My FULL 2022 World Cup Predictions | Winners, Golden Boot, Dark Horses, Etc

By | November 19, 2022

From Lionel Messi to win the Golden Boot to every group stage and knockout tie, HITC Sevens attempts to predict every major outcome of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is almost Upon us the most stupid shameful and Lethal World Cup of all time and we are Talking about a tournament that was once Held in fascist Italy by Benito Mussolini I hate this world cup and Everything about it it is an affront to All that is decent it was built on the Backs of thousands of impoverished and In many cases now tragically deceased Migrant workers and it has been a fast From start to finish brought to you by People whose Love of Money outweighs Their love of football by a magnitude of At least a million to one I also hate Making predictions I think that they're Pointless and stupid and should be left To cats elephants and octopuses rather Than YouTubers who just can't come up With any better ideas I know this isn't The best way to start a video about my 2022 World Cup predictions but hey it's True that is why I don't make Premier League champion legal any other Prediction videos on this channel but I Compromised a while back and said that I Would make them for the World Cup and The Euros that means that since starting This channel five and a half years ago I Have made just two prediction videos one For the 2018 World Cup and one for Euro 2020 and this one is now the third so Sit back relax drink it in and enjoy it Because they don't come around often I

Mainly do these ones for the major Tournaments just because I enjoy making A reaction video to my predictions at The end of the tournament and you can All have a jolly good laugh at what an Enormous clown I really am I'll start Off with my seven boldest predictions Which includes who I think will win the Golden boots the Golden Ball my dark Horses and one team that I expect to Totally self-destruct seen as though This is hitc7s that's why I'm going with Seven bold predictions it's kind of a Vibe and after that I will go through my Entire world cup predictions how I think Every group will shape up every single Knockout tie and my ultimate tournament Winners very briefly of course because Prediction videos are stupid and I know Absolutely nothing I am in no way shape Or form remotely any more qualified to Predict the outcome of a World Cup then Any single one of you watching this Video and just as with my Euros Predictions my first and most important Prediction is that everything that I Predict and I'm about to say in this Video will be totally and utterly wrong Right without further Ado then to get us Started here are my seven boldest 2022 World Cup predictions Seventh Qatar get out their group I am Starting with what I would imagine is my Boldest prediction so bold in fact that

I'm not even sure that I believe it Don't worry saying things that you don't Actually believe has never stopped Anyone in the football YouTube space Before Qatar are the only team of this Tournament making their World Cup debut And they have only qualified this time By virtue of the fact that they are the Tournament hosts it is for that reason That a lot of people expect Qatar to get Spanked in every one of their group Games in a display of national Humiliation maybe that is what will Happen but I'm not so convinced Everything for the Qatar national team Has been building up to this point the Qatar Stars League where every single Member of qatar's World Cup squad plays Their Club football has been paused Since the middle of September so that The Qatar Squad could enter into a Period of intense training ahead of the World Cup as hosts Qatar our drawn in Part one and their group is the weakest At the tournament akrama thief and Elmo As Ali will cause team's problems and Qatar proved by winning the Asian Cup in 2019 that they are a half decent team The home nation boost or bias depending Upon your perspective has been a Frequent theme at the FIFA World Cup and Given Senegal might be without their Talus man Ecuador are a good team but Are certainly beatable I do think that

It is plausible if a little unlikely That Qatar could progress no one else Seems to think that they will so I Thought that this was a decent Prediction just to get us started as I Have said previously if the World Cup Proper is as rigged as the House Nation Voting process Qatar won't just get out Of their group they'll win the whole Thing the Super Bowl and the Ryder Cup Sixth Messi to win the golden boots Argentina are a slightly strange team Going into this world cup where they are The second favorites as man for man I Don't think that they look that Formidable and there are weaknesses Lettered throughout their squad and Starting 11. yet they have been Outstanding over the last couple of Years and they have arguably the Greatest footballer of all time in their Ranks who is coming into this world cup Which is likely to be his last Absolutely banging form I am alluding to Lionel Messi there not Emiliano Martinez Just in case there is any confusion and I think that he could well win his first World Cup Golden Boot Messi has only Ever scored six goals at the FIFA World Cup finals up to this point despite Having appeared at four tournaments with Four of those six goals coming in 2014 When Argentina reached the final Messi Is now playing deeper than ever before

Which you might have thought would count Against him in terms of scoring goals But he has been in a lethal form Recently for PSG and particularly for Argentina in his last three games for Argentina Messier scored nine goals Argentina's group is eminently winnable And the opening fixture against Saudi Arabia will present Messi and Co with The opportunity to start their Tournament with a bang hopefully it Won't be too much of a conflict of Interest for Lionel given just how much Money he has taken from the state of Saudi Arabia anyway yeah I think that Messi is a decent shout for the golden Boots and priced at around 12-1 and Between the third to fifth favorite with Most of the bookies whilst I am hardly Backing Matty cash to win it here I Still think that it is bold enough to Feature Fifth Manuel Neuer to win the Golden Ball This is a little bit silly because if Lionel Messi does indeed win the Golden Boot at the 2022 World Cup in all Likelihood he will also win the Golden Ball which is the award given to the Best player at a World Cup meaning that My last two predictions potentially Contradict one another I have a theory That the Golden Ball is almost always Given to the star player from the

Runners-up almost like a sympathy vote For having played so well but having Fallen at the final hurdle Luca Modric Won it in 2018 after losing in the final To France it was messy in 2014 after Argentina lost to Germany zidane in 2006 Despite the fact that he was sent off in The final as France lost to Italy Ronaldo in 1998 after his health Emergency before the final witch Brazil Lost to France you see there are some Exceptions but it is a bit of a Recurring theme I don't think that Germany will be losing finalists at the 2022 World Cup as you're about to see With my full predictions making all of That rambling totally and utterly Pointless but you know they could and I've just got a feeling that Manuel Neuer is going to have an incredible Tournament still arguably the best Goalkeeper on the planet or certainly One of the best four along with Alison Thibaut courtois and Jano black this is Also likely to be neuer's last World Cup H36 and I expect Germany to give a good Account to themselves so if my Prediction about Messi winning the Golden Boot is wrong and my prediction About Germany not reaching the final is Also wrong there is a chance that my Prediction about Manuel Neuer winning The Golden Ball could actually not be Wrong

I told your prediction videos are Rubbish fourth Cameroon to be Catastrophic all right this might not Seem that outlandish most people don't Expect Cameroon to win this world cup Apart from samueletto it would seem and Few would be shocked if they were to go Out in the group stage Cameroon have a Very good goalkeeper in Andrea Nana a Brilliant midfielder in Andre Frank Zambo and gisa and a fantastic front Three in Vincent's abubakar kartoko can Be and Eric Maxim chupo moating assuming That it is those three that start on Paper they should give a good account to Themselves and challenge Serbia and Switzerland CB Runners up in group GB Hein Brazil all of the noises coming out Of the Cameron Camp ahead of this World Cup would worry me samuelazzo who is the Head of cameroon's Football Federation Recently lambasted the team's players Despite them having done well to qualify For this world cup and he has poured Pressure upon them by suggesting that Failing to reach the world World Cup Final would constitute a failure that is Obviously a deeply stupid and unhelpful Comment to make and Cameroon are without A win in their last three Internationals In which they drew one all with Jamaica Lost one nil to South Korea and lost two Nil tours Pakistan Cameroon have a History of self-destructing at their

Most recent World Cup appearance in 2014 When their own teammates got into a Fight against Croatia and they lost all Three group games conceding nine goals An only scoring one I fear a repeat for Them in Qatar despite their talent Within their squad though I hope that I'm proven wrong Third garyvee to be the best young Player the young player of the Tournament award is always an Interesting one at the World Cup Previously won by the likes of Killian Mbappe Mark over Mars and Palais there Is an incredible raft of young Talent Heading to Qatar whether that be a rally Into a mainy but essias Jr William Saliba pedry Jamal musiala or Canada's Starman Alfonso Davies naturally as an Englishman I hope that Jude Bellingham Will be the young player of the Tournament at this world cup and there Is absolutely no doubt that he has the Talent to take this tournament by storm And lay down a marker as a generational Talent still aged only 19. Spain are the Third favorites going into this world Cup though in which there is a good Chance that Barcelona teammates pedry And Gabby and indeed Barcelona Trio of Buskets pedry and gavi could all start Buskets is a little too old to win the Award at this stage sorry but aged 18 Gavi is still very much in contention I

Don't actually think that the Spain team Or Squad are that formidable to say that They are the third favorites but I think They've potentially got quite a nice Route to the semis or even the final if I'm right about that and let's be honest I'm probably not I think that gavi could Really light up this world cup and Whilst I couldn't find any betting Markets for the young player of the Tournament award so I don't know whether This is bold or incredibly predictable And everyone agrees with me gabby is the Young man that I'm tipping to take home What is likely to be an incredibly hotly Constant award at this FIFA World Cup Second depi and Morata for the silver And bronze ball no one predicts who will Win the silver or the bronze ball at a World Cup because precisely nobody cares Who wins the silver or bronze Ball but I Promised you seven Bowl predictions and I've already done all of the notable Ones like the golden boots and the Golden Ball as I said if Argentina gets Off to an emphatic start against Saudi Arabia and go deep in neighboring Qatar I think that Lionel Messi could have a Real stab at winning the Golden Boot as Could lautera Martinez but just behind Him or them I reckon Memphis depay and Alvaro Morata could also have a field Day or a field three weeks if you like In the Middle East Memphis is likely to

Start for the Netherlands as the most Advanced player in a sort of three two Three two formation under Louis van Gaal Where he and Cody gakpo have been the Netherlands's most potent goal threats In recent and Internationals both are Capable of scoring a hat full of goals In Qatar especially given that the Netherlands are in group a which is the Weakest group of the finals and Memphis Has a fantastic goal scoring record at International level he has scored 42 Goals from 81 caps for the Netherlands To date averaging better than a goal Every other game and currently tied with Classian Hunter law as the country's Second highest score of all time Alvaro Morata meanwhile is way down the list of Golden Boot candidates with The Bookies Priced at around 40 to 1 which is longer Odds than diogojota who isn't even in The Portugal Squad so that would seem Like a Bad Bet to me Morata is an Absolute bottle job and I don't use that Term lately who always seems to shrink In the big moments but he is still a Talented Center forward he's likely to Start for Spain who have some Outstanding creative players behind him And like Memphis he has an impressive Goal scoring record when it comes to Internet National Football Morata has Bagged 27 goals from 57 caps for Spain To date and I would not be at all

Surprised if he was among the top Scorers of the finals in Qatar First Serbia to be quarter finalists This perhaps isn't quite as bold as Qatar reaching The Knockout stage or Trying to predict the silver and bronze Ball winners but I can see Serbia not Just getting out of the groups they're Actually dumping out a half decent side In the round of 16. I won't spoil my Full predictions for you that we are Just about to Blitz through but I think Root G is quite a difficult group to Call other than Brazil winning it which You would imagine would be a given Serbia have quietly assembled a really Handy team capable of troubling almost Any opposition especially given their Attacking threats were the likes of do Santarich Sergey milinkovic Savage Alexander mitrovic Luca yovich and do Sambla havage there are some injury and Fitness concerns surrounding mitrovich Amblerhavich which would fairly Significantly hamper Serbia's World Cup Prospects but assuming that they're both Fit and firing I think that they are Observing of the dreaded Dark Horses tag Here's hoping it works out better for Them than it did for turkey Euro 2020. Those are my seven Bowl 2022 World Cup Predictions but now very quickly let's Take a look at my entire world cup Predictions it should be said unlike

With the Euros where UEFA had their own really slick and User-friendly website and app where you Could do all of your own predictions FIFA seemed to have no such equivalent At least as far as I could tell that Meant that I had the choice of using the Telegraph one or the be in sports one One being a billionaire owned media Organization that spews out 24 7 Government propaganda and the other one Being B in sports it was an unenviable Choice but in the end I went with the Telegraph in group a surely the Netherlands will win it but after that I Think that it's just about anyone's Guess without the injury to sadio Mane Senegal would have been my favorite to Take second but now it just feels as Though the stars are starting to align Against them statistically and logically It should be Ecuador who are a really Decent side as they proved in World Cup Qualifying it should go the Netherlands That Ecuador then Senegal and then Qatar But I have a sneaking suspicion that the Host might just spring a surprise and Sneak through perhaps with a little bit Of controversy Allah South Korea in 2002 So that's why my group a looks like that England should and I think that they Will win Group B but I don't think that It will be easy for them as I said in my Recent entire England video Group B is

Actually really tight with the best pop 4 team in Wales and the second best pop 3 team in Iran that England could Possibly have drawn plus the best ever Us MNT Squad which I think is slightly Underrated coming into this tournament Iran and Wales will battle valiantly but Whether that will be enough it remains To be seen I suspect that England and The USA might just have a little bit too Much talent within their ranks and on Their benches to open up a run in Wales Over 90 minutes so that's why I've got Things shaping up like that Argentina Would appear to be the most obvious Group winners of all to me and I Apologize right there to all argentines For just having jinxed you but I do Think that they should win all three of Their group games Saudi Arabia should Lose all three and then it is just about Anyone's guess between Poland and Mexico I actually think that Poland have a Better starting 11 and arguably even a Better Squad than Mexico and they have One of the best players on the planet in Robert Lewandowski if I'm right about Argentina and Saudi Arabia though Winning and losing all of their games That game between Poland and Mexico will Be a straight head-to-head match-up to See who progresses and I can just see Mexico having a bit too much energy and Overcoming Poland in what is actually

Both teams opening games of the Tournament it's a really tough one Though France are a funny one still with Arguably the best Squad depth of any National team on the planet but also With a lot of players in unusual Situations right now and you never quite Know what to expect from them it feels To me as though they are a team in Transition but still with brilliant Players capable of either winning or Totally self-destructing I don't think That the Champions curse will strike to Quite the same extent that they are Dumped out in the group stage as with Previous winners and both they and Denmark should really progress Denmark Are a really good team I wouldn't even Be surprised if they won the group Tunisia aren't a great team and I think That Australia are one of the weakest Countries of the tournament apologies to All of my Aussie subscribers once again I love you and I hope that I'm wrong I Just think that the squad is really low On Talent of this tournament Spain are big favorites to win groupie But I think that Germany are the Strongest team in that group and that is Reflected in my predictions there is Always one major upset in the group Stage or at least one and it could well Come in groupie if either Japan or Costa Rica were to cause a storm I'm not brave

Enough to predict it I know what a Coward and it might not be in that group But I think that either group E or Group H are rape for a real shock everyone Seems to think that group F will go Belgium Croatia Morocco and then Canada Which is understandable but I think that There is potential for something crazy To happen in this group Croatia reached The final last time out and are in great Form having won their last four games Against Denmark twice France and Austria Yet I've got them finishing last it Makes no sense whatsoever and I can't Justify or explain it at all it will Almost certainly be wrong then but for Some reason I've only got them picking Up a solitary point and Canada who the ELO rankings have as the least fancy Team to get out of the groups of anyone In this world cup well naturally I've Got them finishing as runners-up in Their first World Cup since 1986 where They lost all three games Brazil will Win Group G barring some kind of a Miracle and by the way this exact same Group existed at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and don't let anyone tell you Otherwise I've already said that I think Cameroon could be catastrophic and I Think who progresses between Switzerland And Serbia will come down to whether Serbia's front two villavic and mitrovic Are fully fit assuming that they are I

Think that they'll come out on top and Obviously if they're not then Switzerland and lastly I said that group H could also be right for a surprise Which would be Portugal self-destructing But again coward here I haven't Predicted it there's so much quality in Their squad that even with santosh's Stale tactics and a very ronaldo-centric Setup with Ronaldo not being in great Form it should be said they should still Have the talents even with that being Said to win the group with Uruguay who Would be my other Dark Horses along with Serbia the favorites to take second in The round of 16 I've got the Netherlands Defeating the USA Argentina beating Denmark England win against Qatar France Beating Mexico Germany emerging Victorious against Canada Brazil beating Fellow South Americans Uruguay Spain Beating Belgium and Serbia sing off Portugal purely by virtue of how my Groups went I think the first five or Six of those do seem quite Straightforward despite being my dark Horses if Uruguay meet Brazil I do think That they'll lose Belgium vs Spain would Be a brilliant football match and I only Narrowly went with Spain as my winners And I do think Portugal stale tactics Could catch up with them in the round of 16. even playing Ed Serbia where I can Just see mitrovic winning that game and

Ruining the script of a potential Messi Versus Ronaldo World Cup if it's Switzerland though I reckon Portugal Would win answer the quarterfinals and By this stage we are talking about games That will almost certainly never even Happen because I'll have been wrong About so much before we even get to this Point but nonetheless I have Argentina Beating the Netherlands Germany beating Brazil England beating France and Spain Beating Serbia right don't Because even I can't explain it but I Said in my England video that I think England will go out in the quarterfinals Where they will most likely meet a super Team and that is still what I believe Yet just when I was doing this predictor And it happened to be England versus France call it blind partisanship or Utter delusion but I just felt like England could beat this France team so I Clicked on them wishful thinking perhaps Likewise I think that Brazil are the Team to beat in Qatar and they would Probably be my winners if you just asked Me to predict without doing the actual Predictor thing and they are deserved Tournament favorites yeah for some Unknown reason I feel like Germany in The quarters is the perfect team and try To undo them I hope that game happens at Least because whilst I have no idea how It would end up I'm fairly certain that

It would be really fun to watch all four Of my semi-finalists are former World Cup winners I and I have got Argentina Ending Germany's run and Spain seeing England off to head into the final where It would seem Lionel Messi will finally Get his hands on the FIFA World Cup Trophy and Argentina will win their First World Cup since 1986. Nah probably not it's all a load of old Nonsense they'll probably go out at the Group stage Cameroon will win it and I'll look like the world's biggest Imbecile and I'll have to go groveling To samulato and issue him with a formal Apology anyway that's it for today's Video I hope that you enjoyed it because It won't be coming around for another Couple of years hit the like button if That was the case let me know your Thoughts Down Below in the comments and Your own predictions if you like why not We're all at it and uh yeah you know Subscribe and turn on notifications for Hitc sentence you can also find me on Twitter and on Instagram via the Username at hitc7s should you wish to do So