Late Salah & Nunez Goals On The Night | Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | Player Ratings

By | November 1, 2022

Late Salah & Nunez Goals On The Night | Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | Player Ratings

Ste is here with his Player Ratings after Liverpool beat Napoli in the final game of the Champions League group stage against Napoli at Anfield.



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Nice one for clicking on this video did You know as a Club Legends you can get 20 off all red men match just go to sign up as a Club Legends And there you go 20 off all red men Merch up the Reds let's get into your Show [Music] Hey everyone welcome to the Red Man TV It's player rating time after Liverpool Ended their Champions League group Campaign with a two nil win over Napoli Anfield late goals 85th minute goal from Mohamed Salah and a very very late goal 98th minute I think it was for Darwin Nunes to tap one in on the line you have To make a tune over the edge Unfortunately wasn't enough to top the Group yellow people have 15 points and Somehow finished second in the group Afterwards have a goals sometimes but Yeah well I'll say that it never happens Really if you get 15 you should come top But that's where the reds are going to Go through in a minute and give all the Liverpool players a rate and out of 10 On most of them anyway as long as you've Got significant game time um before we Do that love you guys to let me know who You think was Liverpool's best player in The game there's a poll live right now On your YouTube screen uh the options Are most salivated Van Dyke and ebuka if You think it should be shown but if you

Think it should be somebody else uh Click the other Tab and let us know in The comment section below the live chat And I'll read as many of them out as we Can as you go through the gate and Through the show rather and also like I Say as I'm going through and giving Everyone a rating out of 10 if you want To give me your thoughts what number you Would give them and a little bit of Context well I'll read some of those out As we go through Um Let's start then with Allison I mean he Didn't have anything to do to be if Truth be told he did absolutely didn't Have to do much Um did you have to make any telling Saves you kicked on I'm not you know What I don't even know if it's worth Giving a rating Shall just give him a seven and we'll All clahan let's just give him a seven And we'll all crack on he didn't have to Do anything sounds Um cost last comes in that left back has A pretty good game defended most mostly Pretty well didn't offer that much in Attack really got bombed forwards a lot Obviously it's Corner taken it was a was Much appreciated for the Reds yeah he Really does say he got corner kick for The most part Um

Yeah I'm gonna give cost that's the same Rate you nearly I think you have a good Game let's give Costas uh a seven Yeah I thought he played well four fans I he was brilliant again he involved in Both goals defensively so so strong won His battle he got an osman's head in the End they kept falling on the floor and Saying Van Dyke was all over him I Thought uh I thought vanzai was really Really good I'm gonna give Virgil Uh and eight So as he was like you know what 8.5 Get involved in two goals as well as Defends really well it looks like a big Fella might might be getting back into a Bit of form fingers crossed thoughts he Was really really good Um My thoughts at one point he was going to Get himself sent off which would not Have been ideal whatsoever but yet I Thought it was really really good the People were much more solid the Formation helped that of course but also Ebu having a very good game looking much More assured at the back so I think I Thought a big ebook can have had a very Good game indeed similar to Van Dyke Maybe A lot of you guys in the chat are saying Yeah I think I'm going to give them the Same as I gave to veg I thought you were Both very very good

So eight and a half for being evil as Well Trends out at right back he had a very Tough task up against a cavallach Scalia Um and for them but he did pretty well Got beaten a couple of times but I that Can happen I guess already it was a very Very very good Winger so I thought Trends was good Um for the most part I'd probably say Similar to Costa simicast he gets a Seven uh Samia and pamelam both give him A seven as well so yeah we're all we're All on similar Pages there guys we had To have our potential number over here Let's move into the Midfield three Um for being you know I thought he Looked a bit more solid I thought he Could look lost at the weekend at the Base of a diamond he looked a bit more Comfortable here today I still don't Think he's quite at his level Um still again still a little bit late To the ball at times Um I thought Fab was Um Average is usually a six maybe he's a Little bit above that I'll split I'm Going to split the difference with the Huey ready to give him a seven I'm gonna Go a little bit less living the dream Got six and a six and a half we agree my Friend truly are living the dream aren't We um let's start with Thiago

Yeah pretty good again he's so confident That's what I would say I thought I Thought he could have done better with The shot from the edge of the box if Truth be told I thought that was a nice Height and pace for the goalie with a Little sorry for finish I think he could Have done better than that Um I think yeah I think he did all right Thiago in the end let's have a little Look look what you guys think Um So Ian gives me seven and a half Rob Gives him a nine and Paul gives him an Eight eight and a half meters man of the Match maybe we should have put him in The man of the match Poland as well um There's loads of sevens and a half Knights yeah I I tend to agree I I will Go I think he was better than these like Yeah let's give let's give him an eight I thought he was pretty good was Thiago Not as best but pretty good James Milner I thought that a very good first half Obviously he got taken off early in the Second half I think again it was the Bang on there daddy taking a bit earlier I think he was still feeling the effects Of it maybe a bit of a delays on set so Maybe some hopefully he's all right um It was a big big lump on his head to the Yard that when he went off

Um I think Hmm I'm going to give him another seven as Well and I'm looking at my ratings now Actually I'm going to make a light Substitution because I've give Trent Millman of course that's all the same Grade that and Ally I think I might have Been a bit harsh on Costas so let's bump Him up You got he was involved in two corners Wasn't he I think he was better than Those two there you go I've changed Um I thought Miller was good I thought It was pretty good actually something Like that I'm gonna yeah Seven's about Right maybe let's go seven and a half Four million was better than transaction You've got to be careful you've got to Be consistent with me votes haven't I Thought Miller was good until he went Off obviously At times the only thing I'd say with James Milner is um He does a lot of running about when he's In Center Midfield but sometimes I think He gets in the way a little bit like He's everywhere which is an admirable But sometimes the system can go a little Bit all over the place but for the most Part I thought they've got a good game So yeah I'm gonna give a seven and a

Half foot he was decent overall Curtis Jones out on the left again it's about I Think sometimes people just have their Opinions on a player and that is their Play even if they don't think they're Good then they have a decent game like I Was on socials before and there was a Lot of people arguing was he good was he Bad I thought he was pretty good Jurgen Punched them out for praise as well Um Robert thinks he was decent gives him A seven and a half uh science gives him A seven as well Zayn gives him a 6.5 see I thought he was better than six I think Six is average and I think he was better Than I think he was above average I'm Going to give him a seven similar to What I gave Trent I think that's fair I thought he was Pretty good his decision making at times Can be a little bit slow and that's Something he probably needs to improve It was interesting that just off uh While while I was recording the final Reaction I watched a bit of the BT pulse Game and obviously Steve mcmanam who Spent a lot of time with Liverpool's Youth team uh says he that's where he Thinks Kate is his best position is he Always was not coming through he's Obviously been moved out of there Because Liverpool like to play their Left Wingers a different style of left Winger you're looking like you obviously

It was sadio for a long time Lewis Diaz Doug was just a new listed all the Different types of left Wingers but Apparently that's what Stephen Harem Reckons his best position I thought he Was good so if truth be told Um I thought yeah I thought it was all Right let's have a little look with Roberto firmino and Mozart let's start With Bobby I didn't think Bobby was Brilliant If truth be told Um I think he was about average I'm Going to give Roberto for me you know a Six Thought he was average yeah and didn't Really see much of him a bit loose with The ball at times yeah I think that's Fair enough Um I thought he looked a threat for the Most part when he got the boy he did Look dangerous it was a couple of times Where I thought Napoli defended them Really well on the counter Um it's very rare that most Allah gets Caught when he went away I do wonder if He was hold them back a little bit given The the stakes of the game or maybe lack Of but was he going full person again I Thought Napoli for the most part Defended really really well um Loads of eights and sevens in the chat

Nine from Rob as well I thought he was Good and I said he does get his goal I Thought he was Yeah I'm thinking eight five as Nicholas I'd only gave you five Um Yeah let's give my 18th he got his gold And he can have an eight and obviously I Know the three kids come on a Strawberries by the way later on uh I Say kids Carvalho Ramsey and bachata to Be around for a couple minutes there Wasn't that much to do for them but Obviously Harvey Elliot got quite a lot Of games I'm replacing James Mona Relatively early in that second half Um I thought he did all right I thought He Linked UP well with Mohamed salad Again Foreign At the end it looked like him Carvalho Ramsey over there when they kept link With Mo Salah we're having a bit of fun For that last five minutes linking up Really well and but yeah I thought you Don't I thought he's done pretty pretty Good Harvey Alice let's give him let's Give him a seven as well And then Darwin Nunez I adore that our Nunes I really really do he makes me Laugh so much he is absolutely bananas He's mental but in a really funny way he Gets him got himself involved in the Game that left-hand side he's got Pace

The bear and he showed it again uh I Like the fact that he got to go all as Well I wonder that I was going to go in off The post there just heads at the goalie Half spilled but in theory you know he Gets himself a goal and a kind of an Assist Um obviously it was his head that's the Goal he saves that most Allah just about Posted late that nearly went over the Line as well yeah he's very very Threatening he is a threat he does a lot Rising he'll do quite a bit wrong that's Nice but he really is a thread I really Enjoyed his performance actually I know He wasn't on the pitch for that long but You know I'm going to give him an uh Nine yeah okay they give him a nine why Not who cares he wasn't on the pitch for Long enough to be probably named man of The match but I didn't I was interesting To say comes on set a goal up scores one In ten minutes what more would you need From it yeah give him a nine right then My rate into Cavalier seven cost less Than eight Van Dyke and eight and a half Can I say an eight and a half Trends get To seven five get to six and a half Tiago that's an eight James Milner gets Seven and a half hopefully his head's All right uh Kate Jones gets a seven Bobby gets a six Sally got to need Harder you get to seven and Darwin Nunez

Gets a nine yeah I am I'll give him an angel to steal on the Goal off Virgil get yourself your gold Bonus dial and get yourself another goal For Liverpool why wouldn't you I think That's seven it all comes this season Not a bad start out in terms of his gold Retain right then throughout the show We've been asking you guys to vote for Who you think Liverpool's man of the March was uh Tom's gonna let me know who You guys are voted for now 49 if you just went for biggie but yeah Fair enough you got my hat of the Starters he got my joints highest rating So yeah it was nice to see him back as We wonder if some people made people Just fed up with Joe Gomez perhaps That's what it was on eBay but I thought EB was excellent he very much had a very Good game and like I say yeah There it is your man of the matter and I Say I think that does marry up with yeah He got my joints highest Outfield player Score so yeah I'm with Jeff fair enough Nice one we're all relatively much on The same page they're big Ebu nice to See him back I wonder if he starts at Tottenham I'm guessing he probably does Right then that was the play rating show Fans everyone who got involved in the Live chat appreciates it if you voted as Well in the live poll thank you very Much if you're watching this after the

Fact maybe you've just got back from Anfield or whatever you've been watching The game or you've come home from work Or whatever let us know in the comment Section below your scores that you would Have given these players who you fought The Reds best players wear as well I Understand that I didn't put the kids on By the way because some people mention It you can all have 10 sound young Lads Well done all of them right then me and Ella are going to go to the main studio To record the instant match reaction Over on Road Memphis if you want to get Involved go to if you are Subscribed we'll be there for you very Surely if you're not subscribed go and Do that right now you can watch the show Live obviously if you've got stuff to do And you can't join us live the video Will be there forever it won't go away And it's also available in podcast form That you can download in your native Podcast app so whether you use apple Pods or whatever you get yourselves Involved with you can download on there If you're a Spotify user And you only want to listen to our Stuffers podcast if you see it for Red Men plus podcast on Spotify you can sign Up and pay them and listen and still Listen to all our stuff in podcast form As well the breadman plus stuff so if You say it's redmi Plus on Spotify you

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