Kelleher Is THE Modern Goallie | Liverpool 0-0 Derby (3-2 pens) | Klopp Post Match Press Conference

By | November 10, 2022

Kelleher Is THE Modern Goallie | Liverpool 0-0 Derby (3-2 pens) | Klopp Post Match Press Conference

Jurgen Klopp speaks to the press after his side beat Derby in the League Cup 3rd round after penalties, where Kelleher shone and Elliott sealed the deal on the night for the Reds!



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Again because it's some reputation that He's developed in um the penalty Shootouts he's now save more penalties In penalty shootouts in any other Liverpool goalkeeper In history Wow yeah but let's start talking about Tonight so I can remember the others but Of course they were good as well but Um Tonight about three really good Penalties They all go in the corner so it's not That it's like a bad one and they don't Miss hit the ball or Slip a little bit before they shoot over Them now we're really good and he saved Him anyway so that's that's massive but I think we never we never Um hold it back somehow that we said Look we've we could not play no no he's Exceptional he's absolutely exceptional Have now not the best season so far Because he came back from holiday and Was injured and it took a really long Time to get him back in training and Back to speed but obviously he's ready Now and the goalkeeper coaches are just Doing an incredible job he's there and I'm pretty sure he would say it exactly The same as their product because what They do with him and the goalie they Develop is a modern goalie come As you like can play football and

Um Yeah on top of that can catch balls and Can keep the ball out of the net in a Really good manner and um that's really Good and I'm over the moon for him that He could have these situations and when You see him this very grounded boy how Many when his belly Smiles but when he Smiles you know it means a lot to him so Um really cool logically must be Difficult for the opposition when they Know they've got facing camera That is because it's still a lot of Years goalkeepers to come for him so if He can keep that record that would be Exceptional then probably Um and it would be completely insane Numbers then but so no he did really Well Your overall thoughts on that liked it Liked it again it's most it's the most Difficult thing in football that you if You're putting a team together and you Face an opponent who is deep defending a Lot of lags counter-attacking long balls Set pieces all these kind of things so We don't obviously didn't have a lot of Time to repair the game but we could at Least train once because with this team That's why we changed that's what I said Last year people always don't like it When you when you when you get knocked Out and it's like ah very young you Don't take the competition series was

Never true Um but we have two two things we have to Make sure that we don't risk anybody That's very important and the other Thing is we really love to give the boys Opportunity and now imagine even if you Lose the game tonight in the penalty Shootout if the people wouldn't have Seen Stefan Bobby Ben Mel Leighton then of course the other Younger probably was only a little bit Older if he's if at all Kelvin of course and then Harvey comes On so it was like eight or nine really Young boys and it's it's so nice Um to see them that you can give them The opportunity just yeah to play really Men's football against a team who wanted To get through obviously when we all Know I'm pretty sure I didn't ask Anybody but for Darby These games are really would have been Really important money wise another Round maybe another Premier League team Away big of a derby there for the Stadium themselves so Um And then get through it's just a great Experience The wrong time to ask as well but Obviously the build up to the game there Was news about the ownership

And obviously what could happen as Regards here in the future how has that Impacted on you and your in your Preparation how do you feel about the Situation no no impact at all so Completely I I perhaps at pretty much Everything else in the press conference We will be new about it a little bit Longer Um at our thoughts and um Understand 100 but we all it will just Get sold like we Ever she wants to sell the club what I Read is as well uh looking for investors And I think that makes sense that's a Good idea like that Um and Yeah what it what it means to me what do You mean so it didn't just distract the Preparation at all so it's um Um if the players didn't ask me but if The players want to ask me I can tell Them everything we don't need a media For that to tell them what's happening But for me it means nothing whatever Happens whatever happens I'm I I I Really like how we work together with Our owners but if that would change I'm I'm committed to the club of obviously There's nothing to the people here and That has nothing to do with that but um As how is that as far as I know we're Looking for investors and I thought Actually that makes sense

Will appreciate what you just said Because Different circumstance obviously but Chelsea there was so much of people When they knew that bonus came in over The summer with the new manager and new Players and new director of football so I think the funds will appreciate the Stability that they get from you So first and foremost Chelsea got sold I Said now so I understand it we're Looking for investors it's different but Even if the situation completely Different Chelsea had to get sold Because of the owner was in trouble let Me sum it up like this it was a bit of a Urgency in the situation we don't have That here not at all Um For me it's just important that we that That we while this process is whatever It is is happening that we just keep Going and planning and so this will be Whatever will happen and these kind of Things take probably time I'm not a Special and an expert in this but um Whenever it will happen and somebody Comes in or whatever Um Until then Can happen a lot of things and in that Time I I we have to keep going so um not Only football-wise in between as well And I will I will make sure that that

Will be the case so it's just um and That's all so I'm really So in the moment nothing happened that's It's just news which we knew and nobody Had a heart attack when we got the news And thought Oh my God how can we carry On Um it's a it's a decision and it's fine And how is that we work really close Together Um with FSG it was a great relation Great relationship was a great relation Until now it will not change Um and whatever happens we will see him We will deal with it And can I just ask you about tonight by Winning tonight oh thank you very much Yes you can through to the next round Yeah the next round is obviously Before Christmas yeah great idea how I don't know yet but we will find a Solution so we have obviously We have players at the World Cup but um We have a big group together for Preseason and probably will Use them then It makes sense I think um and Um but that's it it's if when is the Draw Tomorrow night okay so let me know where We have to go stuff like this we are in A training camp we come back and then we Have a few days to prepare this game Yeah so it's fine we love playing

Football by the way that um it's not a Problem but um Yeah three days four days after the World Cup final Let me say if it's England Brazil or Holland or whatever then we Will miss a few players probably Um but let's see That's been It was his instructions were easy Do what you do all the time because he's Really a lively boy smart player good Rippler fast can use both legs It's good it was nice to watch right it Was really nice to watch it coming in And immediately Um a lot of things are opposite natural To him which is a really helpful and so Yeah pretty sure his family was here Tonight I can remember when I saw the Family at the AXA when we signed the boy Um how excited everybody was Um now having that night I that's that's A it's a Next Step it's cool he showed Up obviously Thank you sorry Oh of course haven't already if you Don't hold me back I would already on The bottle with him so um No we spoke before the game already long So I I heard from somewhere that um Had a foreign manager so I'll not use it It's true we are not Um in in other in in Germany we sit here

Together and then you cannot pretty much Forget it but it's all always about Because media work is that long That you think okay let's go home so if Your trust would have I still don't Understand buy me trust not have a press Conference because you always ask the Same things like the people and with the Microphone club and we could keep that Short and then we have more time for the Colleagues but I go now and we have a Drink Hey what's happening everyone hope you Enjoyed that show if you did please do Give the video a like And subscribe to The channel as well if you want even More appeal content even in video or Podcast form do check out Redman Plus or Subscription Service tons and tons of Great little contents both in video and Podcast forms check out you will love it