Mason Mount and Beth Mead showcase their skills in Audi Masterclass!

By | November 17, 2022

England stars Beth Mead and Mason Mount have teamed up with Audi to show off their skills, discuss representing their country and reveal the impact of innovation on their footballing careers…



Foreign Right big day ahead I am behind the Wheel of the Audi Q4 e-tron because Audi's Sky Sports is official Innovation Partner I'll be picking up two of England's finest players to hear about How they innovate their game All right Miss what you're doing here What are you doing it's my time with Meeting Mia yeah same I told them to Meet me around about here there he is How are you you good yeah good man don't You drive love a Drive come on in get in Lovely drive this how you both doing Yeah not bad what are we doing there Mate well you are two of England's Finest so we're going to hear about how You innovate your game and then I'm Gonna see how you innovate your game on A football pitch is that right yeah I See yeah it should be good you've got an Audi at home right I do have an Audi at Home very responsive it's a nice drive We've seen about how the women's game Has developed and innovated over the Years been amazing to see talk to me About the summer lifting the trophy for England come on go on Beth yeah there's Someone was honestly incredible playing In England in front of home fans at Wembley I mean it doesn't get better Than that make sure you're at the final One yeah I've seen the video yeah how much

Inspiration did you take from the Lionesses it must be an exciting time For the men as well going into the World Cup we want to obviously make the nation Proud hopefully we can do that yeah come On England come on it's getting a bit Dark now do you want to get those Interior lights on Beth love to let's Turn them red ones on yeah We're gonna see how you innovate your Game now let's do it come on let's go Inside Your game on any other midfielders that Were like your Heroes growing up I Always used to watch Luca Modric when he Was in the Premier League then obviously Was playing against him and he's like Can I be sure half time mate or anything Like that yeah I've got a shirt the game Yeah yeah I had to there's no option Theory on me was another one so chill in Front a girl like that's how I try and Emulate when I do it it's that the same In training then as well there's so many Elite players that you play with that Come to training they do something and You think I want to do that and you Practice that does that work a lot yeah It does um any names any players that I Mean some of the Brazilian boys that I've I've played with at Chels Um I mean the technical ability that's In the England side at the moment Sometimes they put out some tricks and

You're like what is that I don't even do That yeah yeah anyone doing the most Amounts yeah yeah There we go and of course it's all about Innovation and you've innovated your own Type of goal haven't you the cross talk To us about that It started out in America and that she Believes Um yeah I absolutely leathered one from Outside the edge of the Box on the side It went top bins back on yeah cross Comes shot yeah I actually would say I Meant that one but then the game after It may have hit a massive bubble and Went from the top corner and in but yeah They called it the croscom shot but I Actually think Keepers would never they Never expected if you could get that to A tea like they would never expected Okay maybe you're the master of Assisting Betty you're the queen at Finishing so we're going to put your Innovation for the test Mason we're Going to start with you a little Master Class When I was growing up I was always the Smallest if I wasn't using my body I'm Getting pushed off the ball so I need to Get I need to get good at it and that Was something I've focused on a lot when I was younger yeah it's a big set of After the Premier League yeah there's Some bigger so one of the things that

I've noticed you do a lot in the game is Your little drag back lose the defender And put the striker in before I even Receive the ball I'm obviously checking To see where the space is and where Where I want to move to after I receive It and then when you're in the right Area the ball comes then you at least You'll know exactly what you want to do And where you want to go to school and Get in a good position that's always in My mind yeah Beth you want to play the Role of her I want a little bit of space so maybe if I start tight and then as soon as I know The ball's coming I'm moving off yeah I've noticed you do that a lot yeah Often starts like is that to form the Defender yeah yeah because they they Want to be able to touch you and know Where you are touch type yeah but as Soon as I move off and I have a bit of Space and it's Timing basically but then you'll react In and by the time I be able to turn and Shoot I might be able more space okay Let's give it a go then so I'm going to Try and stay as close as I can to you You're gonna move right there we go so It's that little step in yeah What's not nice about your turn is it's Always it's always that way isn't it a Lot of the time is there a reason for That

Yes if it's like this and this is more My natural side so I can turn either Inside like that or like outside and use My body sometimes but then I'm on my Right foot in this position so you look At that in case you wanted to have a Shot yeah right foot yeah but if say on The second time the defender wants to Come with me yeah so I'll come in and Then I can just turn it that way you're Turning me very easily here right yeah Just slow it down because you think I'm Gonna go this way now I think you're Going to go that way right okay yeah if You have a wrong reversal you want to Play makes them out Beth go on then yeah Okay All right go on you want to turn and hit On the right so okay just absolutely Turn the iPhone Okay seen Mason's Master Class nailed Perfectly dreadful for me Beth you're Gonna show us yours you're up for this Let's go first let's do it oh it's not Like me oh no is that a camera Right bet this is your master class and You scored pretty much every type of Goal of the heroes this is going to be Like the lob that you scored am I what I'm thinking yeah so the ball came over The top yeah it was Frank Kirby on the Ball very good at reading the game and I Think I mean I made the run as fast as I Could and she caught me over the top

Yeah coming across the line in and then She timed it perfectly on my chest he's Turned I am gone yeah then he's into my Path I mean it's so hard for a Defender They haven't reacted because they still Think he's that Nelson's turning okay Let's have a look at an action then nice Let's go Nice touch Oh finish Defenders still I think Normally this didn't play flat yeah it's So hard for a Defenders to turn when I've got the run on them as soon as I Turn I'm off yeah and then I'm there we Go Mix it up off your movement that's right Foreign By your six goals at the Euros Golden Boot winner congratulations for that You're gonna have six attempts at the Four ring challenge Macy's gonna provide The assist you're gonna provide the Finish in you ready for this yep let's Do it okay little one as well you double Your points if you hit any of the four Rings ready okay first up There's the turn there's the pass Well the Finish is nice great start We'll take the Finish yeah we'll get the Rings right perfect start one from one It makes them out move Beth Mead finish So you've got it again Oh nice Left Foot Right Mates talk us through that

I can't obtuse it I can't understand the Girl I want the Rings we've got Rings Though we want Rings you want Rings Two Front two it's the perfect start place That you got oh lovely swivel left foot Let's go save great so bet you're fuming With the keeper two out of three mace Happy with that we're happy but we want A ring you want to ring right okay Different different side now yeah same Again double your points to the ring Let's go oh outside of the boot oh Yes That's what I'd like to see okay four on The board mace you ready She went for it she's gone for it it's Coming it's coming mate's red Jordan it Lefty okay assistant King here we go What to finish that is What a strike Oh that's a great finish as well that's Unreal Best top work out there great day can You drop me in my time now yeah sure Let's do it Good day everyone