If Every 2022 World Cup Team Could Bring Back ONE Legend

By | November 16, 2022

From Vincent Kompany returning to fix Belgium's ageing centre-back issue to Samuel Eto'o providing Cameroon with an added spark up front, HITC Sevens ponders which legend every national team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar would bring back if it were possible.

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It's that time again a major International football tournament and That can only mean one thing no not that Scotland aren't there they were at the Euro so that jeg doesn't even work Anymore I am referring of course to the Return of my what if every national team Could bring back a Legend series The Concept in case it wasn't already Obvious is to take a look at the squad And most likely starting 11 of every Team at this world cup and then to pick Out one Legend from their past that Would improve them the most so it takes Into account where a team looks Strongest where their weaknesses might Be and quite literally every player to Have ever represented them and that is Why I like it sometimes it will just be The country's gout unavoidably but not Always since there won't always be the Best individual that provides the best Solutions to A team's current problems I Know right merging all of the nuances of Every World Cup score what with the Totality of that past and their stars of Yesteryear what's knots are like that's Why I made this video before the 2018 World Cup and Euro 2020 and it is Surprising just how much the solutions And players change within the space of Just a couple of years otherwise you Know I probably wouldn't do it again Since that would be a bit tedious right

Without Freddie Adu then neither of whom Are my choices for either England or the USA are regret to inform you here is the Player that I would pick if every World Cup team could bring back just one Legend at the absolute peak of their Powers to add to their current squats Argentina Diego Maradona going in Alphabetical order I spent ages humming And our ring drawing up alternative 11s And comparing them for Argentina before Picking the most obvious and predictable Answer in this entire video what a Chronic waste of time my dilemma was That despite being one of the favorites To win this world cup justifiably I Think Argentina do actually have several Areas in which they could be Strengthened prime Javier Zanetti would Be a substantive upgrade on narwhal Molina right back someone like Daniel Passarella slotting it alongside Christian Romero center-back would be a Great improvement over a 34 year old Nicolas ottomendi meanwhile you could Also replace Leandro Paredes for example In defensive or holding Midfield with Two of the greatest players ever to have Played in that possession namely Louis Monte and Fernando Redondo I think that It will be parade as and Rodrigo de Paul Who start for Argentina Midfield plus One other most likely Alejandro Gomez at This stage and it is that third Midfield

Spot instead of Gomez that I think Argentina could strengthen the most with Either Alfredo de Stefano or Diego Armando Maradona two of the four Greatest players ever to have played the Sport as far as I'm concerned in the end I went with Maradona given that his Peak Was arguably the greatest in the entire History of the sport and I think that His star power would be the most likely To win Argentina This World Cup after All he's done it once before Australia Harry kill another really Difficult one I did myself dirty a bit In terms of this start by getting an Alphabetical order rather than Group by Group and I must be honest in saying That I don't think this Australia Squad Is a strong one there is no area of the Pitch where a former great couldn't Improve them tenfold not even in goal Given Matt Ryan's form over the last Couple of years up front I'm not even Sure who'll start for Australia either Jamie McLaren or Martin Boyle had Imagined so mark verduka would be a Major Improvement there as would Replacing Ashton who Stitch with a prime Tim Cahill given that it could really be Any of them though the greatest Peak Ever attained by an Australian Footballer was Harry kill at the turn of The Millennium when he was one of the Best wide players on the planet so for

His sheer star power and ability to win Games on his own in a fairly mediocre Socrates team he's my pick Belgium Vincent company despite being Ranked second in the world still and Being the favorites to win their group There are some real problem areas for Belgium heading into this world cup Alexis salamakers has been rolled out of The tournament for injury Eden Hazard Has played barely 200 minutes of Football for Real Madrid so far this Season and Roberto Martinez has stated That romelu Lukaku will only be picked If he is fit which quite frankly he Doesn't appear to be at the moment if Lukaku is seriously unfit then you could Make a case for Paul Van hemst But Ultimately Belgium center-backs namely Toby aldovirald and janva Tongan have a Command age of 68 and though only Recently retired a prime Vincent company Was one of the best center-backs in Europe so I think that he would make the Biggest difference out of anyone to Roberto Martinez's team Brazil Palais Brazil are the most successful team in The history of the World Cup they have Had more great players than any other Country and they are the favorites to Win the tournament for a sixth time in 2022 and yet this one seemed oddly Straightforward you could make a case For upgrading either of Brazil's

Fullbacks given that it has historically Means such a strong position for them But is now a rare weakness by swapping Danilo for Carlos Alberto Torres at Right back or Alex Sandro vanillton Santos a left-back for example both Would be massive upgrades but it is at Center forward where chiche will most Likely start Rich Allison at the World Cup that you could really transform this Brazil team overnight any one of Ronaldo Romario or Pele would turn this Brazil Team into almost odds on favorites to Win the World Cup and it is practically Impossible to look Beyond Palais Brazil's greatest ever player arguably The world's greatest ever player and the The only man to have won three World Cups that is despite the fact that Pele Never got the chance to star in a World Cup journalist Prime engine in 62 and 66 So I am giving him that opportunity in Qatar since you know I'm nice like that Cameroon Samuel lato Cameroon is another difficult one Because their greatest players are Samuel lato and Roger Miller but they Are probably strongest at this moment in Time in the forward areas where the Likes of Vincent abubakar Carl Toco Akanbe and Eric Maxim chupo Motown then You think of someone like Thomas and Kono but end goal is probably cameroon's Second strongest possession given the

Presence of Andre and Anna current Cameroon boss rig about song is one Option at center-back but ultimately my Reasons for picking samueletto are Twofold not only is zachto cameroon's Greatest player of all time and by some Distance he's also currently the President of the cameroonian Football Federation at a controversial president At that ETO recently slammed the Cameroon Squad Despite them having overachieved in even Qualifying for this world cup and poured Pressure onto them by demanding that They at least reach the final so I would Pick etto not only for his talents in a Position where Cameroon do have some Decent albeit far less talented options Than him but also because it would mean He couldn't be president of the Football Federation anymore which might be even More of a benefit Canada Julian De Guzman it's difficult To know how to put this but to be Totally honest Canada haven't had many Very good footballers that is reflected In the fact that this is only Canada's Second ever appearance at the World Cup And they lost all three games without Scoring a single goal in their only Previous appearance in 1986. this is by Far the best team that Canada have ever Had and they do genuinely have some very Good players I wish that I could pick

Owen Hargreaves who was born in Alberta And would be a dream addition to Canada's currency but he chose to Represent England instead also on that Note whilst Hargreaves did at least go On to win 42 caps for England I do Wonder whether for kyotomori might just Be regretting his decision to represent England instead of Canada right now Given that he would undoubtedly be a Starman for the Canucks anyway my pick Is Julian De Guzman who only recently Retired in 2016 and was bitterly Unfortunate to miss out on this golden Generation A Gifted and well-rounded Midfielder who had great energy De Guzman starred in both La Liga and the Bundesliga as well as winning 89 caps For Canada and whilst there isn't a Great deal of competition I do think That it will be a valuable addition to Their current Squad and indeed their Starting 11. Costa Rica Alejandro Marrera the Dark Horses of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil Costa Rica were Significantly less impressive in Russia And they have been handed a horrible Group in Qatar up against Spain Germany And Japan most of Costa Rica's all-time Greats have been forwards and given that Is where they are weakest right now with Anthony Contreras likely to stop them Through the middle that is where I Turned my attention Hernan Medford Errol

Daniels and Paolo one shop all learn Honorable mentions Is Costa Rica's gout and his goals would Give them a real chance even in a Nightmare group marrera scored 63 goals In 76 games for FC Barcelona during the Mid-1930s in addition to scoring six From only seven appearances for Costa Rica so the five foot five inch magician Would stroll into their starting 11. Croatia steppen bobek Croatia have Always produced Great Wide players even Going back to their days as part of Yugoslavia and they currently have an Abundance of outstanding midfielder's Including Marcelo brozovic Mateo kovacic And Luca Modric who one would imagine Would be the three that start for them One area where Croatia have struggled in Some ways ever since Mario manzukic's International retirement is in terms of An out and Out Center forward where Despite Marco levia's incredible goal Scoring record for hajjuk split he has So far managed only three goals from 14 Caps for Croatia that makes stepian Bobek the obvious choice and the right Choice I think as well as being off the Top of my head the first duplicates Inclusion from my video on if ever a Euro 2020 team could bring back a legend As well babak scored 122 goals in 202 Games for partisan Belgrade and third 36 In 63 for the Yugoslavia national team

As a remarkably gifted and intelligent Second Striker or number 10 so he takes This one narrowly ahead of dabble Shuka Denmark Michael loudrapp only a full Would write Dem Markov going into this World cup given that their Starman is Someone who has quite literally risen From the dead and they are in fine form Going into this world cup a clear Weakness though is up front where one Would expect Casper dolberg to start Despite the fact that he has failed to Find the back of the net so far this Season during his eight appearances on Loan at Sevilla premen elkia is probably Denmark's greatest out and Out Center Forward meanwhile Juventus great Carl Erger Hansen scored 17 goals from just 22 cups as an inside forward but I'm Afraid that I couldn't resist being Really boring again and picking Michael Louderup Denmark's Midfield is packed Full of Industry with Pierre M.L Hoiberg And Thomas Delaney plus the invention of Christian Eriksen and even if you had to Play louder up as a false nine he was so Good at his best one of the most gifted Europeans ever to have played the game That I think he would bring more Dynamism and star power to the party Than just about anyone else even if he Did bail on them in 1992 only to end up Missing out on winning the Euros the Silly sausage Ecuador Alberto Spencer

The easiest decision in this entire Video I think Ecuador are a good team But they lack a really lethal Center Forward with Michael Estrada and Anna Valencia likely to be their front two at The World Cup and their greatest ever Player by an order of many magnitudes Happen to be an incredibly prolific Center forward Alberto Spencer is not Only Ecuador's greatest ever player but Arguably one of South America's and he Still holds the record for having scored The most goal in the history of the Copper libertadoras Spencer scored 446 Goals in 662 games at Club level in Addition to representing both Ecuador And Uruguay International level and he Would turn Ecuador into huge favorites To progress from group a even if only as Runners-up it should be said Anna Valencia has a great goal scoring record For Ecuador and is an outstanding form For federobatra this season but Alberto Spencer he most certainly is not England Neil Franklin England's weakest position is Center Back and the three lines have had many Great ones over the years Bobby Moore Emlin Hughes and Stan Collis all spring To mind and more recently so do the Likes of Soul Campbell Rio Ferdinand and John Terry Annie Would Waltz straight Into this current England team but my Choice is Neil Franklin and not just

Because I have written a book about him Franklin was undoubtedly England's most Complete center-back strong intelligent And technically outstanding and the fact That you could play him in a three or in A five as a sweeper or even in defense Midfield convinced me that he would be The most beneficial Edition France Zinedine Zidane the France Squad Is one that is packed full of talents But there's still every chance that Adrian rabio could start for them in Midfield so it is that spot most likely In alongside aurelian schumanny and Yusufana and playing behind Griezmann And Bape and Benzema that I felt was Most ripe for replacement Jean tigana Was one option as was Michelle platini Who I think is France's greatest ever Player ultimately though Zinedine Zidane Gives you the best mixture of attack and Defense out of the three he was one of The greatest players of all time in Transition and he is a proven World Cup Winner so any comes Germany gerd Muller I'm not going to call Germany dark Horses at this world cup as I recently Saw them described which is a ludicrous Suggestion when talking about the second Most successful team in the history of The competition but I do feel as though They might be a little bit underrated Especially strong through their spine Germany could certainly be strengthened

At fullback by the likes of Paul Brightner or Philip lamb for example but It is up front where I expect Kai habits To be deployed as a false nine though The greatest Improvement could be made Germany have had many great Strikers but None greater than Gad Muller who scored An incredible 68 goals from 62 games for West Germany and is one of the best to Have ever played the game so I would Bring Muller back who sadly died in 2021 And I think he was so good that he would Make this Germany team the favorites to Win the World Cup Ghana michaelassian Abedi Pele and osei coffee are Garner's Two greatest players of all time one Could certainly argue but with the likes Of Anarchy Williams and the IU Brothers Garner are actually pretty well equipped At attacking areas at this world cup Outside of Thomas parte though they Could certainly do with some Strengthening in Midfield and who better To provide that than Mike alessian given That we are talking about bringing a Player back at their very Peak essien's Peak was honestly probably second only To Yaya Torres in terms of Africa Midfielders during my lifetime a tough Tackling industrious and wonder goal Scoring box-to-box sensation scn would Transform this Garner team and his Inclusion seem like a no-brainer to me Iran Karen begary Ali Dai is widely

Regarded as being Iran's goat given the 109 goals that he scored from 149 caps For the country's national team followed By Ali Parvin but Center forward is Around strongest position thanks to Sardar as Moon and Carlos quirez doesn't Play with the number 10 in fact you can Probably expect him to play with a back Ten at this world cup with asmidt up Front on his own for that reason I chose To bring back Karen begary who didn't do Much during his brief spell at Charlton Athletic but is still one of Iran's Greatest ever players at offensive Midfielder he would fit like a glove Into this currents around team yet he Still managed to score 50 goals from 87 Caps for the national team so he seems Like the Best of Both Worlds to me Japan Hira Toshi Nakata I think Japan's Biggest weaknesses are in defense and up Front where Celtics Striker dies and Aida May well get the nod despite only Having scored one goal from eight caps Forger Panther date I considered both Kaza Yoshimura who is incredibly still Playing professionally at the grand old Age of 55 and arguably Japan's greatest Ever Center forward konoshiji kamamoto But ultimately I think the gulf between Hiratoshi Nakata and arguably also Shinsuke Nakamura at their respective Peaks and every other former Japanese International is far too great for them

To be overlooked Nakata is the obvious Choice the greatest Japanese footballer Of all time in his prime and I suppose He would have to take the place of Either Endo or Morita in Midfield Mexico Hugo Sanchez this might have been a Difficult one a little while ago when Raul Jimenez was at the peak of his Powers for Wolves playing in the Premier League but he has struggled ever since Sustaining that awful skull fracture for Understandable reasons and there's every Chance that Club America forward Henry Martin will start ahead of him at the World Cup Martine is a clever and Dusterous and athletic front man but Hugo Sanchez is by far the greatest Mexican footballer to have ever lived so This was a very easy decision Sanchez Was a sensation for both of the big two In Madrid Atletico and real and he was So good and so explosive that his return Could probably even put an end to Mexico's round of 16 casts Morocco Muhammad samuni I would love to pick are The razaki baldu or noradin I bet for Morocco who are undoubtedly the Country's finest goalkeeper and Center-back but they are also two of Morocco's strongest positions heading Into this world cup I actually really Like the balance of Morocco's probable Starting 11 in Qatar and their weak link I suppose might be Andre youngster

Azadine unai in Midfield Muhammad tamumi Was an attacking midfielder rather than A number eight but he was also the last African to win the African footballer of The Year award while still playing in Africa he is the greatest Moroccan Midfielder prior to their current Generation and I think that he is Probably my best bet here the Netherlands Johan Cruyff it is near Enough impossible to pick anyone other Than Johann kreifer than Evelyn's I Nearly picked Marco van basten because The rich are a little lacking in the Striker department at this tournament Which is an unusual for them but even as A center forward kreif would probably be A better option than ambastian I think Which is a pretty remarkable claim to Make given that van basten is quite Literally one of the greatest and most Complete Center forwards ever to have Played the game kraith was averaging a Goal again during his teens though and Found football so easy that he had to Pioneer a new approach to the game Alongside Arena smeagles at iax before He'd even hung up his boots he was a Genius and he would utterly transform What is already a very decent Netherlands team Poland Zabignyvboniak Poland's two greatest Players of all time along with Robert Lewandowski were both predominantly

Attacking midfielder's namely zabigny F Bonyak and casimir's Diner and that is Convenient for me given that there is Certainly room for improvement in that Position in this current Poland team Whether that be ahead of Sebastian Shamansky or Christian vileck both Created live endlessly skillful and Versatile midfielder's you can take your Pick between Bonnie Eck and Dinah I went With bonnyak who Diego Maradona once Described as being the best Counter-attacking footballer in the World and he could certainly take some Of that goal scoring burden off Robert Lewandowski for Poland Portugal you Savio my go-to answer for Portugal at Previous tournaments at least if I Remember rightly has been Mario kaluna Who I think is one of the greatest Midfielder's ever to have played the Game and he would therefore still be an Enormous addition to this current Portugal team possibly taking the place Of William carvio now that Cristiano Ronaldo is 37 years old though is in Fairly poor form and has spent more 90 Minutes talking to Piers Morgan than he Has actually playing football this Season and even looks to be a bit of a Drag on an otherwise exciting Portugal Team I'm afraid that I think replacing Him with you Savio would now be my best You Sabio was an absolute freak of

Nature as fast as an Olympic sprinter I Was standing on the ball and ruthless in Front of goal he backed 46 goals in 28 Games in his most prolific season at Benfica which is an absurd record a Couple of years before winning the Ballon d'Or as well as scoring 41 goals From 64 caps for Portugal put him up Front in this current Portugal team at His Peak and I would make them the Tournament favorites Qatar Mansoor mufta Qatar is a country with very little Football Heritage or tradition and prior To winning or buying the right house This world cup they haven't really had Any great footballers mansor mufta is The obvious choice tied with current Qatar star Almo as Ali as the country's All-time leading goal scorer on 42 goals And having been the top scorer in the Qatar Stars league on seven separate Occasions he was probably rubbish I Could only find one clip of him scoring A header and he is probably the only Player in this entire video that Wouldn't make his country's current Starting 11. Saudi Arabia Majid Abdullah it is boring But it is nonetheless the right answer Saudi Arabia were rubbish at the 2018 World Cup really honestly just terrible And whilst I expect them to be a little Bit better under the management of Hervey Reynard and playing so close to

Home in neighboring Qatar at this world Cup they could still improve on an Individual level in every single Position for that reason it makes sense Just to pick the greatest Saudi Footballer and indeed the greatest Western Asian footballer of all time in The form of Majid Abdullah who was a Brilliant all-round Center forward who Scored 72 goals from 117 caps for the Saudi national team he would take the Place of feras al-bakaran who was widely Expected to start for Saudi Arabia at The World Cup and he would be a major Upgrade Senegal El juf Senegal went As far as any African nation ever has in Their world cup debut in 2002 but this Is the best crop of plays that the Country has ever had as was illustrated By their first afcon Crown in 2021. that Might be somewhat undermined by an Injury to sadio Mane who has been Included in the Senegal squad for this World cup as the country's Talisman but Is widely expected to still be injured Senegal look relatively strong in both Defense and the Midfield and assuming That money is fit I would start El Hajiju through the middle for Senegal Where there do seem to be a little bit More lacking in Talent which is where he Also played some great games other 2002 World Cup Senegal's charismatic star man 20 years ago before courting controversy

Shall we say in England juuff is still Adored in his homeland Serbia Dragon judge it's really Difficult with Serbia who have a Well-balanced team heading into the 2022 World Cup but play a 3-5-2 formation That is a problem because Serbia's Greatest player of all time and indeed The greatest Yugoslavian player of all Time Dragon played on the left wing Philippe cost Stitch will starts at left Wing back for Serbia at the World Cup Where he will be one of their star men See you can't drop him ultimately judge Was just too good to overlook though so I would take him and either play him up Front where there are Fitness concerns Surrounding both do samler havoc and Alexander mitrovic heading into this Tournament or just in a free role behind One of those two South Korea chabamkan South Korea looked To have some real talents in Midfield And on the flanks going into this world Cup but it is in both boxes that Football matches are won and lost and That is where they are most in need of Improvement for that reason it was a Toss-up between shabunkan and Hong Yong Bow but goals win games so I've gone With the Bundesliga Legend chobam can Change the face of Korean football and The perception of Asian footballer's More broadly worldwide after enjoying

Enormous success at both Amtrak Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen and he Would inject some much needed Firepower Into this current South Korea team Spain Telmo Zara I don't think that it Is any great secret that Spain like a World-class Center forward Alvaro Morata Actually has a very respectable International goal scoring record and I Think he's capable of enjoying a really Good World Cup but if Spain had an Absolute monster up front they could be Capable of going all the way at this World cup for just that reason I went With Telmo Zara a man who scored 335 Goals in 354 games for athletic World Bow and bagged 20 goals in 20 games of Spain a genius in terms of his movement Zara came alive within the six-yard box He possessed a lethal finish with either Foot and he was deadly in the air a real No-brainer then Switzerland Yosef Hoogie for the last Two major tournaments I have said that Harris zafarovich was Switzerland's weak Link up front and I have picked Legendary Swiss Striker Andre aberglenn To replace him as a result safarovich Proved me badly wrong at Euro 2020 but He is without a goal in eight League Appearances for galatasarai so far this Season so I'm afraid that I am Pinpointing him as Switzerland's weak Point yet again just to keep things

Interesting though instead of aberglenn I have gone with Basel Legend Joseph Hoogie who scored 22 goals in 34 games For Switzerland including six of the 1954 World Cup alone where he was only Outscored by Hungarian Legend sandor Kochish Tunisia Tarak diab I don't think Tunisia Are an especially good team and I was Slightly surprised that they beat Marley To qualify for the World Cup admittedly Well organized on an individual level You could make improvements anywhere on The pitch hence what I've gone with Tunisia's goats none other than Tariq Diab who starred fortuners here when They won their first World Cup game Against Mexico in 1978 and they would Have to wait until 2018 when they played Against Panama for their second World Cup win deob was a gifted and graceful Attack midfielder renowned for his Technique and passing and there is no Doubt that he would start in his prime In this current Tunisia team The United States Billy Gonzalez made no Mistake this current crop of players is The best that the US MNT has ever had And their lack of historical football Pedigree makes this quite a difficult One I've gone all the way back to Billy Gonzales a man who was nicknamed The Babe Ruth of soccer and is arguably the Greatest American soccer player of all

Time as my choice for the Stars and Stripes the son of Portuguese immigrants To Massachusetts Gonzalves could play anywhere from Center half to inside forward so I would Probably try and shoehorn him in at Center back which I think is a potential Weak spot for the U.S MNT who may well Start an all MLS paring there in Qatar Unless Tim rain does get the nod Uruguay Juan Alberto It's really difficult with Uruguay who Have such a vast array of former greats And a few possessions that could quite Comfortably be upgraded I think Jose Andres is the obvious choice but Uruguay Are actually really well equipped in Central Midfield with Federico Valverde And Rodrigo Ben tanker hence why I've Picked Juan Alberto shiavino the former Panoral and AC Milan Legend was Uruguay's tala's Mother's Day when the 1950 World Cup playing an attacking Midfield and he is the perfect choice to Link up Uruguay's impressive Midfield And attack Wales John Charles I didn't even have to think about this One not even for a split second not only Is John Charles the greatest Welsh Footballer of all time he could Literally play anywhere on the pitch so Whatever you think might be wells's Weakness going into this world cup the

Gentle giant is the solution Charles was At one time arguably the best Center-back and Center forward on the Planet simultaneously which I think are Probably the two weakest possessions in This whale Squad I'd start him up front Personally where he would increase Rob Page's side's goal Threat by a magnitude Of about 20 as a replacement for Brennan Johnson and good luck defending balls Into the box in the last 10 minutes Against Wales once they bring Kiefer More to play alongside it so that is it For today's video a long one but Hopefully an enjoyable one I find these Quite fun so hit the like button if that Was the case let me know your thoughts Down Below in the comments and feel free To subscribe and turn on notifications For hitz7s oh and you can also find me On Twitter or on Instagram via the Username at hitz Sims on both should you Wish to do so