my own name uh Alfie potsama that is My name uh which has just reached like 10 000 subscribers which seems quite a Lot to me for a Channel with no videos So thank you for that um The answer is maybe so go and subscribe If you haven't because Um but only if I'm no longer making Videos for this Channel or any other Channel then in that scenario that is Probably where I would upload by Virtually the fact that it's got 10 000 Subscribers so it will be a decent Starting point uh unless the questioner Means my the finance Channel that I Started during the pandemic which I Haven't uploaded to in about a year and A half in which case Um ever maybe but not imminently because I have

Zero time favorite Bob Dylan song It's all right ma it's only bleeding It's my favorite button it was the song That got me into Dylan and I still think Maybe with visions of johada that it's His best song Upside down again you're in a fight here We go you can pick three players past or Present to help you who Three players pastel present I would Pick Patrick Vieira because I've already Earned his respect haven't I from Earlier on when I uh flattened him Um Not Frank Lampard Um I would pick probably someone like Billy Whitehurst who I referenced in that Fairly recent video about seven Footballers with just one remarkable Trait and His was being a thug which Um I don't I'm not particularly fond of That even though he's sort of a bit of a Whole city Legend but he did some bare Knuckle boxing and whatnot it was pretty Hard bloke so he'd probably be handy and Then probably Roy Hodgson Um because I could just run off and then Get Roy first wouldn't they because I Reckon I could outrun Roy certainly at This stage so there are my three and the

Last question It's been a blast the last question is Do you see yourself doing YouTube for The next five years or doing something Different Um Five for the next five years well I Don't have any imminent plans to do Anything different five years is a long Time five years is Pretty much how long I've been doing This for now And that feels like a while So Um maybe not Um I don't know sorry what what a Disappointing end to a rubbish q a Um maybe I'll still maybe I will I've Talked in the past the ideal situation For me would be to have some kind of Like patreon type thing going on uh Where people You know you have like members or Whatnot and then I would have greater Creative freedom to make whatever videos I like and I wouldn't be able to be Screwed by YouTube when they just Randomly demonetize the video for no Apparent reason uh so yeah maybe I will Be in that Utopia in five years time we Can we can but I hope uh but yeah thank You all for joining me for this 500 000 Subscribers q a in which I was neither

Laser-like Nor remotely focused or terse in any way Shape or form but I hope that you Enjoyed it thank you all very much again For subscribing to the channel it is Genuinely greatly appreciated even if it Should be far more than 500 000. uh I Hope that you have a fantastic day Um I will maybe do a another video to Camera around Christmas time when I will No doubt be struggling to get proper Videos out you know anything actually Half decent uh or entertaining so uh Yeah I might do like a quick fire Christmas questions or something like That But yes thank you for joining me uh I Hope you enjoyed it hit the like button If that was the case subscribe if you Haven't already Um let me know your thoughts in the Comments and as I always say you can Also find me on Twitter or on Instagram Via the username at h2cms on both should You wish to do so thank you very much