PANIC BREWING! World Cup BEER issues are mounting 😱 🍻 | Futbol Americas

By | November 15, 2022

The Futbol Americas duo discuss some issues with beer sales in Qatar at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. #ESPNFC #Soccer #WorldCup #FIFA

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Herc there is panic Brewing Yeah what I did there among World Cup Fans Why Because Budweiser is being forced to Move their beer stalls away from Stadiums as the Qatari government wants Alcohol to be less prominent what do you Make of it Listen a FIFA sponsor shells out Millions and millions and millions of Dollars maybe billions at this point It's got to be a big contract side thing Right you go into a country like Qatar That has very strict alcohol laws it Still expects certain things and those Things were granted granted with Asterisks uh sure like you can't have Alcohol during the games you could only Have them before the games and after the Games and the beer being sold inside the Stadium during the game would be a Non-alcoholic option okay caveats okay Asterisks but to all of a sudden move The goal post eight days before the Tournament starts and be like oh by the Way we want to hide these famous red Tents that you've had since you became a FIFA sponsor we want to make it less Accessible for people to get your Product oh man this is fire festival Stuff that's happening eight days before This tournament kicks off uh you use the Term move the goal post Turka I like

That because this is yet another Instance of the organizers of this Tournament doing just that right moving The goal posts or maybe changing the Rules on the fly at first it's just the Timing of this tournament right the fact That we're having it here in the winter Instead of summer when this tournament Was first given to Qatar we were told it Was going to be in the summer oh no it Turns out you can't play in 110 degrees Fahrenheit so now we got to do it in the Winter and if you're a sponsor like Budweiser you were sold something very Specific what you would be able to do And now as you point out what a week in A day eight days before the tournament Starts they're finding this out I don't Think it's fair to the sponsors I don't Think it's fair to the fans right Because the fans who are going have also Been told that that this is what you Will be able to expect and that's Changing now too my big question here is This will it actually impact the Atmosphere in the stadiums that is Always kind of what matters from an On-field perspective at the World Cup do You think we'll see any impact there I don't know you don't have to drink Alcohol to have a good time so that's Not the issue here it's what you signed Up for and it's what you get and if They're doing this with the biggest of

Sponsors people that shell out millions And millions of dollars what do you Think is going to happen with your Dollars with your pesos with your Franks With your Sterling whatever the case may Be what do you think that's gonna do Yep uh worth noting here Rob Harris a Journalist with Sky News pointed out That there will be more booze in the Qatari stadiums then for instance in Stadiums in Scotland where there's uh Nobus allowed in or around the ground so Uh we'll see if it impacts the match I Think one thing that'll impact just as Much as a factor that there's no booze The fact that we don't have fans who Don't have tickets right we saw that in Russia that was something that really Brought the atmosphere forget about the Alcohol I think that's going to be Bigger because in Russia we were come Across fans all the time who were asking Us for tickets and I'm sitting there Like what do you mean you need a ticket You're in Russia they would second Mortgage on their homes refinance their Homes or whatever to get to Russia look For tickets later figure it out as they Go well you can't go to Qatar unless you Have a game day ticket to get your Haida Card to get your visa if you will it's a Country of 2.9 Million people that live There that in this short month in this Winter will have about 1.5 million

Visitors I there's only 80 000 hotel rooms to go Around I repeat I didn't go to fire Festival I watched a Documentary I hope you're not part of a Documentary in the future yes uh so There we have it Qatar getting ready to Host the World Cup we know there will be Beer there her you'll just have to walk A little bit further to get it that's Well producer Beto let's go