Nedum Onuoha thinks Zlatan’s comments may be different if he was in Mbappe’s shoes 👀 | ESPN FC

By | November 3, 2022

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Zlatan Ibrahimović's comments on Kylian Mbappe.

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Talking about his decision to stick Around at PSG and he said for who for Himself no for PSG yes he made the right Choice for PSG not for himself because He puts himself in the position where he Is bigger than the club and the club Gave him the keys to everything well You're never bigger than your club but When a child becomes strong When a child becomes strong he can Easily produce income so his parents Become lawyers agents coaches that's the Problem and when that happens you lose Control of who you are and your identity With this new generation the parents Think they've become Stars they even Talk in the newspapers but who do they Think they are Jill's your reaction to What ibra had to say The whole interview really even saying That since he left you know Paris France Missed him and that there's nothing in France left since he left the country Um this is pure ibra I think a lot of us Would agree with what he had to say About and Bobby was only some of it uh That is not bigger than the club that The club gave him everything and maybe That was not the right thing to do maybe Even Kirin I mean they there's there's Other quotes from for me bro where he Said that basically Killian should not Have stayed and should have left and Gone to Real Madrid which I can also

Understand that's his opinion but it's The way he delivers it as well I think He knows the mbappe Family's parents I think him and Kirin Have spoken many times about Killian's Future as well and I think he probably Gave him some advice too before he's Entitled of his opinions of course There's some that I share others that I Think maybe went a little bit too far Because I don't think that mbappe's Parents are a bad influence on him I Just think that Kilian in his own Personality he has high ambition and and Certainly got everything he wanted Through the summer You had a quizzical look on your face When I read out what Zlatan said did I No no no no no no no not ibra no way no He's he has a lot of uh self-confidence As we all know and he's very good at Sharing his opinions and trying to Describe them really well don't Necessarily agree with every single bit Of it because you know he says no Players bigger than the club but I've Seen him carry himself sometimes as if He is bigger than a club especially in The MLS but I don't want to go into that But anyway Um I think you know he has his opinions And he's some of the stuff he's saying That's your set agreed with Bay it kind Of makes sense but he's not shy is he

He's prepared to go anyone and express His opinions and doesn't care at all how Many feathers it Ruffles and in some Ways fair play some because that made Him the play that he is today but then In the same breath I'm always very Reluctant as like an older play saying This generation and that generation Because if he was in mbappe's shoes Right now at this sort of age in this Time maybe he would have done the same Things so let's just have a bit more Respect for the change that exists in The world and within football players I Was like a bit of bad blood there well There may be a history between NATO and I don't know I don't know maybe some Things have happened in the past I I Would suggest by the way my dad who was A lawyer before I became a player maybe He made the wrong decision because maybe He thought that he was going to make Money with me as a player that failed Miserably that didn't work out Listen I I am To Jesus point you you want to agree With with Zlatan you really do and a lot Of what he says you you can you can Agree with but coming from a player who Refers to himself as God you it kind of Turns the message a little bit in Speaking about a player who sees himself As bigger than the club when time and Time again he's done interviews and and

And giving you that that impression About himself where I think it differs Is when he starts talking about Killian's and family and and their own Influence on his career and the club and Their representation he never got that Feeling about Ibrahimovic and his family But other than that So much of what he's seeing or accusing Killianov you get the impression that he Was guilty of himself as a player well Thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN App and for live streaming premium Content and let's not forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week subscribe to ESPN Plus