By | May 30, 2022


I teamed up with Topps Match Attax to travel to Paris for this seasons Champions League Final!!!

How close were my predictions???

Check it out!

#MatchAttax #Topps

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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

So guys what's happening i'm off to the Ua for champions league final with top Smash attacks to surprise two fans and Vlog the final let's go [Music] And just like that we're in paris for The champions league two legends here Both liverpool fans score predictions Guys two now liverpool oh Four four Four nil liverpool well i hope it's not Going guys give me a spot so guys the Sun is shining we're in paris and we're About to make our way to the stadium we Are running late our plane was delayed By two hours it's a bit stressful but we Move let's go we're in a taxi on route To the stat de france right now and we Go for my score predictions before we go On now you guys know the score already You've seen the match i'm going for 2-1 liverpool scorers Well i'm gonna go for vinnie for um real Madrid and i'm gonna go for money Yeah vinicius Yeah well like you know him with me yeah His nickname is vinnie Yeah and i'm gonna go ask my kid in the Video by the way And i'm going to go for how long there Is buddy here first am i right am i Wrong how do you guys know and i'll find Out a bit later Guys it's been an accident and we are

Not making this kickoff um it's so close We haven't moved We've moved for absolutely ages still 20 minutes late here we go Come on We're not moving are we mate This is so stressful Here we go here we go Yeah Yes yes Got through we got through we're moving We're moving this is a Joke this is going to be a mad rush This is going to be a mad rush [Music] Right here we go here we go We are here we're here so guys we are Literally in traffic and we have to get Changed now for the corporate Hospitality we're not going to have no Time In and around the stadium We are close to kick off and it's all a Little bit stressful so Not as we planned but We move this man here Is escorting us to the um Area we need to be we're past the Security so technically we are here we Have arrived safe and well get in there [Music] Here we go So guys we are here the stad de france [Music]

These guys don't mess about look at him They do not mess about Let me take the camera guys look at this [Music] [Laughter] I can't believe we're coming to the Wrong box [Laughter] That's funny we come into the wrong box Is this one Look who's whose mouth was that One So guys we're in we've made it in the Stadium It looks incredible kick off in a few Minutes and seeing as i'm here with top Smash attacks i'm going to open a few Packs the first liverpool or real madrid Player i pull out is who i'm backing to Score first i just hope that then get Allison on court first [Music] I'd say chamberlain probably a starting Player Getting some good cards Is that from the back it's a big corner It's virgil that night come on What's happening guys i can't believe The game's been delayed by 15 minutes Due to me being in the stadium Apparently to add this much tech as it Has to be signed off by the chief of Security Absolute nightmare

Too much seconds for the sweet now well At least i can get some cheese can i Just get that one and that one please no Too much stickers Where do i go from here Let me try this sweet here see if they Let us in Guys do you mind if i come into your Suite please [Music] Tickers [Applause] Let's go [Music] This come on first real chance of the Game tivo quartile with a great save What to say Still in A bit of pressure on now my seller want To pull into money No it's diaz All right [Applause] Courtois definitely going in Tips it on to the post That should have been one nil Tivo courtois is the difference at the Moment Liverpool on top the game's going to Come out for a little cheeky Cheeky little espresso Cheers With the head up You're not being caught twice like that

So it was offside vira checking it to See whether it was offside benzema gold Taking his time as well so second half Just begun We need some goals guys we need goals [Applause] Oh That's my deal Real madrid fans in full voice now all Boys they're loving it Another save tivo courtois off most Cellar and i'm telling you something For me tebow's man in the match so far Fourth part is having a game in his life His wife's over just over there Wow Both shallow great little run great shot But tivo courtois man of the match come On What a player two minutes to go Fans are loving it All real madrid gonna cross the line Here and get the [Applause] Real madrid to be fair they deserve it [Applause] I don't know how i feel about that if i Was a losing team move through the guard Of honor I feel like i'm getting [ __ ] up a Little bit What do you guys think tweet the comment Section below So guys that's it real quick winning

Your way for champions league one nil And i think they fully deserved it Especially in the second part massive Thank you to top attacks for inviting me Down today it's been incredible look out Some content coming from top soon and um