Messi HAS to win the World Cup to become the GOAT?! 👀 | The Heated Debate

By | November 23, 2022

The Heated Debate discuss whether Lionel Messi MUST win the World Cup to be considered the GOAT after Argentina's shock 2-1 defeat to Saudi Arabia.



Messi cannot become the goat without Winning the World Cup true or false let Us know your answers you're not looking At James in case okay let's see oh there We are okay I'm gonna come I'm gonna Come straight to you Rachel because First time on the show and you're saying False to this one this statement so you Think it's false that Messi cannot Become the goat without winning the World Cup so if he doesn't win it he can Still be the greatest of all time I Think it's a different era When we talk about the likes of Pele Maradona it's a different era of Football now I think than what they do Like I guess the terms of the congested Season what he's already achieved the Kind of players who are in this era of Football that we talk about in the same Kind of sentences the Ronaldo's Um I just think he's done enough for his Club yes not particularly for Argentina But How far does he have to go what else do You think he needs achieved we're just Saying one thing the World Cup This is It's you've started spiced here Carl it starts you said true James These are murky Waters right and I'm Trying to you know with these absolute Statements that we're making here You've got to kind of create the

Criteria for it and so when we talk About that conversation it is difficult Because you've got you've got Maradona You've got Pele you've got zidane you've Got Ronaldo and the numbers are with the The Messi's in the Ronaldo's because They played a lot more games and and in Different competitions as well but the One kind of constant is the World Cup And you know Maradona went and did it on His own let's be honest Pele won three Right zidane one one all these guys won A World Cup and again even his closest Compaction we talk about Messi Ronaldo Who's speaking about Messi Ronaldo for The last 15 years probably longer if he Wants to go clear in the conversation he Has to what has to have to win it Because Ronaldo's won a major tournament Messi's Got one as well they've lost a few Finals but for him to step clear There's no one that gets near him and if Ronaldo wins it then numbers wise Alongside those major tournaments it Then makes it difficult for Messi fans To argue that Messi is definitely the Best in terms of getting far enough away That there's not a debate that he has to Win it in terms though again the Generational point Young people today They haven't neither have I watched Maradona or Pele so it's again who you

Remember growing up as the greatest so The people that watched the Legends back In the day you know what give it 20 30 Years they might not still be around so You've got to move with the time of what Who you've seen possibly playing in real Life and that's what the World Cups are All about yeah going yesterday to watch Neymar in real life you want to watch These people because you've grown up With them and in my opinion you can't Possibly look at Maradona and play Because I never got to to see them Either they're not my generation of Football well the argument is always Messy or Ronaldo just looking at ballon D'ors Messi's got seven Ronaldo's got Five who will be talking about Ronaldo a Little bit later on but focusing on this World cup and actually this was Messi's Chance it felt like the whole Argentina Squad people were talking about well We're gearing up to get Messi that one Trophy then it can be considered to be Better than the likes of Maradona but His personal achievements without a World Cup James they're in incredible Let don't get interested I think he's The greatest I do that's my opinion but Again it's murky and it's a conversation And Pele you know these other players They'll get annoyed as well I didn't get To play all these games I didn't get you Know chance after chance I didn't get

Some hacked to pieces like pelly did in The 1966 World Cup the reason it's true Is the fact that for him to go clear and To end this conversation He has to win it so this is his last World Cup which it possibly is and he Doesn't win Is he just disregarded then as one of The best no no he's still he's still Mine he's still my my goat but he the Important thing here is that sounds Weird isn't it please don't keep that up The thing here is as long as Ronaldo Doesn't win it he's safe