National League P.R.O. Florida (Girls) – 2.6.22

By | February 7, 2022

Action from National League P.R.O. and college showcase matches in Tampa, FL, on February 6, 2022.


[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] We knew what we needed to do beforehand Um the girls have been playing really Well training really hard it's a quite a Challenge you never know what to expect They've been working so hard for years Knowing that we already advanced Is going to be so huge for them to play In a game where you know if you win you Advance to the national tournament and If you lose your out uh you can see who Is strong character and it's good Good for building character i mean it's Definitely a huge difference with Chicago weather in february Playing here it's beautiful weather Right now not too hot it's perfect and With all the teams we don't know how They play we don't know what formation So it's a different opportunity for us To develop not as individuals but as a Team too to like build around and know How other teams play too i'm super Pumped i mean the ability to advance the National championship is completely Amazing being able to play against some Of the best competition all around you Know nationwide it's a really awesome Experience it's a huge opportunity for You to learn a lot about yourself how You fit in with your team it's also nice

To play against teams who play different Formation different style from you Coming from everywhere [Music] [Music] The competition is really good you know It's a great opportunity to play other Players that they come from all parts of The country because we have a big Group in texas but it's not the same It's it's a little bit nerve-wracking You know very nervous going into the Games but i think it's a nice challenge You know me and my teammates knowing That We put all our hearts towards it Oh that's a great opportunity You know in dallas we have a we have a Large a lot of clubs there a lot of Teams but it's always good to get out on The national stage and play top teams And have that competition you know have The opportunity for the college scouts Out here You know that's what we do it for and These girls just continue to battle and It just it just inspires me i mean plain And simple you know it's a pleasure to Watch them play