Manchester City look like a BUNCH OF STRANGERS! – Janusz Michallik | PL Express

By | November 15, 2022

The PL Express crew are on ESPN FC to discuss Manchester City’s performance against Brentford.
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I wonder if we saw what happened to Manchester City come in what went wrong For erling Harland on the day because Granted the service wasn't the best but Was he at his best just 21 touches our Game No no he wasn't uh I mean I think you Probably got that same feeling I mean This is one of those games where for the First time in a long time I I thought That Manchester City were a bunch of Strangers I don't know if I said that Ever and I'm not sure how many times I'm Going to say that again probably not Many uh it just almost seems to me like Kevin De bruyne was forcing Bulls into Holland even if the pass wasn't there This was the time where if somebody's Going to question let me put this I Don't think they're one-dimensional Because of Holland but there are times In the game where they almost look for In too much when things aren't going Well and that's not mentioned City way Of playing we've said that before Manchester City were successful before Holland and I think if for some reason He wasn't available for say five months Not that I wish him that I think Manchester City would be just as Successful because the best Manchester City for me is the one that is Constantly looking for Solutions and There's almost no other team that finds

These incredible solution through Combination plays where everybody Thrives and is is dangerous right Liverpool has done that in the past but Manchester City been tremendous with That playing How many false nines do they have in the Past with Holland sometimes I think They're looking for shortcuts don't you Get that feeling instead of those Pollutions he is a short we must be hard Not to as well sometimes right well but That's why sometimes there's gonna be Games where it's not necessarily that Holland hasn't played well it is because They didn't go through the normal Process of building the play and finding That perfect pass and Kevin De bruyne is The best at it Bernardo Silva is very Good I think in that game he struggled Because again I don't understand why he Plays in the front three not saying that He can but last two or three times that He's played in the front three Manchester city has not played well why Because he needs to be on the ball he's Another Deborah in a different way if de Bruyne doesn't see it you bring Bernardo Silva centrally and he can beat anybody Anywhere and he can find any pass any Time right I like it much better when he Goes you know plays more in the Midfield By the way so it was just one of those Games where it really felt uh like they

Were strangers Speaking of one of those games for Man City it seems to have been a few of Those games now thank you very much for Watching ESPN FC on YouTube for more Highlights analysis and exclusive Content be sure to subscribe