Inspire a Generation: One Night at Wembley

By | November 3, 2022

”This is the stage that all women should play on”

A look back at a momumental event for our sport in London 🎥
A look back at a momumental event for our sport in London
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In football the lionesses have done it Again they've sold out Wembley as they Welcome the USA It's a really exciting game to attend I Know it's just an international friendly But for them to sell out is really Really impressive After winning the Euros um and with the World Cup coming up just keeps that Momentum going for women's football [Applause] Boots This is such a special game such a Special moment to play an iconic Stadium 90 000 people something that will stick Out in your career forever that's right For these moments enjoy it embrace it Foreign This is the kind of game that I've Always dreamed of playing in 90 000 plus is is something else We got tickets lady come out we were Waiting on there for like six hours just To get them I think it'll be absolutely Amazing this game is going to be epic Tonight I'm really looking forward to it To see the amount of people here and That you can fill a stadium now for Women with 90 000 people is something That we never thought we'd see it's the Stage that all women should be playing On and to do it with our friends from America as well is like yeah very Excited this is what is happening this

Is where the game is at people want to Come to the games it's a spectacle it's Everything you've got the Euro winners Versus the World Cup champs playing on The the greatest stage in the world why Would you not want to Come I genuinely can't wait the Eurozone So good I think it's just going to build On that to be a really good game USA have always seen The Benchmark for Women's football across the world so I Think this This match then It feels great to be part of such an Amazing experience proud in a way just Because I feel like this is what women's Sports should be I'm so grateful and I'm So excited What are your thoughts ahead of it just Excited I've been buzzing all day For the women's game I think is a huge Step and this should be the standard This game should show what football Should be like for women this is what we Should be playing in front of you know Every single game [Music] [Applause] [Music] There's just a special Energy when the US comes in place [Applause] One boy is kind of Pinnacle it's Legendary it's where all the big games

Are for any footballers This is It's the coolest thing in the World this is what any footballer dreams I don't even know what the biggest Product playing in front of but it's Definitely not even Close [Music] [Applause] [Music] Saying even just that many seats how big It is was absolutely insane to me wow So surreal so loud so much energy having Such a good team with me is going to Make the experience so much better I Think the game's gonna be awesome [Applause] Football yeah It just seems like it's growing so fast Around the world our team has been such A huge driver of that progress and that Change just means so much to me Personally and I think so much to Everyone on the team This is such a cool moment for women's Football and it's going to be wild As a younger player coming in to see how Much support there is and just the Potential for the game to keep growing And be a part of the experience is like A dream and now to be living it is Incredible Being blown away by the show being like Fully entertained in every possible way

The sensory overload of what it is to Play in front of 90 000 people difficult To not have those moments where you're Just kind of stunned or in awe so it get All of you've taken every single moment The matter I believe was so much That's standard that they set in that Stadium is what we hope to see across The globe exactly what I would hope the Future is going to look like [Applause] Three one two one two three I think it Is The New Normal it's inspirational It's something that I didn't have when I Was a kid it's amazing for the women's Game [Music]