LAFC will host MLS Cup! Who will they face? | Audi Postgame Show

By | October 31, 2022

We know MLS Cup will be hosted by LAFC in LA, but who will the Black and Gold take on? Join Andrew Wiebe, Charlie Davies, Matt Doyle, and Jordan Angeli for all the highlights, interviews, and analysis from today's Conference Finals!

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They're dancing in downtown Los Angeles They're duping in Chester MLS Cup is set The Audi 2022 unless Cup Playoffs come Down to one game and it's the number one Seeds who got there for the first time Since 2003 nearly 20 years it took but we're Back the best teams from the regular Season The Shield winner the team that Pushed them to the break lafc Philadelphia Saturday November 5th 4 P.M Eastern time out at Bank of California Stadium oh what a game it will be Welcome into the ATT 5G virtual studios I am Andrew wiebe with me Charlie Davies Matt Doyle Jordan Anjali we got the Matchup that the regular season said we Should get Doyle both these teams Here For the First Time both these teams Looking for the Ultimate Prize the one That they want in their trophy cabinet Not enough Shield we don't need it we Need the cup this is a huge huge moment For both clubs it absolutely is and you Know because it is their first trip to MLS Cup and because one of these few Teams will lift MLS Cup for the first Time uh yeah it's a spectacular moment For both of them and it's also it feels Good because it feels earned for the Reason that you said this is the first Time since 2003 that we've seen the Number one seed in each conference get To MLS Cup and face off against each

Other and the other thing is like these Are clearly two of the best franchises In the league year after year after year They crank out really good really Watchable teams different styles as well And styles make fights there's a lot to Be amped about for next weekend And and not just that they built their Teams differently too and I feel like That that's a really big point is it's a Really a roster built off a lot of Homegrown talent in Philadelphia in La It's a roster built off a lot of stars But I do love this we've had this Conversation throughout the whole entire Year who's it going to be Philly or lafc And here we are with the opportunity in LA to get to see who it truly is going To be who's going to lift the cup and Um it's exciting that it's another new Winner this year Um I know you had a pretty good stat About that Doyle about how many how many New teams in the Tam era have have won Yeah this will be six times in eight Years since the introduction of Tam in 2015. so it's just reordered the league But as you said you can win in different Ways and these two teams it's really Emblematic of that Charlie this is a live shot here in Chester on the banks of the Delaware You've played matches in these colors You've been a part of this team

They've been almost there almost there Last year almost there in open Cup Finals well they're in this final they Got to go on the road what does this Mean to Philly It means everything I mean this team has Been through a lot together and at the Core of it is Jim Curtin and Alejandra Badoya then you throw in Andre Blake And you're you're looking at a club that Has grown into this Powerhouse and Introducing young talented players and Getting them the experience they need so That they can make an impact and this Club deserves the success they've They've made the Right Moves In the in The transfer market in the window They've made the Right Moves In terms of Believing in certain players and giving Them the opportunity to grow and develop I mean Carranza no one I don't think Anyone saw that except for obviously the Union but this is a player who struggled Didn't look like he could cut it in this League and here he is scoring a big time To go goal in an MLS Cup Eastern Conference Final Um it's it's crazy so I really love what I've seen from them and uh kudos to to Everyone involved because this it wasn't Easy that's for sure but now that They've they've Hit The Sweet Spot They're here 90 minutes maybe extra time Maybe PKS whatever it takes next weekend

They're banging the drum in Philly uh What a win it was for them but it didn't Start the way that we thought it might Start Charlie this is uh this is a goal For guys like no no it's offside and Look Philly were pushing they were Pushing but through the first half Nobody found a breakthrough no it was Tough because normally you think it's a Corner kick the way it's positioned but It's a free kick so he was in an offside Position and then Philly was I think They were slow and then all of a sudden You see bedoya the controversy should he Start should he not they're gonna go With the he's the captain and he pulls Up with that reoccurring hip injury and They have to make the sub at halftime Huge save Kept him in it kept a minute but then it Would come for New York City they get The first and here's the goal for Philly To get him back in it Jordan and that Was the the big change of momentum right It's off of uh actually bringing in a New player for New York City they bring In Keaton parks and just a little bit Sleeping and then after that they get Caught twice in a row within five Minutes such a dangerous period after You get a goal scored against you Because then if your back line isn't Organized this is a Philadelphia team Who loves momentum and they use it for

Their good and then Burke just comes on And Beast modes through everybody just Basically domino effect as he takes this Ball to the house Um I I felt like once Philly got a Little Glimpse that they could be back In this game everybody kind of knew that It was going to be over it felt like That at least from home their fans got Back into it and it really the tides Changed quickly David Goss has seen a Lot of these games in Chester you've Seen open Cup finals he's now seen Eastern Conference Final that saw the Philadelphia Union move through Jim Curtin will Coach in his first MLS Cup They've caught up with Jim after this Match [Applause] Welfare Union what are you feeling right Now uh look our first ever obviously so It's incredibly exciting uh credit to The crowd here tonight it's been amazing Uh the players you know 1-0 it's a Really difficult task to come back you Know down starts to creep in you start To think about last year and the Disappointment but this group doesn't Quit you know it's full credit to the Players they're incredible they have a Lot of heart and uh represent this city Very well two big Subs it was McLean at Halftime and then Corey Burke coming off What do you what was the ideas behind

Those and what did you see Corey was Possessed I'd imagine they'll be tested For doping after this game because he Came on and was just Relentless so he Gave us a ton uh Jack mcglyn again it's A fast-paced game it's settled down a Little bit in the second half and you Can see his quality with the ball it's Still a learning experience for him Because it was intense and fast but uh Yeah can't say enough about the guys That came on and helped us we talked About unfinished business he talked About revenge is it sweet it feels great To win this one but we still have work To do obviously to go to La is no easy Task Steve he's done a great job with LA And their group but uh yeah we have a Chance now we'll see this team didn't Exist when you grow up they didn't exist When you were playing what does it mean For soccer in Philadelphia in this club To be going to MLS oh look man I was uh I was a Barkley Cunningham you know Those kind of guys were the guys I Looked up to so for all the young kids In this Stadium to have you know Heroes Now to look up to is something that's Really cool Um we've built it up here in Philly Gradually bit by bit but you can see We're on par with with the what's going On with the Phillies with the Eagles and Uh it's been special to watch it grow

Congratulations thank you so much Fly Eagles Fly Philly's in the World Series Union going to MLS Cub Doyle this Is the promised land and it's been stop Start let's say to start for this club It was not good in the early days but Then they changed their mindset they Changed their approach Jim Curtin became The head coach and and they put faith in Him eventually after those one-year Contracts were up this is a huge moment For this club what does it mean for the Union yeah it means a lot it codifies Everything that they've done if they Like I think it all they're already There I think they're already one of the Teams whether they win or lose they're One of the teams that we all expect to Be there year after year after year we All expect them to produce good young Players like Jack McGlynn and to find Players off the scrap Heap like Julian Carranza we expect that from them but we All know what Ring's culture is we all Know that we remember the MLS Cup Winners first from basically every Season of the League's existence and This project that Philly have embarked Upon that's happened over the course of Three different general managers over The past seven years or so and they but They've kept that momentum up They want the trophy they want the Trophy to stack on top of all that and

To show that what they've built and the Way that they've built it you can be a Champion doing it that way in MLS and For them to you know go head to head With nycfc who's not exactly thrown Around Insignia money but they're not a Small spending team and then to go to La And to face that team who have 37 DPS on The roster it's significant and I think That Jim Curtin is probably going to use That as leverage for this coming week to Get his guys amped up just as he used The notion of Revenge throughout the Playoffs to aim them directly at this Game hi Charlie I see your boy there Alejandro budoya he's got the little rap You know that hip flexor couldn't get More than a half out of him but when he Came to Philly this is what he talked About these are the moments that he Wanted to deliver What do you think this means to Ale what Does it mean to all these guys that have Been there that have seen some dark Times and ushered them into really an Era of of you know supercharged success I'm so happy for Alejandra badoya I know How hard he works how much it means to Him he's the ultimate competitor always Always wants to win and do whatever it Takes and I knew if he could play no Matter if it was for five minutes 20 Minutes 30 he was going to start this Game just because he's that emotional

He's that emotional character in in that Group he's the one who sets the standard He's the one that gets everyone to raise Their level holds people accountable you It it's that those things that he Possesses you can't measure He was going to start this game and That's okay if it didn't work out it was Worth the risk because he's the he means That much to the team and thankfully he Could get to halftime so he he didn't Waste the substitution window which is Which is great for the union but uh it's It's amazing to see him Hoist the trophy Considering how much he's put into this Project I mean he came back to the United States to play Major League Soccer because he believed in this Project that they sold him and here he Is raising the Eastern Conference title It's it's incredible I'm so happy for That man I'm I'm also so happy for Paul Rushing the trainer who was getting a Lot of air time in this game Um how often do you see a trainer on on Camera incredible Um you know the the all the guys and With the equipment manager uh B and and Dan Nolan I mean these guys they put so Much work into it it's it's an Incredible Club I mean they they focus So much on developing talent and that Can get lost when you're trying to chase A MLS Cup because you're thinking oh we

Got to invest in these big time signings And that's the opposite obviously lafc Is the giant interview you have Gareth Bale on one side Christian Teo uh Kiolini I mean you you have some big Time names and here on the other side You have Jack McGlynn and Jack Elliott And you know so it's it's it's going to Be a really interesting Final in both Teams the way we saw them play today It's going to be fireworks they're going To give everything they have and I Expected a high Tempo intense game Let's dig into this game before we hit Another interview out from Chester Jordan there was a little bit of a a Rocky moment there Maxi Morella scores And it feels like okay well nycfc's Taking the momentum on the road is this Deja Vu for Philly but an almost Immediate response what did you see from The union in this game I felt like the union struggled in the First half because this is a team that Wants to go pretty direct and and I Think that they're pressing they weren't Quite pressing New York City in a way That made them feel uncomfortable and so From what I saw in the first half New York City controlled the tempo of a game Against Philadelphia Union who they want To go and be on the front foot the goal That that New York City scored was a Perfect goal and I think it shows you a

Little bit about how big Anton general Home is for this team and him and Pereira on that right side really were a Menace not only in the first half but Here in the second half when they get The goal and the the union couldn't Quite find their footing but I mentioned It earlier on I do think this is a union Squad who Thrive off of momentum they Get a little taste that they can switch The momentum and once they they gotta Look at goal it would it was all Downhill from there for them because They grabbed it they went with it and it Didn't feel like they were gonna let go And and then New York City couldn't find Any grasp at it they struggled then in The Midfield and you could really see if You you get them stretched out in New York City and it's easy to play through Them and the union just had their way There and the last few minutes of this Second half Julian Carranza Daniel Gosdog Corey Burke all scoring goals in This game two of those three part of the Three-man group with mikaura which was One of the most prolific in the League This year Doyle we talked about maybe The way that Philly or Ben you always go To the homegrowns it's easy to feel that Way the investment in the academy you See McKenzie you see of course Brennan Aronson on the big stage this weekend It's also been Ernst Tanner finding

Bargains and finding guys that go from Oh who's that to best 11 MVP candidate Guy that was on the scrap peep now seems To be worth all the money that Intermiami not Philadelphia paid for him This is a team that finds players and Develops Talent yeah and that is that is The ethos that is the DNA of who they Are and Ernst Tanner deserves a ton of credit For that the players themselves deserve A ton of credit for that I think Jim Curtin is probably the key to all of it Like it's not a mistake that just about Every player who plays for him gets Better whether it's a young guy like McGlynn or whether it's an established Pro like Daniel gosdog and gazdaq's Literally talked about that this year He's talked about how he's improved as a Player playing for the Philadelphia Union and that's a guy who was brought In basically as a DP last year the guy You know scoring against Germany in the Nations league for Hungary uh it's a Really good it's a it's like a Superpower in this league because you Don't get a lot of finished products in MLS you don't get a lot of guys who are On the primes of their careers and are You know super elite players you're Always going to have to stand down on a Rough edge here you know or polish Something up over there and if you have

A a club culture that doesn't just allow For that but it encourages that you're Going to have a good team year after Year after year even when you sell guys Like Brendan Aaronson and Mark McKenzie And guess what guys they're probably Going to sell two more at last this Winter they're gonna make a lot of money Off of it they're gonna have to replace Them and I'm not gonna bet against them Doing that at a high level because we've Seen them do it repeatedly now Jacob Glessness one of those guys that came to This league Fringe National teamer Becomes the defender of the year in 2022. he had a chat with David Goss After this win in Chester Uh we know of course all about last year And everything that went into that then This year you go down 1-0 what's the Mindset sort of what's the conversation Around that team To be honest I don't know what we was Thinking because we was looking at a Totally new team after that score one Once the other so it looks like we was Waking up and now it's history we're Standing here and we won 3-1 so it's an Amazing feeling Corey comes off the Bench did you know he could have an Impact like that yeah for sure we know Corey he is a beast so anyone's coming In and he was on fire today it was Beautiful and the atmosphere at the

Stadium here was fantastic yeah I was at Ghost booms over all over the body so Yeah it was beautiful and down 1-0 the Big moment the big save what's it like To have Andre Blake behind you no yeah I've been fantastic the whole season or The season of the season so yeah he is a Fantastic goalie but also a fantastic Person so it's fantastic to have him Behind us Defender Of The Year MOS cup Headed to it how does the week feel oh It's again uh describe it it is Wonderful it's just to stay here now After uh I don't know what's going Through my mind because yeah it is crazy Let me try I'd ask you one to think About lafc you've played some great Games against them what's MLS Cup going To be like it will be a tough game we Know every time we are playing against Them that is always a tough game so So we have a big belief in the group it Doesn't matter if you're home or we are Away uh we will go for uh them last Cup Today this year congratulations thank You Thank you uh here's that Eastern Conference path for the Philadelphia Union at Cincinnati their brothers at Least in management In that conference semi-final made their Way through one nothing tight margins There not so tight in the conference Final 3-1 Victory against nycfc at home

They will not be at home in MLS Cup They're going to the supporter Shield Winners lafc they will host next weekend Jordan let's wrap things up for nycfc They've got the star they got it last Year it was not to be this year what did You see from them in this game and why'd They come up short I thought they they were very brave Coming into this game and the way that They played and they have looked more And more like themselves who were Talking about it on Spaces earlier today Is the way that they can press in this Three four three and they gave the union A run for their money in that first 45 And the way that they built out of the Back I think it allows especially tuner Home to really be effective for them but This is a team that if you're gonna play Three in the back you have to have three Solid Central backs and I think that That was a difficult part is Justin hack Comes in and there were times where he's Just not quite at the same level as the Center-backs next to him and we saw it On the second goal there the Game-winning goal in the end and that Cost them but there are so many things That I think when New York City looks Back on this season and how they played After winning MLS Cup not a lot of teams Do this you guys we we know this year After year it's hard to get yourself

Back not just to the playoffs but Running and trying trying to make it to MLS Cup and I think this New York City Team learned a lot about themselves did A lot of different formations worked Through some things but there's a lot to Look forward to for them going forward After a year where they battled through Some really difficult moments I would also add that Ever just really struggled tonight I Mean tati castianos what he brought to The tables he could he could link up Hold up play very important how many Times did we see ever get a ball and Lose it or they played a a chip ball to Him to hold up he loses it to Jack Elliott just didn't didn't really regain Possession or keep possession for the Team wasn't dangerous and without Service in the Box you're not going to Get much from him he's not a player who Gets on the dribble and Beats players And I think with him not being strong Tonight that really hurt New York City FC in transition in keeping possession And that's how you that's the only way You can beat this Union team is by Controlling the tempo playing quick Switching the point of attack and then Getting after them and they did not do That effectively tonight outside of that One opportunity from Tinder home yeah That goal is sick though like their goal

Was absolutely Picture Perfect of that And How much maybe you better turn her home Than we saw this year next year as he Recovers from injury so I'll take us Look ahead for us what's next Nick's Nick Cushing in the middle of the year We might have said oh I don't know if He's going to get the job it feels like This is his job now so what do you do in The off season yeah I mean they have to Get dinner home 100 they have to get Keaton Parks 100 because to Charlie's Point if Keaton Parks is in there it Like they're probably controlling the Tempo better they're probably using the Ball better to to crack the Union open And create scoring chances sort of Through the lines and not just you know Having to you know spread the game out Completely Um so they they need to get those guys Healthy because we saw it this year when They have those guys at their best Um they are one of the true Elite teams In the league and they were tonight for 65 minutes Um and then the other thing is they have To figure out how to upgrade that back Line Alex Collins is going into free Agency they have to keep him Thiago Martens they brought him in as a DP he Did not play at that level this year Just and hack a promising young player

Was probably a little bit out of his Depth in this one they have to make sure That he improves year over year I think they'll do it I don't see any Reason to think this team isn't going to Be 50 to 55 points maybe using 60 points Again and in potentially in position uh To make another deep playoff run they Are at that level they've shot like Since 2016 they have the most regular Season points in the league and now they Have two deep playoff runs to go with it And a cup there's no reason to think Nycfc is going away even though Father Time Is Gonna finally at some point Start creeping up on Maxie oh man what a Playoff performance for him once again Just not quite enough for nycfc to go to The hump against the union that is the Opposite of what we saw last year and What'd we see last year nycfc get that Star win MLS Cup Philly is trying to do The same on the road Andre Blake is Going to his first MLS Cup Final David Goss caught up with the goalkeeper of The Year Andre let's start with this You've been here this is your day one This is your one Club What does it feel like to finally get to This point and go to MLS Cup I'm so Happy man I'm not an emotional person But you know I have to be fighting back Tears right now you know this club they Deserve it you know the city deserve it

You know and words just can't express uh You know how I feel right now You know and as you said Philadelphia is All I know man about a a lot of close Miss opening cup you know last year so I'm just so happy to finally get to the MLS Cup you know and and hopefully we Can go there in a tough place to play And And grind out something Down one zero walk me through that save That ball comes in close to you you get Down walk me through what you saw yeah I Mean that was a great save at a great Moment you know but that's what I'm There for you know I said to the guys Early in the locker room stay steady Stay calm you know the game might not go The way we want it but it's important That we stay calm stay steady if they Score we just need to not let him score A second goal and we'll still be in the Game you know and and tonight they score First I was able to make an important Save an important time you know and then The guy scored three really good goals You know and I'm just happy for Everybody and and we're just gonna enjoy Tonight it was your Jamaican team at Corey Burke coming off the bench what Did you see from him he's phenomenal you Should see his work weight in training I'm so happy for him you know he come in And he gives us a boots off the bench if

You have a guy like that coming off the Bench you know it can be really good for You you know and he deserves it I'm just So happy for him does the Andre I want To do one DeAndre say hi Hi Congratulations enjoy it all right thank You Oh wow coming up big in that moment just Like Dad I gotta tell you I got I got a Kid upstairs it's about the same age you Would have froze up you would have froze Up there yeah I'd be there for the high At the end and of course Andre Blake on To MLS Cup a huge moment for him and Philadelphia Union uh big night as well For the Audi goals Drive progress Program back for another year of playoff Soccer for every goal scored in the Audi Imo's Cup playoffs two thousand dollars Is being contributed to the Audi Goldstar progress fund directly Supporting MLS youth academies and maybe Deandre's soccer future one day we're Hoping to see even more goals next Saturday of course we saw seven tonight Uh for each goal scored on Saturday Audi's going to donate ten thousand Dollars thanks to 35 goals scored so far Seventy thousand dollars has been Donated by Audi so far and don't forget You can visit be our football's Instagram and tune into the driving Force story for match previews and

Highlights of the Audi MLS Cup playoffs The most electric moments go there so I Know you're on Instagram you can't lie To me I know you're killing time late at Night maybe right before you go to sleep Get that good screen in front of you go To be our football check out those best Moments here are your Conference Finals How it shook out today on this Sunday Philadelphia 3-1 winners against nycfc Onto their first MLS Cup and it's a First MLS Cup as well for lafc 3-0 Winners against Austin FC let's take a Look at those highlights from the early Game as lafc booked their place in MLS Cup the destination Charlie they always Wanted to be in this time of year the TFO goes up it's a beautiful fall Afternoon in downtown L.A and the home Team is dominant what could be better It's MLS Cup or bust for lafc with the Roster they assembled Those the expectations and that's that's The precedent they're trying to set We're going out to win MLS Cup this is Our group we're good enough and and they Were today I mean you just felt a build The momentum going the chances kept Coming stuber kept standing on his head And then all of a sudden boom boom and You you just saw it coming that this Lafc team just outplayed them actually I Think you didn't see that one coming I Had to say it I'm sorry Austin Austin

Just wasn't just weren't dangerous Enough and then here's that questionable Moment PK or not or not and you know the Referee got summoned to the monitor Which for a clear and obvious error well He decided to stick with his call in the Field no penalty Um and then soon after opoku the Substitute comes in and bangs the third One and that was game over that's it Three nothing Jordan this was a dominant Performance in the moment in which you Might have thought okay is it gonna be Too big for La is all the expectation Gonna weigh on them I absolutely was not Here they are lifting that cup booking Their spot at home in MLS Cup yeah it Looks yeah moments in this game it was Harder for them to lift that trophy than It was to play because that trophy they Lifted it with ease and they look like They were playing with ease today Everything was going right for them I Thought that they handled and controlled The space on the field that they were Relentless in their pressure of Austin Really went after them and minimized the Number of plays Austin could play out Through the back and then just gobbled Up first and second balls there was the Work of the three in Midfield for this Lafc team the the num I want to know the Metrics on Kellen Acosta how much ground He covered Ilya was constantly double

Teaming winning second balls and then Sefuentes his ability to break the line Of pressure with his run runs from the Midfield in through the back line I Thought there were a number of times Where we could have seen him on the Score sheet these three work so well Together and really orchestrated a Substantially I think that's one of the Best performances we've seen from lafc To be honest I think Steve trundle Agreed with you Georgia collini really Didn't have to play a huge role in this Game Austin FC did not test them he Caught up with Susanna Collins his Friend from the call up on the field at The bank after this big win Georgia you Came here to win trophies and now you Guys will have a chance next weekend to Lift the MLS Cup what does this mean to You yeah it's very important for me for The team this is our Target our goal for This season now we're with just one game And it's important that we be happy Today but just Buffalo the next game From from tomorrow and I will be just 95 Minutes in order to live the another Trophy and I want to congratulations With the team with the fans and now we Have to enjoy this moment defensively Another clean sheet for you guys an Incredible performance what worked on The back line today did attempted a Fantastic game with fantastic effort and

Was very important when the Midfield and The forwards helped us in this way Became too easy congratulations Um yeah we're excited to be in the MLS Cup Final Um that was our objective and Um I think the guys did An emphatic job of making sure it was Only one team Playing here next Saturday with it uh I think the best I've seen this year of Them implementing our match plan from The first minute to the end Um Which gives us coaches and hopefully the Fans and everybody watching a A better feeling watching the game and Not worrying until the final minute so Very proud of the guys tonight and um But what I experienced in the locker Room is still hunger and And want for more and we'll keep the Level of focus as high as possible for Another week and um Hope to have a similar Press conference next Saturday Well I hope it's not similar to that we Need a little more emotion from Steve if They win MLS Cup gotta say it bring it Out coach bring it out but this is quiet Confidence Doyle and this is a place That lafc has wanted to be through their Entire existence have not gotten there And Stephen his first year gets there

Yeah what does that mean for him as a Coach what does it mean for the club and How did they do it for him as a coach It's huge because if you look at what he Has done in his coaching career he had Been kind of a vagabond right I thought He was going to catch on as a player Immediately with Hanover and he didn't Last there and he went from one stop to Another and then he ended up with Las Vegas lights they didn't have the Greatest record Um but he got this job and he's done a Lot with it and they've become more Pragmatic this is a team that is much More comfortable playing on the counter Than they were under Bob Bradley they're Not necessarily going to try to have 60 Possession every game they don't press As much they're much better on set Pieces And I think they did all of that with an Eye toward being a team to beat in the Playoffs like they took a look at how Seattle kept you know getting the better Of them in the postseason they said we Have to be a little bit more of that and They were a little bit more of that and Um you know we're going to talk about it Later it said you know they killed Austin on set pieces but they killed Austin every which way you know Austin Came out in that sort of 442 blob Midfield it wasn't a high line and it

Wasn't a low line they weren't getting Pressure to the ball so lafc just took What was given to him and played over The top again and again and again Um and it like look I don't like Watching this lasc team as much as I Like the 2019 team but this team can Beat you a million different ways and That's the mark of a well-coached team And it's a mark of a team that deserves To host this MLS Cup Final and if they Win it the first team in a long time to Do the double and we have to start Talking about them it's like where do They belong in that pan Pantheon of All-time great MLS teams that's the Stakes for this lafc side I think They've lost twice at home this year one Was against this Austin FC team who beat LFC twice in the regular season but These are the these are the money Moments you say and then on decision day Against Nashville Uh Jordan how big of a favorite are they In MLS Cup they're at home they're the Ones who does children's they're the Favorite but how big is it against the Union in your mind It seems pretty big and when you hear The 3252 in full voice at what noon on a Sunday you're thinking okay Um yeah this is gonna be quite the Advantage for them but just the way that They play and I I think that

At home they feel a lot more comfortable With what Doyle was just saying like Dictating the play dictating their style Which is a little bit more comfortable On counter attacks which against this Union team should add you know be an Interesting matchup where both teams Want to go in transition I think it's a Massive massive advantage to host this Because you're thinking if it was the Other way you'd probably pick Philly in Philly so it's hard lafc at home how Good they've been with the right players Feeling confident at the right time It was going to be a tough one for Philadelphia but you know what LFC have Now that they were missing there for a Little while Doyle set piece dominance That's basically how they won this game First two goals both came from set Pieces yeah something that went missing For them when they had that bad stretch Uh in late summer but you see this one Giorgio chiellini he set the pick he Takes out two Austin Defenders and that Leaves Maxie aruchi isolated on musagite And cheat day knows nothing about it or Not Mexico Rango isolated and uh jite Knows nothing about it these were the Types of goals that you know for all the Pretty play for all the Counter-attacking that lafc did the First five months of the year they were Scoring a lot of those goals as well and

They disappeared in August in September And into October they've come back the Past two games the winner against the Galaxy and now the first two goals for Them in this game uh set pieces Playoffs wins your titles man it just Does poor maxia Ruthie comes in his First touch for Austin Off the Bench was The blind header into his own net Lac up Two nothing and then there was a PK Shout Charlie which we'll get to in a Second but first we gotta hear from Elia Sanchez who was maybe one of the Signings of the offseason coming over From Sporting Kansas City as a free Agent one of the best demids in the League he caught up with Susanna after This win at the bank Player you're headed to an MLS Cup Final What does this moment mean uh everything Uh it means everything for me but Especially for all these people that has Been here since day one five seasons More than six seven eight years uh Preparing this club for this moment and We got it this season and we are so Happy for that you have been an absolute Boss in the midfield for lafc and you Contained a very potent Austin attack Especially Sebastian Trio see what was Working for you guys today uh we just Executed the plan is from Steve from the Coaching staff uh I think that has been Hit like this uh the whole season uh and

Tonight today we just had to do it one More time Austin is a great team Probably the best team in the west uh if Not in the league and we are a very Pleased with our performance today Take this all in right now these fans Have been waiting for this you guys will Host MLS Cup at Bank of California Stadium can you even imagine what it's Going to be like next weekend well uh we Had this in our minds since the playoffs Started we had Two uh fantastic opponents coming into The bank uh I'm sure that the third one Is going to be the same would even Better so um yeah I think this team I've Said it many times it has been built for This moment and we cannot let it slip Well deserved Elia congratulations we'll See you next weekend thank you so much Uh the bank was absolutely groovin this Afternoon I was there for the first ever Match at Bank of California a dramatic Win virtue of Lauren Simon he's not Around but this team is transitioned There's plenty of stars plenty of guys Have been there Carlos Vela still there But Charlie we got to talk PK's man ding Ding ding into the ring I've been there With the Austin FC fans all afternoon Are you in this yes this Diego fugunda Is a call that was not called on the Field by Armando varel one of the best Referees in MLS this year he was called

To the Monitor and he stuck with his Original call there appears to me to be A step from Sebastian nibiaga on the Foot the right foot of Diego fagundes For me I think this is a penalty what do you Think It's for me the reason why he didn't Call the penalty is the embellishment After the footstop and Is it a lot of pressure is it an Aggressive stomp on the foot no I think it's it's harsh to stick with The call if you've been called to the Monitor by the VAR because they Obviously are telling you it's a clear And obvious error there's contact and That's what I think really comes down to Is contact that took place inside the Box I'm okay with it going either way I'm telling you if I was on the field I Would expect this to be a penalty that That's just how how it goes the defender Made an attempt to play the ball Completely missed and got the top of Diego's foot I think the reason why it Wasn't called though was just the way he Fell it just seemed like it was he was Selling it and in that case I think for The referee referee's viewpoint It's just not enough for him to to Warrant a penalty Jordan how much would This change the game I mean you're Looking at Austin I don't think they had

A shot on goal at this point in the Match uh they were over matched Basically for 95 minutes outside of this One moment of debate how much does this One call potentially change this game And what did you think of their game Overall I think it would have potentially Changed it but but also the way lafc was Executing I don't know how much of a Change it really would have brought for This Austin team because they didn't Really shine show any signs of hope We who did it needed to be on the ball It was drucy who wasn't on the ball Because Austin was getting so high Pressured they were bypassing trying to Find the forwards in which Ryu see Straight next to jite he couldn't win The second ball he couldn't be effective On the dribble going at a back line Which is where he is at his best and so Would that one call have changed the way That he found the game I'm not quite sure but I think that it Could have given a little bit more hope To this team and and maybe given them a Little bit of a push But it didn't seem like it was in it Today for for Austin it felt like Lafc was in control from nearly nearly The beginning of the game So Yeah I mean they they absolutely were it

Was Um It was just kind of a no-show of a Performance from Austin FC and uh you Have to give them credit for getting as Far as they did in these playoffs Especially with the way things started Against RSL uh but I think they they hit Their ceiling in this one and you run Into the buzz saw and the buzz saw kills You you know and that's what lafc did to Them today Um but Austin did bring it on themselves I'm still confused about what their game Plan was going into this one like I said They didn't really press high they Didn't get anything uh to to the uh to Lafc's Defenders so that you know Maria Was able to to pick his pass again and Again and again whether it was so Fuentes as we're seeing here or or Bawanga running through the lines Um this happened to half dozen times in The first half alone and they didn't Adjust on the Fly and you have to be Able to recognize that and I assume like That's going to be something that Josh Wolf will want to work on uh in the in The you know in the off season Um but it's not something that they had In their bag today and it's the Difference between a pretty good team That had a nice season and made a really Credible run and a team that

Deserves to be an MLS Cup Credit to Josh Wolf after year one I Mean there were some shouts in Austin About whether or not he should be the Manager of this team he stuck to his Principles he got his team to play uh That way he got an MVP caliber season Out of Sebastian darussi but Charlie They're in concacaf Champions League now That's sort of an underreported thing uh With Philly and lafc getting there they Both earned their spots through the Regular season shield and finishing Atop The East so you add on another You know front to compete on you have League's Cup coming in as well which They will be a part of there will be a Lot of different things that try to draw Their attention in this off season Moving into 2023 what should they be Focused on Well I look at today's match and I the One stat that stands out to me is Touches in the Box Austin had just eight eight in the in 90 Minutes eight to lafc's 34. that gives You an idea jite who is your starting Striker rigoni who's you're supposed to Be your big time DP had zero touches in The Box this game arango to put in Perspective head 11. So I'm I'm looking at this Austin team And I'm saying You had a great a great season

Tremendous season in knowing that you're Still a couple pieces away from being a Real dangerous threat because this was All extra credit at this point I I think The RSL game was pretty telling even Though they were able to come back and Show the maturity and and the resilience But going down 2-0 to RSL and RSL is They don't have anyone that's really Special there's no there's no there's no Game changer on that team they're They're a complete team uh type Mentality and they did that in the first 20 minutes of the game and shocked Austin but I think for them to get to The next level you need a striker that You can depend on hold up play finisher Gite you know he had his one moment but That's not I haven't seen consistency From him so do they stick with him and Say all right we've seen some some Positives we're going to ride with you Or they go out and get a striker and Then ragoni it hasn't worked out so well Um and today again a very uninspiring Performance so you look at those two Spots could you upgrade the outside Backs yes Um in Center back so I thought cascante Actually played well above his average This season for Austin uh much better And gabrielleson he had some some good Moments Brad stewver in in goal I mean he had a

Couple shaky decisions today but he's Been very solid I mean he's been above Average actually in Major League Soccer So they have a lot of good building Blocks Foundation wise but if they want To go out and be uh you know one of the The top teams in in the Western Conference they have to go out and get a A top number nine yep they got to do Better with that DP spot rigoni no goals No assists since joining and look maybe The David got sucking your Bump the Theorem we know about it Daniel gosdog Was a beneficiary but he should he Showed a lot in his uh short time in Year one got to get one of those u-22 Spots as well but I do think there is More ceiling for this Austin team to Reach for next year CCO it couldn't be Painful soak in the playoffs lafc all The way to MLS Cup the first time two Number one seeds have gotten to this Point to the final since 2003. lafc 30 Winners against Austin the two seed and Then the defending MLS Cup champions Nycfc going back to Philly for a second Straight year but this time taking an L Which leads us to November 5th MLS Cup Bank of California Los Angeles all the Bright lights Hollywood Owen Wilson Will Ferrell which celebrities will show up They have no idea I'm sure those tickets I don't know man Depends on the trade market Doyle I

Think you're going to be going from that Side of the country uh all right Jordan Get us started as we look at them last Cup uh we'll of course be hitting this Really hard all week on extra time to Call up and all the MLS properties out There but what is the one thing you're Looking forward to what what gets you Going the most can be on the field can Be off the field whatever you want I'm gonna go on the field because I I Have loved these two players all season Long so I'm really I'm looking forward To Jose Martinez and Ilia Sanchez and Really how well they can dictate the Play can Ilya Sanchez handle God's dog Can can that what does that match up Look like and um how does Martinez Handle the moment I think that's gonna Be a big question because we saw today He can Teeter on the edge of oh my Goodness this could go south really Quickly uh but those two players are so Crucial and I I'm really looking forward To seeing them play and um just how Effective they can be In this MLS Cup to the best d-mids in The league what you got what are you Looking forward to uh should I sing the Yukon uh fight song for for Andre I Haven't even mentioned UConn's win over BC in football this weekend Charlie Oh boy no I like I I honestly it goes Back to what I was saying at the top of

The show we we do this every year and MLS Cup is fun every single year no Matter who's in it like we've been Really lucky with that we've had a lot Of great finals we've got a lot of great Teams in the final what we haven't had Is number one versus number two there's No question guys there's no question These were the two best teams in the League this year and like we it's it We're spoiled to get this game so that More than anything else is what I'm Looking forward to though obviously as The week goes on uh nerds like all of us Will will dig into the Tactical approach Any time of 433 Matches up against the 442 Diamond it Creates uh you know sort of tension Between central overload versus width And how high do you put your full or Your your full backs up if you're in the 442 team and like how deep do you drop Your wing all of that fun stuff but it's Mostly number one versus number one may The best team win all right I just took Notes Here for extra time tomorrow we Are definitely hitting the uh the shapes And how those two uh match up against Each other Charlie have you recovered From the BC jig here you have something For me what are you looking forward to Oh gosh I'm still recovering from that Uh but I will say You have two exciting teams when you

Look at the front three for lafc I think Bawanga again showed how dangerous he is Just with his runs his movement is Driven bully probably should have had Two goals or so and a couple assists to Go with it but uh I'm looking forward to To the attacking options here the front Three of lafc and and the front two Cory Burke came in and in Cory Burke fashion Dribbling off his shins and his knees And banging just running hard and just Absolutely smacks it with his left foot And you're just like what cut off guard But Carranza was solid really good Tonight and Miguel or I struggled so if You know however that looks going into The final I think those two need to be Playing well for for Philadelphia to win All right Charlie can do that because He's scored in Conference Finals and Look across the page of Cory and say We've both been there man we could both See it that was a little fortunate for You for me I was at that first game as I Said at the bank the uh the culture Around the club around the stadium what They've done in such a short period of Time it truly is special and for them to Be on the big stage in the big moment With the big opportunity they've been Chasing for their entire existence and I Know a lot of most teams out there are Saying hold on that's not even that long But it's a moment that they've invested

In financially emotionally and sort of Spiritually as a club and so I cannot Wait to see what the bank feels like how A top and what the 3252 does uh next Weekend on Fox and unimos it is going to Be so special it is going to be the Spectacle that the league deserves to Cap 2022 season these are also Spectacles I guess Charlie you're there You got lafc right still there you know I'm still there you're almost there You got a chance you got a chance you Got the winner yeah others not so much It started out hot wavy you really did Yeah I did yeah I was throwing a lot of Weeds for Thomas around on Twitter and Who has a perfect bracket raise your Hand but when you take chances you get Punished unfortunately so absolutely Thrashed I got punished I got punished Charlie on one side Doyle on the other Seeing if they're brackets I guess I Really am rooting for the union aren't I We don't have yours Jordan Howard how Would any any care to comment on how you Did in the uh the breakfast he had the Crew she had the crew winning at all I had I had Montreal winning You and I Kindred Spirits really really Thinking they were gonna do it all right Uh big thank you to all three of you Charlie Davies Jordan Angeli Matt Doyle Thanks all the folks behind the scenes That make this possible Andres are who's

Back there doing his thing that was Formoso and the Gang thank you guys Thank you for watching as well more Content to come this week as we head to Los Angeles extra time will be on the Ground on Thursday so tune in for that One full preview coming your way with That and the night we go enjoy yours [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]