By | October 16, 2022


We were invited by Soccer Manager 2023 to join their GLOBAL AMBASSADOR MIKEL ARTETA for a PREMIER LEAGUE GOAL SCORING MASTERCLASS!

Check this out as Mikel shares his secrets to scoring goals at the top level and we face of with an EPIC 11v11 BATTLE – My team of players I've filmed with vs Mikel team of players he's played with.


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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

Hope in relation to the boss you have to Have technical team [Music] What's up guys I'm excited because today I'm going to be having a training Session but not in my garden I'm going To be linking up with Mikhail arteta and Soccer manager 2023 for a coaching Session on finishing so I'm gonna go and Get ready and I'll see you guys there [Applause] [Music] Video I've teamed up with soccer manager 2023 and I've decided to test my skills Against the official soccer manager 2023 Ambassador Michael arteta soccer manager 2023 is the ultimate management Experience with over 25 000 license Plates sign players pick tactics play Matches in the realistic 3D match engine And more with a host of official Licenses you can manage some of your Favorite clubs from Bayern Munich Dortmund Inter Milan and many more you Can even create your own football club From scratch through the brand new Creator Club feature check out this team That I put together and you can control So much more from training tactics Transfers to Youth Academy Club finances And even building a world-class stadium So be sure to download the game from the App Store and Google Play store or click On the link in the description below

So this first one we're going to look at Our position of the keeper as you Approach so Mikhail over to you talk to Me the morph in relation to the ball You want to already modify his position So he's coming out yeah so the best Moment to do is go back please is the Moment he's coming come come come and He's not set at the moment that you Know that you look to strike before the Keeper gets into his position you Already have the advantage you already Have a distance so if the keeper is on The move you cannot react as quickly and Efficiency so when he's set he will React and he will You have to try to do exactly the Opposite right let's try something I'm Looking to strike before the keeper sets Because then he's less agile and less Likely to save the shot put your left And that first does have to take away And then do the movement attack his Vehicle pull away up to you [Music] Perfect now you have to move you really If I'm here nothing When I turn that's the moment you make Me move yes [Music] You have to attack the goalkeeper have To use your body always control the one With the third sheet To take him away

That's key so always control with your Furthest foot from the defender the Trigger for you is when I turn Out Good safe better much better so this One's working on this guy so I'm going To pretend I'm going for the far post And go in there I'll be moving here the Next touch is backwards that touch is Actually backwards and diagonal away From the goal these are key points that You'll see at the top level that touch If it's straight the defender could get Backwards Let's have a look [Applause] To another gesture just to fake another Fake and one more touch then he will Jump into that come on forward here back And back Ready go Hi Great well done The ball is too fast the ball is too far From me so when you are trying to I have No balance you should hold on bringing It back You have to go in front okay okay you See a lot of top level Strikers do Striking through Fender's leg and as They stretch out you coach this yeah you Sneaky man [Applause] [Music]

[Music] Oh good it's good he's low and the wall Is close to you So if I put it there I mean he saves it what is going to Happen he carries the ball You don't have the angle to be the Keeper put the ball High If we were like You put it here look his hands he needs To react here and then put it across if You pass the ball ahead And fast goal if you're going to go near Post go high aim top because then the Keeper has to do that it's a hard to Save Or go lower across so we're going to Work on that either higher near or lower Across let's go step to the left foot And then put It across and that will Be all right okay If you saved it I'm arriving there okay Perfect Another one The cow said if you are going to shoot And that sort of thing will go low and Across the keeper and the reason is People might get a hand to it and your Teammate can be [Applause] Completely The Voice India Inside the Box a lot of time I'm going to have the ball what goes

Over the bar No chance to score you have to hit the Target and the ball is in the air yes Try to bring It back to the ground and every chance To hit the time just make contact with The ground that's it sounds so simple But it's such a key piece of advice so We're going to work on that now so I'm Going across different types the ball Will be bouncing yeah attack them all Over there attack the ball I'm down and Down and down and you see let's go [Music] Down how am I supposed to follow that he Said aim down he goes toppings one more For you See I've not aimed down that's why it's Gone over [Music] 500 pounds yeah 500 pound fine I'll hit it up again [Applause] [Music] Foreign I was trying to hit it down and it's Gone Do you know what it is I'm just trying To be like you I see you do the top end But I thought So that's a great bit of golden advice From the gaffer When you're striking from across strike The ball downwards otherwise there's a

500 pound fine because You have no chance to score do you have Any advice for young players watching Who don't really have access to a high Level coaching Tips to be a better player outside of The basic stuff some Advanced something Golden for them to go away with from Watching this video I think they're all Into your business that This is a funny game and the more you Practice the better you become There is no secret Practice practice and practice and you Will become better whenever I hear that I agree I always think Is there such thing as too much practice I don't know the answer What do you think But just the right thing so your body Has time to recover And you have to look after your body Obviously and there is so many things That you can practice you can find Physicality in your Technique and you're Affecting your game understanding and The most important thing you have to Practice is your inner talk is how you Talk yourself yes yes you're not going To rely your trust your confidence and How you're going to become if you don't Have it here yeah you won't have it in Your feet because unfortunately the

Signal goes from here to the to there Yeah not the other way around there's a Lot of negativity that can come with Football you know Criticism and you're so right about the Mental strength do you have to Speak positively to yourself in your Mind as well 90 of the thoughts that we Have our negative so it happens to the Coach it happened to the owner it Happens to play it happens to the master To everybody yeah we are not different And and we have to work on that we'll be Damaging ourselves unnecessarily Expecting things that they actually Never happen so believe in yourself and Again practice and practice don't Neglect This is so true I was I was the same When I was young I thought it's all About technique practice practice train Train Not once as a child did I ever think That this should be also a priority Thank you brother that is gonna resonate With so many people watching Okay so for this segment we're going to Be putting together our 11 aside teams The best of the best that Mikhail you've Ever played with and for me that I've Ever filmed with so there's gonna be Some Heavy Hitters And there's only one rule and that is if One of us picks a player the other one

Cannot have them so there's an element Of getting in there first so nickel I'll Let you start are you start goalkeeper Casillas I'm going TiVo courtois Good Okay I was right back I go to Carlos Puyo You can tell because you Because I'm gonna go three at the back Okay I'm gonna go Van Dyke send it back wow okay sensor Back trying the ball Oh he's got Legends he's got legend Legends okay Great as I leave it as a person as a Player the other Center back Mauritius You've got some leaders wow Um I'm gonna go prime Rio Ferdinand Yeah yeah [Music] I left back I'm gonna go Gabriel heinza I'm already onto my Midfield and I'm Gonna start with Clarence eagle Okay my whole image filter These teams My gosh okay okay okay He's my holding so wow Right now I wish I'd filmed with him he would be In my team Okay okay I'm going Oh I don't

It's basically Yaya Torre Or steady G oh this is so hot from Stevie G let's start talking [Music] Okay okay It was my turn oh no because Oh wait whose time was it so it's your Turn my turn yeah Unfortunately my left Winger is Ronaldinho where I play with that PSG Ah Wow okay okay let's throw me I'm going With Neymar They're an Argentina Legends [Music] I'm gonna play a playlist It was incredible my time here it was Only one person had an amazing year I Need a player that doesn't mind he's got Everything [Music] He's Five nights Christian is my name yeah you can't go Wrong You got one that's it no I'm done You can't be foreign [Music] [Music] Yes okay I'm gonna have to settle with Messi Question is which team wins that's the Question your thing then you think

I think so too but It's a lot better Made a video with them one time so if it Was players I played with then Button destroy me So that's it guys really hope you Enjoyed this video don't forget you can Download soccer manager 2023 links in The description below in the meantime All That Remains to be said is Brother thank you so much [Music]