PSG settles for SECOND in the group stage of the Champions League 👀 | ESPN FC

By | November 3, 2022

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Paris Saint-Germain finishing in second place for Group H in the Champions League.

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Let's look back a little on what Happened in the Champions League and how Things finished up there we wanted to Bring up Group H where PSG had to settle For a second place finish behind Ben FICA on away goal scored after Benfica Beat Maccabi Haifa 6-1 to snatch top Spot anyone in Paris Jules wondering how Benfica were able to score five second Half goals have there been any Conspiracy theories at all If I goalkeeper leaving on his brand new Lamborghini after the game but these are Those kind of jokes basically Not so much conspiracy I don't think PSG Lost that top spot in the games last Night the last day especially at the Party Prince against Benfica in the game They should have won and not and I know Drew but apart from that we have to say That Benfica these are the last credit They're a really good team Roger Smith Is doing a really really good job there Unbeaten in 22 games in all competitions And those goals that they scored at the End draw Mario especially right at the End made a big difference let's see who They get in the Jordan who PhD get but Certainly it's usually a big advantage To finish up of your group Well let's take a little look at that Shall we then because it's made things a Bit more interesting for PSG especially Going into the draw now just taking a

Look at the best possible draw for PSG According to Jill so we asked you for Your most desirable and least desirable Jewels talk us through this Well yeah I mean obviously I went for The team down paper maybe I'm not the Strongest portal the portal are really Hard to play against such a consists are Doing a really good job there Spurs very Underwhelming decision so far now until No Conte despite obviously doing well in The Champions League and in the league Still and after that Chelsea is still Trying to work out and and and do a lot Of finding out with with graham Potter And then a bit after that is Napoli Bayern Munich city and I would not want PSG to play neither of those four I Guess I've put Napoli dead because they Don't have the same experience of the Other three but then the other three are All on the same all on the same level They are the three biggest favorite in This competition So if PSG will to play against other Bayern City or Real Madrid I think that Would be a hell of a hell of a task Really so I'm really hoping for one of The top one of the top two portal would Be my absolute best please Oh so PSG Could be a bit of wishful thinking for George you never know you never know What's going to happen in the draw but

It's made things a bit more interesting Guys hasn't it it has it has and listen For for PSG obviously the only team Other countries is Benfica other than That any of the of the top finishers Um are there well thanks for that sure I'm just saying so for instance with the The English clubs there's because There's so many English clubs in the Draw but at that point being made and PSG given that and I continue to see This I I think the entire season hinges On on the Champions League how far they Go and more to the point whether they Win it so to to not have the advantage Of a Top finish and a choice of those second Place finishes It gives them a test it gives them a Test that I'm not sure that they were Expecting to be facing this early in in The competition and and again one that They cannot feel how many of these teams Would PSG be favorites against I would say Say the top four Porto Spurs Chelsea and Napoli now I would turn this argument around while PSG do not want to be in this position I Would also suggest that none of these Teams want to play PSG none of them are Lining up and saying yep yep give me Mbappe give me Neymar give me Messi on a Good night yeah give me those guys no

So while this is going to test PSG Potentially It's also going to test Another team that wasn't expecting to Play a team of the level of PSG so early In the competition and so is gonna Expose some vulnerabilities it's going To expose some frailties and some of These teams that we think are really Good and should be making a deep run Into this competition PSG is a scary team to play against Because their talent level and talent Potential is as high as anybody else's In the world now whether they're able to Meet up that potential whether they are Able to realize that potential in this Competition that's a big question but if They do if mbappe is having a great Night if Neymar is having a great night If Messi's having a great night nobody Wants to play PSG because they're Unstoppable Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus