MLS Cup is set! Breaking down how LAFC and Philadelphia match up

By | October 31, 2022

The top seeds held court. Chalk all the way to MLS Cup. The guys gather to break down the Conference Finals, look ahead to Saturday's big game in Los Angeles and kick the tires on those Messi-to-Miami reports!

0:00 – Intro

3:28 – First impressions of MLS Cup

7:55 – Best things we saw from the Conference Finals

23:42 – How Philly knocked off NYCFC

43:41 – How different will NYCFC look next year?

48:04 – Breaking down LAFC’s dominant win

55:22 – What went wrong for Austin, and how they can build on this season

1:06:31 – Should Austin have had a PK?

1:10:17 – MLS Cup Preview – biggest questions for each team

1:20:37 – Messi to MLS – is it finally time?!?!



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Ah from New York New York you are Listening to extra time presented by ATT 5G I am Andrew wiebe with my partners in Soccer David Goss Caitlyn Carr Matt Doyle it is all right well no I was Gonna say it's our final Monday after MLS action but that is not true at all There's another Monday to come after MLS Cup next weekend on Saturday but we're In Los Angeles but we won't be recording On Monday uh go there it is thank you Right technicalities for the win Details Matter webe yeah that's true we don't Know when we're gonna record yet uh Maybe on the field after MLS Cup maybe After a little you know a little brown Liquor at the hotel after animals cup Maybe the night or excuse me the Breakfast uh post breakfast the next Morning the Bobby warshaw special as Many call that that was that was Of the four of us who is most likely to Pull a Bobby warshaw post MLS Cup and Just be in a a banged up State uh and And nigh unable to podcast well I feel Like after the Denver wedding Thank you I would call someone leaving Uh quote-unquote radio on because this Car was built in 1961. I forgot that I Did not address this on the last show I Forgot I was slandered repeatedly by Doyle lies were uttered put into the Public forum I was just asking questions Back to New York after living in Kansas

For a year he couldn't handle it he Couldn't keep up shattered too much Energy never been to New Rochelle before That's what threw me off man Upstate Westchester it was just too much for me It was the headlights Doyle it was not The radio it was the headlights I think Doyle you can you can clearly say with We be bringing facts you can just Clearly say you agree to disagree right Yeah Exactly right you're going to play my Own research yeah exactly but like Honestly that you left the headlights on I did was was the car made in 1987 Arguably because of sponsor issues on This show I cannot reveal to you okay The car that I got what kind of tires You know that what kind of tires they're The Continental always I don't drive Anything not wrapped in kantus that's Just the way I live my life but this was An older vehicle borrowed from a good Friend And uh I'll just say that I scammed AAA And impersonated him in order to get it Jumped so we can check the AAA records Anyway we're going to Los Angeles Next Saturday MLS Cup lafc Union 4 P.M Eastern Time 1 p.m local Bank of California Stadium big fox unimas that's How you watch in the USA and in Canada TSN or tebaya MLS Cup is set it's two Number one seeds for the first time

Since 2003 nearly two decades have Passed since we got this first time Finalists of course that means first Time winners La working over Austin in The early game on Sunday in the Conference Finals a 3-0 win for them They're on to host it this has been the Goal the entire season The Shield yeah That was cool but it wasn't the ultimate Goal and now they're on the brink the Union have been on the brink both in Open Cup finals and as well as last Year's Eastern Conference Final well They got over the hump they're in MLS Cup they still got to win the thing They're going on the road right now Vegas has them as the underdog we'll Talk more about that in a little bit uh We'll give you the best thing we saw From the Conference Finals Uh actually you know what First Impressions MLS Cup doil what do you got For me Uh I'm just jacked that it's it's number One versus number one like that is that Is the big thing for me you said it Right off the top Um or just about off the top after we Relitigated whatever happened to you Last weekend this is the most time I lost the crank all right I didn't have The crank yeah so here's the thing you Guys all know that I'm I am like the Supporter Shield guy I think he is

The best representation of who the best Team is in the league any given year and What we had this season was two teams That were basically neck and neck Um you know kind of flip a coin between Them who the best team was Lafc won the shield because they held The tiebreaker in MLS which was wins In any other league in the world it's Actually Philly who wins The Shield Because in almost every other league the Tiebreaker is gold differential right so Like I these teams are clearly the two Best they're clearly very evenly matched Um MLS Cup is is going to be the actual Decider of not just the end of the Season tournament but of actually the Entire season who was the best team in The league this year that is like I'm I Am very very jacked about this the other Thing I would add is I said leading down The stretch that in this case and I'm on The other side of things where I'm Normally well yeah supporter Shield very Nice trophy respect Um but ultimately what do you want MLS Right who remembers all of the supporter Shield winners from every year Matthew Doyle but you know I would say in the Broad swath of the community MLS cups Are the ones that I remember and I think I can speak for the community I remember but no I mean it's growing I Mean smarter Shield is growing but I

Think in this case It actually I said if it would help Winning the supporter Shield would help Lafc in this case push to MLS cup I got The two this year specifically would be Closely tied together and part of that Was because lafc had built up such a Large lead that they were able to Experiment and try and incorporate all These different players and new signings And really hadn't figured out who they Were and lost their way and what ended Up happening was in order to kind of Like because of Philly pushing they had To really figure out this lineup to win The even win this shield and I think at That point that's when really things Shifted for them so I think the two this Year were very closely tied together and I think even in the case of Philadelphia That little push down the stretch Brought them into a good place where in Times we've seen that hurt teams where They do a good job and to win the Supporter shield and then they get to The playoffs and it's like they're Gassed they're done I think this Philly Team a couple years ago went out in the First round in the same way so I think This has been a different way and and I I would just yeah I Echo this the Sentiment that it's a good thing when The best teams make it all the way to The final and you know it's a rare thing

As well Um I think Kayla has obviously you know What he said there of MLS Cup that's What lives on and we you've mentioned For lafc it's MLS Cup or bus right this Is the key and so it feels like to me Whoever scores an MLS Cup this Golden Boot team should probably be the winner Because that's what matters and it feels Like Daniel gosdog scoring in an Eastern Conference Finals oh my God potentially Scoring in an MLS cup that should be the Deciding Facts brought straight back to this uh I Was gonna do by the way uh Happy Halloween to everyone who Celebrates trick-or-treats goes to Halloween parties Etc we were gonna do Our best MLS nerd Halloween costumes off The top here but we're already neck deep In MLS Cup talk so I'm gonna postpone That we will move the Halloween Conversation down to the hot sandwich Conversation part of the rundown really Special part of the show I know you'll Look forward to that with uh with great Anticipation also by the way uh Lionel Messi to enter Miami is either real or Fake or made up or somewhere in between We'll talk about that in a little bit From the ATT 5G virtual studios Facundo Torres is linked with Arsenal but now Tom bogert is walking that back and I Don't know we'll figure that out and

Then we have hot sandwiches of course in The mailbag which Doyle has not Participated in he did not listen to the Show so we'll get his top I gotta tell You right now I got a Nardelli's menu Open nardelli is of course legendary Sandwich chain in Connecticut Later later on in the show later it'll Be right after the go Huskies talk Around Andre Blake so just be prepared For that what is the best thing that you Saw from the Conference Finals we've Sort of hit mine which is just that we Have the two best teams like ultimately This is what you want at the end of the Year for me is that the teams that Showed the most over the course of the Teams that have the most I think sort of Um mouth-watering story lines you might Call them narratives depending on your Perspective are here it's Philly on one Side sort of the grit the grind the Building of a you know of an academy That can get it done but then also the Building of the scouting Network that Punches way above its weight like you Know who was Daniel gosdog going to be Is it going to be you know just a guy in MLS like a decent signing or an MVP Candidate he was an MVP candidate who Was Kai Wagner going to be Ernst Tanner Has just swung and connected on so many Of these signings that's not to say the Lafc have not done that but they've done

It with significantly more funds They've gone out and they've raided South America for top prospects they Signed Carlos Vela to kick off their Their club and have held on to him Through MVP form and injuries Etc They've gone and got stars and then They've reinforced as well from within The league so you have kind of this Glitz and Glam like Owen Wilson's not Showing up at Union matches going wow Great atmosphere in the bank you know Like they don't Will Ferrell is not Hobnobbing around the locker room like Philly is just they're two sort of Different test cases for Success uh and That's awesome and I want to see them Head to head in the moment that they've Both sort of been lusting after for you Know you could say their whole existence But for Philly we know that the first Couple years that was Not realistic that was Worthing after Respectability would be the title that's A good way that's a good way of putting It but here they are here they are Caitlyn what's the uh the best thing you Saw from the Conference Finals I was gonna say God so you looked a Little offended there with the uh no Celebrities I thought I saw you on the Sidelines yeah I know were you wearing a Three thousand dollar Prada jacket was That was that you did you have a jacket

Like that or not obviously Doyle it's The Eastern Conference Finals you gotta Go big but it was Adidas it was a three Thousand dollars okay shout out James Harden brand actually you know what that Was the best thing I saw at this weekend Was was the Prada jacket by Jim Curtin How about that I'm surprised David Gossian was able to allowed to stand Next to that that was a surprise too Yeah Jim's like hey arm's length if you Don't mind arms link I mean I follow a Sneaker account Um on Instagram that's like a gym Curtin Sneaker account that like breaks down Each different shoe he wears Um it just brings heat every week but I Wasn't quite expecting it up top you Know all the focus has been down at the Feet but this one was like he was like Look if they come with a mid shot a Close-up whatever there's just gonna be Heat coming after you Um the Prada jacket do in the locker Room actually afterwards I saw Jim Posted today uh this is my Instagram Reporting We gotta get Caitlyn's Instagram Reporting hit of the week sponsored yeah Absolutely we need to drop it we need to Drop sponsored by Sky Sports how about By Prada Uh but like he walked in the locker room And all the guys started throwing

Champagne and beer or whatever they Found on him uh Heineken zero zeros and I was like I was like no Don't do this I mean is it legit do you Take the jacket off before you go in There I feel like yeah Part of the swag is knowing that you're Like ruin my product jacket I don't care Really yeah He should have at least put it on like Stockx or eBay or brailed or something To the MLS Hall of Fame do we have a Separate MLS I've been working on that Though behind the scenes we okay I'll Take the Prada jacket Probably in my basement I can't I cannot Reveal uh that would be documentation Yeah the only thing I will say to add on To it was just like I think that's a Part of this Philly team Um it's like the connection with the Group and like just I don't know they Have this um even when it's like they Score goals they run over to Jim like I Feel like the the connection with that Group feels really Uh Philly it just feels like it's a Little bit more of like I don't know Even compared to lafc like tyrande Lily Doesn't always show as much emotion I Know that the game plan and the game Mode is all there and the game model and All that but Um it doesn't quite feel that same sort

Of it feels like they're all like we Expected to be here we followed the plan And now we're reaching this final you Know we've reached our destination where We are going to win this match and Philly's a little bit more like all Right like you know let's go for this And like they're ready to fight they're Ready to scrap Um not that lafc isn't they're Definitely up for that too but um yeah Just a little bit different personality I thought a great moment in the pregame Um with Kendra St Alban was doing the Pregame interviews uh with the coaches And Um She interviewed Jim Curtin and she Was like is this a is this a Revenge Game and usually you expect coaches to Dodge that and he's like yeah you know That word's been thrown around a lot the Past couple of weeks or however long and You know it gets a little it gets a Little tiresome but we don't mind it We're Philadelphia you know we it is What it is for us yeah sure like it was I I did not expect him to embrace it Like that but I think that it goes to The club ethos as you were describing it Kailyn where it's like yeah we don't Have to be as measured and buttoned up And you know making sure that every eye Is dotted and every T is crossed we're We're the Philadelphia Blue Collar uh

Workers [Laughter] Yeah Management man come on yeah just to be Clear though in terms of being prepared I've been to now a fair amount of teams Celebrating trophies you know all that Stuff different clubs prepare different Ways I have never seen this before you Know when you go to a sports game in The Concourse there's like the established Spaces and there's like the pop-up hot Dog stands and bars and the bar is like A plastic bar with all the drinks on the Top this is what you have they brought One on the field and set it up with the Drinks sitting on top oh that's it for The celebration and was like what is it That you'd like we and all the coaches Again we have to get this on the field For us recording post games I've never seen a team do that buckets Of stuff people go and grab stuff this Was the full bar setup right at the Union bench it was it was genius yeah Obviously as Caitlyn said Heineken 0.0 Some yinglings probably in the mix as Well just you know keep the local flavor Going uh what was the best thing you saw Dave because you were there we're like Talking through all this you were Actually there you were in the flesh Arms like from Jim Curtin I will start With saying I was at the end of yourself

Final on Saturday Sophia Smith's amazing It was awesome it was fun you know you Get to watch a final That's Unique uh Audi feels an awesome event so that was The best thing I saw this weekend second Best was walking into the Philly Union Game electric atmosphere behind a Danny Caleb Jersey and you're like Huh yeah and you walk around the stadium And there's Fred jerseys and Sebastian Le 2 and Richie Marquez and Brian Carroll and you look up and the Ring of Honor is literally just Sebastian latou And Philly has been so good for so long Now so long as an exaggeration but I'd Say since 2019 and dominant for large Stretches of the last three years Including a supporter Shield that you Sort of I sort of forgot where they came From and how for a while I didn't think Last night would be possible take away The on-field the off-field atmosphere Right there were moments where it felt Like it doesn't matter who's on the Field for Philly like the city won't Embrace them the stadium won't be one of The ones you want to go to you know they Won't be one of those clubs that people Are talking about constantly and you Think of all those years of like is Richie Mark as an All-Star and you know What what will Ray Gaddis do this year Because he'll play every game um because He's the only player on the team that we

Can guarantee will be a part of this and Drafting 50 team goalkeepers and signing Rice and Boley and losing homegrowns to Other teams and just there was a lot of Saturday 7 P.M games in the mud in the Middle of whatever the name of the Stadium was with very few fans there Where you were like huh what is Philly In this whole thing what is Philly's Atmosphere even the way bedoya came in And the expectations on his shoulder of Who he should be and where he is now but So it was really cool to see those fans And obviously this is a club that was Started because their supporters group Demanded a club in their city right After MLS had started and the sons have Been and all they've put into this and All they've built so to stand underneath Them while they were celebrating Cory Burke dominate nycfc guarantee a spot in MLS Cup to hear the dupe song which used To kind of be a joke and now it's like a Rallying Cry For Excellence when you Lift a trophy in the Eastern Conference It just felt like that whole shift and To experience it with the people who Were there and you you know I've been Down there for Big East quarter-final Games with zero fans and just me and the Stadium so to be alongside 18 to 20 000. Um comrades was was pretty cool all Right the sons the sun's a Ben thing is Is something like it's a story I think

We've got to make sure that we tell Again later in the week because I'm not Sure if a lot of the fans who've come in In the past you know five six years Since Atlanta invented mls in 2017. I'm Not sure how many of these new fans Really know the story of like Philadelphia was always going to get an MLS team I don't think it was at the Front of the line At you know 12 years ago but the sons of Ben actually organized and were like Allowed and and active Um and sort of irresistible Fan group before the team existed and They forced mls's hand and they got you Know they did work to get you know Ownership group and everything Um they they sped up the timeline for Philly existing and uh it's a great Story I'm sure we've done like long Forms on it in in the past but it's one That we have to make sure that that we Definitely uh tell that story again this Week because I was like I hadn't even Thought of it in years David because You're right Philadelphia has the union Has become uh you know you think of them It just means excellence in MLS now and You forget the history even though you Were there for a part of it there's a Full documentary that's out and it's I Think it's free to stream so just Google It sons of Ben documentary I Associated

Union First with at the draft chanting Oh Danny Malone that was the union for Like six years in my mind well then keep Going back Peter Novak all the issues That arose from uh some of that stuff I Mean we didn't even say it like the old Days like these supporters were carrying Around a coffin outside their stadium With one of their Executives in it being Like get out like that that's how bad it Went Like that I mean that is a huge Dichotomy from that moment the Consecutive wasn't actually physically In the car yes yeah I don't know I don't know how clear it Was baby you guys want me to climb in Where oh you're gonna carry me in there Okay no not about that all right what is It for you uh do I what's the best thing You saw I'm gonna go back to the other Coast uh when they signed Giorgio Killini I thought and I think everybody Thought like this is less about the Regular season than it is about the MLS Cup playoffs like they they want to have Uh a legendary Defender a legendary Practitioner of the dark arts uh Legendary soccer IQ in these moments in These games that are not often one with Pretty soccer that are are one uh by Just outsmarting the other guys a little Bit Um and then he didn't play the first

Game and then this game it was like oh Is he going to be able to play is he Really carrying a knock it turns out he Was he's got some sort of calf injury he Only played the first 45 minutes uh but If you look back at the opening goal Um Giorgio killini made his Mark and he Made it with the type of high IQ a Little bit of dark arts type of play That in the past lafc have not had in Those moments Um that that goal off a corner kick he Sets a Rudy gobert style screen assist Takes out two Austin Defenders I'm not Sure they would have you know gotten to That cross anyway and Musa jite being Completely asleep was the bigger issue For Austin but it was the type of Winning play That lafc have consistently not had in The bag in these games and and that play Alone justifies the kealini signing as Far as I'm concerned like he like he Made that play he I'm not going to say He made the goal happen because again it Was more G-Day falling asleep than it Was uh you know killing me setting an All-time great pick but it's these Little details that he nailed in his 45 Minutes Um that that really helped put lafc on The front foot and the other part of it Is like I went back and I watched the First half because I was so confused

About how Jesus Maria was getting so Many chances to just pick a ball over The top like he had I think Ford of Bawango one developmentes Um and it was because with killini out There Austin was selling out to prevent Any distribution from kiolini they said We're gonna let we're gonna let Mario Hit those passes and he did and The you know the play that led to that Corner kick that made it one nil lafc That came out a long ball over the top From Mario to bawanga uh so it look We've crushed those signings and I think That Um the fact that they Have not been home runs by any stretch I Think is going to make teams in the Future Um reassess how much they want to Tinker In the summer even if uh a player with Global stature in the sense of kiolini Or bail even if a guy like that is Available Um but what player could be on that Level yeah hey well I don't think Miami's going to have many doubts when It comes time next July for whoever they May be signing Um but That play Justified it that first half Justified it Um having him out there in that game Made it infinitely much more infinitely

More likely that lafc were going to come Out the other side uh with a trip to MLS Cup and Um that's the way it played out can I Just say and I already kind of did my Best thing I saw in the sense of the two Best teams being here seeing Mahalo poku Score the third in that game after we Talked you know we were setting Overrunners on gear Earth bail at like 12 and a half and anybody who went under Were like oh you're crazy how could that Not be true and it ends up being this Guy that they went and sort of plucked That out of nowhere like they scouted Him they found him they developed him They gave him opportunities he clearly Fits in with the culture there I don't Know if India's been monitoring the Stuff between him and Kellen Acosta it's Been pretty hilarious all year long but For him to get that third goal and for Him to be the one that seals it not Gareth Bale not Christian Teo not Dennis Pawanga not these guys they spent Millions on or have these huge Global Profiles as you said Mahalo poku like That that is a special moment I think in This thing or Cory Burke on the flip Side you know in Philly having those Guys that we've watched we've seen grow We've sort of like developed these Relationships with and there are Relation it's like an MLs Insider thing

That's really really special as well all Right let's uh dive into these and and Break them down we've already spent 20 Minutes just uh riffing here so we'll Certainly find more to get into and Let's start on the East Coast uh Union Three nycfc one I wrote in here is celebrating the Eastern Conference Championship by Popping bottles of premature move but I Think Caitlyn you've convinced me that It is not it's just a beautiful Reflection of the culture that Philly Has and no way do I think it's like it Doesn't indicate that they're looking Not looking ahead to La they just have a Beautiful moment in club history and They they want to celebrate it together Does Jose Martinez want Jim Curtin to Have a long press conference hell no Jim Get in the locker room I'm dragging you In while I wear ski goggles Um but Doyle tell us the story of this Game because nycfc had a foothold and Then they had the opening goal and then That foothold just disappeared in what Felt like a second yeah I think that The the first half was pretty even I I Would say that uh nycfc controlled Possession where as Philly were Controlling where on the field the game Was played Um which is not on you if you told me That's how the Hat the the first half

Would play out I I would not have been Um at all shocked but then in the second Half Philly you know having to change Out bedoya for McGlynn Um I think they lost a little bit of Their Rhythm out of halftime or not Rhythm I maybe lost a little bit of Their urgency coming out at halftime and There started to be more gaps and like Weirdly this Gap came off of a goal kick If you go back and you watch that first Goal from nycfc it starts literally with Sean Johnson just like a regular goal Kick and you know they they've and nycfc Have set up So that they've pulled the the entire Philly Diamond to one side of the field And Sean John just like pings a diagonal To the other side of the field and tenor Homes on it and suddenly it's it's on Um And that was like they like that was Just a beautiful nycfc style goal man Like they they do that Um Very often it starts from Sean Johnson And now that dinner home is back in fit Um it go a lot of it goes through dinner Home and you know that Maxi is maybe the Smartest player in the league so he's Going to be trailing and making that run Um and and he laced it home and At like at that point Um

You know I I really expected that nycfc We're gonna walk out of there because They've been so good over the past five Weeks or so at like once they get their Foot on your throat they're not letting Up so I don't know how this came across On TV Um and I watched the game back after but It's already in my head so maybe it Didn't um but one of the things I Thought was key to the first half was Sean John's ability to kill the momentum Of the game any time he had to restart Play and it wasn't time wasting to get To penalties it was just to kill Philly Jumping on them and jumping on them and Jumping on them and he did the full Performance uh he couldn't hear Alan Chapman tell him Alan Chapman tell him That he might get a yellow card so then He had to come closer and then they had To talk about it but he totally Understands and he'll take it quickly Now but then he has to reset the ball Once he gets back and on top of that They started splitting the center backs And then he would wave them up every Time and wave them to the side and so I'm just saying that in one I thought it Was the performance of the first half Was just Sean John understanding what His team needed and how to control the Moment and to sort of to set that up in That he kept sucking them in and sucking

Them in and then he things that quick Ball to dinner home the first time he Took a goal kick I mean the crowd's Booing him every time he took a goal Kick and then now he's ready to go right Center homes open oh yeah no now I can Go quickly and he hits it perfectly and Then from there you know nycfc they're Elite in possession but I just thought That should be touched on excuse me from The first half and I don't think it's a Mistake that that was what led to that First goal yeah and then a second later Like like not even like a minute and a Half later Andre Blake makes one of the Most spectacular yeah saves you will Ever see and you're like oh oh Philly's Not dead yet are they yeah that's where I was going that's where I was going Because I you know when the first goal Happens for nycfc I was like oh wait uh Andre Blake can get scored on I did not Know that that was a thing like it was Just that and that was a testament to How well worked that goal was and Santee Does a good job of just kind of knocking It back to Maxie it's just been clutch In the playoffs um and continues that we Didn't even know if he was going to play In this game Um so him to step up again in a big way But yeah I felt like that save changed The dynamic of the game and it was funny I felt like it gave Philly some energy

Again and it's weird to say because We've talked about Blake in so many Different ways but in some ways I I feel Like him making big saves gives the team Confidence and gives them some energy to Go the other way Um and I I think it was like maybe five Minutes later where they get the goal And then the next one comes Um in pretty quick succession a lot you Know but Blake that that save was Ridiculous like I think it was uh Collins who gets up there and and knocks It down Um a good ball in there from O'Toole but Just like to be able to get low like That you had to get the little shout out I mean good playoffs he's legit he's Legit good by the way get Kevin's first He's legit good all right yeah there you Go respect two names maybe you could Just go buy one now I don't know I know I like that Yeah just put Kev on the back Door Kate and Parks just because it's by Keaton why not Kevin I know uh but yeah At that save was insane and I feel like That was for me what was always going to Be the difference with Philadelphia was Yes they can get out and put on numbers Up right and we saw that where they come Out and get they get a goal after goal But

Um the the defense and the game winner In the back I mean if that goes too nil There it's lights out like nycfc is not Gonna let that one go but I I think the Fact that they were able to you know Like I said make a save that the great Ones make saves that you're not supposed To make good ones make them the one you Expect the great one to make that one Save that you're not supposed to make Um Andre Blake I keep saying makes Pretty much all of them uh but in this One you know he let he let one by I was Like okay like he hops off to nycfc but That next one he stepped up and I Thought that really kind of changed the Momentum of the game Seems like Davey's kind of getting What he's always deserved and like it's Weird to say that about a guy who has Three goalkeeper of the Year Awards but Philly have been Relentless in Pounding The Andre Blake MVP narrative like Dave Believed it in their core this whole Time even if and I'll raise my hand here I wasn't necessarily convinced of that As a you know like a League wide story Like this is this is Andre's moment and When you look at Philly and you think About all these little stories within The big story Andre Blake being this guy A number one overall pick that you know Maybe at the time some people in the Club didn't even think made sense

That's just a special thing to watch Come to fruition yeah absolutely and um It's part of the position right every Goalkeeper knows they're going to be Under appreciated and when they you make Mistakes it sucks and when you're good It's great and Kalyn I give you a ton of Credit I think last year you were sort Of one of the first people to be like Yeah Philly's a top team and they're Superstars in goal and that's acceptable That's a way to win and he is a match Winner and we sort of talked about it Last Monday where I said panchamus Didn't lose the game for Montreal but Sean John won it for nycfc Andre Blake Won it for Philly in making that save And that's something few players are Capable of and then you know they're Chanting MVP for him and he throws the Ball out for the second goal you know Right to ambizo starts the play like he Is everything that they need he the full Field Spring from him I didn't notice it In person but I realized now I was Standing behind an empty goal he ran the Full field to celebrate with Cory Burke After the third goal to the left corner And then comes back Um and you know they've talked about it Over the playoffs of the demands he has For his back line and how good they are And how consistent they are but he is he Is a legitimate match winner he can take

A game in which you do not deserve to Win or you are not in keep you in it or Win it for you and that's very rare and Uh I think we have this combo but when When you look at his MLS career He can be the greatest goalkeeper in MLS History is he on his day better than Every other goalkeeper on their day I Don't know you can have that debate Right you can bring up Brad friedel and Tony Milo and Tim Howard and Nick Raimondo whoever else you want to talk About but over the course of his career Because he's not done yet like this Isn't the end but when you look at Everything he's done for Philly and the Trophies he's going to win and the Goalkeeper of the Year Awards and the All-Stars and the way the team is built He probably can stand on top and say He's the he has the best MLS goalkeeping Career which is a testament and I talked To someone yesterday where it's like I Kind of can't believe he's still there Like what's been going on in the rest of The world but I'm glad that we still Have him Yeah I agree so what happened though by the Way we've kind of buried this lead for Nycfc you have a 1-0 lead and then Snoozing Corey Burks whatever but yeah But Cory Brook came in but like what are You doing on the first goal yeah there's

A there's a free Corey what yeah he's a Free kick and everybody's like whoa Corey how are you doing man it's great To see you on the field like they fell Asleep they gave up two goals in two Minutes yeah it was it was really bad Right it was it was and it's especially Bad because it was Thiago Martinez who's Their DP Center back who just like Completely loses sight uh like does not Even think about what's happening behind Him on that first goal but this was like A genius level play from Julian Carranza To I'm assuming he and glessness had Some sort of eye contact Um I was gonna say you got to give Blessness a shout on this yeah I think I Heard Cory Burke pass the word between The two right Cory Brook did it Um and like but that that run the timing Of it the weight of the pass and then That clever finish to the back post Where he kind of cut it Um like that it was his first touch Right he doesn't it was pretty sure it Was his first touch and it was his first Goal since August like I love Julian Carranza he has not been a clinical Finisher but he he is not he's not a guy That you bet on in those 1v1 situations But he like it was it was just Absolutely brilliant from him and you Could see it's at it's staggered it Staggered nycfc they lost their minds

And then you know two minutes later Um again it was glessness like his read To start the second goal Um he just he just tried like charges 15 Yards off the back line to intercept the Pass and then drives it forward and Gives the union that momentum getting Into the attacking third right and when Nycfc got strung out like that which Didn't happen in the first half by the Way when they get strung out like that They have to scramble and their back Line is not great at scrambling Especially with you know Justin hack it Was put in a tough situation and I Thought he held up well through an hour Um but like he had 270 minutes this year And he's going up against the front line That scored 72 goals out of the season Um so like they you know they were able To push into the attacking third at PACE And with with and get nycfc retreating And scrambling and when that happens Your midfielders have time and space and What we have seen is that when Jack McGlynn has time and space he is going To cut you up with his passing and of Course if you combine passing like that With just this commitment to be dynamic And complementary in your off ball runs Which is everything that this Philly Attack is predicated upon You end up with goals and this was again Another like that header from Julian

Carranza to tee up gazda for the second Goal that was just absolutely brilliant That was that was completely Understanding the shape of the defense And how out of whack they were and that Gosh dog was making that run Um it was like the the first goal of the Game was just such a a prototypical Nycfc goal this goal the second Philadelphia the third goal of the game Was just such a prototypical Philadelphia goal where it's like They've got the the back line scrambling A bit they're making two three good runs At once one of the midfielders has a Little bit of space picks his head up Boom boom boom back of the net and that That was it that was it like as soon as That happened I was like oh there's no Way there's no way nycfc is coming back From this and on the koranza header Point I just there aren't guys who score 14 15 goals in this league that that Make that play they're gonna try and at Best bounce it in front of the goalkeep Like try and get something on frame Bouncing to see if there's a rebound and He's willingly knows the gosdog runs Coming and he's gonna make the play There but I said Corey Burke obviously He he was phenomenal in the third goal But I genuinely think his presence on The field his physicality and his Commitment to just challenging hack

Threw everyone off because if you watch The game hack's constantly talking to Martins and a lot of it is Martin is Being like that's fine that's okay like You watch Burke's first run right Because his first play of the game is The ball over the top and he tries to Get on the end of it he gets between Martins and hack and they're talking About it and I think Martin's is Starting to focus on what hack's doing To help him get through the challenge That he's about to deal with and Collins Then is pulled in a little bit more and I think that genuinely threw off on top Of parks coming in which changes your Shape right now Maxi's higher up the Field it's different Personnel I think All of that combined for nycfc in a Moment which then Philly was clinical With the opportunities they got but I Think all of that was a factor and then From there Burke just took over and was The best player on the field and full Freight train on them Cory Burke he ran on the field and I Said oh sh like you could do lessons When he ran he sprinted down the middle Of the field to hack on the sub and was Like literally guy in pickup being like Mouse in the house barbecue chicken Let's go foreign You know this year or last is that when They're not tuned in mentally which we

Saw on the Um on the set piece goal Um heads up play by glassness and and Philly or that they were out physical or I don't know if that's I don't know if The way you say it but you know what I Mean They got bodied that they got bodied or They got bullied right and that happened In this game and I thought missing Chanel was big and this is where I was Talking more about as the playoffs go on That number one seed starts to play into The it works later in the tournament as Opposed to at the beginning which I Think can be a disadvantage but not Having Chino they had Maxis how Important that was but not having to Know I thought was was big in this one Because uh even on the second goal hack Falls into a little bit of a position Where he doesn't quite recognize the Danger of the ball coming back across From the Carranza header and then on the Last one he just gets run over by Corey Justin acted very well in the game Against Montreal he came off the bench In a tough circumstance he was I think He was prepared to come in at that Moment and rightfully discerned deserve To come into the team and wanted to keep His place they wanted to keep their Shape and their formation Um and I thought he did a good job and

Especially in that first one but as the Tournament went on not having that Physicality that presence where you Think maybe Chanel sniffs one out or Understands the danger and can find that Moment to clear it out and that Partnership with Collins it's just such A relationship position we'll get to That later when we talk about lafc and How they're handling uh the center-back Question marks that they still have but Um I think nycfc missed him big time Yesterday maybe just somebody to be Aware during that a substitution that Preceded the sub piece as well of just Like hey stay switched on hey here's Where that run might come hey I'm be Ready I'm sure you guys hammered this Convo last night but it was pers it was System over Personnel right Keaton Park's a starting 11 player in major League soccer on nycfc maybe even in the National team like that's what we're Talking about he picked hack as the Third center-back who's not a 21 year Old who doesn't play and has never Played that position outside of the 25-30 minutes that Kai Kamara pulled him Around last week over going with that And he being Nick Cushing I'm not saying He was wrong because I don't know what Playing a bat a flat four with parks in A double pivot would have looked like it If it would have worked I think one

Question mark around NYC is if you're Going to play three center-backs you Gotta have more than three on the roster Tavon Gray's injury hurts but okay That's three and a half that's one Question mark which is on the club and Not on Cushing and the other is Cushing's decision and he went away from It Midway through the first half in Montreal he went back to it they won he Just go back to it today and not Everything a coach does that loses is Wrong but that's sort of the decision He's gonna stew on for the rest of the Offseason before Had a chance on that tackle on Burke too I'm not sure I would like to go into a Taco with burger no yes Gets schooled as well both of those Looking back on that one you look at and You say you got to put like Eastern Conference it's 2-1 come on like put Something in there Um and but yeah as you said Burke he's Gonna come out with a lot of us the Freight train is coming lay yourself Down on the tracks all right like let's See if you can slow this thing down Before we switch to nycfc and get a Little like look ahead for them Dave None of us were there on the field able To hear see uh experience sort of Alejandro bedoya's first half it was Pretty clear that he he wasn't going to

Be able to go like 30 minutes in it was Like okay they gotta either get this guy Off the field now or find a way to get To halftime and preserve those sort of Sub Windows what did you think of the Decision to start him and what did you See from him up close and personal I Think we saw a guy and I'm not sure if It was the injury or now you're talking About how how sharp are you I think you Saw him pass out of easy Crossing Moments and sort of make some decisions That were questionable But I would guess obviously with the Result that Jim Curtin would do it again Because on a night like that with yours The stage being different you're the Favorite now you're talking about Revenge there's a lot of big moments Going on Alejandra is their guy he's Their Captain he's their leader he's the Emotional leader he's the loudest cheer And the priest in the you know in the Lineup announcement for the fans every Time he touches the ball everyone's sort Of reacts to him in the building having Alejandro bedoria on the field yesterday Was Paramount to Philadelphia getting a Win and if and you don't know what the Game states are going to be but I don't Think it's 100 you're gonna bring him in So if you're gonna have to play him and You have to play him to win because of What he means to your team whether he's

The best option on the field at that Moment or not You had to do it from the start and I Thought Um both from the way the game plowed it Played out and what we've seen I think Curtin's comments about mcglin are right He struggles when the game's chaotic He's not the high pressing super Athletic Philadelphia Union player bring Them in when the game fits him and that Was once the game settles in and then he Can be his best and I thought he Struggled at times against Cincinnati But as the game went along he got better Okay you take away him struggling put it On padolia's shoulders and then a young Player like that doesn't have to react To it he can sort of come in at halftime And play clean all right let's uh let's Turn the page for nycfc Doyle take this On man we got uh uh free agents and Sean Johnson Alex Collins and Anton tenorholm Those are foundational pieces for this Club Maxie has an option for next year Not sure if they'll exercise it I Believe he'll be 36 but still having Plenty of vintage Maxi moments Nick Cushing is not for sure going to be the Manager he says of course I want to come Back next year Um he takes responsibility for the Results whatever happens but pointed out The exceptional sort of recovery that

They had at the end this is a big off Season for nycfc what do you think will Transpire what should transpire I mean What should transpires they should try To keep everybody that that you just Mentioned that that includes all three Free agents Um that includes Nick Cushing who will Look at this team for the first 15 games Under Nick Cushing struggled badly Um but then he kind of figured things Out maybe he he was able to get their Ear a little bit better down the stretch Um and from everything I've heard you Know they still like he's still their Guy City football group is like he came Through City football group they do not Let their own go for a bad 15-game Stretch so I I think he'll be back Um But there are you know Look at what lafc did last winter lafc Rebuilt their team by going out on the Market in MLS and bringing in guys like Ilia bringing in Kellen Acosta Kellen Was a trade but like Ilia was a free Agent you know and Teams are going to learn that lesson and Alex Collins was the best center back in The League this year all due respect to Jack Elliott and Jacob lessness who are Both awesome but I thought if Collins Had stayed healthy the entire season Um and had played actually Center back

For the entire season he was going to Get my vote for Defender Of The Year Somebody's gonna offer him Walker Zimmerman money Um Sean Johnson I don't know if he'll Get paid an incredible amount but Toronto need a goalkeeper Atlanta need a Goalkeeper he's from Atlanta yeah like Like he's going to be sought after in Free agency Anton Tanner home imagine Cincinnati's attack with Anton Tanner Home at right wing back Imagine that could they score 100 goals Like it's like it's like that kind of Upgrade Um so they're gonna have to work to keep Their own guys the other thing Santi Rodriguez he is there on a two-year loan Um you know he's Like he's basically they are apparent to Maxie except he might not be back either So they have all these things to wait And on top of it I think they have to Suss out Whether Talus Magnum can really be a Number nine because to me he's just not He like this team is so much better when It's when it's ever or in ever style Like true Center forward who does not Need the ball to feed like that is such A big thing because everybody else in That Midfield on the wings they want the Ball to feed Gabby Pereira can do both I Love Gabby Pereira like he could he can

Stretch the field as well but like he Even he like when he's doing something Wrong it's because he's coming back to The ball and he wants it to feed so that They have to Figure all that out as David said they Have to add more center-back depth they Have to hope that Thiago Martin steps Forward in year two but like even if They they just hit 80 of it this is Still a 50 to 55 Point team and this is Still a team that is like one move away From being a 65 point oh God they really Might steamroll everybody and win MLS Cup Um like this is They're like they have the most points In MLS since 2016. Um and now they have two very credible Playoff runs under their belt one of Which produced the title they have a Very credible CCL run under their belt By the way they won't have to deal with CCL at the start of the season next year There's no reason to think and also Maxi Does not look cooked like that guy is 35 Years old and he was injured he was best Player on the field for 65 minutes man But like so I I don't see any reason to Think that nycfc is going to screw this Up like they'll be back next year They'll be really good all right let's Turn the page to a team that was that Juggernaut this year lafc won the shield

Well on wins most points but most wins As well that's how you get there 3-0 Winners against Austin Kalin uh we will Talk about the PK here in just a second But that is uh that's burying the lead Which is that lafc smacked him Like Austin did not both didn't really Show up in this game and just sort of Got dominated by AFC how did they do it How did the black and gold do it I mean they just suffocated them they Just came and uh were just all over of Them they just you know set the pace High the tempo was very high in this one Austin I think to their credit tried to Play the way they wanted to play keep The ball and build out the back possess Um and The difficult part was that uh Austin Turned over the ball in some bad spots Which led to Um lafc coming right at them and then Actually when they were able to break Pressure even and there were some times Where they were able to get in more Advanced positions lafc just countered And just got them in good positions as Well too Um so it was like really a pick your Poison where lafc knew that if they were To press high and cause problems for Them things were going to happen and if Austin happened to break through somehow Well then you just use your weapons or

You get the ball in transition you get The ball to uh Chicharito I mean sorry Vela uh you get the ball to Bella and You then go uh the other direction and Then the other part was Um you know what we saw was just the way They were able to stretch the field and This was more when Austin did get in More advanced positions they just left So much space in behind and we're just Not able to pick up those deep lying Runners coming from the outside in it Was just over and over and over again And the center backs just did not Recognize it or were not able to cope With honestly really good movement in The timing of the runs and the balls in Behind were were excellent which was Another issue because Austin couldn't Really get any pressure they just left The center backs uh with just Acres of Time and space to pick their head up Look for the runners and then it was Like running routes Um just in behind just like look at a Post it just hit me with the post here Skinny post and stuber was the one like The safety in that position trying to Come off his line to you know stop Blanca and that's not his game and That's not his game yeah I mean think he Like need it out you know credit to him Get whatever you can on it but uh it got Beat one time as well you did and then I

Think cascante got a touch on that one But Um you know it was desperate defending At times for Austin and it just felt Inevitable as as to when lafc was going To break through ironically it was two Set pieces it's now their three set Piece goals in two games I think they Had you know rightly id'd that they were Able to Um you know have a have an edge there Against the Galaxy and they get the late The late winter there and you know it Happened again in this one and you know Not to dig too hard on Austin here but The defending from GTA on that on that First one I know Doyle was looking at The uh kiolini um you know double double Team down front but if you go back and Look at that one I mean Gite is just it Is really irresponsible defending and You go and you say okay you're good you Get your name written up on the board Before us this is your assignment and You're going against orango who scores The winner in El traffico to go to the Next round right and you're saying okay This is their leading scorer this is This guy is dangerous at all times can Sniff out where the ball is wherever it Is and it's not like one thing where you Get you get beat and he you know he Makes a move on you or you get screened Or picked or whatever he's not even

Goalside like he starts on the wrong Side of Morongo so for me it's like If you've you've you know that was part Of the issue I think is GTA didn't Really have the trust of the manager Throughout the season only three starts I think ended up earning his way into The team and you know Rudy wasn't quite There I think there was a question mark Over who was going to start it was Expected that GTA was going to get the Nod after the goal and the good Performance last week but then it's like That inconsistency of knowing every Manager I played for if you put somebody In especially in a game like this you Need to know what you're going to expect And I think that You don't know what you're going to get What you're going to get there so some Days it's great some days it's not great I'm not trying to harp on it but that That's a big play there and you go down One nil like that it's like you're now Going the uh you're you're up against it You know this team that doesn't give up Once they go up they don't give up goals They don't they they just kill you and Kill off games and so that was a big one For me as far as Um you're looking back and saying wow we Gave up a set piece and it was in that Way that's tough to look back on yeah And lafc have been fantastic onset

Pieces and they get a ton of them that's Part of it right and we're seeing these Teams now like Austin that are high Volume possession teams saying yeah We're gonna get fouled a lot and we're Going to get a lot of corner kicks what Are we going to do with them Um but you start prepping for lafc set Pieces you start with kilini If he's going to play isn't around go Second Yeah so now on the coaching staff you're Going to take your least reliable Attacking player and you're gonna sign Him a rongo that also feels like a bit Of a mistake and listen I thought a Routine was awful in his defending on The own goal as well and I know yeah It's his first touch on the field and You feel bad for him fine but he's Holding on to a teammate physically Who's holding on to an lafc player in The six none of it made sense none of it Was properly done outside of that though This is the best game lafc's played Since they signed keyolini and bail like This is lafc there's a lot that goes Into that I think the biggest part that Goes into it is the best players and Collection of Talon and MLS playing for Each other And that's what Bob Bradley was able to Do at his Peak and that's what Steve Torontalo did the first three or four

Months it's players making runs where They know they're not going to get the Ball to open up space even though They're Elite goal scorers even though They're MVP candidates even though They're DPS it's players knowing that They can get the ball later it's players Being willing to share and the Anticipation which I that's the part Where you get into like okay they they Hit their flow everyone knows what they Do and then they brought in a bunch of Players and the lineup got thrown around And now they had to find it again but They did find it and I don't I wasn't Sure that was going to be possible I Wasn't sure we'd see the team we saw Yesterday again this year for lafc Because it hadn't happened and and There's no guarantee you're gonna Peak At this moment just you talk about the Runs out of those wide spots around goes So willing to just pull center backs and Just kept making the run to come deep Knowing he wasn't going to get the ball In that moment that's your leading goal Scorer that's your number nine who's Saying yeah I'll open up space for Buanga and velen he did it over and over Again and he got his reward as he Deserved but that's lafc at their best Constant motion constant flow and they Did that in this game and then to Kalin's point they've added the how do

We be directing transition when we are Defending a little bit deeper but Austin Wasn't in this game for 45 minutes I Mean they weren't on at in the stadium And it was lafc if they finished it was Over in the first half and they didn't That's soccer that's how it happens but Like this was lafc at their best Austin Were in the in the stadium for 90 Minutes technically I would I would say Somewhere between 95 and 98 given you Have additional added time so I just Want to make sure that we include those Yeah and like this is this is this is no No disrespect to to Austin they had it Um you know they finished second in the Regular season they finished second in Second in the Western Conference in the Regular season they finished second in The Western Conference in the playoffs Um I I think they over performed I think That If they play at this level again next Year they won't be quite so good but if They get a couple of additions right Then they'll be in good shape to be a 55 Point team that actually has the Underlyings and the eye test of 55-point Team but they have Um and I know that like we're we're Going away from we're already going to The postmortem of Austin but like this Game this game was so emphatic it feels Like that's the bigger takeaway

Um Jite has been there a year and a half he Does not look like a starter and he Really has not improved They signed Emiliano rigone as a DP Midway through the season really the Final third of the Season he was the Worst player on the field he like he Hurt that team they would have been so Much better off if they had Ethan Finley Out there on that right wing um I don't Think it would have changed the outcome But they would have at least created a Little bit of uh penetration which there Just never was from rigoni I clipped a Moment in the early in the second half Um rigoni gets the ball on the right Wing with Ryan Hollings or sorry Diego Palacios in his wake Diego Palacios Trailing him fregoni was so slow that Palacios caught up to him in two steps Rigoni turned the play backwards and Just started dribbling backwards towards Central Midfield Um dodged one tackle dodged another Tackle still going backwards then lost The ball And that led to an lafc break going in The other direction could have been a Goal wasn't but like that's your DP and Then in my group chat when the other Person said one of the other people said He did the exact same thing in the Fourth minute and I went back or fifth

Minute and went back and I looked he did The exact same thing in the fifth minute So like This team Deserves a ton of credit for getting so Much out of jerusi getting so much out Of stuv or Diego fagundez Julio cascante Has been a level above what I thought he Could ever be in MLS Nick Lina had a Very good year turning John Gallagher Into like a pretty good attacking left Back at MLS Danny Pereira took a massive Step forward he and Alex ring I think Have a very good partnership maxi aruti Like he's never gonna be a you know a High-level goal scorer but I'll tell you What if Maxi rooty was starting Um those center-backs would not have had A field day in the first half picking Their pass again and again and again he Adds so much to that team defensively All those guys are Key Parts all those Guys came from within MLS If you look at their signings that They've made in the two years of their Existence They've really only hit on two of their Imports Jersey obviously a grandson home Run like one of the great signings of Recent times other than that they've Missed on all three of their DPS They like they signed Thomas pochettino Who was out of the lineup and out of the Team by the middle of the last year

Cecilia Dominguez was not good last year He's gone bragonia is their other DP by The way four million fee on ragone uh Signed through 24 options for 25 and 20. That's brutal like that is like he this Guy made the team worse every time he Stepped on the field and the other one That they hit on I thought Ruben Gabrielson had a very good season I Think I had all MLS fourth team when we Did that bit a month ago like those are Those Genuine yeah yeah that wasn't a bit that Was exciting maybe to do so many rounds Yeah yeah but like they they they have a Such a promising Foundation but I have Zero confidence in their ability to go Out and add identify and add the high Level difference makers who can take Some of the burden off Uh of of Juicy and like in so much like The the number of players in MLS history Who have had back-to-back years as good As the one juicy just put together is Like three like you can't count on him Being this good again so they have so Much work to do this off season they Might have to eat another DP contract or Maybe they can buy Alex ring down Um but like it's just but if they do That they have three u-22 players to go Back to what you're talking about so They would have some designations and Then Rodney redis is one of them they've

Gotten almost nothing out of him cheat Days one and then colemanage is one and Gal her won that spot this year yeah so Like there's there's a lot to be excited About Um but you saw The difference between a pretty good Team with a pretty good roster and a Pretty good game plan that largely Overachieved this year thanks to the Greatness of their MVP candidate and Their goalkeeper Um and the fact that they have a Structure Um and a a great team with like Legitimate match winners that can Beat you in different phases of play and Playing in different gears and like Austin was just never in it nowhere Close sure okay only thing I would say Is yes I understand they ran into the uh Lafc at the very end right but if you Think about what this Austin team has Done in two years to me it's it's like It's pretty mind-blowing honestly Because this wasn't one where it was Like Atlanta United the first year and Then they take a step forward the next And win MLS cut this was the team at the Basement at the very bottom they could Not score a goal I think they scored Like 25 goals last year no they scored They scored they scored 23 in their Final 16 games once Julius arrived so

Not not to the level they were this year But they were better going forward once 16 games Still to me like to go out and get to Play like to go out and get these Players like stufer and they've got the Guy they've id'd you know Pereira the Guy's in the uh and then you even Mentioned some of the guys like Galler And have for uh uh Fernandez as well Like these guys have been really really Good drusy I have no question as to Whether he's gonna replicate what he did Like for me he's like I know he was Invisible and like locked down Completely by this lafc Midfield but a Lot of that came down to just with the Way the game went but I have a lot more Positive thoughts on like where this Austin project is going and to be one Game away from MLS Cup Um against you know one of the best team The best team in the league maybe one of The best teams who knows like you know They've literally gonna potentially do The double Um I don't know I have more faith that They can go out and they do it they do Have a couple contracts they need to Shift and move but you know they go out And get a number nine and they go out And get maybe someone else to balance I Think that's what they're hoping rigoni Was going to be was to balance that left

Side that is a little stronger and where Often where You see likes to drift a little bit if They get a little more balance on that Other side I could see this team being Right back in it again next year do you Focus uh like if you're Austin don't you Just call up Alex Collins If you're like do you want to come here Do you like we will we will give you as Much as anybody in the league can give You I think there's a cup I like the Idea of going out and getting we've seen It more from a value perspective of guys Like Ilia in the past or Um you know the free agent Market where You see it but and I but I think the High-end MLS proven guy like that would Make a lot of sense the other name that I think about we talk about DPS It seems like we just do this every show Where we go to Joseph Martinez but I Don't know if you put him in that Austin Team like what is motivated Joseph Playing in Austin with drusy and like That attack I could see that being Pretty lethal so there's a couple of Options out there that could see like a Big move like that that um they might be Able to get a guy and make a big Difference so I fall in between the two Of you I agree with Doyle and that there Is a big red flag with a lot of these Signings I agree with Caitlyn that

There's more ceiling to be explored the Problem is between those two that they Don't really have the roster Designations and the roster spots to go Get another DP because of their use of Three u-22 players they have to have Alex ring or a similar player as that Sort of convertible tam-esque DP so There are some big sort of like Logistical questions within how you Build the cap and how your roster spots Are taken I just went also throw out Elia Sanchez is being paid more than a Million dollars by lafc this year so he Is a free agent signing but not one that Easily fits within a salary cap So there is a little bit of work to do I Think for Claudia Arena and for Josh Wolf to look around and say okay how do We improve this team how do we fix these Spots while we have some contracts Locked in place and we don't have a ton Of flexibility at least from the outside Looking in on the way that we structure Deals and how we can fill things but Look there's no doubt this season what They've done the way the game model has Progressed the Fate they had in that Both in the model and in Josh Wolf the Culture that they built which we've made A little bit of fun of I've had fun with Austin about they're like everybody's Doubting us thing it worked for them Like that locker room was buried

Together it worked how do they then go Into year three I think that is a pretty Big question uh for them what do you Think about the PK anything real quick Before we go on I for any Austin fan Who's like oh no we're going to sounds Like such a mess uh just go listen to Our comments about honeybutar and Chicharito and Sebastian Blanco and uh Daniel gosdog and you'll sort of Potentially are you drafting him say Brand the theorem here I'm just saying There's a theorem there's a reason that I don't give up on guys when they arrive On August 31st you know and have to hit The ground running in the playoffs in a Country they've never been to with a Team they've never played for so there's A reason they brought him in there's a Reason he performed well in Brazil I Thought yesterday was a shocking Performance from him I'm still surprised Josh Wolf chose to make so many changes Over the course of the three playoff Games away from the best 11 that was Their best 11 especially after the way It played against Dallas but I'm just Saying there's a bit of a track record Valencia as well there was they thought Valencia it would be the starter hence Why they tried to start him against RSL So that gives you a little more depth And ability to change the game as well As the season goes along oh and wolf you

Hope takes a step and this is a team in One of okay let's say one of the soccer Hotbeds of the planet that just started Its Academy and has its first class Coming through Anybody think that was not a PK Was not called on the field or Montreal Was recommended to the monitor by VAR Tim Ford he again said not a PK for me He refereed a game that Um was not he wasn't tight with it you Know it wasn't like every little thing Was getting a whistle it was physical And I think that's the sort of game he Wanted to referee but I thought that was A PK for sure I thought that was a Penalty it was a foul you could have Called it yeah he could have called it But it wasn't for sure especially the Way the game was being wrecked he wasn't Calling that foul anywhere on the field All game long if that had happened in Midfield he was not going to call it if It had happened over by you know Touchline he was not going to call it so Definitely not going to call it in the Box especially when you know for Goodness took a kind of a heavy touch The ball is getting away from him and Then he embellished so I like I do I Think there's a little bit of Justice in That point in the sense of like So I do think it's a foul he's taking a Touch Away from goal he's not good

Control and was there embellishment a Little bit but I also I'm not going to Blame Diego fugundas for being like I Just got literally stepped on bike studs I am going to show you that I got Stepped on because I got stepped on that Hurt You're down two nil And you're not creating anything you get Stepped on in the Box go down absolutely I mean absolutely but it was for me I Couldn't believe when I went to the Monitor I was like okay yeah this is He's going to take a quick look at this And it's going to be a penalty I Couldn't believe he was standing there Having to replay and replay I don't Understand it it looked very clear and Obvious to me that uh ibiaga missed the Ball he got foot his foot goes on clear Contact onto the foot of fagundes Um so yeah I was I was pretty shocked That that was not a call I agree I Thought it was a clear penalty yeah same Same and look Austin fans frustrated Understandably so could that moment have Changed the game it absolutely could Have changed the game I will still say There are 95 other minutes in which Austin could have changed the game as Well and they didn't so I don't think I Don't think on the balance of things you Can look back at this and say hey we Were absolutely hosed should that have

Been a PK a lot of people are going to Say yes some people will say no Including the referee of the match who By the way this year our mother has gone To the Monitor and said no not for me so This is not a new thing for him it is Ultimately his responsibility his game His decision that's what video review is All about so you're not taking it out of His hands but a little controversy there We talked to Christina uncle about that On Insta replay with Charlie so go check That one out uh some consolation for Austin it can be consolation it can also Be just more pain they've qualified for The 2023 concacaf Champions League uh The field to set LFC Philly Austin Orlando Vancouver out of unless Atlas Tigris Leon and Pachuca out of Liga Mekis the next sort of a smattering of Legendary Central American clubs Olympia Matagua Alianza Taro spoilers don't Start slow against Pachuca that team Blows you out they destroyed uh taluka In the final so uh Austin will have to Prepare for that first leg matches of Round of 16 are the seventh to 9th of March and then the final is the 31st of May and June 4th we'll have much more to Talk about Um with that in the coming months I'm Sure I just want to throw out there just For Anders we don't even know if the Club World Cup's gonna happen so you

Know Sanders fans they got that Ultimate Prize they're like we're gonna go play Real Madrid and it actually works better For Anders you know Seattle didn't make The playoffs they couldn't beat lafc in The Western Conference finals which We've heard him talk about for the last Six and a half months so it works out Perfect it does it does we wouldn't beat Real Madrid if they just had the club World Cup we're right there we're ready To compete Chapala was going to be back You know Obed Vargas yada yada all right Jordan Morris just pinching them wide You know oh just that's the good stuff Uh MLS Cup preview real quick let's take A first look again Saturday 4 P.M Eastern Bank of California Stadium Fox Uni Mas let's just do biggest question For both teams and we sort of mentioned Center backs for lafc Doyle dive in a Little bit for us what is the big Question here because Eddie Segura not Available in this Conference Final and Him and Maria had been the pairing it Hadn't been killini yeah and that was Also kind of because keolini's been Carrying various knocks and you know as I mentioned he came out at halftime with Calf tightness Um is he going to be able to go 90 is he Going to be able to go 60 and if he can Only go 60 is it is it going to be sebi Biaga again like Sebastian nibiaga is a

Really good fourth choice center-back Um but you don't want your fourth choice Center back on the field against the Union team that scored 75 goals this Year yeah you you definitely want to Have either kiolini or Segura trying to You know out there partnering Mario like That that is absolutely huge uh and and Like potentially game defining for this Team in part for the obvious like you Need your best defenders out there Defending but also just because Segura and kiolini are like a plus Distributors of the ball in this league They're they're the types of Center-backs who can pull that diamond Apart you know pick their passes and get Uh guys like sefuentes and Kellen Acosta On the ball in space unable to conduct The game Ibiaga is you know much more just Functional with his distribution it Eliminates if if neither kiolini nor Eddie Segura can go it eliminates one You know potentially very profitable Avenue of attack for this lafc side I get concerned with uh Center back by Rotation Um as as a plan uh it's pretty difficult And even when we look at what nycfc was Trying to do was to you know play one For a little bit and then the next they Get through one match but that can be Difficult and I I agree I think ibiaga's

Um a starter on a lot of these teams in MLS and he's very experienced but even Just as far as the rhythm of catching The rhythm of the game coming in at Halftime you see that tackle where he Goes in and on fagundes it's like if he Begins the game does he maybe have the Rhythm of the game a little bit it's Difficult to come in especially in a Position like that so I I think for me Center back is always a rotation Relationship position it's an Understanding and a rhythm and a Partnership and I think the fact that They're going into this where they're Saying oh killini yes they have been Kind of using that for a while now as as A system where they play him even when He's fully fit he rarely plays a whole Match but I do think that as the margins Get tighter and you go against a team Like Philadelphia Um that can that can cause some problems Especially late on you see the way Burke Came in and you know the way this team Can can really get out and go on in Transition I think that's that's Definitely a concern if you're lafc to Figure out um who's healthy and who can Go from from the start and how long can They last I think the big question on Philly's Side remains Alejandro bedoya and that Probably won't be answered I expect some

Games gamesmanship from the Union uh Dave up until game time but in our Pre-show meeting you mentioned another Question that hadn't really even Entered my mind and that's maybe the Guys that are trying to stretch those Lafc Center back should it actually be Carranza and Ura who have been such a Great partnership yeah I mean you start With this game and you say Okay Corey Burke obviously change of pace up but Also the most effective player in the Attack in the game That's a starter right Corey Burke's not A guy where he just showed up and did This one time he has shown over the Course of his career and in Philadelphia That he can be a starter in a different Way and there's a few elements to this The first is this is the first playoff Game most likely that Philly will play Against the back four and not a back Five which changes where Aura and Karanza can find space and maybe that's A reason to say okay Aura has a good Relationship linking up with Carranza Especially when they can get 2v2 so Maybe you want to start him again but I Look at the Cincinnati game and I look At this game and one of the big threats This year has been uh Michael Oher Getting that ball down the left line Literally on the sideline and and Spreading teams out and creating and

Getting to the end line he does not look Like himself right now in those spaces And so if he's not capable of damaging a Back line the way he has all here at What point does it become Cory Burke or At what point do you change things up And we've seen Jim Curtin player 451 in The past does that maybe protects podoya A little bit more does it protect uh Paxton erinson or Jack McGlynn where you Can let them do the things they're good At without asking too much of them Defensively and covering ground in such A big game uh I I don't know that Philly Will want to change things that much At this point but one of the things About this game that I think we're going To talk about as it goes along is Phillies played the same 11 saying all The minutes all year LFC while not on Purpose changing things up they're Probably fresher and they don't have to Travel for this game and so now you look At you know a back four that's played Almost every minute outside of Nathan Harriel you look at Jose Martinez you Look at batoya's injury I think you You're seeing a Philly team that's not Popping at their Peak as lafc is and how Does Jim Curtin squeeze the last few Drops out to get them back to lafc's Level which they were at all regular Season going on the road in such a big Moment I'm uh frantically trying to pull

Up the odds here from Venom GM on MLS Cup I believe we've got yeah plus 310 For Union That's uh Huh that's not insignificant uh and like It sounds like MGM saying hey Union are Pretty big underdogs now that's all in Regulation and of course things could go To extra time and that all becomes moot But What do you think about that that Favorite status for lafc Doyle is that Appropriate Their favorites they're at home and they Were um you know they were super Dominant against this this Austin side Like that that was a that performance That they put out there Um in that game was it was a really Compelling way to make it to MLS Cup They weren't dominant against the Galaxy Got the ball in a lot of good spaces They scored two very good goals Um they weren't dominant well they kind Of were dominant against Nashville on Decision day Um but they got like Joe Willis put in An Alzheimer of a performance of course Andre Blake could do that Uh I think they're favorites home field Advantage matters a ton in MLS it just It just does it always has Um But what is it plus 315 you said 310.

So that's that that's that's significant I think that I'm I'm not as confident in Lafc as The Bookies are All right uh let's see we'll have a full Show wait go ahead Kayla yeah well no no I I mean I think the bedoya one is Definitely huge to watch Um just on that right side because Lafc's left side was so dominant like Keep between kilini Um Palacios and balanga like they just Dominate they just were up and down I Think rigoni and Lima both had yellow Cards in the first half Um and so bedoya not being potentially Involved or I think it'd be hard to keep Them out if he is we've seen that before Um we'll be big and just that that's one Area to watch and then also what happens With uh Martinez on the one goal for Nycfc he gets dragged up the field a Little bit and that's where I have Questions of like McGlynn if he starts Him and gosdog don't quite recognize Maxine making that run or don't track Them all the way and if Martinez gets Dragged out that can leave a little bit Of space and that's where I tend to Think guys like uh but doyer are going To just maybe sniff that figure out like I gotta I gotta really kind of tuck in Here to to help track that so Um I I see why they're favorites but I Just keep going back to Blake and we

Talked so much part of the interesting Part to me of like the narratives of Around this is everyone's still like Bargaining for their MVP candidate uh I Don't know if they know that but Speaking of there's a event scheduled in Nashville this week it was a wide event Got it I think but it's kind of coming Down to like whoa wait wait a minute is Is Nashville signing messy No I heard Andre Blake's actually lit Connecting through Nashville together Yeah it makes more sense MVP I still like if Andre Blake could do That Um he he could definitely do that Last year right exactly and we've seen On the other side I think Elia was uh Brokering for a rongo right so like the MVP trophy for this game is obviously Stopped for grabs but um but I still Think for me it's gonna take something Special from Blake he's gonna have to um The way this lafc team can attack and Um I think he's gonna have to have a big Day 28 I was gonna say 2018 MLS Cup it Felt like Portland had to play a perfect Game they were they were heavy underdogs Going to Atlanta 2019 Toronto wasn't Super healthy but this feels like one Where if either team plays their best Game that they can win right and it's Not like oh if Philly plays incredible But they're at lafc lafc's just too good

That's not the case with either of these Seams hence why they're the number one Seeds that's what's really exciting we Just don't know where guys are at Health-wise physical wise all that type Of stuff and then the mentality of who Can turn it on and play their game there Is a fun element for Philly which is now That kind of can be themselves right They're on the road they're going to be Against the ball like they can make this Game a mess in the way they want to and That might actually play into their Hands more so than hosting all right we Will have a full preview show on site I Saw you Caitlin I'm not letting you jump In I've been trying to go to Leo Messi For like five minutes here and I love The analysis but uh we will have a full Show on Thursday from Los Angeles Interviews with coaches players uh we'll Take you real deep is what I'm trying to Tell you 4 P.M Eastern on Saturday November 5th Bank of California Stadium MLS Cup a new Champion will be crowned It's on Fox or unimas in the US TSN or Tibia spots Sports excuse me in Canada All right some news from Tom Boger here Intermiami finalizing deal to pick up The purchase option on Leo Campana from Wolverhampton fees going to be almost 3 Mil on that one Campana is 22. so they Got that part of it done uh and David Ornstein reported earlier he's at the

Athletic over in uh the UK the inner Miami are increasingly confident of Signing Lionel Messi not fully agreed But inner Miami now expect him to join And hope it gets done in the coming Months talks will resume after the World Cup Tom bogert on Twitter somebody said Hey I wonder how true the messy rumors Are then laughing emoji Tom said messy Miami reports are very Real Kalin just reheat your Sky Sports Take from this morning for us I know You've already done this so toss it in The microwave we do this every week on Sky it's it's either him or Ronaldo uh But this one yeah the fact that this one Has some some smoke behind it Um feels different you know as far as The timing the way his form is right now I mean it's incredible and then you Think he's going to carry that into uh The world cup with Argentina and then Potentially come you know inner Miami Sounds like they I think they have three Designated player spots open right so They have some flexibility as we shall Say I think Luis Suarez is a free agent I just thrown that up uh they're missing In Argentine now you got to have an Argentine on this roster so this would Be a pretty good one to to fill that Spot with Um who knows maybe Messi could even win The comeback Player of the Year award no

I I mean this would be I you know I I Did reflect back to Um in a serious way towards Beckham's Arrival and when I was playing in the League and you know just the way it Really changed the complexion of you Know everything from my like local Newspaper in from all the way the bottom Of like you know the news source to the Very very top Um just like you know the insane crowds Everywhere you went Um and uh ticket requests the way that Changed and then the fact that there was 13 teams then and now there's like 29 Um and I think you know they asked me if This would like Finally put MLS on the map Um which is kind of a silly question Um but but I think like when you look at The infrastructure that we have now in MLS and the you know the stadiums the The training facilities there wasn't Even academies when David Beckham showed Up like we didn't even have MLS Academies they weren't feeding you lunch After training Caitlyn they were sending You out of the Wilderness struggling Struggling but yeah you know now I look At it and it's like what could that do For you know you know youth players here In this country and how it can Inspire Them and you know that proximity and I Think the infrastructure now the way

It's set up is so different Um so as far as the timing of it coming From his side feels pretty compelling Like it makes sense and uh from MLS side Like the fact that there's all this Momentum and energy around like Everything from the you know Adidas Being a big you know these sponsor this New Apple deal International rights through Apple like That people might want to watch Messi Around the world yeah it just feels like There's definitely a lot around it that Could make this timing make a ton of Sense I got two points go ahead David You go well it's just Caitlyn's talk About the difference of the league and It's just wild that Beckham comes in It's such a big deal and now you you're Listening to like you know pundits Around the world be like how does Messi And Bryce Duke fit together Enough of the load like the leagues just Change so much Um there are two points I want to make Here the first one is that if this is if This happens and it it looks like it's Going to Um it means Alejandra bazuela is Available Because you can't play Alejandro pazuelo And Messi together they're they're both Number tens at this point in their Respective careers

Waylo is available On for the rest of the league Was awesome this past year Well really We're talking about Leo Messi coming to MLS Royal keep going you're good so like If if this had like are you interested In Orlando city and need a little more Chance Creation in Orlando City maybe up The road in Charlotte because they had To drop swederski back and play him as a Number 10 maybe in Colorado right like Colorado had zero chance creation last Year they don't do DPS though they don't Do DPS right they do trades they do Right they they got Josie Um so like that that's interesting right There Um and the second one is thinking about Like the like the first Sunday night Column I have to write Where it's like Inter Miami lose three to two yeah Because they just did not defend from The front and I have to do like this Clip with annotations about how messy It's just like like because Messi does Not defend anymore unless he's playing For Argentina so just like a guy walking Right past Messi and like you know Creating a Midfield overload and that Ends with the ball in the back then I'm Like this bomb doesn't even defend he Can't do it on a rainy Wednesday night In Chester what's he even doing here

Come on and you know they'll they'll Like parsa supporters group and like Manana is gonna be just ripping you Apart on Twitter and your mentions are Going to be absurd in every other Language look at this American he Doesn't understand meanwhile Alejandro Pazuelo is putting up numbers numbers Because whale is definitely going to be The YouTube title for this now oh yeah Absolutely Ken and Bobby and Neymar sync with Pasuelo over the next year Uh actually the YouTube title is gonna Be hot sandwiches we'll end it here Sean From Boston I've brought up the best hot Sandwich debate with my friends to see These things get outside of our soccer Circle the group immediately mentioned a Contender that the group overlooked you Guys can decide whether or not this Counts the bacon egg and cheese I have To admit I forgot about it as well but I Wanted to submit it for contention is That a hot sandwich I mean yeah you live in you used to live In New York I know but I I sort of break Off breakfast sandwiches from lunch and Dinner sandwiches as a different variety Bacon egg and cheese is Elite it's a Tier one hot sandwich you didn't did you Mention Cactus did you mention a Pastrami on arrived from Katz's I think We did get pastrami in there we said

Pastrami Queen because that's the best Papastrami sandwich in New York City Right now You gotta send me a link for that that's Fair Um so the one I'm gonna mention Nardelli's is a so folks don't Understand Western Connecticut is Basically North Jersey right the the Only two parts of the country where the Plurality Ethnicity of the people is Italian and Nardelli's Sandwich Shop the first one Was in in Naugatuck and they got a bunch Now all over Western Connecticut is Absolutely fantastic they do a a shaved Steak and cheese nardelli style which They had you know onion lettuce tomato a Little bit of dressing and then they're Free ads here right now so like if You're ever like I would put that up Against anything it's so damn good and Then the other one I'm thinking of is a A hot chicken sandwich from Hot Chicken Takeover in uh in Columbus like that is That is that was my third I forgot well I was telling you what my other was it Was uh fried chicken sandwich so that Was yeah it was specific I'm doing ads Now specifically the one for Hot Chicken Takeover like that incredible sandwich Is it a grinder or a sub for you it's a Grinder okay yeah and you know when you Do the the New York Times dialect quiz

Right like once you say grinder and the Other one it for me is tag sale it knows Like exactly like we don't call it a Scoop sale we don't call it you don't Call it a yard sale we call it a tag Sale it knows exactly like you could Answer anything else however you want it It's like no I know exactly where you're From yeah I hit him with the garage sale And it's like well let's just throw a Dart in the middle country Right here all right Caitlin uh do you Want to give us a sandwich you like That's hot or are we going to call this Good uh it's it's not hot but I it's Maybe a hot take I'm gonna go with um I Have spam musubi uh for Thanksgiving Um I go to Hawaiian Thanksgiving so I'm Gonna be eating a Spam musubi leftover Sandwich while the U.S beats England the Next that is fantastic I will say once we get once we move off Of sandwiches to rice bowls spam Locomoco it is absolutely incredible if You thought Doyle liked soccer and had a Lot to say about soccer just start Rolling them in on lunch items all right That's it for us in Lost cup Saturday We'll be in La starting Wednesday I Believe and uh you close to MLS today All week long for the best daily content Around Major League Soccer got it in for You Dave and of course we'll have a Great extra time on Thursday and then a

Pregame and post game shows on MLS Channels ahead and after MLS Cup on Saturday unless you're home For all the coverage have a great week Everybody adios [Music] Congratulations you made it through more Than an hour of extra time that means You love the show and if you love the Show you probably want more episodes Click right here for more episodes of Extra time and here to subscribe to the MLS YouTube channel thanks for following Along