Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | The Final Whistle

By | November 1, 2022

Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | The Final Whistle

Ste and Errol give you their immediate thoughts after Liverpool won 2-0 against Napoli in the Champions League group stage!



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Right then there we go the final whistle Goes at anfield Mo Salah 85th minute Goal poking home saved here from Virgil Van Dyke from close range and then in The 98th minute Darwin Nunez does the Exact same it was probably going Anywhere fans like saved it was Trickling him but Darwin Nunez initially Flagged offside but he gives the goal he Was on sale after the the VAR check and Yes Liverpool ends their Champions League group stage with yet another win Of course the two nil win wasn't enough To take them to the top of the group They will finish in second place but They get a very very much needed win at All and I very much need the clean Sheets and what I would say is that two Excellence I thought Napoli were Brilliant there for the most part he did A very good team Liverpool match them And get the job done I like to say Confidence-wise great salary made up for His gold noodles and be made up for his Goal and you can walk into Tottenham With a little bit more confidence I Suppose because Liverpool have shown There and this again this is the Inconsistency of the red so far they've Just played very very well against a Very very good team well yeah and you'll Take massive confidence the formation Seems to work a lot more in office today I think that's one

Noteworthy in that respect I also think The clean cheese as you mentioned is a Massive boost for the lad's confidence Another Define example of set pieces I Think all season for those really one of The things that I've I've noticed is set Pieces we've been become really Effective at them yes Um and we've managed to find Different Scholars at different times to Be able to go on and score Nunez almost Comes up with an assistant for the set Piece that you know getting on the end Of it yeah across from cost us we Already know cost accessibility from it You know from a dead ball situation Ultimately this is Probably In terms of the performance not Necessarily just the result because Again it didn't seem like it was a high Stakes but in terms of knowing that You're going to be up against a really Good team that are going to be up for it I genuinely feel as though this was Um one of our better performance as far As this season it's been hard to really Judge us against the likes of bomb if it Was hard to judges against the Rangers You know City seemed like a bit of an Anomaly for You know the the how well we performed And was able to keep them output I think In terms of knowing this Napoli side

Knowing that they haven't been beaten All Season across all competitions no One had to Flying high in in this area It was a really really important win for Us today and I think we should take a Lot of confidence from that but like Anything with Liverpool at the moment The only certainty is that we've been Inconsistent you know we can go on and Freaking win today but we might drop a Stinker against Tottenham on the weekend Just that's just how we've we've you Know we found ourselves so you know in Isolation I've enjoyed the Champions League because we can We can have it as a welcome destruction But the reality is the hard way because We have to start again for these Lads Tomorrow we're not to kind of reprogram Themselves to focus on the weekends task Ahead absolutely but let's say we're in Liverpool the area is taking out the Champions League Liverpool did that he Actually lost one game you know it's Just it's just what happened that Napoli Did the same yeah and they it was Because they whacked Us in that very First game of the Tom Olympia got the Job done yeah in terms like all the Results around the league of course we Know Tottenham got a very very late win At top dig so yeah coming second place Could be an issue I mean FC Paul's over There for us and if if things cause you

As they usually go if you're in there as Well no no they come second so yeah yeah So it's it's as it stands I go through The table right now very very quickly Obviously portal one there group so They're an option buying an option We can't draw Tottenham of course TLC Milan will cross that bridge later But it looks like it's going to be Chelsea we can't draw them obviously Real Madrid We can't get Man City PSG so basically You're looking at one of PSG Real monster Hits Bayern Munich or Porto so we're up Against it too you know well it's not Easy yeah that's what that's where That's the difference between going top And circle yes again things could change Tomorrow and other results can happen But as it stands that looks like the Most likely one of those four but again Things change because other teams can't Draw other teams it all it'll all work Itself I will build job done but it Looked like it'll It's gonna be a difficult last 16 game Whoever it is really everyone everyone You know it is what it is well yeah for Me it is what it is but on top of that I Expect It to be a completely different Liverpool side mentally Personnel potentially

On four wise I feel as though it will be A completely different Liverpool side by The time we come back the game is so far Away yeah I mean it could again it Almost feels like Um correct me if I'm wrong in a chat or Maybe yourself but that difference in Time feels like the Liverpool side that Was chasing a quad to this point in time Has been a team that could pretty much Push aside anyone and all of a sudden we Struggle to form it's four or five Months later well you're gonna go all of November now this is the first day of November so practically all November all Of December all of January and in the Middle of February so that's the better Part of three and a half nearly four Months before you're gonna come up Against your opposition that's almost The same space of time that our formers Flipped on attack so first game it could Be as later by the way it depends on the Games but like the round of 16 games Because they splits around the 16 up the Fit it's either the 14th or the 15th or The 25th it could be the end near the End of Feb it could be like the middle Of March before you play the second leg Of that yeah anyway yeah a long time There's a transfer window for always on The whole of your floor it's a long long Way off so who knows by now we'll figure It all out later down the line but yeah

That's it going back to this game we'll Talk more about it later by the way We've got the fan reaction so if you had All the socials at all have you covered There uh get your get your thoughts and Comments in now and I'll read the best Of those out later on I'll be at the Board for the play ratings and then Later on again Redman plus we'll have to Fall into the match reaction and Tomorrow morning the final word there's Also coverage from the ground that right Now where Paul and Chloe and the guys Are down there so we have tons to get You covered and we're going to in-depth And loads of things later on but I just Want to talk about this formation change Very very quickly is it a one-off just Because he wanted to give certain Players a rest or do you think he's Going back to four three three I I think He'll from what he's seen today I think 433 again now we've got the option of Canarsity back there defensively as well Kind of being able to come in we looked A lot more solid and more solid you'll Be able to kind of rely on the high line Again or look to try and rest on The High Line I should say and then on top Of that I think you've also got the Likes of as you mentioned before the Additions in Midfield now that you can Kind of call to to keep that level there To keep the engine to keep the energy

Within Midfield I think there are Options I think Harvey is I gave him Um you know it was a little bit hard on Them the other day because I didn't Think that is his best game but I think He came on him and replaced him on a Pretty much from the start of the second Half I think he did really well I think He was Um worked really hard I'm about to do well on that right hand Side I think does the longer the game went on I think the better we looked we looked In more control of the game as well the One thing that you could probably notice Is there wasn't a whole host of chances Created from open play but I'll take That right now if we go we are very We've always been dangerous at pieces The issue we've had amazing for a while Has been we've leaked so many goals to Killing she was mad I'm with you by the Way when you said he boost bar he was I Don't mean I like Joe Gomez but he's Been he has another great couple of Couple of weeks he's been he's been Pumping down yeah and can I say it was Just way much much better we sort of Massive I thought massive look as looked At the shoulder bottom as well so I'm With you like we did a lot more solid And again it's hard to say is it because The formation change is equal to

E-boozing it's probably accommodation Yeah Brilliant that was a fight out there Thiago's with a classroom Fab I think Did well today still looks a little bit Of the yard up and proud of the boys Yeah and I'm with you for being able to Look but that that's his formation Eva Plays in that three the base of a three Or as one as of a two I don't think he Can play that Down the middle Any chances Napoli got really it was all Down there left or right and even then He didn't create loads yeah what you'd Say it was a hard save so I I'm with it It has been very very very very good my Fellow pool I'll be the very extended One because I'm amazing VR and like I Say we did win soon it could have been If enough of the guy's shoulder being Offside officer piece it could have been A different story but it was the Offsides off sadly pulls the defensive Line did its job there nice salad on That on this hunt for the Champions League golden booty that we made up so I Wouldn't get yet another goal albeit one I could have scored what the difference Is you know when you're looking at your Judging place it's another one for the Stats he's always involved and stuff so Just again it's just a nice field goal Factor Liverpool didn't win the game

Four and I didn't talk to people I Understand that they're probably gonna Get a difficult game but we'll cross That bridge when we get to it but I Suppose like say for those two in Particular nice little confidence boost Yeah and it's one less thing that Corp Has to worry about now you don't have to Worry about the pressure of the Champions league and again like If I'm sitting here trying to dissect Liverpool season so far there are so Many things you can kind of pull apart And there'll be a lot of people that'll Say you know we've it's been hard lines You've been a little bit unlucky you Know players have been injured and the The extenuating circumstances which Makes you think you know what you don't Want to be overly critical and the last Person that wants to be overly critical In any situations probably jagen klopp He's probably a big believer he's going To be a big believer and back his team And his players so what is more Or what's the most you know useful thing For them to kind of keep Seasons hopes Alive is we our season at West can now Only be over in March we've almost Guaranteed ourselves that we will be Fighting for some for something come March yes so yeah in terms of being able To keep people mentally at the level and Keep people engaged and give people a

Reason to dig deep we've got that now so It's one less worry that he has to you Know he's not having to worry about the Added pressure of our Liverpool have Crashed out of the champions league and All of the the extra kind of scrutiny That comes with not qualifying and Automatically if they got beat tonight Because now play at some point like I Say it's just another normal people have Lost again but they haven't even won you Know there's no losing streaking out he Just lost one game and I'd have won Another one again I mean like that's Where we get from this but yeah and look At what it means to them you know they Look like the and the wanted to prove Don't want to mean well [ __ ] [ __ ] like You use using bad they embarrassed us in Their first game being Chris sat here And it wasn't badass the goals they Scored were too easy oh amazing it was It was awful so the people got ready Well the people need to figure out now Meters it's that consistent level Because City up here down here for Florida then you have up here for well Relatively up there for ayax down there For leads up here for Napoli You're Gonna Learn to stay up there because Tottenham away is not gonna be an easy Game they're going to be buzzing because They've just with the last minute winner Away from home they're a good Button as

Well Liverpool needs to figure out a way To take this form into the next couple Of games because there's gonna be Different there'll be changes I would be Shocked if KSS Jones plays left wing Against something for example so the Pills need to figure out now how they Can get on a bit of a roll they haven't Got long left leg so do you play Tottenham then they played Darby is that Right and then Southampton yeah three Games left and then and then they're off For a long old while so when you say you Need to search for consistency that's What's two games because the League Cup Is gonna be a massively changing side Gotta find you've got to find Consistency in the Tottenham Southampton Again Say I am confident they're gonna do that Because we've crossed this bridge before But if they play like they've just Played there they'll beat the other Guitar Win six points I think if they play like They've just played there it's ultimate Against the Misty go on and um If the if they play like that both then A few other fingers as you mentioned the Titan miss you you can't call it it's Jekyll and hard right now it's a flip of A queen which Liverpool sides ultimately Going to turn up in as much as I'd love To just blindly back them

I can't right now have that level of Faith to say yeah they're gonna go out Next game and do the business I think One thing for sure is that formation Helps give them the foundation to do the Business yeah Because Scott auction said that was a Super function they must got 25 Legends Better formation of Fab looked like Fab Both working because of the other come On you Reds and yeah you're right that Yours you use Squad celebrity in there That I I wonder if he sticks up now Because I think you're right it looked a Lot better there than if to round it up What you're just your last couple of Thoughts on that one as a happy I'll I'll have to say I I was walking forward To tonight's game just because of the Distraction I love watching us play but It's just it's been it's pressure when There's nothing I will watch this play When it is the pressure Maple we've got To be good enough to otherwise just you Wouldn't balance yourselves and there's Been a few games we've even badassed Ourselves and we've played underneath I Don't think we've deserved to be able to Sit in and enjoy it but it happens That's football you've got to play Yourself through bad patches of form and I think the champions league has been a Distraction forward of the season with The lads of just meant you know what

Shackles are off let's just get out There and play our game yeah we had a Bit of a wobble in the first game but Every other game we've been able to do Enough to get us over the line and I Think that is because teams naturally Play into wanting to players anyway so It suits us I think teams that want to Play us we always find a way to best Because we are a better all-around Outfit than a lot of teams across Europe I think it's when as we said in the in The past teams in the Premier League That want to stick to what they do Really well to try and maximize their Opportunity of taking away points have Punished us and we've been on the Receiving end of punishments rather than Being the ones that have dished them out But in terms of this game means I've I Enjoyed it I felt like it was a lot more Of a composed performance from us we Then I was never any sat here feeling Nervous and maybe the nerves aren't There because there's not there's not The stakes there but at the same time None of Napoli's player had me thinking [ __ ] now they've had those under the Cost for [ __ ] 20 minutes we need to Believe it and we need to just get the Ball up the oh the field and like you Know get the ball and net off or Anything like that I just felt like yeah We felt we've played a lot better

And if I'm being honest I think I expect That we probably go on to score at least One goal and it came a little bit late But we still got there in the end Through set piece Round of the Champions League group Stage with a two nil win over Napoli Keep an eye out on the channel later on It'll be back very very shortly with the Fan reaction shows I'll be over the ball For the player ratings let's see if There's content coming from the ground As well with Paul's reaction Chloe's Down there with the guys outside but she Has found out who she can chat to and Like I say later on instant match Reaction over on come And join us if you haven't already I Know there's not many games left before The World Cup but honestly the content We've got planned for the World Cup Break will have you entertained my Little debut will be out very very sure The teasers and trails I mean steeping I Was ever so slightly Dan's doing a good Job with those we had some amazing Content and like I say get in the Discord chat come and get involved like I say stick together a nice big vehicles Or we'll get through this winter of World Cup with no Reds together fingers Crossed we're going there with another Three wins because yeah hopefully Liverpool can build on this one what was

A very very good performance against Apple I think just about deserves to win On the balance of play maybe it was type But just about Edge they did the Reds Yeah a couple of VR checks winning their Favorite all I can still put in the end The Reds win and that's always a bonus Thanks to Edo thanks to you guys for Watching and listening and joining us Today for the watch along we'll catch You next time to see it all soon take Care Get closer to Liverpool Football Club And the amazing city of Liverpool with Red men plus more content for your eyes And ears documentaries extra bonus red Men shows podcast features interviews Get close to the culture of Liverpool Football Club on Redman Plus