Predicting the outcome of the ENTIRE World Cup! 👀 | Saturday Social ft Nubaid Haroon & Nieve Pegg

By | November 19, 2022

Nubaid Haroon & Nieve Pegg join Smithy and Joe this week on Saturday Social. With the World Cup getting underway tomorrow, we get the guests World Cup predictions. Who will win the World Cup? Who will take home the Golden Boot? And who will shine at the tournament?
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Saturday social is powered by EA Sports FIFA 23 with PlayStation uh we're here To talk about the World Cup anyway and Later on in the show Smithy has a very Very special episode of Lies with World Cup Duo Harry Wilson and Dan James yes a Cracking answer in that as well Wales Teammates Only one place to start that is all About the World Cup World Cup starting This weekend I cannot wait let's start Before we get the guest predictions Because we're going to get them to get Off the fence and give us their All-important predictions let's have a Reminder of the World Cup group so in Case you're unaware of the group stages Here we are the hosts in group a uh England in group b now instantly Group B Is the only group with all four nations That are inside the top 20 in terms of World rankings Argentina could it be Messes here they're in group C France Australia Denmark Tunisia interesting Group that one indeed Spain and Germany Will meet in the group stage in e as Will Belgium and Croatia in F many People's favorite Brazilian Group G and Then a tough one to predict the winner And South Korea so we've got the guests To give us their predictions in terms of Who's going to win runners-up England's Tournament Wales tournament as well as The overachievers Underachievers and a

Couple of individual ones top scorer and Player of the tournament so let's Firstly have a look at who they think The most important one let's be honest Is going to lift that famous Trophy and All of that so the baby's gone Argentina You think it is Messi's time written in The stars for you yeah it's one of those Things where I think you know football Owes messy one this is the one that he's Gonna get Um and I mean leave said Germany like [Laughter] Laughed at you there with your first Prediction so the floor is yours why Germany well first of all um Because Talking about Germany here who've won Four World Cups we've been to eight Finals and we're acting like what I'm Saying like Wigan they're gonna win the World cup or something like what's going On Um but Germany I think will they'll Either win it this year or if they don't Win it this year they'll win the major Tournament soon with handsy flick Because you know his level of management Is just insane you know what he's done I Think people forget his involvement with Germany Um that goes back now 15 years being the Assistant manager you've got bear in Mind that when hansie flick was the

Assistant manager at Germany we're Dealing with them coming third second First third again that's pure semi-final Final consistency and you know the Elevation of of Germany under him you've Got Brazil and Argentina in the same Tournament and you're back Germany when Brazil come in with Neymar and nine Forwards Messi's coming in with like the Story Ronaldo's fuming as well somewhere So I feel like you know Germany probably Weren't in my top five when I was Considering yeah they're a long way and I really like this Germany side and I Think there will be dangerous I think They'll do well but when you consider The other sides that just have a better Narrative at the moment more informed Players and I don't feel like Germany Have a number nine that's going to score Enough goals so they don't need a number Nine though that's the whole like They've got canabri who gets goals 20 Goals for Germany they've got musiala Who gets goals I mean look at the goals He scored by in the united season and He's had 17 cats for Germany as well so He's a bit more experienced than I think People realize Um but I just think I agree with you I Don't think Germany got the best team But I do think they've got a team built For an International Tournament you look At how fast and athletic their Defenders

Are and then they've got an engine in Midfield they'll cope with the run-in And you know out there in Qatar and Overall just they're built for they're Built for a World Cup it just quickly Runners-up Uruguay yeah I mean I felt like one side of the draw Like picked itself and then the other Side of the draw like things just kept Happening by accident so when I was Doing mine Uruguay just kept wearing Further and further and further and I Was like you've landed in the final now I think they'll score all goals to be Found I really like that Midfield Ben Tanko and Freddie Valverde who According To some people is like the best Midfielders in the sliced bread Um But yeah no I generally do like their Side and I think they've got a good Balance and I think they could go far Purely because of that side of the draw And if they top their group then they've Got every chance of getting semi's final Yeah and if you're going Brazil a lot of People's favorites I mean I look at Brazil and think they are the team to be Because I think they've got the best Squad but you think Germany just adds Them in the final yeah and I mean that's By no means criticism of Brazil and I Expect they'll entertain us massively With their players I mean they are

Stacked going forward aren't they but Where I think they've got a weak spot is In those wide defensive areas and that's Where I think Germany will be able to Exploit them in that final with ganapri And sane all right love it let's move on To the home Nations yes then shall we Let's have a look at where you've got England and Wales finishing England Semi-finals the bay Neve quarterfinals Wales at the group both of you semis and Quarters they need why quarters who are They going out to you think maybe France In that yeah I did a tree and it came up To France and to be fair on my video I've said that England will win that and Now I'm saying England so I'm just Covering So you know when it happens but no I Originally thought we could do maybe we Could sort of get them a little bit on The counter kind of thing really uh Maybe the way we play but The more I look at their team what I Think we're on kunku not being able to Play and them having to maybe rely on Griezmann to sort of fill that little Bit of space in and the fact that he's Not too great I thought there's never in The field there that can be exploited But I think England will be the team to Exploit its business because I don't Think Alan Midfield is necessarily Somewhere where we control the game I

Don't have England playing France Because I have France Denmark yeah so I've done Mark top in the group so I Think England played Denmark and I think That'll be a really good game remake of Euro 2020 semis yeah so I I pretty much Flipped a coin on who'd win that because I can't really choose I think both sides Are really well balanced um and then Have England going into the semi-finals And losing against Uruguay If Argentina Brazil both win their Groups they're in the second half to England if England win their group and Also as you said if Denmark Pitt France A lot of people got Denmark as a Surprise package France Brazil and Argentina in theory could all be yeah on The other half but there's a lot of a Lot of chopping and changes in there Yeah and then Wales both out of the Group even though they've had decent Success at tournaments in the Euros yeah I think they've are like they're a good Tournament team but I just think they're In a group with England Iran who I think People are sleeping on and then USA I Think have a really good team and if They can get going in the tournament I Think they're a better side than Wales Um that first game's massive Wales Against USA if USA win that Wales have Not got a chance but then Wales of one Of these teams where in the last few

Tournaments people have gone are there That surprise package I think that's now Ran out like we've got to that point Where everyone knows they're decent Um and also they rely so much on Gareth Bale and I think it's one tournament too Far okay yeah so the Welsh viewers may Not be happy that last series I guess let's move on to the next one Overachievers and underachieves I always Like looking at this particular Prediction uh do you know what I've got To say actually I think this is a great Shout from both you Denmark and Uruguay I also think are going to have a fairly Decent tournaments Underachievers Croatia in Portugal knee now you've got Your head in your hands there's Something that you don't like about this What is it patiently waiting for that Graphic to go then it was really Excessive [Laughter] Um you've put Uruguay in the final and Then you've not said they're Overachievers like are we all expect a Year ago I like yeah No hold on when I tweeted my tree a lot Of people like oh to be fair I have Uruguay going pretty far as well but Then might go all the way to the semis Or the quarters and I think they might As a dark horse going to the court was Is quite far so I think they're they're

Cheap but should I knew a guy going to The finals yeah To be fair to myself here when I was Getting asked for my predictions I Didn't just want to put like Uruguay Here and you're by there and you're Attitude the same ground different the Graphics yeah I mean they might get into The semi-finals would be outrageous it's Not like that's where they got in the Last major tournament [Laughter] Yeah so Uruguay for over because I Completely agree with you I think the Uruguay will do well um This World Cup They've got great players in each Position a bit of balance and I think Darwin Nunes can end up having a good Tournament as well but for Underachievers going with Portugal Because as much as I disagree that There's maybe hostilities within the Camp it's impossible to get away from The noise because of the press they are Constantly wanting to find out about Ronaldo I think that's going to really Affect their tournament I think so and Not just that though I think with Portugal They're not going to have the most made Of those quality attacking options They've got unless they have a manager Who's a bit different to Santos I'm Really not a massive fan of Santos he

Has won a tournament before and the Ronaldo thing's interesting to me Because I'm on the other end of it I Think like the players will almost back Him even more I was speaking to someone Literally a couple of days ago who's Been with the Portugal players since They've got there and they were saying That the players are so much more on Side with them now and Ronaldo pretty Much runs that team it's not Santa's Team if we're not Ronaldo's like big man Move out the way this is my team that's Kind of how it rolls over the final one Yeah It's been a bit of a problem for United Facilitating Ronaldo and he got that Many quality attackers I'll Felix but Like silver and Bruno are they going to Be able to perform with Ronaldo I think 10 hard demands Ronaldo's press and Santos won't he'll say to him stand in The Box we'll get you chances and he Will score goals also like as as Terribly non-tactical as they sounds Ronaldo right now is going to be loving This so he's coming into this tournament Even more revved up than he was before So so I'm scared of the guy and I'm not Going against him okay there we go Ronaldo there's a lot of talk about Ronaldo this week of course yeah Croatia You've gone as Underachievers just Explain why you've gone yeah I think

They're just at the end of their sort of Like time with this team um during the Last tournament they sort of like relied On Luca Modric to to pull them out a few Times they don't have a forward Um I'm just not overly convinced by this Team the defense has improved to be fair There's no more love from cavadios there But generally speaking I'm just not a Big fan okay all right let's have a look At your final two predictions then and There's a blockbuster one in here top Goal scorer in a bade oh come on boys Almost as if you're a Liverpool fan news Both of you saying player the tournament Messy the baby may as well come to you First Darwin top scorer you know the Thing is to win top scorer in the World Cup you only need a handful of goals Yeah and and I think looking at his Group those games will be open when they Play Portugal Ghana and Korea I think Yeah Um and he's the sort of Striker that in A game Uruguay draw to to Hill score two I think he ends a group stage on four or Five goals and then you only use one and I've got going to the final so you might Get two and then he wins the Golden Boot I think he's just one of these players That creates chances and Freddie Valverde loves a cross to the back post And Darwin and he just lives in that Area so if you're a guy go far Darwin

Union is going to take him there you've Got the more obvious candidate boring Well I think yeah I think with Neymar You know like you say I think you'll Pick up a couple of goals um in the Group stage although to be honest with You a similar sort of thing with Messi I Think messi'll pick up a couple of goals In the group stage but I do Wonder with Those two how far up the pitch they're Going to play I've got a feeling that Both of them are going to play quite High up the pitch especially in the Group stages in which case yeah I think Neymar will do it apparently Alan Shearer said Rich Alison to get Golden Boot it's not impossible Does start a lot actually in terms of Goals for game from Brazil his record Recently is one of the scorers in in the Last few years they do like returns Watching I was watching a couple of Recent Brazil games the name I was Playing like Center mid yeah which is Which was unbelievable and then you've Both got Messi Obvious yeah I think like he's he's Become a monster Creator this season he Sits a little bit deeper Um I think latora Martinez could be a Shot actually for top scorer if Argentina go all the way Um also honestly I think even if he Doesn't finish top scorer even if he

Doesn't get the most assist and if he Especially if he doesn't win the World Cup he's definitely getting like player Of the tournament so why just I just Think it's one of those things like with Everything that's going on with guitar Yeah the narrative is just there so I Think it's written that he would get it So I think there's more pressure on him Though this tournament because you know Classically back in Argentina Maradona Bought high on the World Cup I feel like There's a lot of pressure on Lionel Messi this tournament with Argentina Coming in quite as amongst the favorites To win it within within Argentina to say You are one of the favorites now's your Time to bring it home yeah but what Comes with that is they've got a better Team now and I think they've got a team That can facilitate him a lot more Um McAllister coming into that teams Well he's a massive Workhorse and Parodies in Depaul for Argentina's like 20 different players so I think he's got Players around him and the attacking Options as well that Argentina have got That will make it easier for him on the Pitch but in terms of pressure like We're talking about Lionel Messi you Know and the things he's achieved I Don't think pressure really gets to him In the same way it gets to an average I Think doesn't he love love the big game

But uh well I enjoyed that and what I Liked about that a lot of disagreement Earlier but good debates backed up very Well a lot of disagreements