Louisville City FC vs. Sporting Kansas City II – Condensed Game | 11/13/2017

By | November 8, 2022

Watch the Condensed Game from Louisville City FC vs. Sporting Kansas City II, 11/13/2017

00:00:00 – Start Match by Louisville City
00:00:10 – GK Save by Gregory Ranjitsingh
00:00:16 – Foul by Amer Didic
00:00:27 – Booking by Amer Didic
00:00:38 – Shot by Oscar Jimenez
00:00:50 – Cross by Paolo DelPiccolo
00:00:58 – GK Save by Gregory Ranjitsingh
00:01:05 – GK Save by Adrián Zendejas
00:01:22 – Pass by Paolo DelPiccolo
00:01:33 – Dribble by George Davis IV
00:01:44 – End Period by Swope Park Rangers
00:01:55 – Start Period by Swope Park Rangers
00:02:05 – Shot by Luke Spencer
00:02:24 – Dribble by Kharlton Belmar
00:02:40 – Defensive act by Dakota Barnathan
00:02:51 – Player in by Cameron Lancaster
00:03:01 – Player in by Mark-Anthony Kaye
00:03:10 – GK Save by Gregory Ranjitsingh
00:03:19 – Goal by Cameron Lancaster
00:03:46 – Pass by Devon Williams
00:04:00 – Booking by Mark-Anthony Kaye
00:04:17 – Booking by Niall McCabe
00:04:22 – End Match by Swope Park Rangers

Swope Park trying to change their Narrative the first back-to-back Conference Champion USL cup finalist Taking on Louisville City this Rivera Long distance try pulled in Byron easily Win can they get some more Runners going Right now Gedich Carlos Rivero wants a word There's the yellow card and I'm not sure It's for the foul itself as much as the Continued scroll further accepted by Williams Only ahead George Davis cutting it across out to Jimenez [Applause] Well Piccolo in swinger over from Tosh OT Ball shot toward the net Hands Held Byron Jackson Foreign Claims the service It's that little dipping ball Spencer Giving Jesus A Taste of his own medicine That it was Drops off It's on Piccolo Davis into open space Davis will have a go [Applause] USL Cup Final They'll make a little wide Mars stepping in there goes Tavis Davis

Serving across over omby [Applause] A lot of ball that's Out Of Reach and Ranjetzik halftime Kate a very exciting First half both team had a goal called Back to shoot towards his across the Ball instead of shoot with suspect at Times here we go in the second half Scoreless from Louisville Kentucky Louisville City Over It's a nice little clip of possession Look at that little drop ball that omby Hits it one time right decision Otherwise going out through Baidu Belmar Belmar showing off the Jets laying off In the area sellable ricochets and is Cleared Delmar really showing it off in This second half over Belmar and causing A PK All for all me heads it towards Spencer Falls into launched back to the halfway Line Singular game for Tottenham Hotspur This is Luke Spencer Very different players Set to come on They're at a tremendous run that Gold Cup Brian Obi will come off Over to Hernandez who spun away shot is On caught by Iran jet Singh levo moloto [Music] Williams for Lancaster it scores

Cameron Lancaster The final minutes Off the throw and Williams with his head Up sends a bending ball And Lancaster Off his line Score for this side turned over to Speedy Williams Threw a ball on for tank Lancaster to his left Kay's gonna shoot It Midway point of stoppage time in the Second half [Applause] Let's sing Louisville goalkeeper high Off his line on the sixth already For Swan Park this is it it's short Time there's is the cup oh finally Global City one small Parkdale they are The USL Cup champions