Louisville City FC vs. Phoenix Rising FC – Condensed Game | 11/08/2018

By | November 9, 2022

Watch the Condensed Game from Louisville City FC vs. Phoenix Rising FC, 11/08/2018

00:00:00 – Start Match by Louisville City
00:00:09 – GK Save by Gregory Ranjitsingh
00:00:19 – Shot by Paolo DelPiccolo
00:00:31 – Dribble by Didier Drogba
00:00:42 – Shot by Oscar Jimenez
00:00:53 – GK Save by Gregory Ranjitsingh
00:01:15 – Shot by George Davis IV
00:01:25 – GK Save by Gregory Ranjitsingh
00:01:36 – Shot by Didier Drogba
00:01:48 – Booking by Joseph Farrell
00:02:00 – Shot by Didier Drogba
00:02:12 – Booking by Kyle Smith
00:02:25 – End Period by Phoenix Rising
00:02:34 – Start Period by Phoenix Rising
00:02:43 – Shot by Luke Spencer
00:02:53 – Shot by Brian Ownby
00:03:07 – Goal by Luke Spencer
00:03:56 – Dribble by Brian Ownby
00:04:08 – Player in by Devon Williams
00:04:18 – Player in by Billy Forbes
00:04:25 – Booking by Didier Drogba
00:04:37 – Shot by Jason Johnson
00:04:49 – Cross by Saad Abdul-Salaam
00:05:00 – Player in by Sean Totsch
00:05:12 – Booking by Kevon Lambert
00:05:27 – Player in by Gladson Awako
00:05:35 – Booking by Luke Spencer
00:05:49 – Shot by Brian Ownby
00:06:03 – Player in by Magnus Rasmussen
00:06:11 – End Match by Phoenix Rising

USL Cup Final is it a repeat Champion or A new one it's the purple and gold of Louisville City it's the red and black Of Phoenix Rising Dogma lines this up he's going for goal And it's knocked down by Ranjit Singh It's out for a corner On line it to McCabe the Irish native Cave diving header falls in the box now Piccolo wazinski touched down on this [Music] Come on it's not even fair sometimes is It All right We'll be on the back side of the Box Looking for the ball to his head Will be a menace The crowd thought that was in it's a Nine Jimenez and there's a little room Left in behind what a ball from Drogba And freighter out to Johnson Jason Johnson Palm save from Ranjit Singh Always looking for that left foot there Benefactor of the Paco Craig deflection How about the cap like reflexes from in The corner [Applause] Dia turns this over Davis goes for goal Dips in too high over the crossbar New Mexico just made some signings Asante Asante into the area right into Ranjit Singh

Asante winner of Champions League in Africa Canaan International Drogba Drogba Strikes he's getting closer Spencer Foul feral decision Dickerson yellow card It's lacking on the offensive side of The ball For freighter headed down Drogba Goes on that Nick waslinski work a bit The uh big piece of that from Smith and A yellow card Coming to Smith [Applause] Off to the locker room heat up young man Phoenix Rising has to figure out a way To get out of their comfort zone cell Cup Final 2018 second half with Devin Kern Julie Stewart Binks Mike Watts There will be one Only [Music] And kicked all the way back Spencer in Pursuit Spencer is going to win the ball Spencer Yes International is can he find Consistency fades in and out Louisville Into the attack Cutting back [Applause] Jimenez Had her falling headed toward the net Attempted bicycle kick clear from Lauren

Spencer puts it in He's a leading man Again Louisville in Front at home in the USL Cup Final Had to be didn't it part of the try on Bridge steered this ship in the right Direction when you thought no one else Was going to step up a bit of domino Effect Paco Craig on the first one the Second one is half a challenge by illich On a makeshift bicycle in steps Luke Spencer steps up thank you very much Hornby showing off that trademark speed All B all on his own Blackman's gotten there and puts it out For a corner this is 2018 campaign 13 Goals 10 assists Going Batman solid season Hopefully needs to happen here Forbes Comes on he was an MVP candidate last Year for San Antonio when goal is for a Lengthy stretch Jason Johnson higher they want Forbes to Really bring his speed and attacking Prowess and on the other side for Louisville they said that they want Speedy Williams to bring that depth in The Midfield stay strong Johnson onto his left Deflected still alive for Asante Asante header snap down it's Johnson [Applause] Oh Sante Abdul Salam there's a lot of room Here

Abdul Salam slicing it Forbes Found a way to really isolate the Jamaican on that left right matchup good Shift by George Davis the fourth Excellent from Bill Piccolo Lambert And the holmby And a yellow card To Lambert Glancing awako checks in Wikipedia his position is playmaker Colby hampered for not stymied Lambert gets in Spencer holding up Lambert yellow card Dispenser Defender not even making a move on the Ball holmby's on side this would do it No wazinski Time to reload one minute gone in Stoppage time And Brian holmby who has spearheaded This run to a USL Cup Final for a Straight Second year Everybody forward now No it's full time Global wins and second consecutive Cups [Applause] And their cockroach is over again [Applause]