Kevin De Bruyne is BY FAR Manchester City’s most important player – Michallik | PL Express | ESPN FC

By | November 7, 2022

The PL Express crew are on ESPN FC to talk through why Kevin De Bruyne is still Manchester City’s best player, despite Erling Haaland’s boatload of goals.
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Let's talk about Manchester City erling Highland scoring his 23rd goal of the Season 18 now in the Premier League and Kevin De bruyne I feel like it's always These two we're talking about every week And rightfully so we were talking about Peps criticism of Kevin De bruyne last Week saying that maybe he can give more Still than he has been given but pep Said after this game that Kevin De Bruyne put this team on his shoulders And he could see that celebration and The the Euphoria from Pep afterwards He got through a game with a win that Perhaps he thought he wasn't going to at One point Perhaps smart challenged him the other Way yeah great goal from a free kick but I need more I need more and the reason He says that because he knows that Kevin De bruyne is by far the most important Player from Manchester City Early Holland we can sit here and talk about His quality his goals without Kevin De Bruyne and none of that that happens and I'm not even talking about the Relationship and the partnership those Two have struck up so quickly right Because remember there was a goal Kevin De bruyne wrote a cross and a header Inches or millimeters offside somehow But we've seen this movie before and We're going to continue to see that so He understands that Kevin De bruyne is

Is obviously needed for for Holland to Be uh to be a successful not to say that Bernardo Silva can't do it in gundogan And all the players but look uh if if Manchester City are going to continue to Win the Premier League and win the the Champions League Kevin De bruyne has to Be at his best Kevin De bruyne at his Best for me Nobody like him nobody like him and Again we have to say it the 10 15 20 Years from now I am not 100 sure that We're going to be talking about Kevin De Bruyne as one of those historical Legends of the game and we should be That's the unfortunate part but anyway I Think Pep Guardiola knows exactly what He's doing he knows that he's got a gem Of Epic Proportion and that's not early Holland that's Kevin De bruyne you Mentioned the knockout games you Mentioned the Champions League I think It's really interesting to hear that pep Said afterwards and he showed that he's Well aware of the risk in these knockout Games because on Xiao cancello sending Off he said his players can learn not to Give the opponent something and then he Said because in a knockout game we could Be out So you can see and obviously of course It's Manchester City they want to win The champions league but he sent a Message to say don't do something stupid

That could cost us Like if this was a knockout game and it I feel as though he's already looking at All the little factors that could Prevent them winning the Champions League this season well let's assess That I mean that that's individual with Joe Consuelo uh obviously you don't want To do that but you know the way they Play with such a high defensive line you Know you're going to benefit from that a Number of occasions right but it's a Inherent risk that you take and that's What happened it cancello probably Wanted to uh you know to get you know to Get there and defend that but you know The way you know the way it happened It's almost uh I want to say it's one of those Incidental ones it's just because it Happened again remember I mean a high Line in the second half I don't know if You remember her I think it was uh again Uh Harry Wilson but this time it was Okay it was same identical situation Just Wilson missed the goal by inches on The far pose but you know that's what Happened so it could be concealer could Be anybody else so yes he may direct That towards cancel but he also has to Be honest with himself I'm talking about Pep Guardiola and to say okay how do we Cover for each other if that does happen How do we recover because that isolation

One-on-one was there twice once they Paid the price for it and the second Time fortunately they didn't but that's The the risk reward you take if you Mention the city because they do play The highest line in the league Liverpool Does it as well but I think Manchester City I mean look at that line it's Pretty much halfway line on the direct Card and the second situation that I was Talking it was maybe five yards inside Their own house maybe but pretty much on The halfway line so so I think that's What Pep Guardiola has to think about More than the fact that okay you're Asking your players to take such risks And then you're also asking them to Recover and be absolutely perfect when You know that if you play against uh in Kunku that they will play uh obviously In the next round or maybe PSG and You're going to face mbappe Yeah you're gonna have to strike that Balance of saying that maybe that line Needs to be a little bit lower maybe I've maybe I've got to help my players Not to be in a position like this so I Think it's a little bit unfair but I Also think that pep didn't really go to Cancel and say I think you're crazy in What you did Because I don't know if he did much I Think it was the opposition that forced Him in particular could have been

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