Ince 🆚 Ince! Paul and Tom take on the ULTIMATE Father-Son quiz! 🤓🤔

By | November 4, 2022

Paul Ince and Tom Ince go head=to-head in a father-son Premier League quiz! Who do you think will come out on top?



There are so many championship Players Whose dads were also players uh 15 other Current Championship players Dallas Played in the Premier League so how many Of them can you name It and do that yeah Liam to that Rory de La mine's got blank ocean oh Tyrus Campbell Campbell yeah right Yeah Sean Wright Phillips Furlong Westbourne yeah Darnell Furlong and Paul Furlong right so what is it like Managing your son what's it like playing For your dad I mean what is the dynamic Of this relationship like do we go first Elders first Uh listen I think it's something Um That I enjoy and it was tough at times You know because obviously when you're Managing your son you know everybody Expects you to pick him if he wasn't Playing well he knows he won't be in the Side you only have to learn your right In my team whether you're my son or not And um but he's a top player and he's Playing now on Merit and I will say to Him listen you know as soon as we walk Through those those Gates Um it was just a plan on anybody else And then when we get out of the gates Then you know you're my son and that's We've always kind of lived by that rule And um it's worked pretty well probably Echo that I think not the difficult one

Was obviously not scouting because I was Such a young age and Um like I said a lot of people say oh Well the manager just brought his son in And it's down to me to sort of show my Ability and my my skills which deserve Me the right to be here he treats me no Different to anyone else if not harder And and like I said it's probably the Best way to be you know although Football is our life Um we're a family and that's the most Important thing economic for goodness With my best friend at my wedding oh of Course damn pots correct Angus gone Yeah Creswell yeah of course it's Christmas Charlie Creswell Richard Creswell his dad boss Kevin Cooper yes You play with him for what was coming Coach yeah one sub Premier League Appearance for Wolves yeah one sub Appearance so it counts Ollie Cooper Kevin Cooper Kevin Cooper yeah I want to Get them all I've got to get him all so you work Together Is it true that you live together as Well short term Yeah you didn't do anything he didn't Graph he didn't cook anything he's you Know shut his orders around Um but now I think it's nice because I Think you know 2014 Um it's my last job you know and

Obviously since then Thomas has been At numerous clubs so it was nice now to Be in a situation where you see a lot More of him than I normally would do Which is great for me it's another Shirts Are we only live around the corner from Each other so you know we can go for Dinner and we can talk about things and Now I enjoy it you took over last season And then and you became permanent Manager for this season and Thomas you Signed a new three-year contract how Much did that have a bearing on on Whether you both wanted to stay he Thought he forced me Tyler Walker Tyler Walker Dez Walker Alan cook Jack Cork and Alan cork Jason Dizelle yep yeah Andre Giselle Jason Gazelle it's David Hurst yeah uh yeah Yes yeah there's some lovely footage in The in the tunnel and Alex yeah yeah I Think uh it's great you know when you Put that together and you see you Actually look in depth of like me Casper Alex and all being able to you know Carry on again because is difficult when You have dads as great as they've been And played at the top level it's been Good the fact that I'm a totally Different player totally different Position I think it'd be a lot different If I was the same you know sort of heart Attacking and getting sent off all the

Time You know but um I think I think that Sort of helped me along the way and I Said that I think um I said we've always Had this not competition but that you Know I've been lucky enough that from a Young age I've had someone who's been at The highest level and to get that advice Um I'd say is very very lucky so um no Yeah I've been a very fortunate boy in That sense That's a boyfriend's ones in it so yeah It is Nathan wood is Dad's Dean Gordon No way no way wow Germany yep Matty Pollock Jamie Pollock's Dad okay we're having This as we decided decided you've gone Back to the competitive yeah yeah this Is for dinner yeah I think I've got it Come on man is it Piers yeah and peers Yes I've got to get my wallet out okay Again okay