By | October 22, 2022


We teamed up with Topps Match Attax and Chelsea and England star MASON MOUNT for an epic shooting battle vs 5 YouTube GOALKEEPERS!!!

Who came out on top? Me and Mase or the Keepers? Check it out!

#matchattax #Topps #TheChaseIsOn #MasonMount #CalTheDragon

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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

Pen Is Actually gone Dave what a save Guys on the prize Things change you know things change yes Guys what's happening welcome back to The channel we are joined by a Mason Mountain absolute ledge great to see you Mason mate thanks mate to celebrate the New launch of the Match Attax collection We have got an epic battle it is Mason And myself versus I'm Dutch goalkeeper I'm Calvin dragon That's your boy Mike AKA modern Goalkeeping I'm Sergey garfox I'm excited I'm nervous I'm anxious Um what rhymes with anxious King's cross And prankris Ready Hit one Oh My God No no the Sharp Shop all right the Rain's coming we ain't playing now Where I'm playing now that's actually Talking I thought you said you're gonna Get warmed up yeah Oh [Music] Save it just to make the rules guys it's Got to be a safe or a goal for points He's scrambling it's a Target doesn't Count

[Music] No I just stand in the middle There's no wall there's no wall there's No wall is there Oh my God 46 years old Did you see that one yeah I don't know You've got your hands on Oh it's beautiful oh we're in we're in Stack I'm sorry mate Mike's in goal Oh no oh no Early that was a guesstimate yeah Lovely technique yes mate unbelievable Where you wrap your foot around that Ball I mean I'm not even gonna look at this One I'm not even gonna watch Well played mate oh he's got there he's Got that hey there he is Here he is Oh the whippage the whippage where do You want it where do you want it off the Post oh you wanna oh I went off the Inside of the post all right yeah Reverse yeah yeah reverse Reverse it Reversy thanks for coming [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Someone start his car up he's ready to

Go off he's done Champions League show Me that level penalty what you're gonna Do Just watch the confidence Watch this [Music] Oh that's that's nice in it yeah I love The way you strike that I'll give you a Folly my shirt from this Side Oh he's miles away Yeah but I'm dropping it like that Though mace See what I mean Mace You don't mind it from there yeah keep Going if you want Nice Yes What no no thanks We're taking that we're taking that The J5 you know the J5 yeah Ready Let's start like that just go through it Hey Hey if you do one of them welds first Dedicate to me please yeah Jack I reckons if he saves this he's Shooting off All right jack o'hen big big pen Ah it's ready He's gone look at him he's gone he has Actually gone Jacob mate Yeah he's gone so in all fairness Jack I

Had to shoot off he said he's against a Tight budget time is money he said he's Got to go that's how I make money he's Going to West Ham but we're now doing Me and Mason versus four Keepers in goal At the same time Mason have we got this I'll just look You've adjusted the boots and that you Know what happens when you adjust the Boots you know something's coming it's Extra power now it's your power see he's Got levels to it you know I mean extra Whip a bit more whip oh is this at it Not even on the line [Laughter] Have to go You have to be chops in it Oh yes cow yes cow love that cow so you Put the front already oh yeah Sorry about this lads Mace we need goals mate Yes that's how we do it mate power From that I like that a bit of power on It you just put a bit more on it can't React Oh yes come on bottom corners like what We do racking up the points let me just Clean We do Oh good save what a save Look at him no height don't worry Lads Yeah Great save I'm getting out now I'm getting them

Look at you touching it oh Mike's on it They're winding us up mate We've got to put them in their place Oh my days yes yes they can't get there Yeah they can't get there that's you Don't have a whip around and get a Couple more Keepers in [Music] Thank you Mace off the back of this shot obviously I'm not a footballer so I haven't got a Top smash attack card but if I did score This right you gotta give me a rating Tops hook them up Oh they're good they're good the keepers Got strong ratings to be fair bye he's On a 45 at the moment [Laughter] [Applause] I'm leaving it there I'm leaving it there That's it I'm done Be wrong now yeah Oh let's go into a 95. try to I tried to It's going to a 95 that way I'll give it One more one more There we are 47. Oh he's Devin I'll tell you that that's A 90 96. on a serious note guys comment Below what you think my top smash Attacks cards would be the radiance Defense and attack I want to know I know The defense will be pretty poor Uh let's strike yeah you've got

Everything knowing you when you look at It Yeah lovely when the rain goes like this We pull out some zingers oh yeah yeah we Don't like it Bang bang oh Feeling that one guys we're up against The rain now all sorts of terrain Oh say yes cow nice Oh you went up and down Oh lovely one in the back yeah that's Points we need points Oh I saved it what's inside cow Ley dragon's top smash attach ratings Through the roof top bins he knows What's at stake today [Music] Eyes On the price yes Oh it's just cultured cultured cultured Finish they've got a break in there Every time you know what I deserve mate Thanks mate oh my gosh You know what you wanted that one car's Running mate thanks again I'm real So guys we're back in the studio and We're having a break from the pitch We're gonna go back out there and finish This shooting battle but in the meantime There's another battle taking part to Celebrate the launch of the new tops Matcher type collection now we don't Know Jack grealish he squirted water in

My face for winning in battle [Music] You get to choose a forfeit if you win Mace I get to choose a forfeit if I win All we've got to do is the first person To either get the blackhead card or the Shield cars these are brand new cards They're epic first person to find and Wins yeah let's create a table and let's Get this battle on the go so here's the Box of Match Attax cards I'm going to Lay them out mace you can choose one Pile I've dreamed of this as a kid you Know having a box like that just Literally like heaven yeah I'm for this Is a big decision because it's one looks Like it's got one more Sorry guys okay Oh I've got a player I've got Harland He's banging it up so far mate an Absolute player have you pulled up Mercy Much winner card what a card came up on Netflix Oh some shinies here Sancho Rodri look at this look at these cards They're quality the feeling when you Were kid opening these packs like that That sound is just Lucas Mora Warrior PK Donnarama what a keeper what if I get Myself if you find yourself Automatically win if I find myself I've only got 45s in here Oh we got over that 100 Club benazem why Are you Pods Bruno Fernandez rudiger player

Absolutely that's one player I'd hate to Play again he's like he doesn't get to Train again yeah I've got like a match Winner sacker card what a guy what a Player keep that one hey Chelsea you Can't keep that major on it Nice [Music] Oh my days what what is it with this oh Yes oh we've got my boy as well you're Yellow One of these cards and I'm like You've actually smashed this to be fair So mate you've got the shield card you Win me I got the forfeit what is it come On chill card was found the forfeit is Use this as protection use this much tax Card as protection because you're going To need it yeah me and the keepers And ate some balls at you five yards out Six yards out penalty spot maybe Probably not Let's see how it goes backside yeah Good luck mate good luck right so I've Got to use this as protection I'm gonna Tape it to my back oh this is gonna be Terrible Let's Do It come on let's get Let's get this done let's get this done So we've come back outside unfortunately Guys I lost a forfeit which means they Get to aim at the backside are they all Having to go [Laughter] I'm just gonna break the power gun

Remember that if you go for part it's a Good chance that the accuracy will be Yeah you could miss a Target That's what it's come to guys Out of all the people out of all the People here I want doing it up since Probably one of the top guys So just to let you know so look this is What it's resorted to you come down you Score loads of goals you have loads of Fun with Mason and you end up getting Match Attax for your backside bend over It's flapping as well as I'm walking This like slap slap tops towel Oh you have a minute ago getting Something in you and they're all Together and they're nice jump Things change you know things change Smash it I mean yeah it's a bit hard Isn't it Bill it's a bit farther no age of 18. Yeah no I reckon oh guys that's cut it's Got a bit of leaf on that D surely on This little white line guys just to say I don't subscribe to this but I hope you Do so click that button all right cow Get yourself up there not not too too Glad he's like I just want to make sure it's too late There's like Be careful [Applause] No that's no joke That hits me I'm done I'm done Lance I'm

Done out here that's no joke That whistle part of me like a Boeing 747 trust me cow I thought we were mate I thought we'd go way back I'm holding On to the net for comfort Oh Oh So good that was a perfect perfect it Was perfect but you know what he didn't Go Savage on me which I appreciate that I'm not gonna lie look at his steps back It's turned into Ronaldo Oh no no no just one step Oh my God Oh Guys help me out here why am I seeing Mason stretching in that Okay I fell for you Guys thank you thank you God bless you He's a man of my own heart I like making You sure from now like I'm not eating it Odd I ain't got a big booty you know It's quite I do I do glue I do a lot of glute work Ready yeah Ready yeah I'm ready to let mace anytime Now mate I'm getting anxiety Oh hamstring it's got a hamstring on me He knows my weak [Music] He knows my weak points I feel like myself Guys that's the end of the video we hope

You enjoyed it don't forget to like And Subscribe there's more descriptions on Top smash attacks Below in the Description you can click the link there Um the new collection is absolutely Amazing with loads of new cards Um makes you love it don't you we love It thanks obviously we know that all the Ambassadors for Tops um use the Play Tops when they're younger they used to Collect tops and uh thanks so much for Being a part of the video and part two I'm gonna win that challenge mate and It's gonna be worse than the red Backpack now you're an absolute ledge Mace what a guy what a legend drop a Like in the video for him and all the Goalkeepers Lads your Ledges come in Come in Come on lads Guys Like and comment if you want a part two And we'll see you next time love peace And checkers let's go let's do it