Liverpool Through In Second Place | Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | LFC FAN REACTIONS

By | November 1, 2022

Liverpool Through In Second Place | Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | LFC FAN REACTIONS

Errol is here with YOUR thoughts after Liverpool won 2-0 against Napoli at Anfield to send them through to the round of 16!



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Thanks for clicking on this video if you Want more content just like this head Over to and sign up as a Club legend or a club Captain you'll get Picked such as 20 off all armage two Free pieces of merch every single year And you'll also be in our Discord and Facebook group so you can talk to other Reds what more could you really ask for See you there [Music] Hello everybody welcome back to the Redman TV good evening good morning good Night wherever you are around the world If you're watching you have just Witnessed Liverpool finally getting a Little glimmer of revenge against the Napoli side probably the form team of The York across the whole of the whole Of the continent at the moment and they Are head to put heads and shoulders Above most other teams and their top of Their league as well on Serie A but it Didn't matter tonight why because Liverpool dispatched them to nil in the End of anfield in match day six of the Champions League you know what time it Is I'm your host edel and I will be Taking you through your fan reaction so Without further Ado let's jump straight Into it FPL skills over on YouTube says Well that was a solid display from The Lads against an informed side hopefully This will give us an extra Edge going

Into Sunday's encounter however Tottenham won't be short of confidence Even after their result yeah Um if you was watching the watch along We had uh eyes on the other games as Well and the scores and the results that Were coming in and I think it was Tottenham with a late winner they only Needed a point Um To rarely get through The game however obviously or obviously To get through the group stages however Um they was able to go on and get a late A late winner so that was 2-1 in the end And they will have a little bit of Confidence themselves but do you know What all we could worry about today was Liverpool doing their business uh and Resting a few players was able to Introduce a few young players as well And get some minutes under the belt for Them as well uh Nick in the van his Welcome as a Wonder kid Nick let us know Some of your thoughts and comments as Well my guy and because you're able to Share some of your thoughts now in this Particular show so let us know how you Felt the game went Brian glow says were You very happy with that result even Though we left it lay two nil against The best inform team should help the Short-term confidence and make the Players feel like they've got a point to

Prove against spares absolutely I think This spare side and I'm probably in the Best form of their lives as well they've Probably struggled a little bit over the Last couple of weeks especially in the Prem So all things can all things that we can Kind of work on from our own our Standpoint is making sure that we can Kind of capitalize it's one thing that We fell short time and time again this Season being able to build momentum We've been able to get good results here And there but we've not really been able To maintain and sustain up so Sunday is An important game because there's not That many games left now before the World Cup and it would be nice to go and Even if it is just a miniature run it'd Be nice to go on not between now and the Middle of November everyone says well Done the lads hopefully that'll give Them the confidence of Sunday's best Everyone's mind's already gone to space I think that's just because of the the Low stake nature of this particular game Everybody's now inclined to feel Like that spares game is the All-important one and Melanie young 11 Says would have loved three Lads on Slightly earlier but very much looking Forward to the future with these bullies Yeah yeah absolutely 100 there couple Other comments that I will skip back to

In that chat but let's go over to the Twitter as well or before we go over to Twitter actually let's look at this the Discord group and see what the members Are saying red mem Plus members Sparrow Says it was great to see Darwin cause an Absolute chaos in the oppositions Box as Usual but it was the type of consistent Performance we've been begging for yeah And it was I think from my perspective I Think the the formations there's a lot More it seemed like everybody seem to be On song do you understood the Requirements What was needed where they needed to be There was a lot more communication there Was times when I could see James Miller Shouting over to Canada to say you know You need to cover chance higher up the Pitch you need to be covering dropping Off into the space he's your man and I Think those type of things sometimes Called noticeable when we've not been Playing particularly well they're the Things you need to double down on the Things you really need to be kind of in A forward with your teammates you really Do need to be signaling to them and Giving them those extra instructions and James Milner is in that Squad whatever You think of his actual ability and his Fitness and all the rest of it he you Know that leadership and not the the how Vocal he is on the pitch cannot be

Understated or underrated rarely Joshua Says the Reds winning is always the best Medicine every time I watch Darwin he Makes me more convinced he's going to be Boss when it all clicks together now a Nice draw on Friday please the draw Josh Isn't on Friday I heard the lads talking In the background before saying that the Drawer is going to be Monday the 7th of November so correct me if I'm wrong in The chat because I'm not 100 but I think It might be next Monday and after the Spurs game so keep your eyes peeled for That because obviously we know that we Finished second in the group now which Means that we will be facing potential Well we'll be facing all the winners of The group state of the groups that they Was in aside from all the English teams Is what I was trying to say there for a Tripped over my way sorry quad ball 23 Says I'll take that solid defensive Performance standard two nil boarding Win for the Reds shout out to Costas for Some outstanding Corners everyone did Their job Like going to get extra sausage rolls And not spectacular but tasty and Satisfying just don't look uh look too Carefully at those ingredients yeah Don't go to the exercises rolls all that Often but it is what it is hibs over on Twitter and we'll take you over to the Twitter comments now and let you know

What these guys have been saying so hibs He says well that was a good result Decent battling performance defense look Good for the most part fourth drones did Well especially in that first half let's Just beat spares on the weekend Yeah things like I said everyone's Attention is already turned into that Space game but yeah I think we was there Was a lot more of a competitive approach Almost you know there was a few silly Files that we give away but I like that A like who's leaving not leaving like a Bad tackle on someone but putting your Body on the line getting in there Getting a little bit physical winning Your battles more importantly I think That was really important set the tempo For the game as well for us Um love this physical approach of Liverpool play especially our defenses Defenders for being your bull in their Midfield it was so refreshing yeah so I'm not the only one who obviously Thought that kind of approach was a Refreshing from us I think it had to be Seen that I'm laid back nine nine and The first one is laid back is the name Suggests to see a Liverpool physical Approach it must have been impressive And Owen Hampshire says never doubted Nunez he's all always been and will be World class I don't know if he's always Be world class I think the kid's got a

Very high ceiling But weekend week out I'm just starting To love the guy more and more he's Unconventional Is chaotic He's all over the place what you can't Question this kid's desire or this he is Want to be in the mixes want to be a Nuisance for Defenders he's absolutely Got that down to a fine art and if he Can build on that in terms of some of His link or play bringing other players In his decision making at times and Obviously his his output in front of Goal I think we've got an absolute well Beat it on our hands and long mayor Continue Dan says it's a long season and Performance is like that today remind us What this team is capable of get to the World cup with three more wins under our Belt and then go for the rest let's not Let this be another fall storm well That's fingers crossed that is exactly What I was hoping there aren't that many Games now between now and the World Cup Let's just try and rack up as many wins As we can before by hook or crook Whatever formation Works let's just do It by any means necessary get over the Line into the World Cup rest get players Back and then we've got something to Play for now in a new year yeah we are Going to be up against it but in order To be up against it and be facing it you

Know potentially one of the Europeans Better sides One of your special sides I should say It's going to require us to massively Improve our levels we've got plenty of Time almost four and a half months Potentially before that second leg comes Up and anything can happen between now And then I expect a completely different Liverpool side at that point in time one That's flying high on confidence one That's got a few more new members within The squad and one that's probably Hopefully in a lot better form as well So that's what I'm looking for Um Look solid for the change yes we did Banjo says average for me again in a Dead rubber means nothing unless we win Our next League game and you know what I Respect the realism I really do because It was a dead rubber ball who's playing For prior today this Monopoly team of Royalty in Battlefield once this season Who's playing for that not to happen Again so even on a personal level I Think A lot of these Lads will probably just Want them to make sure that they want to Just say you know what we can still beat The best of the best and I know they've Done it on a few occasions this season Already but we're not doing it Consistently in order to do it

Consistently we've kind of got to be What's in front of us and today we had To beat her a really good defensive Napoli side that were able to cause his Troubles I don't think they they had us Under the cost at any point in time I Don't think we struggled for periods I Think we was always well in control of The game Um so yeah uh RAF says we did not Concede against the inform side in Europe right now I am happy with our Performance and that's it I really like Again this was a game of more I wanted To see more of a performance than the Result because the results ultimately Didn't matter too much but the Performance had to be there and it's one Of the few occasions where we could have You you was hoping that the performance Was going to be there but we was Actually able to to cash in at the end Of the day and Phil says quietly Impressed from sloppy periods but was Hard for one uh it was a hard fought one The Napoli Gobi in this alarm seemed to Spark the game into life newness causing Chaos when he came on let's hope some of These positives translate to the weekend Who knows were those this season and That's it in it that's the million Dollar question what Liverpool will turn Up against Spears Is it going to be the Liverpool that's

Beating Napoli and beaten City in recent Weeks or is it going to be the Liverpool Side that lost back to back stinkers Against Leeds and modern Forest who Knows it's so hard to predict right now But the more that we get results like This surely the more confidence has got A sort of feedback into these Lads like We know that we're not as bad as not on Protestant leads we know that is not Going to be our consistent form over the Season can we drag out the consistent Format change you into you know Potential champions of a cup or got good Enough to go on to get a run to get into The qualifiers for the Champions League Whatever it might be Liverpool have just Got to find that level consistently over The course of 10 to 15 games from now Till I'd say Obviously March April time Before you can really judge to see what Liverpool team have shown up more often Than not the season Holly Parkinson says It's so Liverpool to beat Man City the Best team in England losing Nottingham Forest and leads two of the worst teams In England and then beat the most Informed team in Europe all in back to Back games yeah Madness almost as mad uh As Darwin we are like a box of frogs at The moment Jay says like night and day Compared to Leeds although not the most High pressure game we've played all Season Nunez is Bonkers and I am here

For it he's only going to get better so Bring on spares #lfc yeah absolutely A couple of these comments then guys Before we wrap up the show make sure you Stay tuned Ramen TV have got you boxed As always with your post match content Because in about 10 15 minutes Steve Will be headed over to that Infamous Board over there to go through your Player rating so make sure you stick Around help them out get some comments In the comment section leave some scores And some player ratings let us know who Your man of the match was as well and he Will read out some of the best comments In that show and then after that we will Then be diving straight into our instant Match reaction for all of you red men Plus members so you will be able to get The instant match reaction uh live as it Comes out live with those you can sit With us and leave some of your comments In the Discord as well and I'm sure Steve will get around to reading some of Those and don't get me wrong there's Still there's still content being pumped Out from the ground I know the lads and Girls are over there posting post-match Content outside anfield tonight Um So yeah as always Redman got you boxed Uh we've got foreign Happy with the win happy with the clean

Sheet can we take that through to the Weekend please we had a great team and We can beat anyone well done more Champions League top scorer yeah again Mo Salah gets another goal under this Belt Um I think it was a bit of a he was Blown hot and cold for me tonight mostly I think some of his Touches at times let Him down I think a couple of the balls That he played at the right intention But probably didn't have the right Delivery Um but in front of gold he didn't have Many chances and he was just feeding off Scraps in the end but he's there Jolly On the spot when it matters most to help Kick the ball over the line uh from a Corner after no wasn't even like it was Nunez yeah he thought it was very Van Dyke but it was Nunez that gets the Header on that as well so in the end he Gets the goal enough of this tally will Do in the world of good I think he'll Probably settle for Champions League top Scorer if Liverpool can go on a good run This season So massive massive achievement for him So keep that up Mo because we need you To take that form into the weekend as Well Stuart Armstrong says the most Liverpool thing to do comfortably the Most informed team in the Champions League after getting trunched by

Relegation for that canal take calm to Defense right down an absolutely Brilliant performance yeah I had a lot Of people shouting that out in my on my Twitter earlier saying canate Ebu is the Difference Maker absolutely uh Behemoth Other man and it's great to see you know When we've been able to bring him back I Think that defensive line looked a lot More stable he looked more competitive And and they actually looked up for it I Think you know from a defensive Standpoints I think he was pretty on Point tonight and so yeah happy with That Melanie young says would have loved The three Lads on slightly earlier I've Read that one so sorry it's crossbow With the one pound 79 super just says Nunez show in the media he's not a flop Absolutely love it Kenneth Williams says Though it was a thought it was a good Game tonight he's kept the clean sheet As well which was good the boys were Professional tonight and let's hope we Can kick on enjoy Sunday because that Says well done Reds were really uh patient in the Turnover which was key the team it seems To be bonding again yet the team's body Language seemed a lot better tonight I Definitely agree with that Nick and a Van says thank you for the comments as Well I appreciate you sharing some of Your thoughts might be easy to say but

With that that we had nothing riding on The game but it has to be said that a Team that is struggling with consistency We need to take the positives where we Can I absolutely 100 agree with that Definitely take the positives out of This game and that's why I was looking Forward to this game if I'm honest Because I knew it would be a welcome Distraction I knew the shackles would be Often allowed to just kind of go for it And the only pressure was the pressure That he was going to put on themselves But they put enough pressure on to Remain professional and put in a good Performance I think that's really Important uh we have to start somewhere Then I'll do nicely is what Nick follows Up with Dicky or you read says Confidence boost for the last five look Good if not back to his best Kate has Played well Ebu was immense Thiago and Millie do their jobs overall pleasing Performance from the Reds and Ramsay Actually exists yeah and he's not a Hologram and that's actually really Reassured him to see but yeah um Confidence boost I think cases Jones Had good moments today I think he he Surprised me he was a bit of a surprise Package he probably offered more on that Left-hand side than I thought he was Capable of and I'm glad that he was able To do that in it with his uh performance

Tonight Fab look good I don't know if He's anywhere near his best but he did Look good the formation definitely Helped yes fight for the wins from the Face to the last Whistle 100 agree with That as well I think that was something That was really crucial it's a nice Performance the fact that we was really Up for the battle and you know not Getting out for and not getting out run By teams has been a problem for Liverpool this season and tonight was One of those performances for me where We proved that we can go Toe to Toe uh James Lim says we look Charlotte today Ebu played well and looked good with him Uh and we look good with him in there Fair from set pieces as well Robo Nunez And Henderson in for Costas Jones Bobby And Milner against Spears Fab look good The hero says average averages to poor Has been our problem give the team props For fighting Regardless of the opposition or the Stakes yeah you've got to give props Where props a Jew and James finally Comes back and says Thiago around the Midfield and Calvin Ramsey look good in His little Cameo Thiago is key was the Final comment there yeah it was nice to See some of those young Lads getting a Bit of a game time potentially would Have been nice to see them get a little Bit more but this is probably just them

Building up to uh The League Cup game I Think that's against derby Um so yeah that's probably just leading Up to that and that's probably when We'll see I'll probably wholesale Changes in the Liverpool side uh when we Come up against them in the League Cup In a couple of days well just over a Week's time I think it's next Tuesday Maybe and so you just have to keep your Eyes before that there's still quite a Few games to go before we break up for The World Cup Um but yeah Liverpool have safely Navigated their way out to the group Stages we already knew that but we Finished second overall on 15 points we Beat Napoli got a little bit of personal Professional Pride back and a little bit Of Revenge it was a good performance and The result was dead as well and Allison Was able to keep it clean show all Around happy Reds happy Lads Happy fan Base and you will catch up with us again Soon because we've still got plenty of Post-match content and I will speak to You all again take care bye Get closer to Liverpool Football Club And the Magnificent city of Liverpool Over on red men plus our Liverpool Streaming service documentaries features More content from the Rev men's studio And you can learn deep and in-depth Knowledge from experts journalists and

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