Julien Laurens on if Messi could return to Barca: I don’t think it’d be THAT good for LaLiga 👀

By | November 4, 2022

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Javier Tebas' comments on the potential of a Lionel Messi return to Barcelona.

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You know Lionel Messi and whether he Will be returning to Barcelona well here Is what La Liga president Javier tebas Had to say he said I think that Messi is Not only missed in La Liga but he is Also missed in football because the French league is what it is right and What might that be jewels I don't know I don't know I I mean I don't really care to be fair If he keeps sagging your French football I know he's still very angry and Frustrated that means he left La Liga And Barcelona to go to PSG nobody in France forced him to do that by the way That was his own decision uh I think I Should worship I think uh you know I Think that would be good for him to uh We could educate him about the good Players that we have the really good Academies the really good youngsters That we have uh we could he could watch And maybe dreaming that one day and bad People play in his League I'm sure he Would take a lot of league and players By the way in La Liga next season so Come on I'm not even sure it would be That good for La Liga to have messy bike And for Barcelona we've mentioned a lot Of it before that I'm not sure going Back is the right thing at this stage of Messi's career by the way The best one Messi Unnecessary

And in terms of what Barcelona is trying To do now is they're moving ahead They're moving forward it may not be Going in the direction that they would Have wanted or that they would have Hoped for at the beginning of the Season Given the failures of Champions League But they are banking on this youth Movement they are banking on pedri and Gabby and araujo and so on and so forth And then a little sprinkle Lewandowski Here a little sprinkle of the young There and we move on The the era of Lionel Messi as Successful as it was as magical as it Was it's now over there was a clean Break and now Chavi and Barcelona are Moving on they're moving on so much so That Gerard Pique will no longer be part Of this uh picture anymore they are Moving on they're moving on from Sergio Busquets they're moving on from Jordi Alba they're moving on from Lionel Messi They are moving ahead they're going Forward with what their plan is is it Going to work is it not gonna work we'll See but at the very least they have a Plan in place which is rare for Barcelona what we have seen for Barcelona in the past is that there Wasn't a lot of a plan now there seems To be a plan in place the execution of That plan is what we need to evaluate From here on out as foreign

Why talk about other leagues why talk About a lot of the leaks when part of The conversation last week and even into This week was what's wrong with La Liga When only one team has advanced out of The group state in Champions League so Don't bring attention to your league When you yourself are kind of like I Don't know where we are and I don't know That we're getting the best out of our Teams Worry about what's going on in Spain Don't worry about what's going on in Legon Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus