No Sergio Ramos or David De Gea?! Spain’s World Cup squad REACTION! | ESPN FC

By | November 11, 2022

ESPN FC’s Rodrigo Faez reacts to Luis Enrique’s Spain squad for the World Cup in Qatar.

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Hello everyone we already know uh the List of Spain for Qatar 2022 because This is something that Luis Enrique has Announced this morning we all know that Line by line uh as a goalkeepers is Going to take Simon Robert Sanchez and David We all miss keba at least in my case I Miss Kappa because I think he has Deserved to be in the least bit maximum Respect for what lucernity has chosen Um in the goalie as Defenders he's gonna I think those defense are defense de los Enrique really really trusts in because He believes that they are growing a lot In Spain national team to be honest I Really missed Sergio Ramos because he Has the experience that the rest of of These Defenders apart from Jordan Alba Uh has and I think that he has deserved To be back in the least after this PSG Beginning because his performances are Outstanding at the moment but you know Respect to Luis Enrique as a midfielders He's going to take busquets Carlos Soler Coque Rodrigo for Man City Marcos Jorente Barcelona's Gabby and Petri I Think for me is that is the best line in Spain because these midfielders are you Know a mix of hard work and not the same Time magic because if you compare for Example Gabby and pedry those are Different profiles and and if you Compare both of them for example to Koke

You know it's completely different Completely opposite players so that's Why I really like these midfielders line Because you can see so many great Midfielders profile that I'm in love With and then in the striker line you Know in the attack line I really miss One player and gonna tell you now after Saying who is going to take Luc Enrique Ferran from Barcelona Morata danielmo He's playing at Bundesliga Leipzig Nico Williams one of the best youngsters in Europe from atletic DeVille ascencio is Taking Jeremy Pino Liverpool was behind Jeremy Pino this past uh summer window Transfer but they couldn't get him and So Fati is a really strange case because In the last list Enrique had told that But he needed a little bit more and to Be honest in this past month maybe as What he didn't get at that level that Lucentric was demanding uh to the player But finally he's on the list and one guy That for me should be on the list is Borge Iglesias because he's the kind of A striker Um who's profile Luz Enrique doesn't Have at this moment maybe Morata glasses Could be something similar but you know Still I think there are kind of uh Different but you know we respect Luis Enrique at least we all respect we also Produce Enrique because those results he Have got for Spain are impressive to be

Honest he got to Euro semi-finals he got To the final of the Nations League he is Classified for next Nations League final So you know respect support to Spain and I don't know what do you think this is a Spain national team list this is Luis Enriquez list get ready Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus