Is Chelsea vs. Newcastle a MUST WIN for Graham Potter? | ESPN FC

By | November 12, 2022

ESPN FC previews Chelsea vs. Newcastle in the Premier League.

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Interesting game coming up this weekend In the Premier League is Newcastle Against Chelsea Eddie House men are Unbeaten in their last nine Premier League games winning six of those as for Chelsea they've got back-to-back losses In the Premier League behind them to Brighton and Arsenal then they lost to Man City in the cup on Wednesday Mario Melchiat and Ian darker still with us But Craig let me start with you because This is a huge game for gray and Potter Given the fact that there is a break Coming off does he have to win this one No I don't think he has to win it uh But I certainly think he needs to get at Least something tangible before this World cup uh kicks off and he loses some Players and then he's got a big break to Stew on it and unfortunately for him They're going to uh arguably the inform Side along with Arsenal and city in the League they're playing some great stuff That it's in James's Park they're solid At the back they pass it nice and Midfield the Press teams uh really well Al is flying uh Wilkerson will run In behind uh I mean with the squad They've got they shouldn't be where they Are Newcastle which is Testament to to What Eddie Howe has done so but from Porter's point of view He has to find the solution within the Players he's got available and then we

Know he's got a few injuries but he's Tried about three he's tried about four He's tried the two Wing back the two Wingers at Wing back as he did in Austria and then he tried it again at Brighton because it worked okay in Austria and it was a disaster I have no idea what side he's going to Select when he goes to this informed Newcastle team on Saturday what about You Mario do you have any concerns for Your former team oh definitely yeah So we showed about him I mean you know The guy is so much informed I mean look When you look at Chelsea what I always Feel the key things and then Greg Highlighted already in the sense of the Way they play like Potter needs to find His momentum I don't want to put Pressure on him yet because I think he's Got there too early but the only thing Is of course the the size of the team or What they achieved is what's it going to Be at stake when you look at the Chelsea Side is that who's created before then Like for example Sterling played Barcelona September drag him into the Middle of the park where they had a lot Of bodies to keep him out from the white Side why because he knows if he plays Against one thing one against against Him on the right hand side he's gonna Think come on but if you take him to the Middle of the park it's going to be a

Lot of bodies to protect him against Man United Chelsea a problem too to tell me What is it over 30 minutes before I Decided to change the middle of the park And seeing like we're losing the pedal In the middle so what I feel is that What I really needs to look at this Tactical side and also when it comes to Sometimes outside players when I played Man City you have like the green leaves You have Mrs when they get you on a 1v1 They will dribble past you but if you Give that to Chelsea sometimes look They're great with passing the ball too How are they going to get themselves in A wealthy work situation to eliminate And get the advantage to them and that Is only the downside and one key thing In the last was The Branding loss I Think that put a lot of pressure on Product in the bride and loss because They didn't like people didn't want to See that and people didn't expect that To happen yet Uh Ian Don Hutchison said that Chelsea Have no Stardust about them would you Agree with that Uh that may be true just at the moment They've got a lot of good players um I Don't think there's any real truth in The idea that Graham Potter he's only Been through the door five minutes ago He's under pressure yet and nor should He be but it is a little bit curious

What happened there because they went I Think nine ten games unbeaten when he Started there last four they barely Turned up particularly against Arsenal What an insipid performance that was and I honestly formed the opinion I'd be Interested to hear what Craig and Mario Think about this as top ex players Um I don't know just looked to me like One or two of them were saving Themselves for the World Cup because There was absolutely no intensity it was A stroll really uh for Arsenal they only Won it one nil but they were so far the Better side so if that was a worrying Performance and you're right they're Going to Newcastle are absolutely flying And you couldn't honestly fancy them and Potter doesn't want to be going into This big break now off another defeat Well we'll find out if some of them are Saving themselves because if they are They'll get a walloping at Newcastle uh I I see some of the headlines a bit Porter I think I've been on record big Fan of his I think it's crazy I think There's a for some reason amongst a lot Of Chelsea fans there is a Thomas tickle Hangover not to say that there wasn't Success at Chelsea when he was there There was there was a champions league But I'll remind people there was a Champions League under Roberto di Matteo An interim manager and almost under a

World Cup a club World Cup as well Craig Club World Cup yep which is about as Worthless as a paper bin So I don't get less to call over and I Mean he's lost three of the last five And they've been two of those games one Against a decent Brighton side but two Against the best two teams in the Country yes they were outplayed but if People were so short-sighted and and the Memory is so short they don't remember That turquo lost three of his last five And two of those were against Southampton leads two sides at that Point couldn't couldn't barely get a Result uh so I think there's a lot of Shots out in this out there with this Manager and I think for me it's because Who's Graham Porter I think I I think it was a so-called big Name manager in there I don't think we Would be seeing some of the headlines Particularly so early on but because He's from Brighton and he's walked his Way up it's oh this job's too big for Him it's way way way too early for that Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus