‘It was CHAOTIC!’ Was Scaloni’s team selection wrong in Argentina’s loss to Saudi Arabia? | ESPN FC

By | November 23, 2022

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab & Juls Show) discuss Lionel Scaloni’s team selection in Argentina’s 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia at the World Cup.

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We got to start with Argentina the first Big opposite of this World Cup uh they Take the lead against Saudi Arabia And they end up losing 2-1 to incredible Goals early in the second half is this Something or is it just a little road Bump And only time will tell I think Abby Because no one expected that especially After they took the lead they had three Goals disallowed and rightly so even if It's 15 off side it's enough sight but I Never thought that Coming back into the second half after The break they would just be so Just nothing there was nothing happening They could not defend they didn't win Any of the jewels no second boards they Were beaten by a team that was very Athletic very intense that really fought Hard and and played great I really Thought that second half and Argentina Just had nothing no ideas no creativity Just no any response physically even to The challenge that the Saudis were Giving on them we saw Okay I I agree with you I and that's Maybe what I found most is concerning About it My mind and it shouldn't it should not Because it's different Argentina this is 35 games unbeaten Argentina this is Argentina which by the way was on their Way to uh to setting a new record for

Undefeated game because it won't happen Do you know who holds that record by the Way no bad yeah Champions of Europe uh it is Italy in Fact still 37 games unbeaten but um well You don't count the one they lost Against Argentina No I do but that that ended the streak That's 37 games and you know I think I Said maybe and before I don't care it's 37 games we still hold that record Anyway what I'm driving at um This was supposed to be scalone's Organization they won the Copa America The toughness messy speech This felt to me in the second half it Felt like Jorge San Paulo's Argentina Chaos it was really chaos it really was Chaotic it was like okay have messy drop Deeper so we can give him the ball okay Who's going we're running behind him he Makes the triple substitution at the Hour mark and it felt like they didn't Quite know what to do yeah completely I Think he got the starting 11 wrong I Have to say papa Gomez uh Is missing and you can see watching the Game today how why lost for what he does It might not be one of the best in the World but I think he's missing or Someone like him he's a bit missing in That team but it's not a reason to lose Your shape and lose completely was made You so good for the last what 18 months

Or two years or something like that Because that second half they had no Control not of the pace of the game not Of was what was happening on the pitch It was just like let's get the ball and Try to do something we lose it we come Back crosses for nobody the Substitutions made no sense it was Really strange Um I want to look as a defense as well And we will get this idea because in Saudi Arabia we need to talk about them Culture we can talk about there's loads Of the phenomenon where we are but I want to talk about the defense because A lot of people had issue took issue With the fact that Romero starting the Game Was he fully fit was he not fully Faithfully fit people saying oh Lisandro Martinez should have played now all Right part of this is the muppeto sphere Twitter sphere where yeah they don't Know who didn't know who Lisandro Martinez was again until like six months Ago when I place United he needs to Start however Between Romero who's not fit I mean Romero to me I take him every day of the Week over lisander Martinez at least Within the context of them together Anyway I drop what I'm ending yeah that Would have been the option but you know Scalone he's gonna be yeah of course of

Course but I thought he was at fault for That first goal especially There may or may not did it looked like It was a deflection As well no I didn't think so I I just thought he just reacted way too Slowly that's not a fitness thing that's A mental thing yeah no I think so uh I Think defensively again but the second Goal how can you let the ball come down He controls it he turns then there's the Little bit of skill and then there's the Finish which is amazing and he might try Again he would never score a goal like That was sorry but still there's too Much freedom I just thought they were Not aggressive Paredes the pole I'm really worried now After a while so today and it must just Be a slow start for them in the Competition but this is a huge wake-up Call not just for Argentina for the big Teams in general you know my thoughts on Paredes I am a fan I'm a fan of the United About for now I can kind of take or Leave Um but I think you're right what I want To say about the the second Saudi goal Uh Somebody pointed out and you can tell me Because you've played at a higher level You played in the fourth division yes

There's players in the fourth division Who can hit that anytime just the Difference between that kind of player Between fourth division player and a First division player the fourth Division player will do it with much Less frequency is that what we saw there Was that was just a hidden hope exactly And so Gareth Bale does it we're like All right we've seen you do it before Yeah then we praise you this guy And I just took a chance and I just Cannot wait for him to do it again But it might never happen it doesn't Matter Saudi Arabia XG was 0.15 they Scored two amazing goals and they beat Messi in Argentina Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus