Liverpool v Derby | Starting XI Prediction Show

By | November 8, 2022

Liverpool v Derby | Starting XI Prediction Show

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After a massive win against Spurs over the weekend, Ste is here to predict how the Reds will line up against Derby County!

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[Music] Red men plus is here and we're ready to Be your partners on what will be an Unbelievable journey following jaegan's Mighty bed [Applause] We'll be there with you side by side Shoulder to shoulder through the good Times and through the bad be with us at Anfield be with us at stadiums across England be with us as stadiums across Europe too whether you're in australia America island scandinavia or even down The road it doesn't matter we can take You from wherever you're based straight To the heart of the action we'll cover Liverpool from every possible angle with Tons of amazing shows documentaries Features interviews and more both in Video and podcast form so you can be a Part of the action a part of the Discussion a part of the celebrations a Part of this journey together with us Join us today subscribe now at Let's do this together together together Together together