Liverpool v Derby | Match Build Up

By | November 8, 2022

Liverpool v Derby | Match Build Up

Chris, Chloe and Declan are here with the Match Build Up Show for Derby in the EFL Cup. As the current holders of the competition, The Reds will be looking for a good start to their campaign!



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Thanks for clicking on this video if you Want more content just like this head Over to and sign up as a Club legend or a club Captain you'll get Picked such as 20 off all armage two Free pieces of merch every single year And you'll also be in our Discord and Facebook group so you can talk to other Reds what more could you really ask for See you there Hello everyone welcome to the redben TV It's the uncensored match buildup show It is Liverpool it is Derby it is League Cup action at anfield Wednesday night 8 P.M better check that it's Wednesday Night I wrote Monday night at 8pm oh She did yeah I did yeah so that's why I Don't trust what I wrote on the agenda Because I didn't change it um and it to Be fair it was Steve wrote this agenda Not me anyway I'm joined by Chloe and by Declan for this one Um it seems a little bit inconsequential After the breaking news of yesterday of Course you know everyone now is just Talking about Liverpool and being put up For sale by FSG obviously we did a real Men reaction to that one over on Redman Plus I was Live on YouTube yesterday as Well uh but Declan and we do host zombie In the league up fourth round it was is It a nice distraction from the Premier League or actually is it come at a time

When it's the last thing we want I think The latter really because we're on a bit Of momentum run right now obviously beat Napoli Beat It Tottenham as well so I Think you want another Premier League Game more than more than a cannibal cook Game although obviously it is a chance To get another win on the board Hopefully against uh League one side so Yeah I mean that that's it isn't it I Mean you know we've got to get Lads for Minutes who haven't been playing a lot This season so far and that's gonna Dominate the talk of this show really Isn't it I mean it's who's gonna play And how many does he rest how many does He rotate but it's interesting because Obviously off the back of the Napoli win Like Declan says if the back of the Tottenham win the a gopher just going Strong because it's two games left Before the mid-season break or do you Just give everybody a rest I mean it Must be such a hard balance like for Club this one yeah it is and I think It's a case of some of these players Need to play through the form actually To be honest to get there others do need A break and need to reset themselves but Sometimes you've just got to go and play Through it and they've got a World Cup Coming up anyway Um for me I'd I'd make some changes in Terms of you know give up Community

Clearly needs them James Milner would Have been out based on concussion so I Don't know whether he'll be back you've Got carvalio in there who I'd like to See Um Costas will obviously be one coming In Keller here I'd like to see where These are because we haven't seen him at All he was injured for a while at the Beginning of the season so this is a Game where I feel like you can still Have salad knocks on your door and he Says I want to play because I want to Play and I've got no World Cup to go to Anyway so you might as well play me then Yeah 100 but give minutes to those who Need it who need to come back in Um and also maybe likes to Stefan by jet It you know what I mean get him on the Ball let him have a go uh when he came On it means Napoli I thought he did Quite well as well so it's a game where I wouldn't make a mad amount of changes But I would do some rotation okay let's Have a little look at the league table Now it's League one so far it's only Laptop in front of me as you can see Their Derby County in seventh they've Played sixteen one seven drawn for lost Five score 20 conceded 15 25 points Form's been a little bit spotty drawing Draw lost win was the last five and Obviously managed by Paul War nowadays Derby County you know you've had a bit

Of a tough time over the last shortage Of 10 15 20 years Derby County from Being a Premier League club in the in The mid to late 90s which you guys will Remember but I certainly don't remember The West Premier League Points there was it that many wow I Didn't even realize they got into double Figures was it well let's not get into It if we don't know for efforts anyway Um so I mean look Derby players are Going to be up for it they're playing at Anfield Under The Lights midweek game Um And I think Chloe interestingly is Absolutely spot on about like the most Solid thing I've not really considered It the most shall I think but like if He's not going to the World Cup and he Wants to play are you starting most Shallow or are you resting him for Southampton well in my notes um I've got Him starting personally because uh I Think Kate Gordon still injured I might Have given him a game if he wasn't but I Think he is so yeah I've got salad Because he isn't going to work up yeah And what are you looking to get out of Him you're looking to be that experience Professional in the size are you looking Him to put his arms around the younger Players or just score the goals a bit of Both really like yeah I should say Sala's probably our best goal scorer

Even if people have been saying this Form has been patchy I don't think Personally it has been this patches People are making it all to be but Yeah he's got to be that experience as Well I would have other experienced Players in there I wouldn't just go for Youth personally but So okay well that's interesting we're Actually going to come to come to that Um shortly Um but one of the things I think is Important to talk about is that we're The holders of this competition like and What I think sometimes a good indicator Of future performance is to look at the Past performance so I'm just going to Pull up Liverpool's side against Norwich In this round of the League Cup uh last Year and you can see there Liverpool Have gone I'm just going to try and zoom In a little bit there for you so you can All see that one remember Callahan goal We went with Connor Bradley at right Back can I say Joe Gomez Captain the Side Costas chimacas uh KET Jones in the Six apparently with catering Oxley Chamberlain flanking him Kai Gordon Takumi minamino and divakarigi up top Now we don't have a lot of those players Anymore obviously you can see there Arching on the bench and that Phillips On the bench Tyler Morton James Ballard Geezy and players of that all theirs as

Well as you know Star Wars Jordan Anderson Robert Et cetera Etc so he went for two ladsu At the time can our team Gomez we're in And out of the sagomas certainly more Out of the Cyber canate was spelling Matter but times during the season the Right back on the left back when the First Choice the Midfield three were Nowhere near the first choice in the Front three were nowhere near the first Choice now this season circumstances are Slightly different would you be Surprised if we saw not one of the grade A first team was in the side Yeah because I don't have that much rotation to be Able to do that I mean you look the idea Go jotters on the bench well you know Without Lewis Diaz Diego jotter um yeah You've got obviously Bobby firmino Darwin Nunez and Salah um but you've Played Harvey Elliott far too much this Season Carl valier was the one that Nailed on for me but where'd you play in Because you play Curtis Jones in the mid Three or did you play him off the the Wing that's that's where we we don't Know where to put the player but Um I think you need some I mean Gomez He's experience so there's him I think You know it'd be good to see Ramsey in There cost us for me is experienced he's One of the old guys Keller here believe

It or not has won a carabao cup so now He is one of the most experienced for me In the South Um and I think it's going to be a Mixture of of Youth and all so Um exciting players but also players who Need them in it who will go again and Can go again Um and some makeshift areas you've got Ox probably playing in that Midfield Which I'm excited to see him back in any Case is obviously you know broken a Tower or something because you stopped His foot I don't know three month injury Um so yeah I'm excited because it's a Good chance to see the younger players But also see the players who we haven't Seen in a while who are of seeing your Standards step up a question I've got For you then Declan obviously James Miller was ruled out the last game Because it concussion protocol and There's a potential that he might think He might go back into chain and tomorrow If he's in trainings today you're not in Contact tomorrow's contact great okay so Um it'll be back in training obviously If he's not going to have lost too much Fitness it was a concussion it wasn't Like a muscle injury or anything like That Is it important that he goes into this Side and probably captains them I think It's got to be one of Melanie or

Henderson who's probably a matter of Who's better really Personally on my start lamp I've gone With Henderson it's because I thought Milner was still out but Even of them really as long as you've Got someone like them and then like Salah or for me you know someone like That to like sort of Captain the ship of All the youngsters yeah I think we'll be Fine yeah no I think that's right I Think that's right so we're going to Look at a couple of the injury doubts And stuff of course a little bit later We're gonna go through our team the big Decisions of course before that get on To these amazing Christmas jumpers Hey everyone do you love Liverpool Football Club as much as you love Christmas and are you the kind of person Who gets ahead of all the rush and the Craziness around the festive period and Get your Christmas purchasing done early If you are then get involved with our Brand new knitted Christmas jumpers They're available to pre-order right now Knitted it's a proper jumper and they're Absolutely gorgeous they're beautiful They are snuggly warm and they are a way Of you know showing how much you believe In Liverpool Football Club uh there's Two designs that are available there is The egg Club believer and there is also A glorious history

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Injury chart now according to Premier uh Diaz as we know is ruled Out matip with a 25 chance apparently Um James Milner 50 chance are there's Our deal with Justice Alton Navigators Ruled out as well that does leave us Quite a few Lads in the squad that do Need minutes though Specifically at the back we mentioned Costa's chemicals before Khloe we've got Nat Phillips there he got a potential Joe Gomez he's going to need minutes at Some point again of course Calvin Ramsey We know is is needed minutes the Goalkeeper you mentioned Cleve and Keller here who out of them needs a Minute the most for you Calvin Ramsey I Think because costs as we've seen in my Times this season and he's been arguably One of our he's stepped up he's not Being great because I can't say anyone's Being great overall consistently this Season but he stepped up Calvin Ramsey We see in five minutes of him if that Against Napoli and he did one team and He just kept looking to go forward and Seeing the player and I got excited and I haven't seen him since and I obviously Know why because we played spares and That's a massive game Um and this game I think he needs to With Trend to Defensively is having problems I thought Against spares is forward passing was

Just absolutely outrageous we know we Can do that but we always come back to The thing of you want Trends in your Team no matter what because he's so Influential but if Calvin Ramsey comes In and he steps up to the plate and he Looks brilliant then there's another Option for you to do something exactly So I I I'm excited to see him there's Maybe maybe that's what I say but also Because this is a game at home against a Reasonable side that we but we just Should be beaten anyway torture that God Um but it's a side when you can come in And make himself known he won't get Phased out anyway he can be one of the Lads to step up and show himself so I'm Excited for him because he gets to have His debut at anfield yeah absolutely I Think it's important isn't it I think Calvin Ramsey Um is he's one of those players that we We've signed we've not seen anything of Him apart from that one little Cameo we All want to get a sense of who he is as A footballer don't we oh definitely I Think we would have seen more of them or Beer for the injury he suffered it was a Bit like Not really much information around and It was just like oh any sign he just Wasn't how it was yeah he's out he's Just interested I think cops also just Said he didn't really give any detail on

What the injury was or how long the time Scale for it was he just sort of said He's out injured and we had to just deal With that but now obviously we are Seeing size and I think this is the Perfect game to throw him in at the deep End and see what he's about it's a good Job that he is fit for this type of a Game because you know you look in it Foreign Before you get a game for your new club Otherwise yeah like you know they don't Want to be at a football club for six Months before you get your fair starts Even as a youngster coming in they're Kind of knowing that you know you you You're gonna you fight with the best Player in the world right back give or Take Um it's a give or take now isn't it it's Not quite better back in the world it's More of a giveaway Um but then let's talk about somebody Else then who who is the player that You're most excited to see in what you Believe is going to be the start at 11. Most excited I would start but but However you pronounce it yeah but yes It's there we go right we think yeah That's what Neil Jones said if anyone if Everyone says Certainly him I think he looks a tardy Prospect and also most importantly for Being here looks like he definitely

Needs the rest I thought he's quite I Thought he was decent compared to what He has been in the first off at space But then I think Second off we see much of the problems That have phased in the season and to be Honest the whole midfields in general It's a bit passive letting teams got cut Right through them I think there's one Point where three players went for the Same ball and Benton Co went through all Of them so it sort of sums up the Problem what is it that you like about Seven by Tess then it looks comfortable At the age of I believe 17 He looks very very comfortable on the Ball I looked at him deputy's house yeah I Really like him there's a player in There and the clothes as Declan says He's comfortable he's calm he doesn't Mind putting a foot in but he pops the Ball off quickly as well yeah he's so Good some of the balls I think he came On earlier on the season the balls he Was ping them now are incredible I love How he doesn't panic he can receive the Ball with his back obviously but facing The goal Um and he's always on the AFT here and It looks like he can get past the player He can take them on he's winning the Ball high up the pitch he's got lots of Energy there's a really good base there

And Foundation there for a really good Footballer Um and you know when you've had to try And show yourself again for being here Which he doesn't have to do he's a 17 Year old lad Um who's just coming through but for Being used being one of the best in the World of doing that Um and we've got leaders in our sides Who will help him through this but I Just think he comes on the pitch and he Looks like the the biggest compliments I Can give him is he looks like he plays Weekend week I don't whenever he comes In you can't tell her he's not a player That doesn't start we can week out and He carries himself like a footballer as Well doesn't he and he looks dead skinny Um but he's got some strength on him is That lad Um I wouldn't like anyone to go on a Slider with him I feel like he could Break a leg but based off like shrugging Them about and shoulder to shoulder I Think he's got it in I'm sure yeah Excited to see him but if you ask me who I'm most excited to see it be outside Chamberlain I just want to see where He's up to I enjoyed them PCS and I Don't want to keep saying this but I I'm So upset with fluoxet Chamberlain Because when he first came in I adored Him I still adore him now he's one of

Those players I'm a bit fine I don't Know how to explain it wouldn't be K to Get into the more angry at win the Navigator situation than I'm with Ox at Times I just feel like ox at the Beginning if he doesn't get that ACL Injury against rainbow when he was at The peak of his powers he's been Incredible for us and I think he's been Available more than catering just hasn't Been used and and I'm excited to say I'm Excited for him because if he is leaving This the end of the season I want him to At least experience some field a couple More times and get you know local ads You might have not been at the level for Liverpool you might not have always been Available but you love the club and I Can see that so I'm absolutely sad we're Giving you all the support here's a Question where the Rocks play they can't If he does start well obviously you've Got midfielders is the obvious The obvious option however I think There's an alternative depends on people Are gonna like it Depends on a new year you can decide to Go foreign But we could see it we definitely could See it I think we could see you know I Think when you look when you think of Liverpool's four with options for me Anyway you've got motion you've got Roberto for me to get Darwin Nunes

That's it at the minute no they're your Three day your three lives so the Obvious ones if you stick into four Three three as you throw Elliott and you Throw car value on either Wing yeah There's a big gaping hole in the Middle Where you've got to use Nunez or Saleh Or Roberto firmino or Alex Oxley Chamberlain I'm just saying I'm not Endorsing it either I'm like Declan I'm Not gonna hungry hat on this but Chloe We've seen him used there before and It's League one opposition will we see Alex Oxley Chamberlain playing the Number nine position for Liverpool he's Not there and I started landline Off top um and to be fair So you can't put Elliott or car value There can you yeah Could play seller up top which is what I'd personally do because I just tell Solo to go again you've got you know a Month-long break to go and have a Holiday and enjoy your life Um I'd ask him to go again twice saying That you know he has shot to go against Mitchell underway one week and we didn't See him for about six months so Um you know I don't want it don't want To jinx anything Um but you could see Ox I think it was The African nations where he came and he Played up top and I think it was either Palace or Bournemouth where is

I think he did he did really well Um and you know He did that's arguably when we got our Phone back before that we reduced to Chelsea didn't we the Afghan Nations and We turned it around a little bit and Doggedy so we know he can play that role I wouldn't like him playing there Um but you know if that's really the Option we've got to go with I'm Sam with Him being up top against Derby County to Be honest I mean if you can't do it Against League one opposition ooh can You do it against you know what I mean I Don't think it'll show you down to him Like no if you can't do this false now At all against against the league one of These music he's on the right side of my Midfield that's where I'm parked okay Okay I've got a bit different if we're Gonna go on I think we've all gone quite Different it's on this team which I'm Really interested to see so who is the Most important player to rest of the Front three then let's say it's Bobby It's noon as it's hello I think doing this personally and hear Me out of course people will be saying Oh you're mad aren't you whatever but Salah's got the break anyway with it not Going to the World Cup For me you know It's not really in the Brazil I think he's making an argument to start

I don't think he will start against Gabriel Asus but I I think for me yeah Enough to go on that show always always I think he'll come on with 20 minutes Ago What what can you do there yeah they've Got no Charleston to bring on the 17th I Think he'll spend some time there Darwin Noon as you have the weekend exactly Absolutely I mean he looked gone this their goal From hurricane comes from him Half-heartedly tracking back because He's tired then TR go half personally Trap him back and there's just space in Between both of them I think he looked shattered which is Absolutely mental because I feel like Out of the front threes arguably had the Biggest rest because he got a red card Which was on three games he then got Injured and sat out Nottingham Forest Um do you think this might be to do with The fact that he's playing on that left Wing and it's not a position that he's Primed for like you just do left less Running essential I suppose don't you Feel less Sprint certainly especially With that that formation which was like A the narrow formation where it seemed Like no one was there to help Bravo at All he's at we've not played well enough Which means there's even more work for You to do

Um or fallbacks do so much Salah does so Much you might not see it from you know On TV but in the ground So I think Java Nunes he's been the one He's been busting the gutter get back That's why he clocked the fastest time He had in the Premier League was because He was probably running back trying to Help us out because we lost our heads And gone all the way I think we're all Agree then that would do this is the one That you rest and also he's playing the Most of the World Cup as well probably Out of all of them yeah that's probably Right as well dollars now okay we're Gonna have another little break here We've got a November competition for you For all of our red men plus subscribers Check out this [ __ ] Hey welcome do you like boss Liverpool Signed memorabilia well you're gonna Love being a club Legend on whether you're an Existing Club captain or fresh and new To the whole concept of our extra Streaming service uh if you join all of The two Club Legend You're automatically Entered into this month's prize draw for This wonderful signed Liverpool retro Top signed by a blue scrubbler and by Ronnie wheelan as well to Legends of the Club too many one everything for Liverpool Football Club when you can get Them and their signature signed on that

Wonderful vintage Liverpool home shirt Sent to you so yes head to or if you're there Already upgrade your subscription and Get your name in the prize draw There you go then excellent competition You just need to be a club Legend Subscriber to Redman plush it's that Simple really isn't it and you get loads Of other benefits like 20 off free Tickets to a live show we'll be doing a Live show actually in town next Sunday For till 18ks you'll give you a red men Plus subscriber you get free tickets to Them so why don't you just sign up and Get yourself some free tickets to a live Show because who would you rather spend Sunday afternoon with than me dancing on The bar in a bar in Liverpool anyway Um we're gonna get into your 11s now Um You Might prefer Chloe On Sunday I didn't sign off to make myself look Like in our bed that was just you okay So I'll do that it's fine I'll do I'll Throw the morning at you instead you're Gonna stick it every time Oh there you go wow okay apparently it's A date Um right it's the star on 11's now Um coloring goal yeah yeah see yeah go On cloud give us yours first No in fact You wanna die let's go first definitely Go first mate okay I think he's he's got

Over his heroics in the final I see if Starting off we know he's more than good Enough probably start for most premier League sides yeah I had to argue Probably maybe not City maybe not a Couple more like top top six but profit Now fine yeah Uh well right back it's got to be around He's right because it needs a break He needs to work on his Defender but he Also needs a break No one I'll just vote on one sec I'll Justify this a second because of that Right now I don't subscribe to this Narrative that Trent is this bloody Atrocious Defender is he's okay he's Like I can't tell who's not that great But you know it doesn't get as much Attention from the media Trent is a Decent defender on his day but sometimes Like mostly this season he has another Day it defensively certainly But it's not as bad as it gets me though To be yeah definitely not because Otherwise club would have [ __ ] them off Years ago and we wouldn't want all these Trophies with chance Alexander Arnold at Right back so Carolina Welcome sling his Hook as well with all this stuff last Night oh and knockout football Trent Doesn't he [ __ ] does okay Exactly exactly so if Trends up I didn't Know how football Australian level says I've only put one all these trophies

Anyway we'll move on to set up From the squad because he's terrible not How football or League football just Terrible right we'll go Gomez and Phillips I think at Center back I Wouldn't risk canate or Van Dyke in this Game and Mata we know probably so well 25 chance which is no chance really Isn't yeah Left back It's just me going on yeah oh yeah hey I Think he's impressed so far he's got a Couple of assists and Rubble probably Needs to rest that's the big big massive Performance yesterday even like what the 85th minute yeah Coming off the pitch trying to get us up To pitch trying to get us out of that Trouble we were in we were just defend Them constantly so yeah he needs to rest Against and against Derby have you got Any differences in your back line no my Back line is exactly the same You know what I mean well let's let's Keep that in mind Who have you gone with in your Midfield Three Needs arrest Jones I think this is the perfect game For them to come back into from the Start With all his injury and that he needs to Build momentum up ahead of the next side Of the season after the World Cup and

Stuff and then Jordan enson Or James Miller it's really a toss-up a Vital experience with the two youngsters We've got in the Midfield agreed Miami Feels exactly the same as that I've got A feeling that it might be one Um Alex Oxley Chamberlain in yours Garbage him and then I forgot about Jordan Anderson okay Um Nice have to change that might not yeah Probably the same then I wanted to put Oxen in the right hand side there's a Nice space Where you can play so you're going by Tatty tender and Jones as well see That's what I've done Okay I'll start I've done three aren't Gonna be the same all right okay so over You got offerings right so right wing I've gone for Salah okay because I think As I said as we all said before he's not Going to work up you can probably afford To play him and you know if they are if Derby are giving us a game and you know You're struggling to get a goal give Them all seller Bank probably one nil Maybe two maybe three years Who's on your left car value yeah if you Operates quite well in the left wing Here we go when he has featured and we Know he's got that big feature ahead and Upfront of front it's not going to be Oxidative you're not playing them at all

There's a bendo no he's on the bench Familino for me for me I think yeah Exactly yeah you want to go through you Know what I mean and I will be tempted To start newness for the confidence Boost of obviously if he bags one or two But That I think Bobby should be good enough To get the job done okay mine is Elliot On the right Oh Carvalho on the left Oxley Chapel in the front but I would Really prefer to see bendo I would love to see Bento but I would Love to I'm not sure I'm not sure he's Ready I don't know I I like look all I know is That every time they've pulled over Champions League game he scores goals And that you flea again he's locked on Fire see like was that Rangers it means He scored some bounces this season Already and I want to watch him yeah Because I don't watch the unders and all That so Um I I want to highlight every now and Again but I just sort of forget about Them so if everyone's reading about it Again I know yeah yeah snowman like one Or two in the afternoon Then oxy on the right salary top car Value on the left okay I think that Makes more sense yeah no no and we'll Look Elliot the first teamer as well

Yeah so it might be a bit I think we Said before we've played Elliott a bit Too much I think he deserves a rest I'm gonna Change mine then to auction on the right Guys And then and there we go so Now that we've clearly predicted the Teams right between us one of us must Have got it right what are your score Predictions Should be comfortable I mean famous last Words I think like free nail free one Something like that okay especially with My with my 11 with salad and firmino up Top mate she'll definitely be yeah I Think you're I think I probably won't be Predicting Athena I'm going to see let's Play Derby in the cup a few years ago it Must have been about 2016 or something When we won three mil away from home It's one of my favorites ever away days I always reference it because it was a League I think it was a League Cup early Round it was either League Cup or an FA Cup early round and the atmosphere was Literally one of my favorite ways I've Ever been to Derby in the cup three now It was [ __ ] brilliant because my Favorite Liverpool chances Um live a bed no yeah I'm terrible at Singing them but on my chest Yeah shanky made is famous Paige made

The sinking resistable okay and he is a King and that just went on for about 20 Minutes and that never goes on anywhere And that and that was one of those I was Just like it was just my absolute Favorite Two Nils Liverpool for me anyway I'm For You Chloe I was gonna say to you now and I was gonna say three now so I'll have To go four now because it's going to get A shame sounds completely understand Yeah you just can't I mean On the right hand side As well Okay okay I'm thinking your team he Probably will because you just feed him Yeah So there you go let us know your start 11's in the comments section below Please don't forget to like the video And check out all of yesterday's Incredible content on Redman plus not Only did we have to draw on YouTube we Have red men reacts on Redman plus then We are character and Neville reacting With poor Mage into the news that Liverpool have been put up for sale We've got a red memory ax for that as Well get over to Redman plus right now And we will hold your hand through the Ups and downs of supporting and Following Liverpool Football Club thank You very much for joining me Chloe thank You very much for joining me Declan

Thank you to Amber and Joe on the one Twos and threes we'll see you all next Time Thank you so so much for joining us on This video do drop a like and share it On social media if you enjoyed and if You want more from us please do consider Joining red men plus our Liverpool Streaming service get access to Documentaries about Liverpool Legends Past and presents interviews with Liverpool Legends past and presents and More red Men shows each and every week In video and in podcast it's