NO PENALTY: After Video Review, LAFC Lucky No PK Awarded to Austin FC

By | October 31, 2022

Andrew Wiebe, Charlie Davies, and Former FIFA referee Christina Unkel discuss the play in LA that every Austin FC fan wanted in their favor. Let us know what you think!

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Welcome to it's a replay presented by Cheez-It for the MLS Cup playoffs Conference Final Edition we have but one Play and three analysts to take a look At it Charlie Daves is here Christina Uncle is here I am Andrew wiebe and you Know what play we're talking about 67th Minute lafc up two nothing on Austin Diego fagundes in the penalty area Ibiaga comes in and oh boy Charlie that Sure looks like a foul to me I see Contact on the top of the foot Diego Goes down Armando Villarreal the referee Says no no foul I've been calling it Loose all game but Tim Ford the VAR Calls him to the Monitor and Armando Says no once again this was not going to Be a penalty but should it have been in Your opinion in my opinion once the Referees signaled to the monitor this Should be a penalty kick because there Is contact from ibiaga on Diego fagundez Without touching the ball he's Attempting to make a tackle make a play On the ball and gets all of fugundas now It's not the most contact it's his heel You can see as he catches fugunda's foot But that's enough for me to Warrant the Penalty kick and I and I was a little Surprised that he decided to stick with His call on the field now I think what Played into that was the embellishment As fagundes throws his arms in the air After the contact that was going against

How VIA Rail was managing the match and Down to zero opportunities weren't Coming that often maybe I will embellish To get that PK because that's what we Need to get back in the game and that Could have played a role with the Thinking here But Christina just because you embellish Doesn't mean there's not contact and a Foul how do you see this play yeah we're Always looking at the facts right we Have uh studs on the top of the boot 100 Contacts this is a good recommendation By the VAR for a clear and obvious error For a foul reminder referee still Ultimately the VAR is merely Recommendation similar to an assistant Referee all they do is provide the Referee information the video it's still Up to the referee to make that final Decision the VAR protocol allows for That requires it's one of the principles Here though we did like this Recommendation we want this to be a VA Recommendation should have been penalty Kick one that we'd like to take back I Want to dig into one thing with you Christina and something Charlie said Something I noticed in this match Armando vario was not calling this game Tight so to speak he was letting teams Play he was letting contact go so is This a case where he says you know what The way I'm managing this game this

Degree of contact is not enough Obviously he has the final say do you See any Credence in that argument Krita's in the argument only in the Sense that it is a referee's game still Right it's always the referee's decision So correct higher level of foul Threshold the tempo and the foul Discrimination that was being selected Throughout the game lens for that so yes I could see this being him saying you Know what this isn't anywhere where I've Been calling it whether it was in the Middle of the field or if it's in the Penalty area I want to keep that far High that is a hundred percent his Prerogatory to do so however all that Being said even with that argument even With the potential argument of saying an Embellishment you can't deny the Evidence that there is contact studs top Of the foot which causes that fall all Therefore we want to keep this as still A recommendation for the VAR for clear And obvious penalty And and for me we be it's the effort He's making he's trying to make a tackle It's not they're running in the box and He steps on a foot he's going for a Tackle misses the ball completely and Catches fagunda's foot that to me meets The threshold for a foul which happened To be in the Box even though it wasn't The most egregious and forceful contact

It's still contact and it still was Attempting to play the ball I completely Agree for me this is a foul as well it's Clear and obvious to me the studs on top Of the foot the contact does fagunda's Embellish a little bit sure but he's Also not attempting to stand his feet You can see he experiences that contact He feels the pain and he's immediately Going down in my mind I think this Should have been a penalty Austin a Little bit frustrated but also Frustrated with themselves unable to Create chances in this conference Semifinal against La MLS Cup November 5th 4 P.M Eastern Fox and unimas lafc Hosting the Philadelphia Union we'll be Back with instant replay presented by is It after that game if needed thanks for Rocking with us all season folks we'll See you next time