Is snubbing Pepi from the USMNT World Cup roster wrong? ‘He’s sending a message!’ | Futbol Americas

By | November 16, 2022

ESPN FC's Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez talk about Ricardo Pepi's performance at the weekend for his Eredivisie club FC Groningen where he managed to score a goal. Herc thinks the 19-year-old Texan is sending a strong message to USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter ahead of the World Cup, after having been left out of the squad.

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Happy post game there her because he's Sending a message to Greg berhalter Yeah when he said that I just listened I didn't have any Questions that speaks to me of somebody Who's a bit angry a bit chip on their Shoulder in a good way the mentality I'll tell you a very quick story Um I was a player for the LA Galaxy in 2007 uh for that off season entry in 2007 and I got a phone call from the LA Galaxy front office saying Alexi law is The general manager wanted to see me I Show up to Alexis To his office and Alexi uh thanked me For everything I had done for the LA Galaxy and informed me that I had been Traded to Colorado Rapids I got up shook His hand said Thank you and I walked out Years later we're working together uh Now in this business model on this side Of the media or this added coin I should Say and he asked me about that he's like You know in all my time working as a GM You're the only player that never asked Me why I never got upset you know why is That and I asked him would have would it Have changed your mind he said no and I Said well there you go I wanted to be Somewhere I was wanted as well same Mentality right here Ricardo Pepe Ricardo Pepe wants to be where he is Valued I think he's angry but he's using It to fuel him and that's a great thing

So this interview was over the weekend Before the rosters you know officially Officially have to be finalized right November 14th is the day today Monday That they're actually due so maybe he's Thinking and Greg berhalter did say that There were some guys on standby another Goal on the weekend maybe somebody else Gets hurt his door would open Um obviously that didn't happen as far As sending a message to burhalter though Is there any message like left for him To send he made the move to Augsburg Which we're to understand and was Recommended by the national team and the Staff then he goes to gron again Greg Berhalter says hey buddy you got to Dominate there he's clearly done that uh Listen What's there left to say if you're Pepe Greg berhalter called him in when he Wasn't scoring goals you would assume When he is scoring goals you would Assume when there was a challenge ahead Of him and he needed to take advantage Of and he did take advantage of it he Would be there and that's not the case So What else can he do all right so he's Not on the U.S team herc but what about This because if you remember not all That long ago there was a choice for Ricardo Pepe choose the United States or Choose Mexico would he have had any shot

At making the Mexican national team Roster for this world cup as a number Nine I don't believe so I don't believe You would have made the Mexican national Team of the night not because it's Unjust but because I think Dr Martino Looks for certain characteristics out of His nine and we saw Santiago Jimenez Right now the same thing happened to him You know and you know how I feel about Santiago Jimenez and you once asked me About the two and who I rate more I Think Ricardo Pepe is a very good Forward is he the forward for a team Like the Mexican national team that Probably asked a lot more to his night Instead of just scoring goals no Probably not I mean is it is it just down to that or Is or can we just say he's not better Than any of the other forwards in the Pool for Mexico like would he get in we Put it out Jimenez aside would he get in Over Santiago Jimenez no you've said Jimenez is better would he get in over Henry Martin yeah I I think really in my Eyes I think he's a better player really Yes One place in Liga make his other plays In their division and he played in the Bundesliga and at 19 years age of age he Was sold for 20. hardly played in the Bundesliga well whatever the case may be I think there are levels to it and I I

Respect Henry do you think that he's Good enough to make make the Mexican Roster you just think it's more of a he Doesn't fit what that wants in the Number nine correct wow yes okay you Don't I think Henry Martin's a better forward More likely to score than Ricardo Pepe Yes correct Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus