‘Never a dull moment with Van Gaal!’ Netherlands’ World Cup squad ANNOUNCED! | ESPN FC

By | November 11, 2022

ESPN’s Pascal Kamperman reacts to Louis van Gaal’s Netherlands squad selection for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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Well never a dull moment with the National coach Louis Farrell and yes he Did surprise us again today with the Announcement of the national squad for The World Cup in Qatar especially when You look at the goalkeepers there's no Jasper silicon no Mark flecken into the Squad two experienced goalkeepers they Played a lot the last months but this Morning they got a phone call they can Stay at home and especially yesterday Was very upset about it we've had choose Three other goalkeepers Justin Barlow Andres nopet and Remco possphere maybe Not the best players he said but they Will fit better into the team and he Will make the team better and that's What Louis Vuitton thinks is very Important he always said well maybe we Don't have the best individual place but We can be the best team and of course There are some big players into the Squad Virgil Van dijk Frank Ed young and Also Memphis depay it was was injured Last weeks didn't play for Barcelona he Will not start the first game against Senegal but he is in the squad and he Will be fitter during the tournament so Be the best team that's what we fakal Likes to be and of course he does have One goal that's winning the World Cup But maybe that's not such a big surprise Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports

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