Is Alphonso Davies the latest victim to the ‘Drake Curse’ after penalty miss? | ESPN FC

By | November 25, 2022

On The Gab and Juls Show, Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens discuss the return of the Drake curse, as a picture of Alphonso Davies and Canadian rapper Drake resurfaced causing people to believe this was the reason for Canada's 1-0 loss to Belgium.

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Joe's uh sticking with Canada you're a Better version this subject than I am Alfonso Davies missed a penalty Canada Took to the pitch to start it from the Bottom yeah um is it the Drake curse so The song goes was time from the building Now we're here as in La you know we went All from the bottom to the top which Some sums that Adventure pretty well you Know I don't think two years ago they Thought they could make it not in the World Cup playing really well the Problem is that every time Drake either Wears a shirt from a club the club loses And in this case it was the song but a Year ago he had a photo with Alfonso Davis and David shirt so now that was Resurfaced on social media yeah so yeah You don't want Drake to be a suit I mean We all love Drake but you don't want Draco to do with your cred because that Often means that after that you just Don't win sorry Drake there's Drake in Your top three of Canadian recording Artists of all time oh it has to be it Has to be I mean I only know another one Justin Bieber and then can you help me With it Bieber Canadian Celine Dion Adams Celine Dion yeah here we go Celine Dion Justin Bieber and Drake just pick The order Here we go Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports

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