Liverpool are UP FOR SALE! Positives or negatives for the Reds? | PL Express | ESPN FC

By | November 7, 2022

The PL Express duo talk through breaking news that Fenway Sports Group have put Liverpool up for sale.
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Janice if you're looking to treat Yourself for Christmas Liverpool's up For sale Big news today what are your thoughts on It oh I mean we've heard some rumors and Obviously it's fresh I was trying to Think about it I mean there could be Some positives depending on on what sort Of owners are going to come in this is Just going to be third party and and Maybe uh Fenway Sports Group is going to Be just helped or if it's if it's a sale Outright What sort of owner is this estate owner That I think Liverpool owners will not Be happy about we're just talking about Newcastle right and I know fans are fans They just want their team to play well But that's certainly not going to sit Well with a lot of the people as well or Maybe he's just a different owner that's Gonna may actually take Liverpool to That next level because we all know that There are limitations to Liverpool there Are two or three years where they could Match Manchester City but now Manchester City is getting away because uh FSG Obviously is not willing to fight and Spend the sort of money that Newcastle Are spending will spend Manchester City And some others right I mean I think there's a real realization at FSG dot the game went to a different Level and we want to run Liverpool in a

Fiscally responsible way but that may Not be Possible if we have to continue to You know to spend like others right so So let's see what group is going to come In right now but also how's that going To benefit I was gonna not benefit but What the relationship is going to be Your organ Club he has had a great Relationship with John Henry and FSG is He going to look at that and say well That's not for me that's not how I want To do it so so yes just so many Unanswered questions right now we will See uh which direction And what FSG is going to do are they Going to be conscious of looking at Perspective buyers in a way that is Gonna Um that is gonna be okay with the Liverpool supporters I can they're gonna Look specifically for somebody that has The the well-being and the Heart of Liverpool in mind or they're just going To sell to the highest bidder that's Going to be interesting to me thank you Very much for watching ESPN FC on YouTube for more highlights analysis and Exclusive content be sure to subscribe