“I’m not the biggest name they could have gone for” | Nathan Jones’ FIRST press conference

By | November 11, 2022

Listen to Nathan Jones' first press conference as Southampton manager.

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I've been a player when when your Manager gets linked with things and Sometimes he's unsettling I don't know If that unsettled him as it was we Played really well on Tuesday we lost The game but we played really well so so It's a credit to them really how they Perform but it was a whirlwind it's been A whirlwind week it's been a week where You know we've we've I've been all up And down the country of games we've had My own game Tuesday at the Southampton Game meeting everyone You know the World Cup and not every Little thing that possibly could happen This week and just praise the Lord my Wife's not pregnant because Uh literally that that probably would be The the most manic week you could ever Imagine You've signed a three and a half year Contract here which shows the commitment Of the club to you and and the fact that There's a project here and a process That they want to to go through how Confident are you you can translate your Ideas your philosophies the success you Had at Luton into a premier league Outfit well look The Lure of it was you Know with a great disrespect wasn't just The Premier League or Southampton with a Nice stadium and beautiful training Around renting that the lure was the Fact that what you know sport Republic

Wanted to build here and is parallel to What to to a lot of the metrics that I Do at Luton so they were specific in That and that was the big thing for me To to not just be in the Premier League Because it can be in the Premier League It might not last long but you know and Then it's it's not a great move but here They wanted something specific they want To build something specific they'd Looked at a lot of people and with the Greatest respect I came out in terms of High and on their list in terms of the Things that they specifically wanted to Build here so that was the project that Was The Lure really so yeah you know Contract length is contract length and At the end of the day you have to do Good work and I know that and if I do Good work then then look I'm sure we'll We'll reach our goals what sport Republic said to you about the remit You've said already in the interview you Did with the club that it's not just About results have they said to you you Must be in the Premier League at the end Of the season have they given you a Target Results it's not just what I said was They look deeper than results so if you Win again You know we debrief so we have blocks of Of games where we'll debrief and we Could have won six games but they look

Back at metric and says look we've been Lucky those games so that's what I meant By that they're not just going to put up With any kind of result we get what They're going to do is they're going to Dissect things and we're going to see And that's what they want to do they Want substance and with the greatest Respect it's it's addressing any Elephant in the room I'm not the biggest Name that they could have gone for but The substance is in the work and that's What gave me the the confidence to Choose to come in here if you were still A loot manager you'd be preparing a team Now to face Rotherham you've now got 24 48 hours to prepare a team to face Liverpool at anfield how does that Dynamic work in your mind when you have A process and you have analysis and you Do work on the training pitch how how do You get your head in that mode so Quickly well look with the greatest Respect the the rising game would have Taken care of itself because we were a Really well-loved machine and it was Just tweaks and certain things that Obviously And he I can't do groundbreaking work in In basically a day because yesterday we Couldn't because of the game Wednesday And the amount of people that played in The game yesterday was a recovery day Anyway so I only get today to work with

Them so there won't be some categorical Shift in House of them to play what It'll be is is I hope an uplifting in in Energy I I hope that you know that they Work For the club and work for me and if they Do that then yeah look it's one of the Toughest places in Europe to go on field But what a great start you know and That's I think you have to embrace you Can be scared by it you could be excited By it or you can be motivated by it and I'm I'm definitely one of those you Mentioned you've got some Southampton Connections in your family I believe It's your wife's side just can you Confirm what they are Jesse a great Grandfather played and then your great Grandfather played Um then her grandfather obviously Went to watch something for them was a Massive massive Southampton fan brought Her dad and uncle up and their season Ticket holders they're here so the um Her brother is also a massive Southampton fan so absolutely zero Pressure you know Um and you know the dad's giving me tips Last week when they play Newcastle and They said well you've got to do this When you're going you've got to do that So he's been blocked Um and and now he has to go through the Right channels just to get to me and

That's not because I'm suddenly a Premier league manager that's because uh You know I I can't have that but it's Wonderful wonderful connection you know In terms of that Um wonderful for them for that family I'm now Effectively the biggest London fund Because Um my life depends on it and finally for Me clearly a disappointing day for for James Ward price not to be selected for Gareth southgate's England squad I guess As the manager now you've got two hats On one you're thinking well I'm Frustrated and disappointed for him Because he's a Southampton player and it Would have been good for this football Club but also it means now that he's got Some time to breathe and rest and work With you because he'll be a key player For you this season The big thing about that is we we spoke Yesterday and look at although he's Bitterly disappointed the professional Professionalism that he showed yesterday We spoke was was really admirable and You can go to one or two ways you can Sell can be down or you can use his Motivation and think well okay I want to Buy into this project now and the latter Was what he said to me so I was really Really proud of his reaction look I'm I'm disappointed for him because and

Again Um good friends with Gareth I know Gareth and Steve did a fantastic job and Stuff but you know James is a specialist In what he does and you you thought just On that basis alone he had a real chance That hasn't materialized so that's to Southampton's benefit One Way Um but he came to me yesterday we spoke About it I spoke about his role moving Forward in terms of the leader he needs To be here or I would like him to be Here the influence he can have and Obviously the influence he can have on The team in terms of of playing not just Just off the pitch and he's buying into That I mean he's a great professional Anyways one is you know he's literally a Stellar professional in all on all Levels so so look I don't think that'd Be a problem yes we will benefit from That in the long term but I'm just Disappointed because it's a dream you Know we had at Luton we had Tom locker And Ethan Horvath who both got selected And it's a wonderful wonderful thing and Then obviously we've had two selected For the World Cup which is a minor Disruption but for them personally and For the club on the whole to be having World Cup International shows them in a Good place