Liverpool FAVORITES for Jude Bellingham! But would he prefer Man City with Haaland & Pep? | ESPN FC

By | November 4, 2022

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens take a look at the future of Jude Bellingham after reports said Liverpool are the current favorites to sign him. Juls is unsure if he would go to Merseyside if Liverpool don’t qualify for the Champions League, while Gab feels he could be the catalyst for a turnaround at the club.

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James Ollie reporting that Liverpool are Currently viewed as the favorites to Sign Jude Bellingham from Borussia Dortmund according to the sources he's Spoken to now most likely this isn't Going to be in January it's going to be In the summer there's a host of other Club's Usual Suspects around Madrid Although I don't really get Why Real Madrid need Jude Bellingham uh that Badly Manchester City United Chelsea Blah blah blah they all want to sign Them Um Is this a good way for FSG to spend Their money I mean they need they need To revamp the Midfield to start with uh Is it better to spend it on one Incredible player for 150 million or Three very good ones for 50 each I don't know uh I'll we I mean we love Joe Bellingham everybody loves Jude Bellingham would you come to Liverpool If they don't qualify for the Champions League next season I'm not sure do they Haven't get enough Champions League Football what is it like oh no I don't Want to go to liver then you come to Liverpool if you like cop and yeah yeah Either you know I mean there's there's a Lot of there's an environment there's a Context if they finish eight in the Premier League for example and City also Won you with pep and pep said to you

That you're going to play in Midfield With rodrigue and Kevin De bruyne behind Your your mate Holland I'm sorry but if You're just Bellingham you can tell me Right now that you would rather Liverpool than anybody else but if they Finish eight and City come knock in with More money more weight biggest wages Anything you want I'm not sure he Chooses Liverpool diversity and pep and Harley and the Brain I'll say this Um about that and I believe Jude Billingham hasn't won anything yet uh Hasn't won any leagues yeah and we're a Champions League Um I always wonder like Then we said this about Harry Kane too Right if you move to a team like city That is so dominant yeah you'll win Silverware that's what I want and maybe You'll do it as a protagonist although I'm not no jubelian will ever be the Best player at Manchester City as long As Kevin De bruyne and early Holland are There Um or you go to Liverpool and You kind of cue the turnaround you turn Liverpool back into the force they were Very very recently I don't know he speaks I suspect he Speaks to Holland all the time imagine Holland describing pep guardiola's Training sessions or things like that I Think if you're betting everything okay

I can go to the next level with that Maybe within December club and maybe he Speaks to I don't know curses Jones Say Club is Grand Club is this and that Maybe maybe hey wait a year when I moved Around Madrid and team up with Killian Mbappe you can be behind us but I'm just Saying that surely It's his choice they take the whole Context in to decide where to go I do Think 150 million which I believe this Would be that would be a world record For a player in his position yeah I Don't think I mean what's the most Expensive Central Midfield talk about 100 million I think you know Um I think that's a ton of money Um and I think Liverpool We won't know for certain but I kind of Feel as Michael Edwards were still there I don't know how much money Liverpool Have to spend obviously with FSG and Whatever but I wonder if they wouldn't be taking a Slightly different approach on that Maybe maybe Thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN App and for live streaming premium Content and let's not forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week subscribe to ESPN Plus