Potter looked like he never wanted Chelsea to come back into the game – Julien Laurens | ESPN FC

By | November 8, 2022

Watch Gabriele Marcotti and Julien Laurens (Gab & Juls Show) talking about Graham Potter's poor approach against league leaders and London rivals Arsenal at Stamford Bridge.
Juls was quite critical of Potter's tactics: “At 1-0 down, everything he did made no sense whatsoever, and there was no reaction.”

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It looked to me that I never really Wanted to come back into the game even With brojohn it looked like it was such A passive afternoon from from Potter had No idea pretty much and again I said to You Affair I don't understand why the Game plan was and how he thought he Could hurt Austin because there was just Nothing that Chelsea did with the ball That indicated that and then a one nil Down it looked even worse because Everything he did make no sense Whatsoever and there was no reaction I Want to reiterate this going forward I Am a Potter believer I think this is Something I'm wanting to do it I want Him to do well I believe he can do well Yeah me too if he is afforded the Necessary time doing what he's done Doing what made him great which is not Playing midweek football which is you Don't have that luxury Chelsea so that Means you have to necessarily give him More time and the other mitigating Factor like I've said before is Chelsea had a horrendous for all the Money that win original money spent they Had an absolutely but horrendous summer Transfer campaign so what made that Transfer campaign more horrendous is That you decided to start the season With tuhor instead of sucking him in I Mean on day one they knew on day one top Barely knew he could not work with

Thomas there's no like don't give me the Like 100 time uh the 100 days like kind Of Um period to see where we are and then We make a decision from day one than you So from day one you suck him you bring Him ground Potter he has the preseason That he wants he does the fitness work That he wants he does the set piece work That he wants he signed the player that He the players that he wants and you Don't have now a manager who have half Of his quad that he doesn't want half of A squad that doesn't fit his philosophy Uh clearly a fitness issue I think like Every new manager will come in and say Like well they're not fit enough they're Not ready they all say that And and you know in this situation where You're thinking like but the timing of The psyching was so bad That you could have you handed the whole Handling of the situation was terrible From the beginning so this leads me to My next Point like going forward right Because Chelsea spent an enormous amount Of money over the last few years going Back to Abramovich and want to be boring With financial fair play they spent a Ton again obviously this past summer Financial fair play is effective this Season from next year we're going to Move to the new version the financial Sustainability regulations

I I think as smart as big Dolly and Bully say they are and are generating Revenue and blah blah blah Um This could hurt them this could really Hurt them unless they do what has Enabled Chelsea to not fall foul a Financial fair play all these years Which is selling very very well selling Homegrown youngsters well Look at this now you mentioned the Center forward right aubameyang is not Chelsea's long-term Center forward right We all agree on that right yeah Kai Harvards may not be a center forward at All yeah but they have money tied up in Kai harvards they have money tied up in Aubameyang You know the easiest way to to resolve The soul just so Amanda brojo for money Which is not what you want to do no Presumably you want to find out if he Can play that's just one example in Midfield in the middle of the park right Kova's not getting younger I don't know That we'll see ngolo kante again George is out of contract love to speak I don't know I mean come on let's be Serious here again I think because you're big and you're Technically proficient which Loftus-cheek is there's probably a Player in there but I think he needs a Lot of individualized care and whatever

To make sure this level is too high for Him I like him so go go down go down Outside top six and have a really good Career it's good it's okay not everybody Can play for Chelsea Football Club I Mean you know at the top at their best And being consistently good not Everybody is this is this is one of the Best clubs in the world go to like I Don't know a neverton or an Aston Villa And have fun and be good and that's your Level You could argue that defensively as well Despite signing all those center-backs Uh this summer they're going to have an Issue as well because Chicago Silva is Not getting any younger because kulibali Is not getting any younger and doesn't Seem to be yeah I used to have a few Good years with kulibali and then you go For final and if you believe in shaloba Yeah if fofana has ever finished James Is she the one yeah you know at least James and Joel I put out wide I don't Know I don't know how much he likes Joel Because he seems to prefer Google's hair So I don't know I I but what do you do In January because all that is great all That is great and the army of Scouts and Sports directors that they just brought On this is the key right what you're Doing you brought in this enormous group Of recruitment people and whatever These guys are going to assess what what

Chelsea have they're going to speak to Potter it's a fine line I think it's a Very fine line because at some point These guys What people don't understand is these Recruitment people if they're good They're not just people who execute Right they're people who have their own Opinions and are going to be Self-advocates and they're going to Advocate for their opinions yeah Um Pottery may feel differently I know I know obviously we have a couple Of them are his own you know they've got Kyle and whatever It's so so tricky because if I'm say the Vel right and I can say oh look I have a Chance to sign this I don't know the the This right wing back Who's worth 80 million and I can sign Him for 15 million but we need to sign Him now yeah and then you say well but Reese James plays that position he's Like oh but he's an asset to the club How does baldi's mind going to sink There right yeah you so it's it's always A delicate Balancing Act these guys have To make it work very very quickly uh and I want to do is finish up full they're Not they can't compete for the title They can't win the Champions League I Think I mean that's a big ask that is a Big ask because you've got Spurs you've Got Newcastle you've got uh yeah and

Liverpool May Come Back too so so who What do you do in January because I Think this is this is the urgency is Generally do you sign one player do you Go for a top top player do you go for Someone who maybe can just bring Something a bit more positive in Midfield or up front I mean you know What I don't know Them and you keep your money for the Summer I'll give you the boring answer Your focus in January is moving on those Players who still have some value yeah Move them out of the club because it Doesn't help to have Hakeem ziege And we know he's a talented player and He could help 99 of clubs in Europe Right why is he still doing a club Because they don't know how to sell them Because in the summer they didn't have Anybody to sell them that is not no it's It's as simple as that they they did Some of these ham Vista when they tried To sell it if that's the case they swear They're not it's worse than I thought Who knows maybe they're just you know Offer 100 million for Rafael and be gone Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus