Louisville City FC vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies – Condensed Game | 10.24.2020

By | November 3, 2022

Watch the Condensed Game from Louisville City FC vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies, 10/24/2020

00:00:00 – Kick Off by Tampa Bay Rowdies
00:00:12 – Shot by Oscar Jimenez
00:00:27 – Goal by Zach Steinberger
00:01:15 – Defensive act by Jordan Scarlett
00:01:27 – Shot by Antoine Hoppenot
00:01:41 – Booking by Pattrick McMahon
00:01:57 – Booking by Forrest Lasso
00:02:07 – Booking by Sebastian Dalgaard
00:02:21 – GK Save by Evan Louro
00:02:49 – Goal by Sebastián Guenzatti
00:03:25 – End Period by Louisville City
00:03:36 – Player in by Napo Matsoso
00:03:42 – Start Period by Louisville City
00:03:55 – Goal by Max Lachowecki
00:04:32 – GK Save by Evan Louro
00:04:47 – Player in by Luke Spencer
00:04:59 – Player in by Alex Davey
00:05:09 – Player in by Malik Johnson
00:05:19 – Player in by Jason Johnson
00:05:25 – Cross by Devon Williams
00:05:38 – Booking by Aaron Guillen
00:06:03 – Shot by Forrest Lasso
00:06:16 – Booking by Yann Ekra
00:06:26 – End Match by Louisville City

Tampa Bay and Louisville it's a playoff Rematch of a year ago welcome to the Eastern Conference Final Louisville City And the Tampa Bay rowdies Open all Jimenez streaking through Jimenez I need To have a go [Applause] Al rowdies finish on 33 points had a Chance on the final day of the regular Season to secure the top seed by points In the Eastern Conference they fell to Charleston Louisville beat SKC this ball In front how about this Steinberger Riley's lead in the fourth minute [Applause] And for the first time in this Incredible Louisville winning streak They do not Score first and as Look Who's home all the way back across Gwenzati but the back line forgets about Zach Steinberger He's really taken the reins as they're Number 10 pushing things forward John Ecker had jumped Deep Zack Steinberg Gets the redirect and he gets his only Goal in the 2020 season inside five Minutes Six foot six plus Ben loon Bone from Lancaster bone omby on me There's the slide in Jordan Scarlett Home B again on front header is just Wide Pompano who was acquired from the Rowdies last year

Fernandez [Applause] Whistle here [Applause] How's McMahon That's a pretty rough Challenge on Leo Fernandez on that far side Next Sunday night 8 30 Eastern Time Right now will be an outlying Stadium There's a yellow card to lasso SPM plus ESPN Deportes and Sirius XM FC Channel 157. John harks and Greenville Triumph Make their second straight appearance in The final their opponents to be Determined League one final Friday Nominal player for the U.S Men's National Team Oh great read stepping forward bone Bone looking firing and Laurel parries This out for a corner the Phillip as Well as he pump fakes the first time Feels like he's going to get a good look But then there's a lovely little step Across from the Tampa Bay rowdies great Closer by Aaron Guillen watch Forest Lasso just hold things up here he Recognizes that he has to draw the Run Of Brian ownby by part of this brilliant Run of form he said we got to find a way To get Corbin Bell in a more attacking Movement they benefited from that not Tonight dalgaard dalgaard all the way Luke saved knocked back a little bit Toward the line it squats in

Rallies by two it's Quinn zombie on the Doorstep And they have silenced Lynn Family Stadium [Applause] Leo Fernandez and Sebastian delguard Running downhill you get into a 1v1 it Is not often that you get the best of Oscar Jimenez Their only concern has to be holding a Two goal lead against Birmingham giving It away and then scoring again quick Succession in the 4-2 win The Saint Francis High School in Louisville on to the University of Kentucky and now all eyes on him as he Tries Referee checks his watch Here we go second half can the rowdies Maintain their two goal lead and reach Their first USL Championship final it Would happen next Sunday night in Al Lang Stadium Williams Bypasses misosol omby Only Crossing Lancaster's there bounces In front [Applause] The rowdies give one back to Louisville City it's lackawacki and on goal It's just a physical presence on the Back post Luke Spencer was the one last Time Cameron Lancaster trying to get on The end of it he just screens lakaweki

Watch as the ball comes back across Right there hesitation Pompano Pulpinel bouncing in bone Cuts this back Home for no game Chase it didn't quite Reach Cameron Lancaster Jimenez Knocked straight down by Laurel Interestingly enough Cameron Lancaster Looked over and almost gave him a nod Like hey is this for me and there is the Change that I'm talking about bringing The center back off Lexi sawaki this Will push blue City So we're starting to see some changes Here for Tampa Bay trying to maintain Their advantage Alex Davey the one who Replaces tahada you really want to keep An eye on for Alex Davey because he is a Defensive player right-sided for sure Under coach Jimmy Nielsen and Ronnie JD For Hartford athletic coming over there At the stoppage now because masoso came On at halftime That hasn't seen many losses Lancaster Seven goals in his last seven Spencer setting up Williams Williams Delivers chested back by Johnson into The feet of lauro and to the u.sl can Now listen to the best matches of the Week along with action from MLS The Premier League and UEFA Champions League Serious xmfc Channel 157 on your Sirius XM radio the Sirius XM app It's going to be open up for sure just

Running his mouth after he felt like all The way through Or first touch Aaron Guillen yeah that's A foul of USL championship finals in Louisville Corner delivered had her lasso wide And that's how close it came to feeling Largely over over constant objection Spencer Spencer struggling here to get away There's the foul and a yellow card to Acra Akra into the challenge Over to Fernandez And another championship is coming to Tampa Bay the rowdies go into Louisville And win the Eastern Conference