Jesus and Martinelli REVEAL all about their Brazil teammates on and off the pitch! 🇧🇷

By | November 13, 2022

Arsenal's Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Martinelli reveal all about their Brazil teammates on and off the pitch ahead of the World Cup.

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This is on and off the pitch with Gabriel Jesus and Gabrielle Martinelli Gabby you've got a box in front of you Now any of the names of all the players That will be representing Brazil in the World Cup you're going to pick them out At random and you're going to tell us What they're like on and off the pitch You ready to do this yeah okay first Name are you picking all of them by the Way yeah you're doing that okay Here we go First name Richarlison okay what's he like tell us A little bit about him on the pictures Of player first oh everyone knows that He's a very good player I was in the Olympic Games with him he Was very important for us to win to win It and yeah I mean he's a very good Player everyone knows that enough the Pitch is he's a very good guy as well so Funny Lizzy yeah he's one of the jokers in the Dressing room yeah always joking around And yeah I think everyone in the team Loves him as well yeah I saw that Gabriel so um he did a post on his Instagram all of his family reacting to Getting called up to the squad and it Was so good to see how happy he was to Make the Brazil squad and on the Comments below you put you deserve this So much which I thought was such a

Classy message because you obviously Play for rival clubs with Tottenham and Arsenal and obviously you're playing the Same position as well but does that show Just how strong the team spirit is at Brazil yeah yeah we are like a family You know everyone loves his love his Daughter everyone of course wants to Play but everyone respect you know I Think the Brazilian squad is Amazing if you talk about quality if you Talk about players you can see so yeah I Put there I I normally I don't comment Photos of this thing but I think uh so Have been doing so good in national team As well so he deserves a lot and then I Congratulations to him as well yeah it's Very good and there's little proof Celebration as well he's got a few Celebrations isn't it yeah a lot a lot You can see you know they love Brazilians players have to to play for Brazil you know so that's is it's Amazing we cannot describe because you Know it's amazing we think grow up doing Uh play for for Brazilian World Cup so That's that's just amazing okay next Name no pressure Gabby who you going for Another player is having a really good Season what's he like to come up against Because obviously you come up against Him in the Premier League and in Training for Brazil again tell us a Little bit about what he's like I love

This boy he's so good on the ball So important for the team he was with me In the Olympic Games as well and Uh I've seen how his skillful he is and His quality For me he's one of the best midfielders In the world He just became a father congratulations To him and yeah I mean he's a very good Guy as well Have a good player and yeah I think He'll be so important for us in this World cup as well yeah some price that One of the best midfielders you call him In the world off the pitch is he quite Quiet is he outgoing what was he like He's he's a good guy you know yeah he's Quite like is he Yeah he's the balance you know on the Pitch so he's so quality with the ball With all the ball he run a lot he helped A lot the team and then uh as a person I Just know him in a national team but I Can feel he's a good guy as well yeah Yeah great season he's having isn't it For Newcastle Newcastle fans absolutely Love him um let's go for the next one Give you a little Shake who's next Anthony okay another play that comes to The Premier League a lot of players Playing in the Premier League tell us a Little bit about him is he one of the Most skillful players in training so I Imagine there's a lot of technically

Gifted players in the Brazil squad is he One of the most skillful it's difficult You choose one the most you know I would Say Neymar of course yeah of course but Uh I think everyone you know have Quality to do things you know but Anthony show was uh his skillful his Quality player he's so good guy I love Him yeah he's so good guy uh I'm so Happy for him you know to come here and Um premier league is not easy to play And he show his quality he played Amazing the first game 424s he is Against us And then he played good so yeah like I Said I love him as a person and as a Player as well some price let's go Straight to the next one because there's Quite a few names so we'll uh we'll go To the next one you're not looking I Like it taking it very seriously Who's the next out Neymar okay let's Talk about Neymar he's only two goals Away from equaling pele's record Um phenomenal player where do you think He ranks in terms of Brazil's greatest Ever players because there's been so Many top players over the years for Brazil for a minute not just for me I Think in the world everyone can can say That is one of the best in the world and One of the greatest players That have played for Brazil and yeah Everyone in in the team just loves him

And know how important he is for the Team And He's one of the captains and yeah I Think he inspires a lot of a lot of boys And with me wasn't different I look at Him and I see a A player in a in a guy that I respect a Lot and You know I want to be and off the Pitches I don't know him very well Because I have been in the national team Just twice or three times God can talk a Bit more about him but uh what I can What I can say it's that I have a lot of Respect about him and I love the way That he plays and he's one of the best Players in the world yeah one of the Best players in the world huge player What's he like to play alongside Gabby Because you know him so well you're good Mates with the monkey yeah yeah yeah uh Uh my first play with him was 16 2016 so Yeah we went to Olympics as well Together and see a season from there we Play a lot together and then uh as we Say as a player he's unbelievable one of The best in the world for you yeah I Think one of I think the best player I have played With the best play you've ever played With in your career of course yeah for Sure and then uh I love him as well Outside of the pitch of the pitch he's

Amazing he's so good guy yeah he's Behavioral you know he's so humble he Like like to be with family with friends That's that that you know the football Player life is really difficult about These things and then he loves to be With his friend his family and that's More important for me you know and then He's a good guy and about about as a Player everyone knows his quality so Yeah for me one of the great I have I Have seen tell us a bit about off the Pitch then because we've all seen what He's like on the pitch off the picture Did you have a bit of a laugh and a joke Is he one of the The Jokers yeah he was Always joking dancing singing So yeah he's one of the the funnies as Well is he yeah is he the best dancer Then would you say you say he's always Dancing and joking who's the best dancer In the Brazil school would you say okay Yeah Lucas paquetta yeah okay he takes It if there was a dancer between the Neighborhood yeah yeah he'd teach Everyone yeah and teach everyone As well but pocket I think is the most Wow okay and did I read that you and Neymar have got matching tattoos is that Right you had the same tattoos uh two I Think one I just uh seen the internet You know yeah was uh this this one yeah This one a lot of tattoos yeah a little Bit different of uh his tattoo because I

Put my place my old place name you know But it's quite same and the Olympics so You've got the same ones where you grew Up in Brazil which is similar to inspire You yeah yeah nice I think everyone's You know in Brazil is normal everyone's Yeah come from one place with Difficulties and then uh you know you Try to be uh footballer and then your Dream yeah and that's why amazing let's Go to the next one Gabby you want to pick this one Who are we going to go with next so many Great players in this Brazil squad of Course Allison yeah talk to me about Alison I Mean it's Brazil should we do both Keepers here because Alice in Edison I Mean two unbelievable Keepers I mean Just Incredible strength and depth that Brazil have in Gold isn't it yeah he's So good Um When I when I went to the national team Last time When we played against Japan and South Korea I remember when we were in Training and I came 1v1 with him and It's so difficulty so big and is he one Of the toughest goalkeepers you've ever Faced in China for sure I think yeah And how do they compare Alison Edison as A striker Gabby I mean three to know Because they're both such good keepers

I'm not going to ask who's better Because that's probably not fair to us But how do they compare in training is There one that that's that's tougher to Score past one that's better with their Feet how do you think they compare as Goalkeepers both are difficult to play Against I have played more against other soft Coin train station of course but I have Played against Alice in Brazil as well Yeah and here So so difficult I think it's annoying I think three four times uh no two times I went against him 1v1 he defend my shot Really and then was a good shot to be Honest and he defend because Alison is So big he opened and not Edison as well In the train station all the time we are We was like doing uh betting everything Because you know he's so good he's so Good yeah I think Brazil have a really Good keepers even with the Everton in Brazil he's so good keeper as well Uh yeah we are lucky to to have these Keepers you know Canadian play Outfield A lot of people talk about how good he Is with his feet does he join in Training Outfield would he be good Enough to play Outfield do you think you Can see at City sometimes he he just go With the boys If you let him go he go to a half line So uh I don't I don't know I don't think

He can play no but he has a quality yeah Okay so we've done both Keepers let's Move on now to uh The next one I like how seriously you're Taking this with the uh the rest of the Players who have we got Thiago Silva 38 Years of age a what a player Gabby talk To us about what he's like to play Against is he one of the toughest Defenders you've ever played against Would you say yeah of course is enough The best defenders in the world as well He's 38 and you see him playing now it's Unbelievable yeah we played against him Last week and yeah you can see his Quality His composer so he's so good and a very Good guy off the pitch as well is he one Of the players as a more experienced Players that that helped you settle into The squad yeah I mean everyone in the Gym tried to help me in Brazil we Like upset we are we are our family and Everyone loves each other and I think This is a this is the most important Thing because when you go there and you Are young you feel you feel welcomed you Know so I think this is very good for For the players that are going for the First time and they feel like a bit of Pressure you know because they are young And they say Miro Gabby so they they make you feel Welcome and this is very good nice day

Okay let's go the next one straight in What have we got here Danny Alves wow we talked about Thiago Silver been 38 Danny Alves is 39. the Most decorated player in the history of Football won over 40 trophies which is Incredible the one trophy hasn't won Interestingly is the World Cup do you Feel that could be written in the stars Maybe yeah you want everything else I Hope for her yes you know he put on uh He's uh his house does he have room for It in his house I think I don't know if He has to be big how many trophies So everyone knows Danielle as well you Know in that time at Barcelona and Sevilla you know in Brazil National Team He was he's still so good Uh it's amazing player with water Quality you know there on the right so Yeah he's amazing player just enjoyed to Play with him and then as a guy he's a Good guy as well it's difficult to say You know about uh personal life because Everyone is so good in Brazil everyone Is so like family so nice guy you know And then Danny is like this as well I Want to ask you about him off the pitch Because I've seen that he's released a Rap video Suave have you seen this he's A bit of a rapper he's a little bit Crazy that's why it's crazy he called Himself don't crazy yeah yeah yeah so Yeah he's a little bit crazy okay not

Crazy I think he's just enjoy it enjoy His life The way he he went the way he think is The right so yeah I like his behavior is He the best singer best rapper in the Squad do you think because he's because He's reaching the end of his career Could you see that being a career after Football to go into singing wrapping Full time you're not so sure no I don't Think do you agree Gabby you can't drink It no I cannot say anything I'm too Young International You're too young to respect well said Yeah top flag okay let's move on okay Have you got Gabriel Martinelli the man So next year how please Gabby will you For Gabby to be called up for the Brazil School you couldn't speak about yourself How much it meant to you It meant a lot I was at my house with my Friend my my family they are in Brazil But I was in the phone with with them And when I when I heard my name I Couldn't even talk really I cried for One hour You cried for a whole hour and you go Yeah I couldn't even talk I need to turn Off the phone and call them later Because I was so so so happy buzzing uh I don't know what I what I felt I was Just just crying was Was one of the the most important Moments in my life in my family's life

As well wow amazing and same question to You Gabby because obviously your name's In the Hat as well and how you felt with Your reaction I don't think many people Were too surprised because you're both Having great Seasons but just your Reaction to getting the call up and just What it means to you to go to the world Cup with Brazil like I go like the idea Was at home and then I'm alone you know My family my whole family in Brazil So I was alone in my bed Just In front of TVs watching and then I will When I saw my when I heard my name I was Like wow like I remember in the first Time I have called No for World Cup last World Cup but for the first time I went To national team and then was so Emotional you know I think like I said Before everyone in Brazil all the Players feel the same because Uh I know you guys don't know how the The feeling to to to be a a Brazilian Player because you know we grow up Seeing so many greatest players you know When and we want to be a footballer as Well yeah and then when you just call up To go uh where a lot of greatest player Plays just amazing you know and then I Was like Crying and Just emotional you know I cannot move as Well and then I start to call my my mom

My my my baby everyone because this is Just amazing for us just amazing yeah I Just finally quickly how do you rate Your chances a lot of people are saying Brazil are one of the favorites so how Do you rate your chances going into the World Cup it's difficult to say you know Uh Brazil Every competition play is a The the the the the the the good one to Win or I don't know what the people say But uh we have to be honest you know It's a World Cup it's a lot of teams uh Could win the the World Cup we are going There to to try you know and to to go For it really go for it yeah all the Best of the World Cup uh all the best I'll still see some of the celebrations Maybe after the other phone celebration Gabby congratulations Gabby Congratulations enjoy the World Cup Enjoyed that thank you thank you thank You