Louisville City’s TOP PLAYS of 2022 | 2022 USL Championship Season Highlights

By | November 16, 2022

Top 10 plays of Louisville City FC from the 2022 USL Championship Season

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[Applause] Leap into the air and out for a corner Consistency we've seen had a Denny Fondes on the back side of this in the Absence of Kyle Morton tremendous save He's got to get low he's got to do it Fast because Now the problem with a limited bench Here for Louisville if Danny Cruz is Even considering getting mushigalusa out Because he's already on a yellow and now On the radar after that last foul who do You go to is the question it's over to Him now chance for mushi Colusa On Cue levels it for Louisville [Applause] The best part of the attack all evening Has been much it's the left side it's Been constant some decision making Inside the box has been lacking but not This time Rarely do we see the occurrence where Kuzminski is beat on the near post he's Worried about the back post runs cheats A little bit also feels like he has some Help from the two center backs and Archer and kilwein as they're coming Back across If you're late to the party Both teams playing with 10 men Segrest from Memphis sent off in the First minute the first half stopping Time own B how it's it in and it's two Goals to one own B with the brace

And the visitors Take the Lead Here comes the ball it's an inch swinger Into the box and then owenby not only Does he make contact but he makes solid Contacts watch him flick his head he Times this perfectly as he nods this one Back to the back post That is top class from ownby right They're the little Nod snaps his head back and it finds the Side netting Serrano his second assist Of the Season drafted out of Louisville In the super draft 2021 was ineligible To play because of Visa issues the Entire year and it was up and down and Back and forth whether he'd be eligible Or not as the shot comes in and it beats Marcucci so Wilson Harris earns the free Kick earns the red card and then scores The goal is first Of the game to double the lead for Louisville City let's put what a finish Here from Harrison beats him oh EJ Marcucci Gets his hand on and comes down and just Hits his head back side of his head on The post but credit to Harris once You're in on it you got to be all in Williams Swings that through header down Off this side of the bar from Matthews The change of pace and Direction he Commits to the move little hip check as He comes back across to his right he's

Got the space but now you've got to find The runner this can only go one place Because it costs the fifth corner of the Game for FC Tulsa so it's a penalty spot Most loose inside the area Pearson I Want to say from Morton Oh and Pearson almost finds from Coronado Forbes Chuck another one up for King Kenny To go outside or up up over the top now This yes it's from a set piece Opportunity but you got to be brave and That's in two forms you gotta some would Argue it was entirely based off of key Passes and assists and he was the Dominant set-piece taker of that team Jimenez delivers skins three Wonder Trying to get a piece Of Winder does it again Said it would be the only bright spot You might get if you're in loose city Gotta clear this bowl if you're the Rowdies Plenty of numbers The attacking options Galore but as this Thing drops down you just gotta be Better they have struggled all night on The other end of the field It's wike it's dos Santos it's a Multitude of players that have an Opportunity to clear this off Long for this one Louisville getting a change ready that One shipped in

Everybody looking around for a flag that Never came [Music] And Louisville will take it a two-nil Lead [Music] He's really catching loud United Sleeping because they're looking for Offsides but clearly just just such a Well-timed run here and then gets his Head up and sees That John kempin is well off his line [Music] And just Lane United two cut in nicely He's got owned me out to his right and That's where he'll cycle it to Top of the 18 Harris looking Picked up by orgy and in Great work by Lou City and Niall McCabe Gets it in the back of the net easy for Lucidity to work it up the right side Bring it in Harris leaves it off for McCabe doesn't need a whole lot of room To wind up and hit this one Finds that angle but