NOTHING PERSONAL 😂 Gabriel HITS OUT at Aubameyang! | PL Express | ESPN FC

By | November 8, 2022

The PL Express break down Arsenal hitting out at Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang following his “Nothing Personal” commercial.
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All right it's interesting that we're Talking about him though as well and Going up against your former team and I Know when it comes to some of these Commercials you might be given a script As to what to say but we did see Gabrielle's tweet afterwards saying Nothing personal London is red and that Was in response to the commercial that Had gone out for the broadcaster in the UK where aubameyang had said let you Know nothing personal about going up Against his father team do you mind Gabrielle doing this because I feel that We see this a few times from Arsenal Players now that they respond after they Win to messages they've seen in the Media Yes I think you have to be careful with That I I wouldn't be surprised if Michael arteta addresses that stuff Inside with his team because I think you Still have to uh stay humble Arsenal I I You know what I mean maybe he addresses I I don't know if he's behind it a Little bit as well because he's been Using some of these media messages to to Get them riled up I feel Well he maybe uses that inside the Dressing room but he probably doesn't Want that too because when you're you Know let's be honest Arsenal haven't won Anything just yet so you have to be Careful and I think you know if you look

At Michel arteta and the way he gives The press conference conferences he Doesn't give away anything right he Obviously expectations are high but he Doesn't go out there saying yes we're on Our way I haven't seen that uh just yet So I think he's going to be careful in Terms of how he what the message that he Sends to his players to say okay it's Great I love the confidence I love that You think that we're we're on our way But just be careful here because you Know being humble in a league like in Any league is is what I would probably Do and that would be my my message to The players yeah the message from a Banging was at Arsenal nothing personal I'm back I'm blue I'm ready so I read Maybe there could be some advice on to Be a bit more careful with what you say Before these games thank you very much For watching ESPN FC on YouTube for more Highlights analysis and exclusive Content be sure to subscribe