Ian Darke explains why he has Argentina winning the 2022 World Cup | ESPN FC

By | November 12, 2022

Ian Darke joins ESPN FC to discuss his World Cup predictions and the panel reacts to his selection of Argentina to win it all.

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You've got Argentina winning it Ian Yeah well they've gone 35 games unbeaten And everything you hear about their cam Um I think it's a more relaxed Camp you Know they've embraced Lionel Messi now And the spotlight is less on him Obviously it will be the story about Messi as possible last hurray but There's a lot of good footballers in There and they found a way of winning Football matches and the belief and Confidence I think going through that Squad is tremendous you know they won The Copa America against Brazil in Brazil I think that was massive for them So look we're all guessing we're all We're all we're pulling out pins and Putting them in the board aren't we but You know if you ask me for a tip at this Range without seeing any of the teams uh In Qatar I'd say from this range Argentina aren't the worst bet just to Let you know that as you probably saw The injured Paola dybala has been Announced in the Argentina Squad yeah You've seen this no go on I was just Going I want to pick up the the star Cast oh Denmark I wonder if he'd been on The phone to Franklin buff uh It's even on the phone in front of the Birth position he got me a windows at Your house you could hear them I won't go back to England briefly Because you know this and I loved how we

Get with England and we came in at the Right at the end of the bracket we Didn't bother to show the grip stage Right fixtures with England The English Arrogance it's just let's just rush Aside everybody in the group because We're going to get through if they got Through to people's finals anyway go Back to the Maguire thing you know Briefly He mentioned the Germany game that was The last game out That was the last game out for England Uh and he came in and all the questions Were Can can we play this guy I mean he's Going to play him but can he play at the World Cup and and then he plays and he Has a bad game because he's not playing At his club and you start making Mistakes you get sloppy and not switched On and and that's fresh what that's not What's going to change nothing has Changed he's got he's had a few minutes Since then not many but not much has Changed and it just shows you the level Of Maybe trust is the wrong word and Harry MaGuire but the lack of trust in others Maybe that's more of a story here the Lack of trust in others he has that that He's willing to put a player in the last Time out look Rusty and hasn't really

Had much game time since so so that That's that that's a huge call as for Argentina Martinez makes it in somebody Who apparently are currently one or two Of her colleagues is the worst defender In the world but can make the Argentina Squad for the World Cup it's amazing I Don't know Ian Martinez I I like Lisandro Martinez I Think I think he's a street fighter and I think he's won the last stats I saw He'd won more aerial Jewels than any Other defender in the Premier League This season so the idea because he's Five feet nine inches tall he can't Defend uh I don't think that's right I Think by and large he's been a terrific Signing not just by his defending for Manchester United but just his character And fight which they didn't have last Season so yeah I mean he walks in that Argentina Squad whether he gets in the Starting eleven I suppose that's another Question because skelloni likes uh Ottomendi doesn't he Uh you don't come on they're showing When when nickel and LaBeouf are on Because they have got one they've Already cemented their agenda against This player And I don't understand that it's like You're just generalizing because he's a Little smaller doesn't mean you can you Can't jump and so yeah the Argentina

Worry me with otamendi because and I Know that coach likes him is because I thought when he left Man City and that Was quite some time ago It's a very don't get me wrong he's a Good Defender and he knows all the Tricks in the books but he couldn't move Then He couldn't move when he left Manchester So that that concerns me in terms of the Mobility they have and the central areas At the back That's one of the reasons I think Defensively again for them that's an Achilles heel same as one or two other Countries right while we are on Lisandro Martinez as well we have got Mario with Us and I remember you defending him Before on this show Mario Yeah because you know what the thing is Also because his background you know Coming from my exhibits oh of course you Understand Um what the focus of us playing is Normally where we have the ball when it Comes down to the family of course in The Army in England we all know that I Have my problems too you know I still my Eyes were you know on both sides but I Feel like timings I played with a with a Captain at Birmingham uh Cunningham he Wasn't even the tallest guy but I tell You right now he was probably a better Header of the ball Than I Was Myself and

I wanted enough the uh you know my my Share in the end but he was so good at It because standing was so good doesn't Mean Athena is the same level but what I Feel like now he's going through it at The moment it's playing really well his Character is in the right place he's a Winner he looks like I mean that Latin Style that he brings to the game is Exactly why they brought him there and What got him to play for my United and Now we just want to push on but just Going back on on what direction Sometimes he can lose his school really Quickly and that's the only thing I have That he can lose in school really Quickly and then he can surprise you and Get in the card and you don't want so That's the only thing I feel about not The many but away from that just like I Said I like a little less than spicy Stuff when it comes to games winning When man united lost a villa in the League we command I come in here and That pair will start going we told you So look at Martinez oh as if the whole Debacle at Villa Park was one player's Fault you know I mean so I I'm I I don't Buy into this and that has a good Looking Argentina Squad I have to say Whether it's going to be good enough to To win it I think as much of a question Mark As England but maybe with more to Give to use a dawn wood from last week

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