It All Comes Down to This: MLS Cup Final is Set

By | October 31, 2022

Catch up on all the Conference Finals action of the Audi 2022 MLS Cup Playoffs.

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Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] The final four in the 2022 MLS Cup Playoffs were about to become the final Two In the East there was a renewal of the 2021 Conference Final at New York City FC traveled to Subaru Park to face the Philadelphia Union While in the west the supporters Shield Winners lafc hosted Austin as both went In search of a first ever Conference Championship And it's at Bank of California stadium That we begin [Applause] Lafc the kings of Los Angeles Swinger [Music] [Applause] Stood in their way Austin FC the titans Of Texas do you see going alone and Doubling the lead it is It was the West top two for a place in MLS Cup It was the black and gold versus the Verde in Black in the Western Conference Final commentary from David Broughton And Chris Wise [Applause] Rattles the post might get a second Chance

And it's Austin who get the free kick If he goes on his own as he did to the Point is he's got to score Is getting to the Austin goal the Narrower the angle does become Very straightforward break isn't it I mean it was some power doesn't he say Fuentes but that has a glaring Miss such A big game Oh goalkeepers out Steve has missed it Do anger with the chance Smuggled away for a corner Austin Living Dangerously a few times Now isn't it Steve has come Meandering Out of goal Ranger Cuts back in onto his Left foot and takes the shot there is a Ball to be laid onto his strike partner Comes the corner and the header is in Met by arango [Applause] And a large portion of California goes Crazy For their main man in 2022 Christian arango And the supporters Shield winners in France Footballing Smiley attacked from a headed goal point Of view by Rango Let's be honest in this stadium that is The best then to score a goalie for the Home side isn't it lifts the roof off And fella touch Exquisite finish not There

Stuva in the way [Applause] As route one goes that's as route one as You can possibly see great touch Carlos Fella there's a lot of looking round in The Austin defense We go Fuentes And stuva keeps on repelling Again that's swinging wildly isn't it For the Austin goalkeeper sometimes at The fault sometimes a savior this time He's the latter Palacios They do anger A chance to run at Lima doesn't need too Much encouragement to do that and missed By Bella Who looked on hand to not in Holly's head and again Ryan Hollingsheads [Applause] Stupa anticipated he was going to go at His near post and he did just drives it With power doesn't it this is the one Just moments ago a complete Miss headed By Carlos Vela and ends up back at the Feet of Hollingshead neat little one two Which gets him inside the 18-yard Box The hour is nigh A Bank of California Stadium Arango is going to reach it cascante is Struggling to get over there arango How many saves has Brad stupa made now I

Think he's quite a few of them have been Right at him yeah it's a wonderful ball Isn't it into the feet of arango has he Got options on the ball not really the Only real option is to take the shots on But once again Chris absolutely right He's straight at stuva Appearance by ring Down by sifuentes Lovely Touch by Bella Pauline's heads And Left behind By the boot of Diego for gunders Let's go play once again wasn't it Holland said pushing the Austin forwards Back all the way into their own 18-yard Box [Music] Tell us delivery oh it's gone in it's an Own goal and it's a rooty who's only Just come on the pitch It might even be his very first touch of The ball Crucial that could be Ellie LFC 2 Austin Nil Be intrigued to see how much of the ball That he actually saw as he made his way Into the six-yard box Such a tough one comes via the back of The head of ibiaga so he can't see at All can he got no sight of the ball he's Got a general idea where the ball is Going to be but you just can't get out Of the way

Really do feel for him there brought on To score goals not on goals Could that be a clinching goal for Steve Gerundello's team Certainly Bank of California Stadium Thinks so Let's see a new lease in life in terms Of the press but Austin have beaten it Here It's Diego fagundez Any contact no says Armando fioreau who Was In a very good place to see it Austin is still hoping that this will be Looked at and of course it will Has gone down and he's stayed down Hasn't he yeah for gunders might seem Crepo quite clearly you can see what the Goalkeeper thinks of that particular Challenge He's right on the edge of the 18 yard Box Cut back towards the VR get And they are going to look at it This is the thing vars for clear and Obvious errors isn't it I suppose if you're looking at it as a Technical issue How much contact was there from the boot Of ibiaga on Diego for gunders but the Point that you would make looking at This the more you look at it the more it Becomes a penalty doesn't it quite Clearly

See there is an element of theatrics Isn't there from fagundez Is decided what he's gonna do And he says no penalty well that's very Interesting so what is it then because It's not a dive it's as you said Theatrical after the events but there's Contact there which sends fagundes up And over the leg of ibiaga Can't say the ball carrier It's Nick lemur IO got the big shout from the goalkeeper And got his head on it to clear yeah he Wanted it away then he Maxine crepo Maria not taking any chances whatsoever There's his Corner cascantes header And crepo at last tested at least Fuentes Has lost it Fit attempt on goal for Austin that Header but it's the first that they've Had on target it's taken them 81 minutes I lie it's their second staggering Really wasn't it Yeah because there's not been that many That counted it as two and Can't get the staff nowadays can you Chris [Applause] With a like the untidy challenge opoku Finishes it for lafc He's so good at that Coming on One Moment One goal

And this goal takes lafc to MLS Cup 2022 Will ensure he seals it it feels doesn't It [Applause] Single lafc player Off the Bench He was a smart finish Justin defends completely at odds with Each other doesn't even really take a Touch does he well coach that's it It's been around cascante Defender completely misjudging where the Ball's gonna land give Steuben no chance Whatsoever Crisp enough strike to take it down into That bottom corner well they will feel With almost clear certainty now That at AFC are heading to their first Ever showpiece event in MLS Lafc marching on That historic double is in their sights Supporters Shield winners and now 90 Minutes of football away from winning MLS Cup as well and it will be here it Will be at Bank of California Stadium Next week We've been on the other side of games Like this where we can put teams under Pressure and build momentum and smother Them and and that's exactly what they Did today they they didn't give us a Chance to breathe they didn't allow us To build up they were putting us under Pressure and and in that it caused our Group a little a little bit of

Insecurities but they're a good team and With loads of talent and in an extremely Good position to win MLS Cup so we wish Them the best of luck and obviously Congratulations to them but as Disappointing as today is there's There's just so much pride in what we've Been able to establish and build in two Years and um you know those are things That we'll take home home with us today Um you know I told these guys it's it's A difficult moment but you know take the Time in the next 24 hours 48 hours to Really understand what what has happened This year and to go with the supporters Shields they are officially the western Conference champions See Pride of California You guys did An emphatic job of making sure it was Only one team Playing here uh next Saturday Um they did uh I think the best I've seen this year of Them implementing our match plan Um from the first minute to the end but What I experienced in the locker room is Still hunger and and I want for more and I will keep the level of focus as high As possible for another week and it's an Incredible atmosphere and you know this Is for them but it's also for everybody At the organization who's worked So hard over the past seven years to put

This club and organization on the map Yeah this next game is for LA and for Our fans New York City FC continue their defense My understanding Narrative of last Year's Eastern Conference Final and I Expect Philadelphia will be incredibly Motivated Jim Curtin at the capped by The absence of nine key players today Buster Douglas has just landed a blow From Mike Tyson's chip [Applause] Nycfc a level A first trophy for New York City FC We're missing 11 guys so they'll make it Sweeter if we're able to go on a little Bit further and reach our first MLS Cup So would it be sweet revenge for the Union or would nycfc once again conquer The East with lafc and Bank of California Stadium lying in weight David Connolly and Dan Roebuck were watching The Eastern Conference Final Inside the penalty area Then it will be a free kick to the Philadelphia Union is Collins is Penalized that's clumsy really clumsy From calendar man of his experience he's Had a superb season you've got to say But no need to make the foul there Gets set to deliver Colgan and not enough in close range [Applause] 15 minutes on the clock oh the offside

Flag is up well then we'll need to see This one again I mean start in an offside position Lynn Didn't move back on side and I think it Is offside [Applause] Carranza this is Continuing on as Carranza goes to Grounds Johnson makes the save it was a tight Angle but it was shifting towards him Where it was I just wonder is it a foul Here from hack I think so That could have been a freak it in a Dangerous area for cranza as it is it's Not really in the Box a new one he's got Nothing on it's an acute angle I think It'd be better off trying to maybe cut That back in the end straight to Goalkeeper Johnson just Palms it away [Applause] This is Tina home and they're calling For it back towards maximize The corner New York City FC lead Ly struck by the Argentine Andre Blake Beaten And the Union Subaru Park That's a superb here Dan I mean this all Starts with a goal kick from John Johnson who Walden goes straight into The front into the lights in a bear Where they didn't win anything in the

First 45 this time he changes the angle And rifles it out wide at in a home and Then they're away lovely little give and Go out wide here we go in quick Interplay Bulls head wide and Tina home with a Lovely little cutback cross set on the Edge of the box is perfect and what a Hit that is for Morales Rifled low into that bottom corner it's Got to be something special to be Blake And it does superb strike [Music] This is per Anna [Applause] Bear wants it here is ebb air into the Area looks to try and curl one but It's a deflection [Applause] [Music] New York City FC with a corner Maxi Morales to take to the edge of the area Tin home nods it back towards the six Yard box The top mile tool a bear Morales for a tool to Scamper forwards Here gets the crossing oh [Applause] Blake Unbelievable stop by the Jamaican Alan heard did he keep that one Waterfall this is brilliant cross it's Callings with the head up we'll test him For that bottom corner but it's an

Absolutely brilliant one-handed save There from Blake Foreign [Applause] S are in like a flash after good work Outside the area Bottom corner Oh we're in behind call into he's a bit Slow to switch on and he finishes that Really well low into the bottom corner [Applause] His Parks into the action And now gladness Visor racing three [Applause] Look on the right hand side now Dakota's in again here and there should Be another of course there is goes down From close range couldn't miss what a Turn around here New York City FC have been switched Aside here The Philadelphia Union Scoring two goals in two minutes Stag Into the roof of the net As the union turn it on his head What is this dude from kuranda is Absolutely superb it just peels off Towards the back post And hits this down on a play into the Path of gastard who's not going to miss From there opened his right boot out I Guess the Loft on that which is really

Important to lift it over Johnson the Goalkeeper Foreign Still New York City FC have got time to Recover From that double Salvo Two goals time just exactly two minutes Apart [Applause] Corey Burke time to turn wasn't that far Away I took a deflation by looks a bit It's come on he's had a good impact Lesley Burke just picked the ball up Nice little pocket of space you can turn To get away and came off Martins in the End [Applause] Leading the chance from the sidelines [Applause] Ball towards Santi Rodriguez Just not quite good enough what about Corey Burke at the other end Chuck Les with Burke who comes up with Possession Corey Burke still going goes Down but we'll get another go Sean Johnson being again Here's the turnaround complete now for The Philadelphia Union Fans will salute Corey Burke what an Impact he's had New York City FC didn't have the Personnel back to deal with Berger Martinez and Cole Involved as well

Jim Curtin has got to take a bow here Because his shops have had a real impact Corey but actually thrilling out muscles Hacking then just try straight at the Heart of the nycfc defense gets a little Lucky Ricochet there but it's nothing Lucky about to finish absolutely Fabulous into the movement in there There he is shrugging hack off the ball Goes past one cuts inside of another Slightly gets away if you've got to say The clearance for dinner hope takes him Straight into work but nonetheless First time is absolutely fabulous [Applause] Touch a little heavy that's available Parts Diagonal here looking for Santi Rodriguez and still going Brave goalkeeping from Andre plaker just Brilliantly Just lose him for a minute and his first Shot just pops up so a slight pull Around the shoulder possibly Clumsy gotta say [Music] [Applause] This is just about it I reckon There it is Jim kernside Eastern Conference champions they will Head to the bank of California stadium And it's no more than Union deserve They've been excellent all season They beat a New York City FC here by

Three goals to one to win the Eastern Conference [Applause] The performance was really good we we Probably weren't at the level we wanted To be in the first half from a from a Style of play but we were competing on Second balls and direct Wars Um I say again we lost the game on two Moments the the the save from Blake Keeps them in it and then we lose our Concentration Eastern Conference champions 2022 their California Dreaming now of course with Lafc standing in their way with MLS come Next weekend but for tonight they can Celebrate being the best In the east [Applause] An incredible group of guys that have a Belief and a fight that they they won't Be denied so uh an amazing night here Our biggest win in our club's history Um a real Thank you and appreciation Um to our fans who you know even when we Went down the goal uh still stayed loud And stayed with us and never never Doubted even when maybe uh we might have On the sidelines uh there for a little Bit Um you know I think the play that Changes the game is is actually Andre's Safe to keep it at one zero that's what

Big players do in these types of games You need your best players to be your Best players not to oversimplify but I Thought Andre save Um kind of catapulted us to uh our next Couple goals and then when we score in Quick succession like we did you know it Really deflated a really good quality New York City team that knows how to win Right they have a lot of guys on the Field that are former our Champions Um and and know how to grind out games Like that on the road so an incredible Night incredible effort uh again that Was the loudest this place has ever been And I don't think it's close Um so another great memory for all of us Um and and still more work to do in one More game The full team club playoff field has Been narrowed down to the last two teams Standing and we now know there will be a New name on the Philip FM shoots Trophy This year is lafc and the Philadelphia Union prepare for an MLS Cup debut it's The first time since 2003 that both Conferences top seeds have advanced to Face each other they finish the regular Season level on points but they can be Only one winner A Bank of California Stadium and a final to remember on the 5th of November And the defending Champions Take the Lead

Karate [Applause] It's Philadelphia in the lead the Philadelphia Union have won the Eastern Conference title and for the first time In club history they will play an MLS Cup Flood lafc they booked their dates with Destiny they will host next week's party At Bank of California Stadium This copyrighted broadcast of Major League Soccer may not be re-transmitted Reproduce or rebroadcast without Express Written consent of Major League Soccer